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Customer reviews

2.7 out of 5 stars

on 9 October 2013
I disagree with the other review here. The sound is clear and while not Bass heavy the sound is not too bad either.
While the Earbuds are heavy the weight actually feels nice in the Hand. They fit my ears well, block out the outside noise and do not fall out (I wouldn't use them for running though) the only downside here is that they come only in one size and might not fit all people.
The only downside on my pair is the Build quality, the Driver itself is not in line with the Housing, so they don't look as sleek as they could but soundwise they are okay (at least for the £20 that I paid, for the original price you'd probably find other ones)
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on 24 March 2016
I was looking for a pair of really good quality earphones and found these ones, made by Fischer Audio which instantly assured me of a high quality product the earphones arrived on time as expected from Amazon and came in a really good box that made the product feel really premium as expected. It came in a black box that has magnets in the lid and inside came with the earphones, a small carry pouch with the Fischer Audio logo a small booklet and some ear buds which only came in one size so will not fit everyone which was a bit disappointing but it fit my ears fine.
The earphones themselves are really good quality and have a good weight to them as they are made from ceramic and not the usual plastic, metal or even wood. The earphones have a mic which I tested and the sound quality is really clear and a button which if you press twice you can skip a song or answer a phone call. The sound quality is very good and even at higher volumes, which go quite loud. The earphones look quite different and very modern. The sound is good and any background noise such as the engine of a bus just disappear which means that they are good at noise cancelling. The earphone jack itself is surrounded by lots of rubber which means that they are very secure and won’t come loose which I have experienced in other earphones.
I recommend these earphones to anyone after ones with great quality sound and something different compared to your usual earphones.
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VINE VOICEon 2 February 2015
The Fischer Ceramique headphones have the unique distinction of being made from ceramics rather than plastic, metal or wood. While ceramics are certainly an interesting choice and increasingly useful for all sorts of uses, the design of the headphones does nothing to show off the benefit of ceramics for audio.

It is fair to say that the Fischers produce a perfectly good, balanced sound. It is leaner and more rhythmical than many in-ear designs (i.e. although not "cold", the 'phones do not have what I would regard a warm sound). However, this quality of sound is almost impossible to enjoy because there is virtually no noise isolation afforded by the 'phones. Outdoors, or anywhere where there is ambient noise, every 'external' sound wafts around the ill-fitting buds and drowns out whatever you are listening to.

I have no idea how thse 'phones were designed, but they cannot have been tested on many subjects. Perhaps Fischer were so pleased with themselves for producing some 'phones in ceramic, with a lab-verified quality of sound, that they just skipped right past the user acceptance tests.

Due to the fact that it is impossible to hear one's music properly using these 'phones, I would argue that a £5 set of no-brand 'phones will provide a better result than these £80 travesties.

The ceramic buds feel nice in the hand (as another reviewer mentioned) but not at all in one's ears. I consider this to be a bit of a problem. The buds do not "plug" into one's ears - they are too hard to mould to your ear canal, so you must try to push them as far in as you can. Unlike most other 'phones, you do not receive a range of plug ends to fit your earholes - you just get the ones which fit the Fischer designer. I don't have particularly wide ear canals, but I could not get the 'phones to sit comfortably - they remained loose at all times. I have to keep pushing the 'phones back in as they slowly slip out (thanks to that weight) and I have to push the volume on my device all the way up to max to hear anything at all.

If they fit your ears, the Fischers may provide you with a nice quality of sound, but they don't fit mine and because of this, are the worst set of 'phones I have had the displeasure of owning.

Over-priced, over-engineered and totally rubbish at the one thing they're meant to do - deliver sound to your brain. Ceramics are the future, but not like this - a terrible example of untested design.
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on 19 March 2015
Very clear quality earphone , although have to burn them in, played music on full blast for a few hours and just left them. After, the sound was imacualte, very nice styling too but ear buds don't fit my ears 100%
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on 5 January 2014
I'll start by saying I disagree entirely with the two reviews that say these are useless or unlistenable. These have just replaced my Sennheiser in-ear bud style earphones and whilst these do not have the same noise cancelling properties they're superb in almost every other aspect. Nice, high quality build. Clear sound, balanced and crisp with great bass response. You'll have to pick the EQ preset on your chosen device to suit your taste, in my case I'm using the R&B preset on an iPhone5. I've tested them with my entire (eclectic) range of music from Classical (used Sibelius and Hans Zimmer) through to Rock and Metal (ZZ Top, Iron Maiden and Led Zepplin) with some Pop and Swing sling in for good measure and it sounded absolutely great. The earphones, being ceramic, have a great weight to them too. This gives them a comfortable hold on your ear when on the move or in the gym. The lighter earphones are just too prone to falling out or moving, while in the gym for example. Also, the Sennheisers often lost their rubber buds when carried in a pocket where as these come with a neat little pouch and they don't release their rubber buds easily which is what you need. I've used a lot of earphones in the past, Sennheiser, Sony, Philips, Skull Candy and even Bose and honestly these are up there with the Senns and Bose kit. More than happy with these little guys. Furthermore they act as a hands free kit perfectly which is something the others have never really done. All round goodness, value for money and style in one rather snazzy box!
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on 19 October 2013
My old Sennheiser CX300's finally gave up the ghost after many hours of quality listening and I thought I would give something else a go, after owning three pairs of various Sennheiser in-ear headphones. I bought these headphones from Richer sounds for £20, after being recommended by the sales assistant, but was instantly disappointed when I plugged them in. All the tunes that I loved, instantly became totally lifeless and bassless noise. If you can imagine putting your favourite song on your hi-fi, then turning bass right down to 0, then turning the treble right up to max, that is what these headphones sound like.
I did return to my not so local Richer Sounds store the next day to complain, to which the sales assistant reluctantly replaced them for another pair of Fischer Ceramique; I wish I hadn't wasted my time and petrol, because they were exactly the same.
Needless to say, they are now pushing up daisies on some land fill site.
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on 5 October 2013
First of all I intended to use these headphones at work (I work nights at a supermarket) so I'd listen to music all night while filling shelves. I've had about 10 different sets of in-ears from £100+ beats by dre to just some random £3.50 set from off the shelf but these are the worst headphones I've ever owned!
The good bits...
Build quality is fine (wasn't expecting them to last more than a couple of months anyway)
They look quite nice
Also the in-line remote works.
The bad things...
The headphones themselves are very heavy, so i couldn't have them resting round my neck or up and over my T-shirt when not in use without the weight pulling them down and falling out.
The sound quality is disgusting there is no bass what so ever and when there is its horrible almost like there's a faint crackle as if part of the speaker is blown. I spent almost 2hours messing with equaliser settings on my phone (galaxy s4 using power amp) to try and get something like a decent sound out of them but couldn't. Sound reproduction on these is Unbelievably bad.
They cost me £20 and I wouldn't even pay £2 knowing what I no now, how they once cost £80 is a joke.
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