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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2012
I am in the US and I bought this disc. Although region free, it won't play on US PS3 players as it's encoded in 1080i/50hz. However, it played perfectly on my Oppo player. What a magnificent set compared to the POS that was the NBC Olympics highlights disc!
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on 1 December 2012
I am in USA. This DVD set is superb but it is recorded in PAL format which does not play on many USA spec DVD players. Given that issue, if you can play PAL DVDs this is the London Olympics coverage you want. Video quality is second to none. Camera work is excellent and there are lots of events that normally are not shown. I really cannot say enough about how good it is.
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on 13 November 2012
The BBC are in the news at the moment for a couple of poor decisions on Newsnight and a silly decision about Director General pay. Those ideologically opposed to public sector broadcasting or with a commercial interest in the BBC's demise are having a field day. These discs remind us how great a lot of the BBC work is, why it is world class and why we should support it. I suggest that you buy them from a local supplier who pays taxes on their profits, rather than Amazon who use their considerable clout to pay accountants to find legal, but morally reprehensible ways, to avoid paying taxes, some of which were used to pay for these fantastic games.
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on 31 October 2012
I wasn't too bothered about the Olympics coming to London. The cost, the inconvenience, the thousands of people getting my way on the Tube. But in the end I absolutely loved it.

When I saw that the highlights were coming out there was no option, I had to order - and having now received five whole blu-ray discs I'm not disappointed. Last night we watched the whole opening ceremony again and it was fabulous, inspirational and wonderful all over again. Some parts were even better than before, no doubt due to the beautiful detail of HD (I watched the show live on Freeview). Can't wait to relive the drama of the actual events.

It's a memento that will last far longer than any overpriced T-shirt and essential for anyone who wants to remember this amazing summer.
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I do not have a great knowledge of sport but found the Olympics compelling both in terms of the presentation and the drama of the individual sporting events themselves. This set of discs captures both elements very well - the opening and closing ceremonies are shows in themselves, and, from a technical perspective, they are reproduced in even higher quality than the live broadcasts - both the vision and sound are better than I recall when they were live. Allowing for my scant knowledge of sport, to me, the most memorable sporting moments are all captured vividly. In addition, the coverage of the Games is balanced and truly international without being too UK centric.

To me, this is the authoritative souvenir of the London Olympics - yes, there were lots of souvenir items produced but, in my opinion (unless you were a participant and/or medal winner), nothing will recall the splendour and emotion of one the greatest shows on earth like this BBC DVD set. I suspect this DVD set will appear in a lot of Christmas stockings this year.

In summary, the nearest thing I've seen to "bottling" the excitement of the 2012 Olympics - I love it. Recommended.
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on 29 October 2012
The BBC has delivered a comprehensive DVD package covering the greatest Modern Olympiad ever - London 2012. As well as being able to enjoy in full the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, there are literally hundreds of memorable highlights from 15 days of top-quality sport crammed into 15 hours of fabulous entertainment. This is the sort of thing the BBC can still do better than any other broadcaster in the world and I can thoroughly recommend this terrific box-set.
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on 22 November 2012
I was looking forward to obtaining a good quality of the Opening Ceremony, after living off the 1080i50 master transport feed that is floating around, as I did not like the unnecessary comments of the BBC commentators.

This does not disappoint. The key thing is the sound has been normalised and mastered, as the broadcast version does have irregularities in volume. I am also glad that there is a untouched audio choice, and we are not forced to hear the pointless comments of Hazel Irvine et al, as no offence BBC, as I watched live, it was incredibly annoying to hear Hazel Irvine remind me that it was JK Rowling reading, or Trevor Nelson telling us that his cousin's dad's brother's daughter's pen pal was in the NHS section. This ceremony was made to be enjoyed in its own sound, and not to be ruined by commentary that can only be put on par with a DJ constantly talking over music.

The Pandemonium section is just absolutely stunning in DTS MA, especially on a decent seperates system, as are all sections playing "Sundowner".

The only negatives are the following;

- Having to switch disk for part 2 (this is of course not BBC's fault!)
- I am not 100% convinced with the audio editing during the Caliban's Dream section. The sound here has been dubbed over from, so you do not have the announcements of the young torch bearers from the stadium.

I haven't watched the Sporting section; to be honest I'd have gladly paid a lot more just for the Opening Ceremony, as it was a truly stunning spectacle.

Buy it, and make sure you buy the album as well
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on 6 November 2012
I really like this collection and it's good value considering there are five blu-ray disks in the set.
Picture quality is truly stunning and I suppose better than the original HD transmission since there is less compression on the blu-ray. The sound is also impressive with the whole room coming alive with the sound of the crowd in the stadium.
Some people have complained that not all sports are covered but at least we are better off than the americans who get a two disk olympics set from NBC.

It was nice that there was a commentary free version of the opening ceremony but it would have been nice to have the same for the rest of the material as well.
Chapters do exist for the opening ceremony but you can only access them with the track + and - buttons, not via the disk menu. Perhaps they were added at the last minute or different teams created the menus and programme material itself.

I do like the better cutting of the opening ceremony. You are still seeing the full thing but the shots are better chosen than the original live cut. The james bond sequence and parachute jump are a good example of this. The camera keeps on the two parachutists for much longer on the blu-ray.
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on 6 March 2013
This truly IS a must have. I live in Hong Kong and the coverage here was a bit sparse, and we only really had highlights of the Opening on our local TV, and the sports covered were very locally orientated, eg lots of Table tennis and Basketball.
So I was just delighted at the richness of this set of DVDs from the wonderful Opening right through. Yes it IS biased towards Team GB and all its success and I loved that. I had tears in my eyes throughout all the award ceremonies, I jumped about at all the competitions and the immense pride I had at being British cannot be described. It is a wonderful bargain. One that I will play over and over. Quality production . BBC at its best. Thankyou so much!
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on 5 November 2012
I was thrilled with my purchase of the BBC London 2012 Olympic Games DVD. Despite the games only finished a few months ago, I found myself forgetting how tense some of the races were in rowing, cycling, track etc and felt that nervous tension if watching it for the first time. The covering is excellent and one that I will watch again and again over the years I'm sure.
Well done BBC - an absolute triumph - and of course all the athletes and performers which make this DVD so special.
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