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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 April 2013
I've owned a lot of headsets over the years, some costing a lot of money.

I bought these for use with games, skype and some video commenteries i do and they are really good quality. The mic is very clear and my voice comes across nicely thorugh it while the sound quality is also very good in the headset itself. I have owned the Fatal1ty headet by creative before this one and this headsent beats it in all departments for me. The headset sits on my head very comnfortably and adjusts well to the shape of my fairly big head. They earphones are very copmfortable and produce excellent sound quality. The is a mic mute button situated near the volume control on the back of the left earphone and there is also a movable mic arm that is sturdy and can easily be moved in and out of talking position. It takes a little getting used to using the mic mute button and controls where they are if your used to the usual cable located ones but once you are used to it i find it to be much better having them where they are.

The build quality is solid; they have padding for the ears and the top of the head and have a sturdy feel to them. It is worth noting the cable is not a usb one, this is one is split into a mic cable and one for the speakers so plug these straight into your sound card. Thankfully i have a pretty good soundcard so this works nicely for me.

I paid the £20 price for these and recieved them 2 days later on super saver delivery which was great! As a nod to the comfort levels of them i went to have a 1 hour go of DayZ one night and ended up playing all night for around 5 hours and didnt even notice the headset (also with glasses on), if in fact all i noticed was that they kept my ears warm and the sound quality was brilliant, i heard noises i hadnt even noticed before! The mic was great too and everyone could here me clearly (although i turned up the mic in Windows 7 and tested it a fair bit before i played).

For the price this is an excellent headset that could easily cost a lot more, unless you want a 7.1 ultra high-quality headset this is the best possible value. It performs as well if not better than many much dearer headsets and is all you need for gaming and skype/vblogging etc. unless you 'need' surround sound.

5/5 - excellent headset at a great price!
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on 15 March 2012
I have previously owned a few pairs of Plantronics headsets , of which one had a surround sound USB connecter and that was fine but if you like me have a good sound card that enables headphone jacks and mic jacks then the USB is useless. It is for this reason I opted for the 380's as they have 2 jack plugs that fit directly into my sound card an Asus Xonar Audio card. I have recently broken my StealSeries 7H headphones that I must say gave excellent sound quality, however they did cost £90 and you would expect good sound for that price. So after spending out constantly on varies headphones as I'm heavy handed I thought I would try the Plantronics Gamecom 380 and they were a surprise. I didn't think I was going to enjoy my experience with them coming off of having a pair of StealSeries 7H and now I'm wondering why the hell I sunk so much money into those as the 380s do everything right that 90% of your gaming population is going to care about: everything works as advertised, set up was fall-off-a-log simple, the microphone works, and is very, very clear and the headset is comfortable for long gaming sessions fits very well over my elephant ears and allows me to wear my glasses in comfort which is not what I can say about many other headphones. For the price they are excellent the sound is crystal clear and very directional in game. The 380s give some of the big names a real run for their money. That said, you really get your money's worth if you're a PC gamer on a budget.
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on 26 September 2012
I've purchased over the last 6 months 5 headsets (Yes, almost 1 a month) off of Amazon. Only 1 of those 5 have been replaced due to breaking, the rest have been replaced due to poor sound quality or discomfort. I almost didn't purchase these based on price and the fact that many others In this price range (£20) have been of poor sound quality but with these that Is not the case at all.

Firstly these are by very comfortable even for me with my big head and rather large ears. They don't sit too tight on my head like other pairs have done and they also fit over my ears unlike previous headsets. Not fitting over my ears fully left me uncomfortable after maybe 50-60 minutes of wearing them and left a gap which allowed noise from other sources to distract and annoy me (When I am gaming I don't want to hear the TV) which was my biggest gripe with other headsets.

The sound quality from these Is almost flawless and without a doubt superior to most other headsets In the same price range. Bass Is deep and punchy even at high volume levels whilst still keeping voice clarity throughout the volume range. This headset uses 2 jack plugs connectors for the headset and the attached microphone.

Instead of having a volume controller In the cable this has 1 located on the left speaker along side a mute microphone button which compared to my previous headsets is fantastic as I used to catch the controller all the time when I changed position.

I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants exceptional sound quality for gaming, listening to music or watching a film.
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on 5 May 2012
I'm a big fan of Plantronics headsets and have been using them in one form or another for many years. I've tried other headsets (Creatives fatal1ty gaming headset for example) but none are as comfy or offer the same performance as the plantronic range. I bought these as a cheaper replacement set for a GameCom 367 PC gaming headset which had been dropped once to often. I will be honest..I do plan to pick up another GameCom 367 headset (or better) in the near future as they really do out perform the 380 gaming headset soundwise...and thats important to me...but dont let that put you off.

Build wise, I'm really impressed with the 380 headset. It's quite compact in comparison to other models and certainly seems a lot stronger in the build (though time will tell). The sound quality is perfectly acceptable for most people...but I'm just a bit of a snob in that area.

In all honesty...the 380 is ideal for the mobile gamer. Someone who has a laptop (for instance) or vists a lot of LAN partys. It looks like it can take a knock or two and performs well. If you are looking for a gaming headset thats going to be put in a bag and carried around but want to keep it cheap...then this is ideal. This is probably how I'll use the headset. If, however, you want a set thats just going to remain attached to a desktop PC thats never going to go anywhere...I'd recommend something like the Gamecon 367..or better.
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on 15 July 2012
I've had Plantronics headsets before, so I knew these would be good. Good quality sound (both input & output). They're super comfortable; you can adjust them in multiple ways for the perfect fit. My husband was very impressed when these came in the post. I can't wait to customise mine with glitter & rhinestones! Game on!
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on 1 July 2016
In 2013, a good friend had finally worn me down into getting a proper PC. Weighing up the benefits of being able to use intense hardware straining software combined with ultra spec games, I'd been working long enough to get a very decent one indeed - a custom built one that said friend put together himself. After thinking I had purchased all the necessary items to construct such a technological mammoth, he then informed me that I should throw more money at 'variables' like this headset in order to communicate with him and others without needing a webcam, mic, Skype or whatever. Urghh jus thinking back to it makes me see how nerdy it all was. This kind of item is truly the mark of someone whose turned their bedroom into some kind of masturbation furnace with only the likes of World of Warcraft giving the meat a rest. Having some sense and dignity, WoW never managed to get its talons on me (boring AND monthly payments? No thank you). So here's a rundown of just what you can accomplish with this headset from Plantronics ...or is it GameCom? and what the hell does 388 stand for anyway?... No, I've never heard of them either.

Wearing the headset, you'll need to obviously be hooked up via the 2 cable inputs but also (depending on your operating system and hardware) communication software. Personally, I've never used the most common (Skype) with this and have exclusively used TeamSpeak as it fulfills most of my needs. Granted, I'll let my mate set it up but you can assign a button to speak on the keyboard, auto-detect speech and sort out volume and privacy etc. The best part is that if somebody in your channel just won't shut up, you can mute the noisy so n so, plus if you are said noisy bugger, you have a switch to mute your nattering self. Cables a bit short for those who want to wander around the room, so it's likely the creators had overweight neck beards, slouching in their spinny chairs in mind. The mic is so flexible despite being a material you'd expect to have no give. A lot of the parts swivel in place too so you have a bit of freedom. Whilst the audio clarity is just fine and the snug fit doesn't bother me, I'm certain it'll bug others and is best left for the less aurally endowed.

9 Stage Adjustable
90° Swivel Ear Pads
Flexible Mic
Mute Switch
2 Metre Cable (Just Under)
Volume Wheel
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Microphone Jack (3.5mm)

Design & Comfort
There's a half n' half look to the appearance of the '388' - on the downside, some of the materials feel a little cheap, plastic and fluffy but on the other-hand there is exposed linkages and cables in the headband which makes it look purer from an engineering viewpoint. All the chinsy feels this gives off though is nigh-on irrelevant when it comes to the individual wearing this - in my experience, this can be worn for around 3 hours and still not give one earache, put a strain on your lobes, but the most common problem with headsets is averted here as the cushions contain zero leather or synthetics - no greasy slipping or nothing. The rounded square shape of them however may prove troublesome for those with large ears (unlucky on 2 accounts) For me, they are slightly snug and there's not a way to alter this outside of modifying them yourself. The materials are a mix up of shiny and scratchy plastics, dust gathering fluff, grippy wire and cold steel.They're almost entirely black and grey - which is fine for slick looking gear but this is neither here nor there. Little flecks of red for markers but the big surprise is that there's no gaudy logo or hideous branding making you look an even bigger twonk - the name is only slightly shiny on the mouthpiece and headband.

Price, Availability & Variants
The 7th of August, 2013 was obviously a better time to purchase this, that or the brand has somehow taken off in gaming circles and enhanced its reputation because back then this was £19.65 Come 2016 however and the price is £24.37 marked down from £34.99 thanks to Amazon's usual hi-jinx. Used ones are harder to come buy as eBay only has one (auction) at the time of writing this but it hasn't breached a tenner so as rare as they might be second hand, you might snag a bargain provided the listing is accurate an the gear isn't damaged etc. As for the Plantronics brand, they also offer several other kinds - judging by an image search, many are more lightweight with smaller ear buds that make them look closer to bluetooth earpieces and the kind of stuff call centres wear - yeesh, not a good look and the prices are staggering too reaching upwards of £100 and averaging around the £75 mark. They appear to be big on wireless ones right now too although I'm certain hardcore gamers and PC dorks will decry pretty much all wireless hardware as inferior to wired as the connection is weaker and thus dubbed feeble to the PC master race.
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on 30 December 2013
Despite other customer reviews talking about poor to average sound quality and discomfort, I absolutely despise their opinions and in regard to this headset, I believe they are of outstanding quality. Listening to music and playing video - games is very worthwhile and fulfilling with the extraordinary sound quality. Additionally, these Plantronics 380 Gaming headset has been made even more efficient with a volume control on the side of one of the ear cups, also including a microphone control. I've already had many compliments about the sound quality of the microphone that comes as part of this headset and I sound perfectly clear using software such as Teamspeak and Skype. As far as comfort goes, I can wear these all day long with no discomfort at all, unless placed on my ears in an odd way. You can adjust them to fit your head and ears. The cushions inside the ear cups are soft enough for my liking. It makes my gaming experiences even more enjoyable and for such a cheap price I would highly recommend this product for anyone! You don't even need to use the microphone, you can just pull it up out of the way.

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on 3 February 2016
These headphones are so comfortable! and the sound is perfect!
The mic on the other hand, was very quite. kept breaking up. stopped working completely after a week. Was very disapointed!
i still use the headphones though.
5 stars for headphones. 0 stars for mic 3 stars overall
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on 7 September 2012
After a good few years of daily service my old headset (also Plantronics)was finally put to rest.

After looking around for some time and deciding i was not going to spend £80+ like i did on the last set. I plumbed for these Gamecom 380's. While not quite as dynamic sounding as my last set. Considering these cost only 1/4 the price, they are a more than capable headset! On most headsets you'll find one of those inline volume and mic mute control boxes. I don't know about you but those things always seem to conk out before the actual headset does! Well, on this headset both the volume dial and mic mute slider are situated to the rear of the left ear cup. Time will tell if this new placement will ensure those controls last the full lifetime of the headset.

Comfort wise, they are what i have come to expect from any Plantronics closed ear headsets! Excellent long term wear is achievable without user fatigue.


- Comfort
- Price
- Excellent sound (for the price range)
- Better controls positioning


- Headband plastic feels cheap (expected at this price range)
- Connector cable seems a little on the short side for my liking

All in all a great headset at an amazing price. Maybe i could be so bold as to say that at this price you wont get a better all round set?

9/10 - Let down only by the minor Cons set out above.
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on 27 March 2015
I bought this in Nov 2012 and believe me, it's really tough. It had been used by the kids and the husband, bashed, dropped, pulled, etc. and it is still as good as the day I bought it. I was never even precious about it. In fact, I'd been ready to replace it if it broke. It was a bit too clunky for my tastes. I didn't really think it looked that nice. Only now when 2 of my kids' headphones have broken down yet again and I am considering buying them new ones, did it occur to me that it might be an idea to buy these headphones because they fit anyone's head perfectly in our household - from a 6 year old to a 40 year old. They last and last and last and the jacks are still fine - normally the jacks are the first to break in headphones. Nope, these ones still are good. Recently we've had to use the microphone part of it a lot for online lessons, and it produced a clarity of tone that bettered the sound produced by most of the other online classmates' microphones. I've used it to listen to music, watch videos, etc. The sound quality is good. The microphone part is fully adjustable and bendable to suit as well. That is a big plus. My kids have accidentally yanked it way out once. I thought it was gonna break. Nope. Still doing fine. If it wasn't so big, I would rate it 6 out of 5. It is just so good I can just about discount the looks of it, which just happen to be not to my tastes.
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