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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 March 2017
I did find book 3 a little confusing, too much swapping between times and worlds.
I still enjoyed the characters and there were some great moments​- funny, sad and gripping!
Boricio is simply the best fiction character, ever.
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on 25 April 2017
Yesterday's gone season three, I don't know where to begin it was so good. There were moments when I cried, laughed and even thought to myself that I couldn't put it down like I was addicted to it every spare minute I had I read the book. I especially liked how they used the language in it, it made it more realistic. I loved it
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on 30 August 2013
After reading series 1&2 together I read this straight through. Another brilliant read from the boys, I loved every digital page devouring them like my fave chocky bar. I found it an easier read than series 1 & 2 as I have to admit I got a bit lost with who was who; BUT I didn't giveup as Im completely hooked with so many twists and edge of seat action that goes with these talented authors.

This series 3 had far better flow to it for me and I was able to really immerse myself into the plot and I completely understood who was who. I found I really knew the characters and Boricio is a fab, foulmouthed goodguy; his sense of humour made me smile! His completely believable and I really warmed to him despite his past and would love to meet him ;-)
Infact I found all the characters well put together and relatable in different ways. I Loved the boys imaginative twists and turns which makes this book so believable, yes I know its another world with Aliens but the descriptive prose is amazing.

Sitting on tender hooks for series 4 now! You boys are one of the very few books I have bought. As a book reviewer Im lucky enough to receive many books a week to review, but Im addicted and just had to read more and actually paid for both series 1&2 and now 3; plus I have Just bought Z2134 and series 1 of Available Darkness. I cant wait to immerse myself in these too while Im waiting for series 4. Im officially a Goner now and proud to be one.
So after another fantastic twist to the ending of series 3 its yet another brilliant cliffhanger but its given us as the reader enough to chomp on till series 4, thanks boys keep-up the great work.

If you haven't yet read any books from these guys yet...you need to...especially if you love your darker sci-fi and apocalypse and horror style genres.
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on 7 January 2013
By turns engrossing, baffling, infuriating, enlightening, breathtaking and just plain dumb, you definitely won't be able to stop at one and will sacrifice just about anything to get to the conclusion of this series. Which just makes the actual end all the more gob smackingly disappointing. Really? All that for a 'press the big red reset button' moment that sends our heroes (admittedly considerably smaller in number) back to their old lives? Of course, this is the obligatory set-up for a sequel, but so badly is it handled that any temptation to spend further cash and time on these characters evaporates almost instantly.
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on 24 August 2012
I have now read all three seasons of Yesterday's gone.

I have found myself in a somewhat love/hate relationship with the work. Firstly the positives: There is no doubt that the authors are not lacking in imagination. For the most part there is excellent character building reminiscent of Stephen King. The plots are tightly woven albeit with the typical sidetracking used to pad out most longer novels. This isnt a bad thing as non stop action bores me and is better suited to television. In a novel I want to delve into the psyche of each individual and this works well.

Unfortunately I concur with the reviewer who expressed that it falls short of the post apocalyptic masterpieces The Stand and Swan Song, both of which i have read. I cant put my finger on why but the series lacks an epic feel for me. The world just seems small with a "soap opera" feel.

The unforgivable for me (and what prevents four stars) is the horrendous amount of typos, missed words, wrong words, wrong names even. Whilst I am well aware that this is common in self published work, it should not be prevalent in FULL PRICE published work. This sadly interrupts the escapism destroying the ability to totally lose yourself in the created world. The authors plan on releasing their many series at one episode a week. At an average of 60 pages this equates to 3000 pages a year... little wonder that they dont have the time to proof read and polish their work! Sorry guys but quality should take precedence over quantity. The talent is there and i feel it is poor to churn out season after season without correcting the myriad errors in the already published work.

Nevertheless I was clearly hooked and so purchased three seasons. I hope the authors take my constructive criticism as intended. I have written this review because I DO CARE and would love to have the confidence to read more of their work, but for now I will stick with just Yesterday's Gone as I admittedly begrudge parting with more cash for their other series unless the errors decrease - however good the stories are - and this somewhat saddens me.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2012
When looking for a new book to read, it can take hours. I mean, I have a list already of books I want to read - but sometimes you finish a book and want to find something by someone new. I do that a lot, and generally spend a fair few hours trawling through Amazon's recommendations before deciding. Over the last year or so, I've found a handful of really good authors and really great books.

Yesterday's Gone is definitely in that category. Sean Platt and David Wright have done a great job with this series of books - I love the serialisation in bitesize chunks, but also that you can buy the whole season in a "book sized" omnibus edition. Having the first couple of episodes available for free is a genius piece of marketing, as it allows new readers to try the story out before committing - not that the price per season is bad, but I imagine they get more new readers based on that than if the first episodes weren't free.

So anyway, we're now three seasons in and the story technically comes to an end here. It's what I was expecting - the lead up made it obvious we were hitting an end point. what I wasn't expecting however was another cliffhanger to take us to a 4th season (apparently of 6).

This story was as excellent as the first two seasons. the minor flaws are still there with regards to people doing things that don't make sense (Brent following Brent etc), but I'm not taking anything away from the authors here - the story is still great even with the errors.

While I would recommend this story to anyone reading this (you've read the first two seasons, right?), I would also point out that with the alternate world, and multiple versions of people - this season can get VERY confusing. There are parts of this book that you need to read really carefully to get a good understanding of what's happening. Don't worry though, try not to over think it and you'll get through just fine.

I'm now disappointed to find out I have to wait a whole year for season 4 (summer 2013), but with the short story What Would Boricio Do? (Dark Crossings) available, and what looks like another great series in WhiteSpace: Season One (Episodes 1-6 of the sci-fi horror serial) - I think I'll manage the wait.
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on 23 April 2016
The first of these books was the best for me. It started out a great story line with an introduction to all the main characters and I was so looking forward to continuing with the series of books. Sadly it went all downhill from there as we criss crossed parallel worlds with several different versions of the characters and it became very confusing very quickly. The story lines jumped all over the place and there was no sense of coherent continuity. A lot of the chapters I skipped altogether as they just seemed like padding and could have been cut out quite easily.....well I didn't see any value in them anyway. Also all the notes by the authors at the end of the books was quite irritating. I felt a little cheated as I felt this story was not quite as polished as it should have been for the money. I would just rather buy a complete Kindle book with the story from beginning to end without paying by instalment to find out what happens next. In any event I couldn't make heads nor tails of this story by the time I finished Season 3. It read more like you would expect a TV script where the visual might had made more sense.
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on 28 August 2012
I am just coming to the end of season three and have loved every electronic page. I am trying to write my own story at present and these guys have given me the impetus to try harder. Of course not everyone will like it but it is well written with great characters and brilliant twists - well done guys this is one to read again and again
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on 12 August 2012
For me this story is good and engrossing but missing the magic of books like the stand and swan song. I'm not sure if this is their first series of books and if it is they've done an excellent job, but it sort of feels like there trying to get so much in there that the story is loosing its original identity and turning into a good to read but possibly unmemorable thriller, more in the style of recent Dean Koontz books. That's obviously not totally a bad thing as Dean Koontz does quite well on it, but for me what was full of promise has sort of tapered off a bit. I think that having a break now until next year will also be for me impossible for this sort of book, although I love this in epics like a game of thrones and the dark tower, I don't think this will be memorable enough to pick up again after such a break.

In all that this is still a good read and I think these guys have great potential and will happily try other story's they write in the future.
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on 10 April 2014
Having just finished book 18 my emotions are still going, I want to rate this higher, but taking a step back and thinking of the prolonged issues with who was from which world and some characters seeming to take a personality bypass when it suited to get the plot to be fixed.

I was impressed overall with the wrap up, I was expecting it to end up a bit of a train wreck, like lost did with more questions than answers.

Now everybody is home the original mystery is behind us I could stop reading there, but the evil is back in our world so I'd be interested to see how this plays out. I think I will take a break for a few weeks as it has felt like I had to keep reading the episodes close together if I wanted to know what happened, but I'll be back.
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