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on 11 April 2017
I liked Grid once I got used to it, so when I dusted off my old PS3 I decided to get this one too. It turned out to be quite similar... a massive list of stuff that irritates me coupled with silly car physics, but I still enjoy playing it.

The career mode is well laid out, pretty much as you'd expect for this sort of game... win races, progress, pick another race to win, rinse, repeat. The event types are varied... ordinary races, elimination, time-trials, drift, touge, head-to-head, checkpoint and maybe something else I missed. Some are more fun than others, and it's very hard to find a difficulty level that gives you the same challenge from each of them.

The choice of cars is pretty good, although performance difference is limited and the car physics is very arcade-y and takes a bit of getting used to. In the early game you're stuck with heavy, wallowing drift buggies that aren't a lot of fun to drive, but after a bit of patience you encounter cars from all three types - drift, balanced and grip - and there's good fun to be had with drift (difficult mode) and grip (win button) type cars. Unfortunately, Codemasters accidentally wrote 'balanced' instead of 'useless, understeering lump', so that type is probably worth avoiding.

Track-wise, the game is hit-and-miss. The majority of the racing is done on city street circuits, which is disappointing, although there are some more enjoyable, challenging point-to-point tracks with good elevation changes and variety. Worst of the lot are Liveroutes - randomised city street tracks with no real indication of what sort of corner you're approaching, other than flashing direction arrows. The AI knows if it's a 45-degree, 90-degree, hairpin, etc... but you don't. Horrible idea.

The proper race tracks were an opportunity to make up for the city street disappointment, but with the whole world to choose from we ended up with Yas Marina (dreary and dull), Red Bull Ring (tiny bit boring), Brands Hatch Indy (I love Brands, but it doesn't work on arcade-style games and why couldn't we have the full circuit?) and Indy Speedway Infield (ugh). Algarve is more fun, but even that is usually ruined by being reversed.

The collision system is quite similar to original Grid, with all its pros and cons. Visually it's wonderful, but the physics are utterly bizarre. If you smash into a rival even at full speed, they nearly always behave like a solid lump of glued-down concrete. Even if you submarine under them in the Caterham and send them up in the air, they land like a cat and are back on line in an instant. If they hit the wall on their own, 99% of the time they carry on with no problems. But if they so much as tap you, you frequently end up facing the wrong way... and if you hit the wall, you get one of two outcomes. Either you carry on as if nothing has happened, or an invisible suitcase full of C4 detonates at a random position beside your car and flings you off in a totally unbelievable, physics-defying direction. The manner in which you hit the wall doesn't seem to matter... it's almost a coin-toss as to whether you get the "C4 effect" or not.

Overall it's one of those games that annoys me because it could be so much better, and because there's a lot wrong with it... but I still like it and it's still fun. Which, I suppose, is the whole point of games like this...
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on 30 August 2014
Many others here say its a poor comparison to the original, I never played the original, so I can only confirm that this one is pants.

Good points:
- Great graphics

- Different race types (race, overtake, drifting, time attack, eliminator) all pretty good in their own way

Bad Points:
- No split times on finish grid - i.e. I know I came behind my friend but if I want to know by how much I have to get my calculator out before the screen changes.

- No record of personal best for each track, or each challenge (at the end of the race you might be told you beat your personal best, but no indication what the previous time was!)

- Slooooooow loading, take a snooze between races, whey-ta-go adrenaline

- HANDLING (don't take my word for it look at the other reviews). Ok, I don't play race games much and I'm using a controller, but I'm a very competent gamer; but playing against AI on this game you don't stand a chance, cars weave all over the place (yours, not the AI's). Even supposedly premium performance cars at less than 40mph - I don't think so. And I was playing on the easiest setting. I don't know why they included the damage feature, anybody putting that on will spend their days staring at the load screen - did I mention that is reaallllly sloooow?
In fact there is no point to this game if you've not got some human friends to race against, then at least you can laugh at each other crashing.

- No ability to tune cars to your style i.e. more 'drifty' vs more 'grippy'

- Repetitive in-play commentary, if you can't be bothered to add more variety into the pithy comments from the guy in your headset, there is nothing wrong with silence, in fact that will let me concentrate on the racing more (micro-millimeter manoeuvres or I'll be spinning out in a puff of burning rubber again). What do you mean there is no option to switch it off, or no option to ram by helmet where the sun don't shine after he's told me to 'get an eye on his racing line and pass him' for the god-zillionth time!?

These are school-boy errors for a developer team of a very well established genre, there is no justice if the people responsible for this are still in work in the games industry. I'm only glad I didn't buy my copy at full price, whatever the price now SAVE YOUR MONEY!
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on 3 June 2013
the cars feel right...the graphics nip along at a fair rate and the models are nice (damage isn't terribly realistic though the deformations look good). i could do without the drifting aspects of it but you can get away without it for the most part.
my main gripe is the loading times..much of the game is spent looking at an abstract, and slightly glitchy, 'thing' that displays as a race loads...with repetitive stats flashing up. when i installed it this morning (it has to be installed to the ps3's drive) patch 1.0.1 was downloaded...not sure what it was fixing but it hasn't helped the loading times. another, smaller gripe is that it's fairly linear.
i'd probably give it three and a half stars if i could.
it does have that 'one more race' draw but the pace is kind of crippled by the aforementioned loading times
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on 2 August 2013
I won't go in to to much depth to say, Grid 2 is a very solid and enjoyable racing game, the car handling is tricky at first but once gotten used to there is a lot of depth to it and variety across all the different car types,and it's a lot of fun to master the car vs. the circuit. The career mode is compelling and a lot of fun, and the multiplayer is excellent and also has a lot of depth. The graphics are EXCELLENT - the tracks are almost beautiful in their grahical detail, some of the road courses are just strikingly graphically accomplished, the lighting is oustanding also. Graphically, a superb effort, gameplay brilliant, options and events superb. Well worth a look.
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on 13 July 2015
A lot worse than I was expecting.
No graphical quality and complicated menus.
I was really disapointed with this one.
Physics wasn't real either.
Its nice to pass the time but not good to see progress of racing games or anything like that.
Its just diferent but certainly not better.
Its not a bad game, its not a good game, fits in between.
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on 24 September 2015
Really dissapointed, traded it in not long after getting it, arcade drifting handling, lack of tracks, poor details! Were oh were is the PS2 era Codemasters??? This seems like a cash grab to gap Dirt & there F1 games, I must point out that Grid Autosport is much better, BUT Toca Race Driver 1-3 on PS2 are miles better than ALL of the Grid series!!
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on 18 August 2017
Good game
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on 9 January 2014
A very enjoyable game, good driving, excellent drifting, love the way the cars handle, love the track changes whilst racing. For some reason it's getting criticism for not being as 'real' as the first Grid and being to 'American and gimmicky' and not realistic enough. IT'S A GAME ! The clue is in the description, surely the point of gaming is to get away from grim reality and not reproduce it in the Playstation 3. If you want real driving and spending hours ponsing about fine tuning your realistic dull motor, buy a car or play Gran Turismo, the dullest racing game ever.
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on 11 May 2015
A really good game. If you have played GRID: Race Driver you may be a little disappointed as it's much more arcadey, go for GRID: Autosport instead if that's what you're after
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on 19 July 2014
GRID 2 Is much like part one, but with new challenges, new courses, cars and online features. The gameplay is arcade style, but handles much better than most nfs games. Story mode allows you to race to the top, while multiplayer allows you to race freely with any car on any track, with your friends. Don't expect a car lineup like GT, but many American, Japanese and German favorites are featured, classic or new.
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