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on 16 October 2012
Having used this phone for about a week I feel like I can throw in my 2p worth. I bought this from Expansys since Amazon did not have this phone in stock during launch. My impression so far has been very positive and I am not regretting being an early adopter (at least not yet) at all!

- Sleek form factor and ease of use. You can easily use this one handed for most tasks even if you have average sized hands. I also like the geeky `industrial design' but that is a matter of personal taste. This phone exudes class when held in the hand or laid on a desk.
- Fast & Smooth operation thanks to being very lightly skinned by Motorola (good call on that one!). Ah, the joys of an almost pure Android experience! Scrolling between home pages, opening the app drawer, launching the dialler, phone book, text messaging, launching the camera etc is handled quickly and effortlessly. The circles widget is a very useful thing indeed and I also like the implementation of the lock screen.
- Apps work really well on the phone and I have not come across any I could not install from the 40+ I downloaded from the play store. Apps like Flipboard, Evernote, PlayerPro, Dropbox, Whatsapp, Pocket, Ocado, etc work flawlessly and demanding games (I tried Osmos HD, Dead Space & Dead Trigger) run without any hiccups. Multitasking is also handled with ease and running multiple apps in the background does not slow the phone down much.
- Web browsing with the Chrome browser is perhaps the best I have experienced on a smartphone so far with super fast page loads, text & graphics rendering, page scrolling and tab switching. Pinch zooming and tap-to-zoom is flawless and integration with the Chrome desktop browser is a joy! All my bookmarks are synced between my phone and laptop and I can also see what tabs I have open on my laptop. Brilliant.
- Battery Life is great. I charge my phone fully before going to bed and it easily lasts me 24 hours (if not longer) with higher than average use. With heavy to intense use I would say a full day's use (morning till night) is quite manageable. That is above average for a modern day smartphone.
- Music quality is comparable to its rivals. It won't impress audiophiles (but neither will any other smartphone) but it is acceptable for a mobile phone. The volume level is a little on the lower side compared to an iPhone but you will rarely feel the need to max out (about 70% volume level is plenty loud on this). I used this with my Klipsch S4 & Sennheiser IE6 earphones and the sound was pretty decent. So even though this does not have the crisp highs, well defined lows and balanced sound of my dedicated music player (Creative Zen Vision M) it is on par with modern smartphones.
- Video playback is brilliant even via the stock player. But be sure to download MX player and it's Codec pack for x86 CPUs to make the most of viewing videos on the phone. Videos load up instantaneously, seeking through them is super quick and all types of file formats and resolutions are handled with aplomb! The Youtube app works like a charm. And yes, both the MX player and the Youtube app hide the soft keys for full screen viewing while playing videos :)
- Emailing is quick and painless using both the stock email app or Gmail. Just enter your email ID and passowrd and you're set. I have not used exchange server so can't comment on that.
- Expandable memory. Can't believe I'm listing this as a plus but the recent (disturbing) trend of manufacturers leaving out this valuable feature probably has something to do with it ;) I've used it with my 32 gig card with no issues.
- LED indicator! Now why doesn't every phone have one?? So useful, especially if you make the most of it by using an app like Light Flow LED Control and have different colours for different events (Calls, Texts, Facebook, etc).
- GPS lock is fast! It even gives me a lock indoors (albeit taking more time in doing so). Plus Google Maps loads really quickly and you can now even download a certain area of the map for offline use. I can see this being a very useful navigation device.
- Has NFC so is future proof (apart from not having LTE capability as mentioned in the negatives below).
- Finally, this is really good at being a telephone in case you ever feel like using it as such ;) Call quality is excellent, it keeps good signal strength and connects calls in an instant (almost caught me off guard a couple of times by how quickly it did that!). Even with the poor O2 network (I am on giffgaff) it has not given me any problems so far.

- While the screen is good when it comes to brightness and colour reproduction the low resolution (and PenTile pixel arrangement) becomes apparent while reading text on the device as you can notice the jagged edges every so often. Also, my phone's screen (at least) has a yellowy tinge to its whites especially when compared side by side to an LCD display (EDIT: seems like this differs from model to model so please make sure to check yours as soon as you get it). None of these things matter while viewing pictures & videos or playing games and in normal use though. I think I am blessed (cursed?) with particularly sharp eyesight!
- Despite what I said about how breezy the phone is there is a judder when you zoom in from the overview mode to a particular home screen (some say it is due to the circles widget but this is not the case) and a slight lag when swiping away open apps from the task manager. Again, nothing major but does take away some of the gleam. Hopefully the Jelly Bean upgrade and `Project Butter' should fix these wrinkles!
- I am not a fan of the positioning of the on/off toggles for GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, etc to the left of the main home screen (much prefer them being in the status bar as with TouchWiz). Also, why can't I have my main home screen in the middle? (EDIT: both of these issues can be fixed by installing an app like Notification Toggles and then using a custom launcher like Nova. But I am reviewing this device in it's stock form)
- Camera is strictly average quality wise but acceptable for a camera phone. The rivals have it beat here! All depends on how important this is for you though. It is not really top on my list of priorities so I can live with it.
- Build quality: while the phone feels extremely solid overall there are a few niggling quality issues like gaps between the aluminium frame and the body of the phone (where dust particles will happily reside and call home), a slightly misaligned logo (the metal plate), and also a slight gap on one side of the Kevlar back plating. All of these are only tiny niggles which you will only notice if you really look for them!
- Is not LTE capable so it will not run at 4G speeds if that is something you are considering.

- The speaker is decently loud but very tinny so it's not all that great for listening to music but perfectly serviceable for use as a loudspeaker during calls.
- Motorola's track record for rolling out software upgrades to their past models is patchy at best so I don't know how things will be beyond the promised Jelly Bean upgrade. It is however owned by Google now so I'm trying to be optimistic about it :)

Bottom line:
Despite the above mentioned drawbacks this is one of the best devices in the mid-range price bracket and stacks up very well against the likes of the S2, One S, Galaxy Nexus and the Xperia S. It even matches the current flagship models (S3, One X, Optimus 4x) in many aspects and certainly punches above it's weight. The sleek & compact form factor, almost pure Android experience, good build quality and superb overall user experience helps this phone pip the competition in my opinion!

PS: Apologies for the long review, just felt like I needed to cover all aspects of the phone. Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions!
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on 16 September 2014
I bought a RAZR-i because it was the best phone I could find at the time with a sensibly sized screen, small profile, and with an SD card slot without splashing out several hundred pounds.

The performance is decent and the battery life is very good and typically lasts a day and a half without charging.

It is also amazingly robust and has survived many knocks and even a trip to the bottom of a muddy river (after fishing it out I switched it off and let it dry out overnight, then the next day switched it back on and it carried on working as if nothing had happened).

The main downside (and why I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars) is that the device has not been updated to the latest version on Android (mine's currently 4.1.2).
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on 16 March 2013
It arrived very quickly and i love the phone it is amazing and the price is very good too. I read the reviews before i bought it and most reviews were really positive and i would agree , and would recommend this phone it is well worth the money.
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on 16 September 2015
This is a very nice phone, built to last.
However I would advise against the ota update of the firmware to Android 4.4.2 kitkat as this takes up far more resources and on-board memory, resulting in a very slow phone. Basically, you'll ruin it!
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on 21 March 2013
I've hesitated a long time before I purchased my first android smartphone and have researched the market for ages. I've also thought long and hard about buying an Iphone 5 instead. However, as I really didn't want a contract phone, the up-front cost of the sim-free iphones seemed completely overpriced and therefore not an option for me. And after using the Motorola Razr I for a few days now, I'm so glad I chose this phone and didn't go for one of the more expensive androids or an iphone. I'm not into games, I'm not a tech geek and I don't need a status symbol of a phone. I was just looking for a great looking phone, with fast internet browsing and easy to use. I got exactly what I wanted, this phone is just fantastic and most importantly, great value for money!! ! Don't hesitate, you can't go wrong with this phone.

Edit: - UPDATE after 3 months - I'm still as impressed with this phone as after the first few days when I wrote my original review. I still absolutely love the phone. It is just beautiful to look at, has impressive battery life (about 2 1/2 -3 days of light use and not switching it off during the night), fast internet browsing and as it turned out the material really is extremely durable. Had a little accident, my phone ended up flying through the air hitting a concrete wall hard and obviously I feared the worst. But the phone didn't have one scratch, not even the screen. So either I was extremely lucky or the phone really is as sturdy as the Motorola marketing claims...
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on 19 July 2013
Fast, stylish, good battery life, not lots of manufacturers rubbish pre-installed. Does everything I want and more. Thoroughly recommend it.
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on 21 March 2017
Camera doesn't work, battery doesn't last a day, phone looks worse than in pictures
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on 2 November 2012
I would never normally look to purchase a Motorola phone based on a the usability of a former product. However, I was drawn to looking into the Motorola Razr i by its claims about durability. Being in a job that has caused a few of my past handsets to meet their demise, this appealed to me. Firstly the pictures do not do this phone justice. In the flesh its durability is apparent along with the quality of the materials used in its production. Its no Apple device by any means, but it is well made with quality materials that set it apart from the likes of Samsung and their plethora of plastic clad handsets. To hold in the hand it has a reassuring weight without being too heavy and as already mentioned the materials used add a feel of quality to the product. If I was to have any criticism over its construction it would be that dust has a way of finding the small (and it is small) gap between the frame of the phone and the screen.

Whilst I have mentioned the screen it is worth noting that it is not on a par with the iPhone of Galaxy S3. Its is a lower resolution and is of 'pen tile' type. This means that there is some slight pixellation. However, the screen is clear and bright and by no means the worst out there. Its edge to edge coverage is also impressive with minimal bezel. The Intel processor means that the phone is quick and smooth in operation. Some have questioned the use of a single core processor in these days of the quad core boards, but, they forget to mention that the Intel processor supports hyper threading, just like when its implemented in PC use. This results in fast performance but with better battery performance.

In short if you're looking for durable, fast and professional looking phone this could well be for you.
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on 26 February 2013
This is a great Android phone.

The battery life is very good as long as you play with the settings (like using auto brightness and change some of the developer options)

The screen, although not a good quality as some other more expensive phones is perfectly adequate and very nice to look at and read on.

The processor handles all my apps very well and although it has 5gb internal storage I have over 150 apps installed and still have over half the space left. You cannot 'move' apps to the external SD card but you can save all music and videos onto the external card which is fine.

If you're new to Android then it's all pretty easy to use and set up but the 'Guide Me' app gives first time users all the information they could possibly need in order to work out how to use the phone and do things.

Also, unlike other android phones I've had this phone softward is the closest to plain android which means it doesn't have all the extras like notification quick settings but I prefer this as you can get apps for most things and it's nicer to be able to add your own apps to do these things so at least you can customize them.

Personally I don't like the default home screens that come with most phones so I use 'Nova launcher' which does everything you could imagine and more.

For the notifation quick settings I use 'Notification Toggle' which is very customizable and you can add whatever shortcuts you want to the notifcation bar (including shortcuts to apps as well as people to call them quickly without having to go into your contacts)

If you have any questions regarding this phone or android in general please ask.
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on 22 January 2013
I will start by saying I was a little apprehensive about buying this phone instead of the HTC one x or galaxy s3, but this was short lived. The phone is a lot cheaper than the other phones Ive mentioned and in my opinion a pretty close rival. By any means its not as powerful as either but you wouldn't really notice it. The phone is fast enough to run the OS very smoothly without lag, it can run pretty intense games without struggling and the internet browsing is brilliant. Like some my other reviews I will break it down to talk about each aspect of the product that I believe a good phone should have.
1. Build quality 2. Looks 3. Performance 4. OS and features 5. Price

1. The phone is very well built for a phone of this price, I was a bit unsure of the Kevlar on the back of the phone but over time its sort of grown on me and now find it one of the phones defining features. I also like the exposed screw heads, it really adds the tough feel of the phone. The casing itself doesn't feel flimsy, doesn't feel like its built from recycled Lego and overall has a real premium feel to it. The phone feels really nice in the hand and isn't a ridiculously big as the s3 or one x, but yet it manages to squeeze a large screen into the chassis. Overall the build quality gets a 5/5.

2. The looks. At first I was not sure about its looks but after spending more time looking the phone its appearance has really changed my initial opinion of it. The screen on the phone looks brilliant as most of the phone is screen. The really thin side bezels add to the illusion of a much larger screen than it actually has. The back of the phone is just a nice. But I have a few issues with it. The first being the Kevlar back, it doesn't fit to the contours of the phone a looks a little clumsy. Overall good looks with one minor issue. 4/5

3. The performance of the phone is brill, it runs smoothly, plays back 1080p video without fault, runs the OS without any lag and can run some pretty intense apps. This I have no doubt to is the Intel chip inside which seems to blend performance with pretty good battery life. I have tried using this phone very heavily and managed to eek a full days use out of it, this included a lot of web browsing, gaming, phone calls, texts and gaming all whilst listening to music. This is about expected from a phone with this sort of power in it. But what surprised me is I got 4 days of very light from the phone, this was the occasional text and phone calls, checking emails and listening to music. I was very impressed by this. I previously owned a lumia 800 and with the same sort of use only managed 2 1/2 days to 3. So for performance for now is 5/5. This could change as a load the phone with more apps, music and video.

4. Well not much can be said about the OS, its a simple android OS with a few sprinkles from Motorola. However the sprinkles make the ICS taste so much better. For example the smart actions are a brilliant addition, I can customize different aspects of the phone. For example I've changed my settings based on my UNI timetable so it rings loudly when I am not a lecture and goes to silent when I am in one. This all works in sync with the in built calendar on the phone and I have to say it works brilliantly. The other features such as camera are brilliant taking pictures with good clarity and decent colours. The video quality is very good as well. The only downside to this is that there are better cameras on some of the rivals phones, however they have at least a £50 premium over this handset so for the money its very good. The standard music player is ample, it has differing EQ settings to adjust to how you like it and the sound quality is very good as well. I own a pair of B&W p3 headphones and they sound amazing powered by this phone. All the other features are basically what you can expect from android apart from Motorola's circles clock which incorporates alarms, time, weather and battery which I think is a very nice touch. I like android in comparison to apples IOS and windows 7 & 8 because it gives more freedom to customize the phone to how you want it. For this it gets a 4/5, its very good but some improvements could be made. Maybe the next OS update will bring even more goodies to a very accomplished package.

5. Finally the price, the phone is simply brilliant and much better than I expected if you want a very powerful and responsibly cheap phone that does everything its more expensive rivals can but for less money. Costing £319 from Amazon its a great phone for good money.
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