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on 14 February 2013
I have used other packages in the past but I am now used to the mcfee system, although these days it needs less and less user interface, it works far more in the background. It is a large program which can slow your PC / laptop down when scanning, no more than others I think. Never ever pay the normal price, £70 plus, I got this one for £15, 3 user from Amazon. Open your mcafee account, load the disc and mcafee online does the rest. I also purchased an extra user for £10. Please don't forget to disable auto renewal on your mcafee account!
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on 22 January 2016
It's annoying and you're never sure if it's working because I have never had a virus, so maybe it does work.
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on 7 November 2017
really happy thank you
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on 25 June 2015
I had to remove it from my computer, it caused every thing to run too slow.
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on 16 February 2013
I have had McAfee installed which i purchased directly for several years. I recently had an email saying that my subscription was due for renewal. I found this on Amazon and saw that i could get exactly the same package but for the 3rd of the price. Not too sure why it was so much cheaper on Amazon though.
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on 16 June 2013
It is always hard to know which anti-virus to get and if you check out top 10 lists they change constantly. I tried many, but this is the best I have used so far and unless it starts to give me problems I will keep using it.
This gives anti-virus, firewall, anti-hacking, malware and shows safe sites. It does everything you need to try and stay safe on the net and once installed you can forget about it as it works behind the scenes. I choose to let it update automatically and it does this often, mostly without my knowing, but occasionally there seems to be a deeper update and I can see my PC lowing down briefly - but better this than a virus. A you can use it on 3 computers I was able to buy one and use it on my desktop and also my lap top, and this makes it great value.
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on 2 June 2013
I have used Mcafee products for many years, (on 12 machines for my company) but in the past couple have been driven to distraction by their irritating behaviour and poor backup from the company. The scan feature brings the computer almost to a halt and takes anything up to 5 minutes to stop. If you turn it off, it turns itself back on again later. Productivity suffers and people get cross with their machines before they realise the problem and try to turn it off.

I have had a continually re-occurring problem where the firewall turns itself off and will not be switched back on again. This has been happening for years, but there still does not seem to be acknowledgement from the company how serious a problem it is, or a readily available solution (input "Mcafee my firewall keeps turning itself off" in any search engine if you want to verify this). The best I can find it to carry out a complete re-install, which is fine if you only have one machine, not it it happens to several. Having just spent half my sunday fruitlessly trying to solve this - again - I am ready to switch to another product.

Updates intermittently cause computers to stop working properly, which seem to then be fixed in later updates without acknowledgement that there was a problem. It used to be a very good product and it is a shame that it now seems to be more trouble than it is worth. I notice that the magazines no longer list it as one of the best in its software class. There must be a good reason for this.

I recommend not purchasing this software if you run a company and do not have an in-house IT expert ready to sort out the regular problems for you. Perhaps McAfee monitor these feedback messages and may wish to comment?
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on 3 February 2013
I bought this in a promotion for £16 november 2012, still now I feel robbed.
First of all it is horribly complicated compared to my previous antimaleware. You are obligated to register on the website, changing computer or op-sys will take a week of unactivation period, free support is unaccessable since the site is faulty (details below), remaining option is calling the local HQ for additional money with robots and waiting times. I have to admit though that finaly I could talk to a support agent who was helpful and professional.
The interface is anything but intuitive. Finding reports or adding exceptions are hours of a challange.
Over being complicated it feels also unsafe. Among other problems it blocked my news RSS I've been using for ages, meanwhile I got something that stole my facebook login and sent it strait to Jordan... Never happened similar with Kaspersky.
McAfee's free online support requires to fill a data form (even if you are logged in). This form is buggy. When it asks for e-mail you can type in your e-mail without a problem, then it asks for confirmation and the box wouldn't take the "@" character! Tried four browsers, several page-coding systems on different computers. Talking about a software company- this is quite scary. And how do you tell if a firewall is good? Not necessarily needed for a virus but blockin things Im sure about says to me: It's a software hasn't the faintest idea what it is doing.
Why did I change from Kaspersky? Well, tried to save a few bucks thinkin that McAfee is a big brand too after all,
mustn't be so bad. Now I think it is .
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on 27 June 2013
I have been using McAfee for many years but do avoid automatic renewal..Each year I can find it cheaper than the renewal by spending a few minutes internetting. The total protection is easy to use and updates regularly as it should..I cannot compare it to other security services but it does for me.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 2 December 2014
*** Antivirus/Malware Feature ***

As with most Security Suites, you've got on-access protection and scheduled scans. On-access protection simply scans files for threats as and when you try and access them. For example if you access a folder and it contains a virus, as soon as you open the folder McAfee will scan it and if it locates a threat will remove it pretty much instantly making it really difficult to open a virus even for people who are not very confident with their PC.

Scan speeds seem reasonable:
Quick scan: About 8 minutes.
Full scan: A few hours.

I also found that when I switched from Norton to McAfee, McAfee picked up a number of items Norton had simply missed.

The only gripe I have with the description of this feature is the fact that it doesn't seem to pick up a massive amount of malware. If anything it seems to pick up malware after its been installed, but it would be so much easier if it could pick it up before it was on your PC.

For my day job I work providing Tech Support and I must speak to 20+ a day who have malware on their machine and they can be pretty argumentative because they assume McAfee will protect them against malware. Although this will pick up some malware, it misses a lot of programs which cause popups, redirects and inline adverts.

I personally find the best option is to have a program like this installed to protect you against the serious stuff, then have a free malware removal tool such as Malwarebytes or Adwcleaner on hand for if you do inadvertently installed malware.

I would however add that although McAfee's ability to pick-up malware seems slightly limited, I would say it seems more effective at picking up malware than its main rival Norton.

*** Firewall ***

As far as I can tell the Firewall seems fairly reasonable.

For those that are sat behind a home router, the chances are you won't see many messages from McAfee relating to your firewall (at least for incoming stuff) as most routers now a days have a built in firewall. This means that most unusual connections from the outside world are blocked well before they get anywhere near McAfee.

The main feature of the firewall when you are sat behind a hardware firewall is actually to monitor outgoing connections. If a program appears to be trying to connect to the internet and McAfee believes it may be malicious or suspect, it will prompt you and ask you if you trust the program.

This will generally block malicious programs from capturing your personal details and sharing them online, but can also be used if you can see a program is connecting to the internet and don't want it to.

Sometimes you may find that it thinks a perfectly innocent program could be malicious and blocks it. In that instance its nice and easy to go into the settings and tell it to allow that program full access to the internet.

*** Web Browsing Protection (SiteAdvisor) ***

SiteAdvisor is a useful feature which alerts you when you are navigating to untrustworthy sites. If a website has been reported to be well known for sharing viruses, malware, etc you will often be presented with a page advising you the content of the page you are about to visit could be unsafe. You get a big warning sign which is impossible for anyone to miss. There is also the option to continue to the website if you are 100% confident it is trustworthy.

*** Parental Controls ***

I haven't really used the Parental Controls feature much as I don't have kids. I did have a play around with it though to see if it was any good for the purpose of this review. It was easy to set-up and manage and seemed nice and secure. Protected by an administrator passwords made it really difficult to make any changes without an adults permission.

*** Anti-Spam ***

Again I haven't really used the Anti-Spam features a massive amount – simply because I mainly use webmail which is pretty effective at filtering out spam emails anyway. However I was pretty impressed with the features it does offer. Even for those using webmail you can use it to filter out your junk mail by connecting to your mail server and filtering out the junk emails before they appear in your webmail.

*** Potential Problems ***

I've not personally experienced any problems personally with my copy of McAfee. I do however work providing Tech Support as my day job and there are really only a handful of issues I ever seem to come across with Mcafee and to be fair these are issues which can effect all security suites.

The 2 problems are:

1) Loss of internet access – this is a really common issue which can happen regardless of which Security Suite you use. You generally find that you show as being connected to the internet, but you don't have access to the internet through any of your browsers.

This seems to happen when McAfee has become a little bit corrupted and decides it wants to block all connections to the internet. Sometimes when trying to uninstall it from programs and features, your PC then struggles to remove it because of how corrupted it is or because its still running in the background.

The best way to fix this problem is normally to restart your PC into safemode (this can be done fairly easily with a bit of research, even for those not overly confident with PC's) and download the McAfee Removal Tool. This allows you to remove McAfee completely in safemode ensuring no corrupted components are left behind.

2) Sometimes you just can't get McAfee to open – You'll generally find the icon shows in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop, in the system tray, but try and open it and it either doesn't open at all, or it opens but you can't navigate around the options.

As above. The best way to fix this problem is normally to restart your PC into safemode and download the McAfee Removal Tool. This allows you to remove McAfee completely in safemode ensuring no corrupted components are left behind.

3) It does seem to slow the machine down from time to time, especially when performing a scheduled scan. To be fair however I find this happens regardless of which Antivirus I am using and simply put this down the fact it is having to process a lot of information.

4) Limited malware protection – As mentioned previously although McAfee seems more capiable of picking up malware than alternative Security Suites, its ability to remove malware is nothing like what you would find in free programs such as Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner.

*** Conclusion ***

I have used pretty much every Security Package going at one point or another and McAfee remains my favourite.

It seems a much more reliable package than other Security Suites and its available for significantly cheaper than most of the other packages available.

For those reasons I would personally recommend McAfee.
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