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Red Dwarf X [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 2 August 2016
It would be hard for me to write a bad review ever about Red Dwarf, and this is a slick and comical season of the show. Mind you, sometimes it feels a bit too slick and loses a bit of its charm because of this "slickness". BUT have no doubt, there are some classically funny moments so keep an open mind if like me you're a retro-dwarfer.

What I love is that they seem to have truly "grown" together in this season, like a small family, which given the time they have spent together and what they have gone through feels right. And some of the exchanges between them are both touching and humorous at the same time.

I guess going to my original point though, about it being slick, is that it doesn't feel as "lonely", which for me was a great part of the conflict between Lister and Rimmer; a loneliness which despite not liking each other, kept them together. Anyway, this is getting as deep as a fat Italians pizza. Just go get a copy and enjoy yourself :-)
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on 17 February 2015
After the dreadful Back to Earth, I really didn't hold much hope for this but, die hard Red Dwarf fan that I am, I gave it a chance. This, for me, is Red Dwarf back on form and almost back to its best. Although it has lost original plot of Lister, the last human being alive, lonely in space and desperately trying to get back to earth, the basic premise of it being just the four of them on board the Red Dwarf (as opposed to a resurrected full crew in series 8) is back. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers though, I do miss Holly and it would be great if the next series (if there is one) could see Holly brought back. That said, the series has some very funny typical Red Dwarf moments and is well worth having.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 December 2012
Red Dwarf has a massive following and no one was happier when Dave snapped up the rights to continue the smeg heads' adventures in space. However, the long awaited mini series (Back to Earth) left a lot of people cold. Not only did it not continue from series 8, but it also just wasn't that funny and was basically a rehash of a previous story, just with a few extra added bits.

Therefore hopes weren't as high as they might have been when the first full six part series was broadcast.

In short, it's not as good as the `golden days' (which most people see as series 1-5ish). The loss of one of the key writers is noticeable. However, it is a damn site better than Back to Earth. It's great to see the cast reassembled and getting their sea-legs back again as they take on the old characters. It might not be as funny as it once way, but the series does pick up pace and, by that time, you will probably have forgotten why it doesn't link up with series 8.

Okay, it could have been better in some places. A few of the jokes seem a bit strained. But it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

If you're into nostalgia for the Dwarf, then you should like this. It's harmless fun. Bring on series 11.
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on 26 January 2018
Love it, glad this returns to the original format pretty much, I especially didn't like the lack of a laugh track in back to Earth, which I I also dislike as it makes me wonder why I like the laugh track so much and the effect it has on the humour I experience. Very funny and enjoyable, a great return to form.
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on 4 March 2015
Pretty good - is definitely back to the old style. I did miss Holly though. Others have pretty much covered the details, so I'll be brief: The individual episodes are very much like the old stand-alone episodes from earlier seasons - I think they are most like seasons 3 and 4 eps - and there is little sign of the ongoing stories we had in season 8 and sort-of season 9. A good thing in my opinion.

The extras are pretty much as you would expect - the usual smeg-ups, deleted scenes and a documentary. All good for a laugh but probably not more than one watching.

Definitely a worthwhile addition to the Red Dwarf collection.
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on 4 April 2013
Red Dwarf is a fantastic series about a crew exploring space but mainly trying to avoid boredom. In terms of main characters you have Dave Lister, a lazy good-for-nothing guy who just happens to be the last human alive. Then there's Arnold Rimmer, the hologram of a dead crewmate who is very particular on rules and safety. He's a buzzkill but he's fantastic in terms of his pure singlemindedness. You also have Cat who is the descendant of Lister's pet cats, he's very narcissistic and cares mainly about himself. Finally there's Kryten who is a cleaning mechanoid who is the most useful crewmate in terms of both intelligence and keeping the ship running smoothly.

The humour comes from the interactions between the characters and the amusing situations they get into. This series in particular is very good and has many memorable scenes and funny quotes. It's an absolute blast and worth every penny.
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on 5 January 2018
The boys are back and on top form! The Dwarfers are the same as the ever were. Getting in trouble, causing mayhem for each other and smegging up history while they're at it! A return to the classic studio audience set up after back to earth, this really just feels like they're picking up where they left off! Pay attention for references to the old series 8 cliffhanger...
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on 13 April 2014
The DVD packaging is basic. No inserts are provided. However the seieve is reversable so it matches the sleeves of of the individualy realesed DVDs already available. The reason why Holly is not cast in this season is a bit of a mistery. I heard that Norman Lovett was told to keep some tome clear for filming and he was unhappy not to be included when it came to recording the shows., There is something very appealing about it being shot in front of a live audience that brings so much more life and fun to the shows. Lots of jokes, a great laugh and a return to form,. The second disck is excellent with the best 'making of' that I have seen in years. And then thiers the usual smegg ups which are also very funny and well worth watching. This is great value for the price.
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on 1 July 2017
For some reason I expected Red Dwarf to not be as good in its second run, but surprisingly, it keeps getting better every series. Looking forward to seeing series XI onward.
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on 10 May 2014
After weak, but watchable VII and VIII and a thoroughly foregttable Back To Earth, this series nails the old formula.
After watching the series I checked out the accompanying making of DVD (and recommend anyone who hasn't to do the same). The fact that the series even got made is a miracle, and watching the series after learning of the trials and tribulations of the scripting and filming make it all the more impressive.
Well recommended!
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