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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2013
The light is amazing, lights up the road beautifully, and the charging works great - I plug mine into the USB socket on the front of my Xbox 360 and it charges without even switching the Xbox on...

However I was shocked at the battery replacement cost - bearing in mind that the one supplied is good for 300 charges only... wait for it ... £50.00 plus postage etc.

I can only find one dealer in the UK that sells one, Amazon and the like don't stock the battery - so if Amazon were able to source a replacement battery for this item for a more reasonable £10-20 that would be hugely appreciated...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 April 2013
I bought this for my road bike that I use for commuting. I use a Cateye 530 on my MTB but wanted a headlight that could do flashing modes as well (the 530 is just a static light, albeit an excellent one).

The nano shot plus is in a different league. It's considerably brighter (even in low output mode) and has a much better spread of light as well as projection. The high output mode is so much so it runs the risk of seriously blinding other road users if poorly adjusted but is confidence-inspiring down even the darkest of country lanes. The flashing mode is brilliant because it basically switches to low output mode while 'pulsing' with the high output one... so there are no dark gaps between flashing... you always have light.

In high output mode, you'll get about an hour's worth of use, about two if flashing and supposedly twice that if using it in low output mode. Then it takes 8 hours to fully charge (80% charge takes around 5 hours) so you need to plan your usage, especially if you commute for more than an hour at night) It will charge through USB on your desk/laptop computer but only effectively if you use USB 2.0 (1.0 takes forever). In any case, the transparent on/off switch has LED status lights behind it to let you know the battery level so you'll know where you are.

All in all, It's an excellent headlight. I highly recommend it.
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on 6 November 2012
I promised myself that I'd get a really good bike light this winter. I looked around at the £150+ lights that have 1000+ lumens and thought...How bright is a lumen!? I didnt really want the seperate battery pack, as it seemed like aload of hassle to take off & carry around all day. I saw this Cat Eye Nano Shot HL-EL625RC and it seemed to tick alot of boxes for me. Small & easy to clip to the handle bars. A built in battery that I can recharge at work via USB (yes the cables short, but thats good for me) And all for just £83 deliverd via a quick Google search. So I took the plunge and Oh Boy was it worth it! 600 Lumens is enough to give pedestrians temporary blindness. It gives you about 60m of clear vision. Seriously. I cycle along a dark cannal tow path and the (I like to call it) Main Beam setting is amazing. To be honest the Dip setting is probably what I was expecting (and getting from my 2 x cat eye £40ish lights that I've been using) I've actually been flicking from Main Beam to Dip, when fellow cyclists come the opposite way as not to blind them... The pulse function keeps one beam on all the time, so you can still see where you're going while it flashes away. I also strapped a Fibre Flare Shorty to my back pack and cars are giving me SO much more room than they ever used too. All in, I cant recommend this light highly enough. Professionals doing nightime off road trails (who must be nuts BTW!) may need more than this, I dont.
The light lasts for 4 hours on Dip setting and 2 houes on full beam. The on/off button changes from Green to Amber when the battery is running low. I've just cycled into work on Amber and its lasted for about 25 minutes before turning to Red. I left the light on for over 30 minutes on Red, to try and run the battery down before 1st charge. So it doesnt look like I'm likely to get caught short without light...
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on 1 October 2013
A very well built light that feels solid and certainly pumps out a great amount of light. The handlebar bracket fitted easily with no tools required however I've marked it down by one star since the supplied USB cable is both very short and of the old style (not mobile phone compatible) and also you need a pair of pliers to pull off the USB charge point rubber cover.
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on 8 November 2012
I purchased this replacing a damaged light, a Cateye HL-EL320, through my own fault, having carelessly left the batteries in it all summer long, it must have been all the excitement of the Olympics.

This is my first rechargeable light, having started many years ago with D cell lights. I don't cycle in a rural environment but a regular commuter in central London which makes this "urban". With all the traffic and commuters you need the brightest lights possible, I typically cycle with two lights in front, one flashing the other constant. The reason being that with just one light alone drivers often "claim" they cannot see you, with this light hopefully they will.

First thing is the size it is much smaller and lighter than my Opti Light (HL-EL320) which is a plus, second it is bright, much brighter and it throws a wide stronger beam compared to my previous light that was much more a narrow beam. I am impressed by this so far, but it is still early days, as I have not had any real dark mornings, evenings or fog to cycle in. I love the fact that it uses the same bracket as the EL320, I do hate when manufacturers change simple parts for no reason especially when it brings no additional benefits. As the previous light used four AA batteries, which made it heavy, this is much lighter.

I am also impressed by the charging times, as it has charged much faster than the claimed eight hours - it was just under five hours for a full charge at the start. I have not yet drained down the battery and charged it to see how long it takes for a full recharge, but so far the times have been good. It will also be interesting to see how the Lithium battery performs next winter, after a summer recess. Although, it should be noted that this would only be useful to someone that owns a USB products, otherwise you would be stuck trying to charge this.

Typically when things are new people tend to give them five stars, often without thinking through the practicalities of how they will use it. I am not giving this five stars is for two reasons, first the USB cable is too short, at only 11 inches, (28cm) if you are a regular commuter like myself, there will be days when you may need to charge your light at work and my desk has a base unit, which is located in a difficult position, hanging under the desk, with such a short cable it would be near impossible to use it, I have to use another cable.

The other issue is that the actual switch is a bit too fiddly, considering that the majority of times I will be using this light is during the winter time and our winters tend to be cold, therefore we require gloves to operate the switch. The switch is just too cumbersome enough without wearing gloves. It may have been better to have perhaps a separate switch from high to low, rather than incorporate it into a single switch. If I had a wish list, I would have preferred to have a quick tap switch to get the high beam, for five seconds, especially when approaching junctions.

Don't get me wrong this is still a great product and whether you like it or not this will soon be the standard for all bike lights, but as this is currently being sold a premium product these minor things should have been picked up, as it stands it doesn't warrant the full five stars - if I could have given this four and a half star I would.

To summarise the product:


Great wide beam with a strong white light.
Compact solid feel to the product, not weak plastic build
Uses the same brackets as earlier Cateyes products
So far, this charges up quickly


USB cable too short
Switch too fiddly

UPDATE: Three weeks on - just a quick note to say that that I wanted to provide some additional feedback on the performance of this item.

I am extremely impressed because I have just managed to get 4 hours -26 minutes out of the battery, on a single charge; using this unit to commute for work, no more than 30 minutes a time - morning & evenings.

I charged this item last Friday and have used it every day and managed to get to work on Friday without additional charging - which is impressive. And I still feel there is at least enough juice left for around 15 minutes. This still took just under eight hours to recharge which is not too bad considering this is by USB.

During my commute this week twice people have commented on how bright the light is, useful as these winter days get shorter.
review image review image
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on 3 January 2013
I wanted to replace a Cateye front light with something a bit more powerful. I've been looking for a while and came across this. It was a good price compared to other online retailers so I bought it. I've been out a few times with it and I'm really pleased. It shines brightly even on the lower of the two settings, which is what I tend to use. It lasted for around 3-4 hours on one charge and charged up relatively quickly. I haven't used it on unlit roads yet, but it seems bright enough to provide enough light to do that. Very pleased with it.
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on 12 January 2015
It's a good bright light and in terms of people seeing me, I've not had a better light. People and cars hesitate long enough to notice a cyclist, but my old lights seemed to make be invisible. Happy with the lighting. My one key downside is that, at the moment I'm only using my lights at night back and forth to the station, 10 minutes each way, 4 days of the week. 1+ hour battery time is pretty terrible in my book. If I went on a reasonable ride for longer than an hour, I'd be worried about it lasting. Oh, and the best part is that the light doesn't really fade all the way to nothing; it fades a bit and then simply dies, so you'll be cycling along, happily on a slightly weaker light, which everyone can see and then suddenly you're in darkness.
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on 24 April 2013
I have low powered front lights (pretty dim and not much use off road), medium powered led lights (cats eye opticube - adequate), and a powerful hid 10 watt (lots of light, warm up time and remote battery pack), but this small, fully integrated front light is really excellent. Not as many lumens as the hid, which is about 1000, but frankly this tiny light is more than enough for everything apart from serious, scary off road. The LED output is very well controlled and the distribution puts light where you need it.
It comes with a USB lead and charges from almost all USB power sources. Use ipad 10w chargers for best results.
It has three output options. Full, less full and flashing. The middle option gives a good riding time and can be boosted by a simple click of the on/off button. Double clicking gets you flashing and scares cars.
100 percent recommended. A very clever, small, fully integrated bike headlight with probably the best mounting bracket on the market. All my cat eye lights seem to fit the same bracket. No tools needed apart from fingers.
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on 13 November 2012
As a London cyclist I like to seen, and having used this Nano Shot Plus for the last few weeks since the clocks changed, I can safely say its without doubt, the best light EVER.
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on 4 June 2016
Cateye Nano Shot Plus -

Great Torch that makes you extremely visible at night - and at daytime come to that.

Best mode is probably one on high beam with the other flashing.

I have a number of expensive torches but this is the one I put in my rucksack whether I am taking the bike or not.

Only complaint is that the rubber flap covering the charging port came off after about a year.

Note: Tried mounting it on my helmet using gaffer tape but I found the tape gave me a rash where I wrapped it under my chin.....
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