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on 21 October 2013
I bought this because my Car Audio USB couldn't charge my phone while using it, and thought that at least the 2.1A exit would do the job, but no.
I don't know if it my Samsung Galaxy S3 or the charger output, but the same thing happens - the phone looses charge while in use and connected to the charger.
At home, with just a 1000mA charger, I can use and charge the phone at the same time.
In the car, using either the 1000mA or the 2100mA outputs, the phone still looses charge.
The phone does say it's charging and since I've no direct way of testing the output of the charger, can't really say it doesn't work.
I guess for charging, while the screen is off, it's ok.
Love the low profile form and that includes microUSB cable.
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on 21 February 2013
But occasionally falls out of my cigarette lighter as its a touch on the small side. Works just fine despite that though. Happy with the purchase and would buy it again if I needed another one.
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on 20 April 2013
I purchased this car charger along with a universal car mount (http://www.amazon.co.uk/COLT%C2%AE-SuperGrip-Windscreen-Suction-without/dp/B009YSVB6Q/) as a GPS solution for my Nexus 4.

As I've put down a fair chunk of change on my shiny new Nexus 4, I didn't want to scrimp and buy poor quality accessories which could potentially damage my expensive phone.

After a fair bit of research I settled on the New Trent car charger and I haven't been disappointed.

The product has a solid feel to it and it stay solidly in the car's 12v socket. It's performed without fault on a recent 400 mile trip and I'm expect many years worth of usage from it to come.

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on 10 September 2013
Below is the review of New Trent (2PCS) Combo-Pack: Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Chargers w/ Free Full Speed Micro-USB Charging Cables - 1pc 15W and 1pc 10W (NT89T). First and foremost these are the best car chargers I have had the pleasure of using. I am use to purchasing the cheap, non-generic chargers for a couple bucks. The only problem with these generic chargers is that they need to be replaced monthly due to problems such as overheating and when they do work, they charge the device very slowly. The New Trent chargers didn't seem to have any of those problems when being tested for several days.
Model # NT88C is the first charger that was tested. It has been used for about a week with no problems. It charges my Iphone much more rapidly than that generic brand.With its ergonomical design and the extremely useful blue light it displays when plugged in, I am able to find the dual USB ports at night time much more easily.
Model #NT80C is the second charger I tested. After using the product for several days, I also had no problems charging two devices simultaneously. The best feature on this model besides the reliability, is the Y-shaped ergonomical design which allows you to charge two devices without getting the cables tangled.
All in all I give these chargers a 5 out of 5 based on their performance, attractiveness and compactness compared to the other car chargers on the market. New Trent is a brand that has earned my trust and loyalty due to the fact that these chargers have not failed at all when charging up my devices. I would recommend spending a few extra bucks to get a product that truly will do what it says, because in a time of need the right product (New Trent) will be needed
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on 17 February 2013
This is a nice well built, value for money device that is very useful. , The two USB ports are very useful, I usually have my TomTom plugged in when going out on unfamiliar journey which means that when my phone is low on battery I cannot use the car to charge it, now I can do both.

Pros: Nice form factor, dual USB ports, I like that the USB ports are offset,
I have been able to keep my iPad3 and iPhone charging and being used at the same time with no problems, this little charger can handle large devices. I am absolutely delighted with this product.

CONS: The blue light (if powered on) makes it easy for thieves who are looking through car windows in the dark of night for IT gadgets to steal.
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on 7 October 2013
I'm not sure why they have two in a pack, or why they're slightly different, but I'm grateful! There are a lot of ports in my car, but all five of us have iPhones and there are always two or three iPads. It's nice to be able to charge everyone up on long trips!

Both of these chargers allowed an iPhone and an iPad to charge at the same time. Two iPhones had no problems either, of course. I haven't tried two iPads at the same time, but I'm guessing not since only one of the two ports is labeled with enough juice for an iPad.

I bought the square head one a couple of years back and it's still going strong. It's nice to have more! It's also nice because it keeps your cables a little separated so it's easier to find which goes to which.

The other one has a slightly stronger wattage and seems to charge a bit faster. It, too, has one port dedicated for the higher need iPad charging.

They're both well made - light but sturdy. I've been very happy with the durability. The price is also just right! I've seen cheaper ones locally but they either don't put out as much power or they're very cheaply made. I've been very happy with my New Trent versions!
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on 2 October 2013
The NT89T is a great combo pack that combines both the NT80C and the NT88C, both great products. Here is the breakdown for each one.
The NT80C has more of a square look and feel to it. Both charge ports do not interfere with each other since they are on separate sides of the square end piece which is a plus. The light that shows the charger is powered on is not very bright which is good for night driving, but might be a bit hard to see during daylight hours. The square shape of the shaft piece didn't fit too well in my Honda Civic's 12VDC charge port as it kept coming loose or popping out completely. Though in our Chrysler Town & Country it fit well and never got loose at all. This charger did a great job of being able to charge both my iPhone and iPad without any issues.
The NT88C has a round look and feel to it. Both charge ports on on top of each other which worked well, but could possibly interfere if you have a larger type of USB plug. The light that shows when the charger is powered on is brighter for both daylight and night driving. You could easily see it during the day and it wasn't too bright at night. The round shaft piece fit better in my Honda Civic and also fit well in our Chrysler Town & Country without getting loose at all in either vehicle. This charger also did a great job in charging both my iPhone and iPad without issues. In my opinion this charger charged my devices slightly faster than the NT80C.
Overall, this is a great combo kit and works well to serve people with multiple vehicles. Great products and great value from New Trent once again.
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on 1 February 2013
Just received this item a day or so ago and have to say its a nice well made little device. The dual ports and the ability to provide enough power to charge an iPad are a huge plus here as I an an IT consultant that travels with an iPhone 5 and iPadHD that frequently could use a quick boost between locations. This charger doesn't fail there at all.

The locations of the ports help keep the cords from getting tangled and the dual LED's help to let you know which outlet is in use at the time. The addition of the micro USB cable and the Samsung tablet adapter are nice touches, though having an iPhone 5 and iPadHD they sadly don't connect those devices.

Overall the only thing I could see altering is letting you choose the type of connectors to use on order, but I can see where the logistics of that might be difficult given the costs of the newer Apple Connector cords.
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on 11 August 2012
Although there are many dual USB car chargers on the market, I have never seen one like this. It has an extremely unique shape where it is angled in such a way that you are able to charge two devices at the same time without them bumping into or blocking each other. This unique shape allows both the driver and passenger have plenty of room character charge a device. The blue light that let's you know it's charging is very sleek looking and illuminates just the right intensity so that it's not too bright and not too dim. Everything charged just fine without interfering with any of the car's controls. This is a an awesome charger!
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on 25 March 2013
This charger is a cool looking small unit approx. 3in high – with a large diagonal unit at the top with 2 USB ports at 45 degrees to vertical. New Trent claim this helps reduce wire tangling when 2 devices are charged at the same time and to a large extent this is true. The downside to this is if both devices to be charged are on the same side of the car then the one cable has to bend back over itself and the unit. The output on the box is labelled as 1/2.1A but there is nothing on the unit to say which port gives which output or if it is 1A when 2 devices are charging or 2.1A when only 1. In use the devices do charge quickly and I found port 2 appeared to provide a slightly higher charge than port 1 but the difference was small. If each unit does supply a different current it would be good to know which and if not then the box could be reworded to let you know you get 2*1A or 1*2.1A current.

Also on the unit are 2 small blue LEDs letting you know the unit is powered up. Thankfully (and unlike the Amazon Basics Dual Charger) these LEDs are low intensity so the whole of the car doesn’t light up at night. I was expecting these LED’s to be larger and it would have looked quite neat if the blue band around the diamond lit up too – as long as this was low intensity too.

The section of the unit which goes into the cigarette holder is diamond shaped too (A bit of a theme there!). I found this to hold into my socket well but for older or weaker holders I suspect it could easily pop out as there was not much resistance holding it in.

Also supplied with the charger unit is a single micro USB cable. I found the supplied unit to be weak and seemed to put my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) into a low power trickle charge. As soon as I swapped this out with a better cable (like the one supplied with the phone) the chargers full potential was realised.

In conclusion I would recommend this charger for anyone looking for a decent high power twin charger but would also recommend buying a decent couple of cable to go with it. Like other New Trent/Naphos units I have (mainly power packs) this is a quality piece of kit that is nearly perfect.
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