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on 22 November 2012
I've used PSP for donkey's years and with every new version it has got more complicated and difficult to use. It may well have more features than it used to and I appreciate that it has to keep up - but at what cost? This used to be a great bit of software which was easy to use, relatively straight forward to use and offered a good array of tools and features to suit most people's needs. For those of us who wanted ever more sophistication then the way forward was to buy something more heavy weight and more expensive. What we now have is something that takes more resource than it should, can often be unreliable, is often difficult to navigate and has lost all of its appeal and simplicity. This was once a great little product which was easy to use and gave many of the more so-called "professional products" a run for their money. It's now lost its way. And it's a shame.
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on 1 February 2013
I bought Corel Paintshop Pro X5 a couple of months ago and I am over the moon with it!

My passion is photography and I wanted to take it to the next step and start editing and playing around with my photos; Paintshop Pro X5 allows me to do that and a whole lot more. I have been teaching myself how to use the software, and after playing around with it and reading the tutorials I am getting pretty good at it. There is a user guide built in to it and video tutorials on the Corel webpage.

Pro X5 has powerful photo-editing and design capabilities which provides everything you need to create wonderful photos and designs. You can manage, adjust and edit your photos within 3 seperate pages and navigating between them is simple. When you have finalised your image you can tag people and upload straight onto facebook, Google etc if you wish.

To say that I am self taught I am doing well and although I still have a lot to learn, I am having fun doing it. Prior to purchasing this I looked into Adobe PhotoShop (Full version) which costs over £900; Corel Paintshop Pro X5 costs nearly 20 times less than this. Paintshop X5 may not be as powerful but it certainly puts up a good fight for the price of it!

I would advise anyone who loves Photography, photos and/or Art to buy this fabulous product...

I am very pleased and satisfied with my purchase. I hope this has helped you.
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on 28 December 2012
Sounds daft. But it is true, if you are running the trial and it expires (like mine did on Christmas Eve) you have to remove the program, but here is where I had a problem (W7 Home Premium on Intel 2.8ghz Dual Core). Add/Remove did not work; it crashed, also tried CCleaner, Revo & IOBit, still no luck.
The choice left was manual remove - OMG not for the faint hearted, but hey, it worked, well I thought. After a reboot the program was taken off the disk and installed, but I could not get the update to install. Tried removing the program again and the computer failed to recognise that it existed. The only alternative was to rebuild W7. Happy to report since the rebuild, the program does what it should installed correctly and the update installed with no problem. I am not sure what caused the problem, but I think it may have been related to the fact the trial was over. I wasn't given the option to input a serial number when presented with the 0 days left screen, whether this was the program or Corel's anti piracy software, I don't know.

Now onto the review. It works, it is simple and the effects you can use are fantastic. The only downside I have find is when I upload photos via the Canon EOS up loader to C:Pictures... the program opens in Edit and opens up to 10 photos to edit, rather than Manage. Personally I would prefer to Manage my photos before editing them. There doesn't appear to be a "Watch Folders" process as in PSE. I'll have to see whether the W7 uploader has a similar effect or whether it is just Canon's software.

One thing I love is the Help files, unlike PSE they are accurate and don't leave you guessing; using the trial I have turned a colour photo taken at duxford 2012 into a picture aged by 60 years, so simple.

There have been complaints the program is slow, well yes some parts are slow, some are fast. I don't use the latest PC with state of the art GPU, so yes things are going to be slow, this doesn't matter to me and probably not to the majority of users - I get by just fine.

Corel 7.5/10 well done.

UPDATE : If you have a Kodak printer, please be aware there are issues with this product. I recommend Kodak printer users to seek an alternative product - product will not print to a Kodak printer, this is noted on Corel's website. selected photo spools, but disappears as it is sent to the printer, this is a Corel error as other printers work fine, indeed Kodak printers work fine with other editing software.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2012
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
PaintShop Pro X5 is Corel's latest offering of the popular photo editing software. I currently have X4 and so was very interested to see if this was worth upgrading to.

First off though - how easy is it to install? Some of the simplest programmes can take forever so a programme like this could take a while? Wrong. The set up was painless and all installed within about 5 minutes. I was prompted to install an upgrade which turns out to be a service pack which means you will have the most up to date version installed in minutes.
A quick prompt allowed me to import my databases from the previous version which is as it should be. I was then confronted with the familiar user interface. Not much has changed here so it will be easy for previous users to navigate. If you are buying for the first time, you will find everything is laid out so you don't have any trouble finding your photos. This can give the screen a cluttered feel, but it's easy to undock and move any toolbars or sidebars you don't want. The menus are quite intuitive too which means when you hide a sidebar by mistake you can quite easily find it again!

Importing photos is easy - Opening Jpegs etc is straight forward. There is a RAW importer which works well with my Canon RAW files. This has a few settings you can change but not many -certainly not as many as my Canon RAW importer, however this is to be expected. Once in, a learning centre sidebar helps you with some simple adjustments. This is the beauty of a product such as this. A lot of thought has gone in to thinking about what people want and there are some useful presets covering contrast and exposure. If, like me, you prefer more control, you can move on to adjustment layers. Here you get a range of adjustments which provide you with more control over your photo adjustments such as using levels and curves. If you don't want all of this there is a one step photo fix - though whether this provides you with an optimum output depends very much on your own taste!

If you've decided to delve deeper and access some of the specialist tools, you'll find that they are clearly identified and their settings are very clear on a ribbon at the top of the window. This is much better than some competitors as you are able to see at a glance what your settings are and adjust them very easily. As well as the built in tools you can purchase plug-ins. If you have a previous version of PaintShop Pro you may have add ins. I did and I was able to transfer them across very easily.

One of the reasons I like PaintShop Pro is the HDR function. Now this is a take it or leave it feature as the debate rages still in photography circles about whether HDR is a good or bad thing. I like it and find it enhances my photos so use it. The feature on this software is superb as not only does it combine the photos, you are able to do this in black and white as well as colour. You are also able to tweak the settings giving you the opportunity to fine tune the output. The additions to this were enough to make me want to upgrade.

Depending on how you want to use the software, there are features allowing you to tag photos for social media and add mapping references. Whilst these may please some people, the main reason for buying this software surely rests with the great range of tools provided to manipulate our photos.

Overall this is an excellent addition to anyone's photo bag.
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2012
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Are you a happy snapper - then this isn't for you.
The features on Paintshop are aimed at the amateur photographer - not an amateur who goes and takes random photo snaps, but the kind of budding serious photographer.
For anyone new to Paintshop, it's got some powerful tools to allow you to retouch your shots, to enhances your originals and create some hyper-realism.
You probably have heard of Photoshop... this is similar in vein but without the hefty price-tag... something that budding photographers will want to consider when they come to purchasing photo software. This is far better than Photoshop Elements, which retails about the same price as Paintshop, but it isn't quite a indepth as a fully fledge copy of Photoshop.
Given that I'm a designer who works with photos, not a keen photographer who works with words, I'll be sticking with Photoshop. (I'm not trying to sound snobby, it runs better with my other Adobe programs.)
Apart from my personal choice as a distraction, I have no reason to not recommend this. Paintshop has come along way in the years I've known and used it, and a budding David Bailey can spend their money on this safe in the knowledge that this will serve them and their precious photos well.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 February 2013
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although PaintShop Pro in various forms has been out for many years, regular yearly updates allow this software to keep up with other newer programs and this year being no exception with many new tools and enhancements added.

I will leave most of the technical jargon to Amazon's very expansive product description page but I will touch on a couple of interesting additions.

At first glance PaintShop Pro x5 appears not to have changed at all as the main program interface remains remarkable similar to previous editions. However this year there have been some really interesting improvements, for example 'Face Recognition' has finally been added which is extremely quick in scanning through your PC's library of photographs a quick and easy way to identify, tag, and organize your photos based on the people who appear in them and you can also import facebook pictures at the drop of a hat. My teenage son and teenage foster sons absolutely love this feature as you can imagine.

Another useful addition is 'geotagging', this finds embedded tags in photographs and allows you to organise your pictures by geographical location which is another fun and useful concept. Map view by the way uses Google maps to display your photos.

Also PhotoShop Pro x 5 has a lot more editing power with 'Instant Effects' a spectacular array of quality special effects that can match any of its rivals and I must say my whole family has had some really good fun with this, especially my 7 year old who thoroughly enjoys clicking buttons and adding some very amusing effects to pictures of herself and friends.

So all in all another great program from Corel for the most part, however if there is a downside ... it has to be in performance and lack of speed which is a real shame, because if Corel can fix this element they really could have a serious contender in photo editing software.
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on 11 April 2013
I have been using Paintshop for years (because it is so much much cheaper than Adobe photoshop) but it has always been a bit clanky and missing some useful tools. This new version has made up for previous deficits and now includes simple one click menus for adjustments like fill light, and increase vibrancy. The interface has improved and gives three basic options, manage, adjust and edit. I tend to stay in edit. Combined with other software like Lightroom 4 it makes a powerful and cheaper package. My one criticism so far is that it takes a long time to load (a problem with some previous versions)
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on 30 March 2013
I have been an advocate of Corel software for many years, and on the whole, I have never been disappointed. Often Corel is compared to Adobe and their respective packages, but for me, Corel is the better of the two.

Installation is very straightforward. From start to finish it took no more than 10 mins. Having just purchased the software which was originally released in September 2012, there are two critical service pack updates which are installed as part of the Installation. There is also an optional help file which can be installed in case you are off line.

I'm someone who needs the software to be as simple as possible, and this software meets that requirement. I'm not someone who is madly in to photo editing, but I use it for touching up photos, cropping, printing etc, pretty basic tasks. However, within the package there are literally hundreds and hundreds of applications/effects etc, no doubt some I have never uncovered. My expertise simply is not there. There are some built in tutorials if you want to learn these more in depth tools etc. The interface is very simple, three tabs at the top and within those you have everything you need.

In this version there are two additional NEW features, but I'm having trouble with both. The first one the ability to map your photos using Google Maps, so you view where you have taken them. Having used this, I'm finding that some photos have mapped twice. Likewise, with the new face recognition software, I'm finding that the software is not identifying the faces correctly and tagging them multiple times. I've spoken with Corel via their 90 day complimentary support, but I have no resolution yet. Having said that, will I ever need to use this feature? My photos are already tagged with the place/country in which they were taken.

Overall, I am giving this software 4*. On the whole, this is an exceptional bit if software, highly intuitive, easy to use, and with a wealth of tools for both the amateur and professional editor. However, as I think the software is not fully free of all bugs, I'm not awarding 5*. Strongly recommended.
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on 4 October 2012
Well, turns out, we can't go back to our beloved Paintshop Pro 8 when Jasc owned it, but we're close. I'd still use that except that it crashes randomly on Windows 7.

If you love psp8 but sick of losing work as it crashes these days, well, this is a pretty good replacement. A couple of things take a little getting used to, psp8's super fast and intuitive middle mouse wheel picture zoom is now kind of intermittent and doesn't zoom on the mouse location, it gets contexted away a lot, that would be my biggest gripe.
The tool windows for bevels and shadows and other such similar items behave a little differently.

It's pretty good and worthy replacement. It's just not quite psp8.

Maybe the photo manipulation, HDR and other new stuff is OK, I just can't tell you as I don't do that sort of graphics work.

I have to go with 4 stars because for me, if psp8 was still reliable, I'd be five starring that and to 5 star this might have Corel thinking they can sit back and relax.
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2012
Platform: PC|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
for the price and power this is a worthy competitor to Photoshop elements, its a full featured and easy to use package, in some areas like the HDR function I think its better than Photoshop.
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