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on 21 September 2012
This case & bluetooth keyboard complement the Google Nexus 7 very well. The case itself fits the tablet quite snugly without to much movement. It seems well made with all the cut outs for the buttons and USB lead etc nicely lined up. The keyboard works well once configured and has a good quality feel to it.
My one complaint is with the magnets for securing the keyboard, I thought my tablet had developed a fault when it started to randomly activate the lock screen. After a search on the internet, it turned out that the way I had folded the front cover of the case around behind the tablet, after I had removed the keyboard, brought the magnets too close to the rear of the tablet and causing these lock screen problems. So keep the magnets away from the rear of the tablet and everything works well.
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on 22 December 2013
Bought the Google Nexus 2nd gen has it had good recommendations. Whilst shopping for Christmas pressies, I noticed keyboards for the Nexus thought that would be really useful as I was having problems using the keyboard on the Nexus. I have got to admit, this was not my first choice, there were quite few on offer ranging from 9.99 to 28.99 (my only gripe there is a dollar sign where there should be a pound sign) and after deliberating for a couple of hours and being a woman kept changing my mind about the other keyboards came across this little beauty, read the reviews and thought why not (took it of my wish list) and decided to buy it.

It is so easy to use, it takes a few minutes to set up after you charge the keyboard for about 3 - 4 hours. it comes with a nice case and for the price you can't grumble.
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on 11 March 2017
None of the keys in the top row worked, except for 'T' and 'Y', which makes it almost completely useless for typing.
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on 19 January 2014
Looks good, makes my Nexus look like a note book - easy to switch from Keyboard in case to Nexus internal keyboard.
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on 3 October 2012
It looks good, the leather around the screen is the same as the leather on the keyboard (ie, black), it works, the case feels solid and well made, it has a usable stand, and all the cables plug in the same (right hand) side when charging or connected to speakers. The tablet slides into the case from the middle and attaches firmly (camera on the left hand side) and wont fly out if you are carrying it. Opening the case triggers the sleep/wake function nicely.

The keyboard has an android-friendly American layout with fn-shifted-keys which can launch android apps(like email/volume) and a very nice media fast-forward button(which works on the music players I've tested so far.) It also has lights when pairing and charging and is attached by hidden magnets which slot into place easily and detach just as easily. The keyboard does timeout after a while and powers up when a key is pressed. More noticeable is the Bluetooth battery effect, though I suspect it will be on mains power most of the time in laptop mode. The keyboard itself uses a micro-usb connection for charging (an additional cable is in the box though it needs a power source to plug into)

The second the tablet goes into the case, you no longer have a tablet, you have a laptop. Unfortunately this means it no longer fits in my pocket comfortably. It is extremely inconvenient to use in the case in portrait mode, and you will almost certainly need a custom homescreen to use it in landscape mode for long periods. Since it is now practically a laptop, I find myself looking for the (missing) trackpad that isn't on the base with the keyboard. (There is a mysterious trackpad shape on the leather, which I feel I should investigate further, but that would damage the leather/stitching around the keyboard) I did attach a Trust MI-8700Rp Bluetooth Laser Mini Mouse as well which just adds to it becoming a full computer. Since the tablet fits securely into the case, it can't be detached quickly for use in tablet mode, folding it back is possible, but cumbersome, especially if those keys are under your fingers.

Overall - it instantly turns the tablet into a laptop and lets you use it on the desk. It's great having an android laptop, but I really miss the tablet..
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on 1 October 2012
i was expecting a cheap wonky plastic case, but its all nice, soft, well stitched leathery stuff :)
(not sure if its real leather, but its nice).

the keys on the keyboard are a little fiddly, but still easier than an on-screen keyboard, and have some nice functions like media keys for winamp.

the keyboard is held in place by 4 uber-powerful magnets, so doesn't fall off even if held upside down.
also included in the keyboard is another powerful magnet (under the "O" key) that switches the screen on/off when you open/close the case.
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on 19 February 2015
I purchased this keyboard from Amazon when the other IVSO Nexus 9 keyboard failed to appear after 3 months. I received the item within one day and really like the device. The keyboard is attached to the case via an adequate magnet and the tablet can then sit inside the case.


Tablet held securely in velcro case holder
Holes in case in the right place (including for charging, volume and speakers)
Detachable magnetic-held keyboard that's really slim
Stays connected and no need to repair when you reconnect
Looks stylish with fake leather look
Great function keys with quick access to home, email etc.
Magnet sleep and wake function


Bulkier than I expected, surprising as keyboard is very slim
Can be annoyingly hard to pull down notification tray. Make it easier by pushing tablet all the way down to reveal more of the top
Case doesn't close properly due to magnet of inadequate strength
American style keyboard (but you can put UK keyboard setting on Android)
One viewing angle
Keys aren't as smooth to press (very slight clicky sound)

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on 27 December 2013
Bought this for my wife after she obtained a NEXUS TABLET. She is a competent typist so was OK using the tablet but when she linked up with the Bluetooth keyboard she found it an absolute dream. She was delighted to receive the case which she felt made her outfit not only look professional but changed the whole outfit to become a mini laptop. Whats'more I bought her a handbag which has the correct pocket to carry the case including tablet to work or just out and about. The bag also has a well made pocket for her mobile phone so it does not get lost among all the other debris in other compartments. I cannot recommend the portfolio enough. Wherever she uses her tablet she receives impressive comments about the whole package.
I am so pleased I bought this case with keyboard as not only is very functional.and works well but the tablet is fully protected from any damage or signs of wear and tear.
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on 2 March 2016
My only problem with it is that it doesn't work! The keyboard won't hold the charge so while the size is perfect, and it fits the nexus perfectly, and when I first saw it, I thought "Awesome it's perfect", if I can't use it, it's not really any good. So after arranging for delivery via Parcel Motel (and that expense - luckily I was getting something else delivered in the same package), I now have to arrange return through there which is going to cost €3.50. It would put me off buying anything from this retailer again.
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on 25 January 2014
I bought this as a second case for when I wanted to do extended typing of documents etc, this product has not disappointed. The quality of the case is as good as you'll get anywhere for this price. The keyboard pairs quickly (once you have completed the initial pairing activity) and is held in place with magnets which has proven more secure than I thought it would. The case is sturdy and flexible at the same time. Some cases don't slow for the pulse notification light but this one does, as they say it's the little things that count. Would recommend this to anyone with the nexus 7 it compliments the device perfectly.
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