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on 22 April 2017
From my daughter aged 13; Book 2 is all about Percy,Hazel,Frank. At book 1,Percy is missing and also Jason. Percy is from camp half-blood a Greek camp,and Jason is from camp Jupiter,a roman camp. Percy is at Camp Jupiter while Jason is at camp Half-blood and they don't remember anything. Hazel and Frank are from camp Jupiter,and they are Percy's friends. They completed a quest,they're going to go to Alaska to free Thanatos,the Greek God of death. Because Thanatos is captured by their enemies,all those who died are coming back. When somebody died,they are going to be alive again because Thanatos is chained,so they have to free him and fight those giants. Unfortunately, Alaska is a place where Gods can't have powers. Their powers can't reach it,so they had a hard time. They fought the giant and brought him in Canada so they could kill him because Alcyoneus the giant can't be killed in Alaska because it is his hometown. And they succeeded,they went back at camp Jupiter before the feast of Fortuna because they had to complete their auewt and come back at camp Jupiter alive before the feast of Fortuna. There in camp Jupiter, there is a war. They fought it and they won,but it is only the beginning. They can only defeat the enemies by Gods and demigods combining forces. That's why Hera/Juno took Jason and Percy's memory and she placed them in a camp that's not them to show the other demigods that Greek demigods and Roman demigods exist and they have to join forces to defeat the enemies
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on 13 August 2014
Book 2 of The Heroes of Olympus series. Percy is missing, with memory of his past and he is on the run from various monsters. Being chased by two of Medusa`s sisters, he is guided to Camp Jupiter by the Goddess Hera, disguised as an old crone.

This camp, hidden from view and guarded by two lookouts who see Percy with the crone on his back and chased by monsters One of them signals him to follow her while the other deals with the Gorgons. After crossing the river, The Little Tiber and entering camp, the crone turns into Juno.

So Percy is introduced to The Legion as a probationer although The Praetor, Reyna recognizes him from Circe`s island, where she and her sister had spent time.

Percy is sent on quests with Frank and Hazel and sees the roman navy. The last quest is important, locating a lost "Eagle."
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on 5 November 2017
To anyone who doesn't like this book, no offence but you are just WRONG. The charaters are so sweet and loveable and have really nice personalities. Frank is a shape-shifter and is Canadian-Chinese. Hazel has been brought back from the dead by Nico Di-Angelio and can summon cursed treasure. Pery is as sweet and heroric as ever but he doesn't remember anything except the name Annabeth. This is so cute and romantic, especially when he turned Reyna down for her. Reyna is the Roman praetor of the twelfth legion who had been hitting on Jason before he disappeared. Then there is this creepo called Octavian and he the augur and reads "signs" in teddy bear fluff. Nico Di-Angelio is also in this book but he pretends not to recognise Percy when he turns up. All in all this is a really good book Rick Riordan has conjured up. Including a death god and a death giant...
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on 7 June 2017
I gave this book five stars because of its extraordinary plot and amazing use of vocabulary. Not only this but Rick Riordan is an amazing author and is very imaginative. I would recommend this book to 10+ as even adults would enjoy this. There is romance, drama, mixed with fiction, history and even culture! I have already read this entire series and I thought it was so amazing I just had to read it again! My greatest regards to the author, illustrator, publishers and whoever else put this incredible book together and obviously you for taking you time to read my review of Heroes of Olympus: The son of Neptune, book 2.

A reader of the Rick Riordan.
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on 19 June 2017
Rick man you can't be doing that bro. Pulling on my hearts strings like that. Aye listen man good book. Im pissed about what happened. They should have been smarter but here they are just inexperienced demigods so whatever. Great book mate, loved it. Next one roll in! Rick's style is classic man he thinks of everything and I love how he links it all together. Everything in this book seemingly has a purpose in the end and thats good storybook writing.
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on 30 July 2016
I can't believe it another book on percy Jackson, after reading the entire series of percy Jackson I couldn't believe he was here once again,
If you are a fan of any fiction book you must read these
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on 6 August 2017
the intertwining with Percy Jackson referring back to previous adventures of his can make it difficult to follow
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on 14 April 2017
I prefer these books to the Percy Jackson ones (which I really liked) this is a great story - and great fun.
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on 12 November 2012
It has a lot of suspence like all the other books, cute moments, angry moment, happy moments, just everything! This book I deffinitly would recommened to any fans of fantasy adventure and Rick Riordan fans will love it even more so! I'm just dying for the nest book to be released as i am a hge fan of his work and this book was amazing! :D
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on 6 November 2017
This book is right up your street if you have even a slight interest in mythology. I knew it would be as I've now read about 4-5 of his book's.
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