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on 17 September 2013
I found this a bit fiddly to fit, but that could be my butterfingers. The first attempt i found it difficult to align the protector and ended up unpeeling and reapplying several times. This let to some dust specks attaching themselves to the sticky side of the protector, which led to bubbles which were impossible to remove.

Trying again with the second protector i was a lot less fussy about exact alignment and the protector went on like a dream. It's a bit off centre, but not so as you would notice. The test came when i asked my wife if she had noticed anything different about her ipad - she didn't know that the protector was on. It is completely invisible and does not affect the use of the ipad in any way.

One tip is to use a hot cup of tea to help with fitting. Use the steam from the cuppa to 'fog up' the ipod screen before you clean it as it gets all the dust specks off, then attach the protector quickly.

UPDATE: Had an email from Tech Armor asking for feedback and told them what i said above. Had an email back saying that they would replace the protector that i failed to fit correctly. Lo and behold, this morning it arrived. Seriously impressed with the customer service!!
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on 16 September 2013
I installed this on my iPad3. Unlike previous products I've used (some up to double the price), the Tech Armor installed really easily, with a minimum of bubbles that were easily removable, as per their guidance (see the recommended videos on the website). The key, for me, was to ensure that my iPad screen was clean of any grease and dust (I didn't use a hot shower, but cleared a small area of my kitchen work top with the steam of a boiling kettle - seems to work, as well). With a clean screen, I carefully ensured a good alignment of the home button and edge and then gently but firmly pulled off the "no 1" backing sheet. I was amazed at how well the screen protector simply attached to the screen, as I pulled off the sheet (as per video instructions) with very few bubbles, which I was able to press out with a combination of my thumbs and the plastic card.

The product is invisible, once installed and the full features of the retina display are not compromised at all. The touch response with fingers and with a stylus (I use one for handwriting notes) remains very good. My only reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is that I've only been using this product for a few days, so haven't any comments on its longevity and scratch resistance against the Adonit stylus (no reason to believe it will be bad - been fine, so far). Will certainly purchase again, as well as for my other devices.
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on 9 July 2014
Having never been able to place a screen protector properly on a mobile phone, foolishly, I decided to replace one on an iPad. After much dread and short of asking a 'professional' in this field, one would be hard pressed to find a better product than this one.

The reasons are as follows: (have not read other reviews so apologies for repetitions)

- the film itself is stiffer (and thicker presumably) than other films used in the past. This enables the user to properly place and more importantly replace the film with some level of confidence.

- supplied are the bits of "dust tape". Branded sticky paper essentially. These are actually the best feature here (beyond what one would expect from buying such an item). It seems that you can genuinely remove dust without leaving a trace on the screen (if you cleaned it relatively well beforehand).

Uniquely, I was able to place and replace the screen 3 or 4 times and was still able to remove every bit of dust (one by one admittedly) to a decent overall finish and perfect on the screen area.

In light of the above, an excellent product - if you are happy to be patient with yourself.
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on 27 August 2013
I cracked my iPad's front screen very slightly 2 days before a long trip and did not have time to replace it in time. I was worried about travelling with it like that so I decided to at least buy a protective screen so it didn't get damaged further in the meantime.

The Tech Armor screen protector came with everything needed for applying it to the iPad. The installation is very easy and worked from the first sheet with one small bubble at the end which was easy to smooth out with the card provided. The screen looks very clear after the application of the protector, the touch screen has the same sensitivity as before and you cannot tell there is a protective sheet on!

As I was worried about it before purchasing it as there are quite a few products with bi-polar reviews I wanted to let everyone know that THIS ONE WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!
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on 20 November 2014
I had applied the first protector, got rid of the bubbles, and lifted the second tab to remove the second layer from the protector. Oh woe, it lifted the protector as well, which I didn't spot until too late (the discarded item having been tossed in the bin and rendered useless as a result).

The second attempt went on fine, although the protector did tend to lift again as I removed the second layer. Wise to this though I kept it applied (and bubble free) using a ruler as a full-width "smoothing card". Worked well and the protector is now safely in place with no bubbles. Happy with it now but annoyed that I lost one of the protectors in the process...
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on 24 October 2013
Great screen protector - paid slightly more than I usually would but the lifetime warranty and previous reviews were enticing. I did contact Customer Support RE the warranty and they said it is a fairly relaxed policy - if you need a new one for whatever reason just contact them.
On to the protector itself and it contains some very handy instructions. It also has multiple pieces of "dust tape," something I've never encountered in a screen protector before. It's quite simple, just a sticker you can use to remove bits of dust off the screen to avoid bubbles.
After application there were no bubbles and it was one of the easiest applications I've done (even on the large screen on the iPad).
It may have a premium price tag but from my experience with the Product & Company so far it's a price worth paying.
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on 6 July 2015
This glass screen has proved to be a wonderful accessory to my ipad. A great protector but a wonderful way of keeping the fingerprints off the screen as well. A quick wipe once a week and the screen is smear free. I have been using this for a couple of months now and it is proving to be every bit as effective as my daughter had told me it would be. A great little accessory at a small price that is proving to be a big help.
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on 2 December 2014
Bought this at a higher price to normal screen protectors due to the brand name and life time warranty offered with this. However when the product arrived it seemed to be decent quality but this quickly deteriorated. I wasn't too alarmed as I thought I had the life time guarantee with the product. When contacting Tech Armor I was asked to provide proof of purchase which I did and was told that I will get a replacement back in September. However nothing came and when I contact them again I was asked to provide proof of purchase again. I have since tried contacting them a handful of times and had no response or product through. Should have bought the cheaper protectors as they would have provided the same level of protection for the fraction of the cost!
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on 27 September 2013
A bit pricey but a 1st quality kit that should last.
Biggest hate is the static; it makes fitting the thing a nightmare.
I thoroughly cleaned my iPad 4 with a none static spectacle cleaning fluid and used my quality spectacle cleaning cloth to ensure no static or dust was left on the surface.
Got it to fit perfect first time with just one particle of dust trapped forming an air bubble.
Each time I removed a particle another found its way under the protector.
The adhesive tabs they provide eventually sorted the problem and I'm now happy with the finish.
Getting the outer protective cover off was also tricky as it tries to lift off the main protector.
Patience is key but the finished product is worthwhile.
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on 12 July 2014
With young children using the iPad, daily cleaning of the screen is required. I therefore thought it was time to get a screen protector before scratches started to appear. As these products go this one is fairly easy to apply and I managed to do so with no bubbles visible. In fact it is hard to see that there is any protector on the screen and in use there is no significant difference in how the screen feels or responds.
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