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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2013
the old dell is showing signs of age after 5 years (my excuse anyway), and I was curious about 3d movies/gaming too. was not prepared to go back to the TN screens after many years of IPS superior panels. this, to my knowledge is amongst the first to combine 3d/IPS.
not only is this panel an IPS, 27" screen size and ultra-slim, but it is sold at an incredibly low price. the first example I received had a dodgy menu button and would have reduced the rating to a max of 4 stars, but for the fact that it was replaced by amazon and the first one picked up within 2 days of my complaint!! for that sort of service, I felt that it would be churlish of me to dock the feedback by one star especially as I am so pleased and amazed by the product. I notice that the price has now gone up by about £25; still a great bargain.
so, using the supplied clip-ons, I have now watched a number of 3d demos and movies and been 'blown away', as they say.
for me, however, the big bonus is the pc game; Skyrim, which I have recently purchased (two years late I know). this screen gives me a whole new perspective on gaming and I am rarely seen during the day 'cos I am 'busy'.....
I use the oem version; supplied, of powerdvd for the blueray disks/3d files that I watch and it works fine. for gamers I should add that the software to use is 'tridef 3d ignition'. this is a free, downloadable application and does the business. as far as I recall, the automatic 2d setting is use for the latter (default). for other stuff, use whichever you need. I have so far watched sbs; t/d and auto 2d/3d.
highly recommended product; buy it!
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on 24 February 2014
This monitor by far excels most monitors I have seen and used in the past. It has a good quality picture and colour which an IPS should. The glare/glossy screen gives colours that extra boost making games and movies feel much more immersive. The build quality of the monitor is decent (It's very strong and sturdy). The only downside to the build of the monitor is the lack of wall mounting capability. The 3D on this monitor is acceptable it was better then I expected and can sometime be cool to use however it isn't the best I have seen. (But for a passive 3D monitor this is good) Furthermore the size of the monitor is brilliant and is a bargain for the quality of monitor compared to the price.

Sub ratings:

Screen quality: 10/10
Colour quality: 10/10 (Especially because of the reflective glossy screen)
Build quality: 9/10
Functionality of buttons: 7/10
3D: 6.5/10
Overall 9.5/10

I will not rate the sound as I have not tested it properly however monitor sound is never brilliant so I do still suggest some external speakers. Definitely don't miss out on this monitor you wouldn't regret buying it!
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on 13 June 2013
After much umming and ahhing and hours of research decided to take a chance on this panel not wanting to ditch my AMD graphics card in favor of a nvidia card and active 3d glasses and approved panel which cost me a arm and a leg this is the best choice IMHO.

This is my taste of 3D gaming have to say I'm impressed with it Old games like Guild wars Half life 2 black mesa look brilliant battle field 3 ,Diablo 3,brilliant the blood splatters off zombies in Dead island while bashing them with boat paddle looked amazing :D. Tried wow also good some close up fights looked amazing but reading small text in chat channels was quite difficult maybe there is a way to make text bigger for MMO type games where chat is essential for raids ect..I think some games look better in 3D than others. also watched a 3D lg demo clip on this coral reef looked great with some great pop out effects from the fish.

It comes with a oem version of Tri def 3D which is a bonus I use the software rather than using the 2d/3d button on the silver bezel Really love the styling big upgrade on my old Samsung tnt panel this has far better vibrancy color and viewing angles love the styling too very thin bezel gives a modern classy look.

at the time of purchase this monitor was only 12 pound more than the regular AOC ips panel definitely glad i paid for extra for the 3D that said 2d gaming and general use is brilliant too if you don't want to bother with the 3D for gaming all the time
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on 14 February 2014
Really like this monitor, haven't used it for 3D yet though it's great for playing games, programming and general uses. The screen is semi gloss which I really like as it makes colours stand out much more.
Best thing is this monitor looks really nice and comes with all the required cables and accessories.
Highly recommended!
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on 29 November 2012
I bought one of thies a fiew days ago, i was taking a bit of a risk, as no one had made a review on this Product.

But here i go.

Ok to Start this is a solid peace of Art!, its Looks Great and work even better,

the 3D tech its Using its i would say outdated, but none the least Works, and quite Well. There is a slight problem as it is using passive tech it does have a some one narrow feals on working correctly, the screen needs to be at eye hight , so you eyes meet at the middle of the screen,if you move away from the Middle the image becomes distroted and the 3D affect leaves just leaving you with a Blury mess.

But keep your self in the Sweet Spot and your lol ing all the way home. the 3D works very well. also allowing you to connect a 3D bluray or SKY 3D set up and works great. you do get 2 sets of eye gear, one that clips on to you Glasses BEST I HAVE USED!, and normaly 3D passive glasses much better quality than you get from you Local 3D cinema.

Ok so that was the 3D Looks Good works Great, Just canse see it all the time if you move out of the Sweet spot.

2D images.

Ok as Just a Screen ITS GREAT!, you colours rely do pop with this IPS screen, i have seen better from Dell, and Apple, but for the Price and the rest of the specs Why complain!
Movies look good, Nice Darks and Good whites, also sometimes not quite punchey due to the nature of the screen,
Duel HDMI 1.4 + VGA no idea why VGA but you got it. its a Fast screen to turn on and off, also i must the it does only sip at your power good news for ppl with power managment problems. But this also means it does not get Hot, like some other brands.

So all round, its not quite a 5 Star, more 4.5, but i cant rate 4.5 so i feels like a 5 will do.

So for a TV, Monitor, or Spare screen for kitchen office Game Room, you will be happy. if i see anyproblms i will update this page. but i am alredy tempted to buy a second screen for Duel Screen fun!

Happy buying and Enjoy guys. LOOK FOR THE DEALS. GOT MINE FROM ARIA.CO.UK for £233 inc VAT
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Moving from an expensive 24" iMac (known for having decent IPS panels) I'm very pleased with this.

It's only 1080p so if you really look up close for pixel edges (aliasing) then you'll see them.
(I would say 1 foot away or further is nice to look at this screen)
I'm a filmmaker so I want to see the 1080p footage I'm working on pixel-for-pixel and this does it really well which is why I didn't go for one of the higher res monitors.
Things like PhotoShop could always work nicer with higher resolution monitors, and even though I use PhotoShop a hell of a lot my money is in filmmaking so i prefer 1080p for now, although maybe sometime soon I'll add a second monitor with a higher resolution for PS work. (Photoshop is perfectly fine with this, I'm just saying higher res would always be nicer for PS.)

Colors are great and pretty accurate, and the menu gives nice controls over everything you need.
Viewing angles are great.
Can get very bright, way too much for me to comfortably look at, so I have it at about 20%.
(If you need to record the screen with a camera, set it to maximum brightness and it won't flicker, I won't go into the technical details behind this.)
The 3d version is glossy, but not too bad, I think less than my old iMac.

It looks very pretty and overall very compact.
The 'buttons' are a little annoying in the dark because it's a completely flat touch panel of buttons so you have to guess where the button is.
The stand is a little wobbly but looks nice and does it's job, I'm not worried about it tipping over. Be careful when lifting the monitor that the stand doesn't fall off, because the monitor's stand connector just slides downwards into the stand with no actual proper connection to it.

I'm no 3D expert, but overall I wasn't that impressed with the 3D, although it was fun to play with for a few minutes.
It's more of a fun gimmick in my opinion. I went for the 3D version because it was only slightly more than the standard version of this monitor, both of which had great reviews, so I figured I'd spend a little extra on the 3D one just for fun.
To get the 3d to work at it's best you need to be just at the right place.
The 2d to 3d conversion it just a fun gimmick.
From what I've read the regular version has a more matte screen, so if i were to buy this again I would get the non-3D one as I don't like gloss very much.

I'm very happy with this screen, quality and price are both really decent and the size is perfect for me.
However, if you're working in something that needs a higher resolution then maybe look at something like a Shimian or one of the other no-name IPS monitors from Korea/Chinea/wherever.
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on 10 March 2013
This is a great monitor for the money and the 3D is great but must be viewed from an angle
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on 2 November 2013
I had been searching for a reasonably priced 27" 3D capable monitor for several months, when the reviews and the price of this one attracted me. I like the fact that it uses passive 3D technology - like that used in cinemas - as this means you don't have to spend more on rechargeable glasses to use the 3D capability. The supplied lightweight glasses work well, as do any other passive style polarised 3D glasses.
What I have found when watching 3D movie files, is that you have to expand the image to full screen for the 3D effect to work, then just use the touch control on the front right of the bezel to scroll to the correct 3D setting - I always opt for HSBS encoded files, as these always seem to work well. I guess that some of the other reviewers who were unable to get the 3D effect to work may not have expanded the image to full screen. When you select the chosen setting the screen goes dark briefly while it resets, then "Bob's your uncle" you're watching in glorious 3D. Don't worry about the software on the CD, you don't need it. I couldn't get it to install anyway, neither from the supplied disc nor the updated version from the web.
The few niggles aside (the useless software and the need to realise your image has to be expanded to full screen) I am very happy with this monitor and if ,like me, you want something that will let you watch movie files in 3D, I would happily recommend it. I cannot comment on its performance with 3D games as I am not a gamer.
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on 20 September 2013
this monitor is the bees knees for want of a better word ,the 3d on this monitor is really good ,value for money excellent ,thinking of getting another one for multi screen viewing,
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on 3 May 2014
Nothing to fault this monitor. Stunning colours. A great upgrade from my 17" 4:3 monitor.
Youtube has never looked so good.
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