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on 26 March 2014
I accidentally bought the Additional Handset first time round, and then bought this after being helped by other Amazon buyers when it didn't work. This box comes with all the necessary cables, unlike the additional phone which only comes with a base and power lead. This phone has pathetic instructions (as does the additional handset) but I was able to connect it all up without the aid of a man, which is unusual for me. The manual can be found on line, however. Basically, you put a cable into the phone line on the modem type box that comes with it; a cable into the power slot and an ether type cable into the third slot, making sure to put the other ends into power, modem and phone line. I had trouble getting it to work at the beginning, as I had been sent two dud batteries (rechargeable) which did not take nor hold a charge. I contacted the online support (via e-mail) for the product and they were very helpful with suggestions as to what I was doing wrong. I have the handset set to "always ask" rather than just to 'Skype' or 'Landline' as the preferred setting for calling out, so that I can easily choose if I want to make a call using the landline or Skype, otherwise you have to choose by going through the menu, which is annoying. I have set different tones for incoming calls so I know if it is landline or Skype. The sound quality, for me, using both landline and Skype is excellent. I have set up the additional handset rather than sending it back, as it could be useful in a different part of the house. The round dial on the front has 4 functions (history, search,intercom,outgoing calls) which is handy if you don't want to run through the menu. As yet, I am unsure whether you can choose which options you can have on the front dial like you can do on mobiles for certain key functions. You can even call the additional handset if you want to call someone in another part of the house, which could be perfect for getting my husband out of bed rather than shouting up to him. My only regret is not getting a Skype phone sooner.
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on 27 April 2014
well a few days after writing a review about this equipment I have found myself changing my mind, instead of being mediocre it has now been relegated to one star, this is because the sender (Base) unit has decided not to work, after following every method I can find to reset and pair my two phones, every attempt I have made failed. I am a competent person in the electrical industry so I feel I have enough knowledge to set up a phone, two even! However, not this time, I have the message "Please register" "offline" and of course I tried, the base station won''t go into pairing mode so I'm assuming that it's the culprit, my internet is fine, so is Skype (which I use through a computer now) but the phones fail. The second phone's batteries have died also, this equipment is two months old!
The usual faults remain of course, the charger units are poor, its hard to tell whether they're actually charging or not (often not) as the phone wibbles about in the unit like the proverbial $&£% in a sock, the phones have a mind of their own, sometimes working well and at other times not so.
All in all, if there was an alternative i would buy it... come on guys there's a market out there!

Disappointed, RB.
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on 8 May 2014
well I've now had this product a while, and I can honestly say don't buy it.

The delivery and processing stuff was all fine, this is my second version of this product because the first product quality was so poor I had to instantaneously send it back.

The new version arrived and again the charging base is very poor quality but it does charge but wobbles around and is super cheap made.

Setting it up has been very easy but online support or additional manuals are not very helpful.

Once on calls the audio is much better but there is a range of issues making calls. If you have your computer skype on at the same time, the phone hangs the online programme, so either the phone or the laptop but not both. If a call comes through and your laptop is on, the phone can't pick it up. its like you need to switch all off in order to let the phone work which defeats the purpose... again no really customer support for the product not even on the manufacturer site.

The product is expensive, and looks attractive but turns up and is just badly made. the connections are the poorest quality of it, but even the handset is not brilliant. Generally the usage is intuitive but it hangs up at times when it ought to pick up.

My advice, but a cheaper/better product. a mix between lack of product support, and skype support to help the two things work together. I would send it back only I had already had a replacement and I think the vendor is entitled to be paid.
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on 14 March 2014
Got the phone. GREAT. Can't use it though. BAD. The writing on the box says it all "No PC required" No their isn't.. There can't be. The leads you get with this phone mean you have to unplug your PC from the modem in order to plug the phone in... Then you unplug your landline from the socket and plug this phone in. Why they don't put the price up by a couple of quid and put double adapters in the box is a mystery. I now have to find and buy a double Ethernet adapter so I can plug PC and phone into modem and a double adapter for my phone so I can have my normal phone and the RTX 4088 plugged in. Either sell this phone with 'piggy back' leads or throw a couple of adapters in the box. Jeepers :(

UPDATE... I went to Maplin and got a two into one socket for the phone, but they said there is no such thing as a two into one for the modem. I had to buy something called a ROUTER for £40.!! This router thing needed to know 5 things like I.P. address, DNS primary and secondary, Subnet mask and default gateway??? I rang my ISP and after 71 minutes I gave up and unplugged everything. 1 hour later try again, this time a message from the router manufacturer popped up showing their help line number. 47 minute call later I'm up and running. I now have so many wires and plugs I get a suntan every time I use the PC.
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on 11 March 2014
I have two skype ids and numbers that I use actively and with the older model of this handset it had to be either or logged in. But with this, I have two different ids logged on at any one time. Call quality is always excellent whether it's skype to skype, or or a Skype Number call.

I found it easy enough to set up.

I have a niggling feeling the battery life isn't as good, but this may be down to the annoying neon blue light that flashes if there's a been a missed call. And the missed calls include calls to the landline (non-skype). I tend not to realise it's been flashing until I turn out the lights to go to sleep and there's this feeling of "woah, how close is that ambulance" before realising it's the phone. On account of the flashing light, I've given it just a 4 star.
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on 8 February 2014
Received and installed perfectly - great product.
However, went to redeem the included voucher for Skype credit only to find that the voucher code had expired, despite it being well within the redemption date on the voucher.
As I could not contact the seller directly or through Amazon, Amazon told me that only way to resolve this matter was to return the item for refund/replacement (whereupon I imagine I would receive another expired voucher).
I decided to write-off the Skype credit and keep the phone. Sad result as otherwise I am happy with the phone and have fallen foul of Amazon's third-party fulfillment system and inadequate channels to contact the product vendor.
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on 22 November 2016
...was sent just the handset, which doesn't work standalone... despite being told it was the full set.
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on 17 July 2017
Useless item this is no longer supported by Skype Microsoft, they have withdrawn the service.
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on 4 March 2015
Enables access to Skype anywhere in Europe and probably beyond. Gives access to the excellent Skype network without use of switched on computer.
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on 31 January 2013
Phone works fine. It affects the ringing of the conventional phone, but this is of no consequence to me as I intend to use it in Spain only by the internet connection.
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