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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2012
Well, seeing as I paid only £10 for this on a pre-order special deal, I can't complain that's it's not great value for money.

And it IS very nice to have the first 5 AC albums all in one place, and in card sleeves so you can play a selection of faves from the various albums without having to grapple with plastic CD cases.

And, let's face it, if you're an old-school Alice fan from back in the day like me, then re-listening to these holy-grail albums is always a pleasure. What other band from that 69-72 era (presented here) showed so much invention and evolution in such a short time. Each of these albums differs in sound, song-writing styles, vocal styling, production and so on. Collectively they really do represent a treasure in the Rock canon.

That's the upside. Now, there are a couple of niggles to point out.

Firstly, though I'm no audiophile, these sound like they're taken from the same old Warners CD masters from the days of yore, replete with hiss here and there. I guess at this price we're not going to get nice remasters. But, I did live in hope.

Secondly, the card sleeves and the box. The box seems ideal for 4 card sleeves, but jamming 5 in means they're a real pain to get out. Hence, I have taken to only putting 4 back in, as it would surely damage one or more sleeve to winch them out whenever I want to listen to one or more, if I put all five back in.

And the card sleeves themselves. Why oh why have Rhino elected to put a coloured border around each of them? These are some of the most striking album covers of all time. And, even if a border were required, it would have been logical and easy enough to put a suitable colour around most of them that matched the original design (black for LITD etc.). That's another indication that little time has been spent on this reissue, or little time considering the consumer.

But, for the price I paid, I can't really complain. I just thought I'd point these things out for potential buyers. ........It's still classic Cooper, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith, Buxton (and mostly Ezrin) at the height of their creativity. And maybe at this price some new listeners might be exposed to the joys of the Cooper group as they mutated from psych to psycho rock.
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on 30 October 2012
I saw Alice's first UK tour when they were promoting "Killer" - with a lot of "Love it to Death" in the set. Truly excellent and before they'd really broken into the phenomena they were about to become. I still maintain, Alice were the band then, not the front man, and what an excellent band they were. I rushed out and bought "Love it to Death" and "Killer" - the former then on the Straight label before Warner bought it out. Quite different, in that the earlier was quite disturbingly manic, having an empathy for the craziness. 'Dwight Fry' and 'SunArise' (the first thing they did at that gig) were wonderful. "Killer" carries much more threat and darkness. With titles like 'Dead Babies' and 'Desperado' that's probably to be expected.

I went out and got "Pretties" - a niaive, Zappa-esque offering, strange and way off beam to where the band finished up. A great insight into the times and a band struggling to find their genre. Certainly not typical Alice. 'Reflected' is an early variation of 'Elected' and it's interesting to see the roots of a song later to become a huge hit. Then it was "Easy Action" - a transitional album for sure, with both "Pretties" and "Love it to Death" in evidence. Some nice experimental distortions and effects. Both then on the Straight label of course.

By the time "School's Out" arrived the band were really big. The title track was overplayed to the extent I'm still not too keen on it. When I first got this collection of CDs, the little heard 'Loony Tune' jumped out again at me - excellent to revisit it after so long. All in all it's a great value collection, to see an obscure band evolve and explode into Superstardom. It's a shame they couldn't include "Billion Dollar Babies" and give us everything that was produced by the band (except the dodgy "Muscle of Love")before Alice split and went solo .... but really musn't grumble at this price.

It's all here and musically powerful, depite their fame being focused on the live stage show. Sure, that was groundbreaking and sensational, but it was based on solid rock and roll - some well crafted songs, wholly theatrical and with driving rhythms behind strong lyrics. If you're dipping into the samples I'd recommend 'Today Mueller', 'Refrigerator Heaven','Dwight Fry','Halo of Flies' and 'Loony Tune' as a pick from each disc. This is really good stuff. Pop it in your basket now.
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on 26 October 2015
Have been a Coop Fan from 1974 after buying the Warner Giants EP. I then worked my way back through the pre-74 albums, starting with Billion Dollar Babies*. The cds in this box set are the first five albums from the original Alice Cooper Group (Vinnie, Michael, Dennis, Glen & Neal). From the tender first steps of Pretties for You through to the nearly un-top-able* School's Out. Contrary to other reviews, the 5 disks fit relatively easily (is some what neatly) in the box. The trick is to make sure that School's Out is in place first. Otherwise it will catch on the fold of the lid on the other end. Regarding the borders around the inner bags, these don't annoy if you already have the Vinyl LP versions. However on a negative note the sound quality isn't as good as I would have expected. The only way to fix this is to turn it up! G
* the Pinnacle of the Alice Cooper Group
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on 23 November 2012
The first two albums I'd quite happily never listen to again. I'd never heard them before so it was nice to explore at a very reasonable price.

I got this pack for Love it to Death, Killer and School's Out. I'd not listened to these since my teenage years and finding them together like this was a trip down memory lane. And remastered versions too! Worth every penny.
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on 18 May 2015
This original album series features the first 5 Alice Cooper band albums (before Alice actually took the name for his own use). You get, Pretties For You, Easy Action, Love It To Death, Killer and School's Out, the final 3 being absolute classics.
review image
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on 22 April 2015
Really, you cannot go wrong with this bargain. Need to replace original vinyl copies, or old worn out cds, this is perfect. New to the music ? Well.... the 1st 2 earliest albums are interesting, but easily missable if you like your Rock Hard, not psychedelic ! Get stuck into Schools Out and Love It To Death instead, great value.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 November 2012
The first five Alice Cooper albums. What could go wrong? Answer: nothing. Sheer genius from start to finish, ALL of these records belong in every serious Rock collection. Ignore everyone who says the first two albums are junk - in fact, they are two of the most original, involving albums I've ever heard, pure rock dada, the very spirit of the band. Put aside your thoughts aboust the later, more comemrcially successful Alice and listen to 'Pretties For You' and 'Easy Action' with unbiased ears. You'll be surprised. 'Love It', 'Killer' and 'School's Out' are, of course, utterly essential too. Brilliant.
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on 28 December 2012
I have all of these discs on vinyl and love the care that has gone into the re-created artwork.
Most of the songs on the third, fourth and fifth albums in this collection will be well known to most rock fans and many are still live staples to this day.
The first two you could easily refer to as curiosities but taken in context they show a progression toward the later classics.
If you're thinking about getting into Alice Cooper then this is a very good place to start.
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on 7 December 2012
Obviously Killer and Schools out are the best of the set, but at £11 it's a bargain

Sound quality is NOT audiophile with hiss in places, but passable for the price, could do with a re-master

Would have been nice to include Billion dollar baby :-)

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on 6 January 2013
this is a great set of alice cooper cds.
the quality is obviously not that good at this price.
the music is brilliant these albums are all classics.
it's a shame there have been no more deluxe editions.
you should check out the old school box set for some rarities.
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