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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Crucial CT2C4G3S1067MCEU 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) SODIMM 204-Pin Memory for Mac
Style: 1066 MT/s|Size: 8GB Kit (4GBx2)|Change
Price:£81.59+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 March 2017
Turned my MBP mid-2010 13" from a lumbering hulk with beachball-hell, to a lightening fast legend (I also put a Crucial SSD in). Worth every penny- just think how much a new MBP is!

On seeing the enormous performance difference, my friend with a mid-2011 bought and fitted the same with my tools- she's similarly overjoyed.
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on 29 July 2017
This memory is listed as "Mac compatible" which I figured is just a marketing blurb and all of its specs matched what I required for my (Windows) laptop, so I figured I'd take the chance and buy these after my first attempt failed with a different brand of RAM, some time prior.

I was skittish about booting with a different amount of RAM from hibernation, so I shut it down completely and performed the replacement. Pretty standard stuff. As another reviewer has mentioned, be sure to wait a while for the initial boot after RAM installation to complete!! It can take a while, your system/the RAM is not necessarily broken. Maybe have a snack or take a peek at the television or phone for a few minutes while your computer does its thing. After the initial lengthy boot, you will have your normal boot times back again on subsequent boots/restarts.

Anyway, this new RAM works great! I finally have enough memory to accommodate all of the programs I like to run simultaneously, such as monstrous browser sessions that can easily eat 2GB of memory a piece. My system would slow to a crawl on 4GB, as it simply wasn't enough. Now it's perpetually responsive.

As with all RAM upgrades though, you'll only notice a particular performance increase if you didn't have enough to start with, but you could always use the spare memory as a RAM drive for ludicrous temporary storage speeds.

For determining compatibility, it can be slightly complicated. If you look up your system's processor/motherboard on the manufacturer's site, it can usually give you precise details on what type of memory - and how much of it - is compatible with your system. It's what led me to this product in particular. I think Crucial also has a web-app that can help you determine compatibility by providing it with your computer's model.

Overall, very pleased with this purchase.
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on 26 November 2014
I bought this to upgrade my Macbook Late 2008 Aluminium unibody since the arrival of Yosemite OSX has rendered it unusable and slow. Since the upgrade, the laptop is now running smooth and quiet since it doesn't have to rely on the harddisk as much.

Took me a while to find out if my laptop supported the RAM but I think anything above my late 2008 model should be fine.
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on 22 September 2016
As stated as a Crucial manufactured product it is fully Apple compatible and it upgraded my 2011 MacBook Pro from 4gb to a staggering 16gb - this is twice Apples stated maximum for the machine but is fully recognised and has enabled me to run OS Sierra effortlessly (which the 4gb could not cope with).

I would order from this supplier again and will use them to upgrade my new 27" iMac when it needs more memory.

Delivery to Portugal was prompt and safe
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on 27 June 2016
I purchased this 16gb kit from crucial as it was on sale and my 2012 mac mini was in need of an upgrade from its stock 4gb.

Delivery was fast as always with prime and it arrived perfectly sound in a cardboard envelope. Inside the packaging there is not a lot going on, basically just the 2 8gb dimms.

As far as installation goes thats going to heavily depend now which mac you have and from what year. Most models before 2012 are straight forward and easy to do (even tool-less with the 2012 mac mini) but you'll have to do your own research on your model. In my case I installed it in about 2 minutes and upon initial boot everything was read straight away and that was it!

16gb for most people is probably way more than you need and if you're a casual user I would not suggest spending the extra money over an 8gb kit - like I said I only bought this kit because it was on sale. If you are questioning how much ram you need there are many online guides and apps (in the app store) that tell you how much memory you use at any given time.

Crucial are pretty much always the way to go when it comes to Mac upgrades and this kit is no exception!
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2014
I was a little apprehensive ordering this extra ram for my iMac, as the are not from Apple. Plus I tend to think that you get what you pay for and the Apple upgrade is rather expensive compared to this. I have had these installed for three months, at the time of reviewing, and they are working perfectly. The operation to fit them is on the Apple web site and easy to follow. Just make sure that you are ordering the correct specification for your computer, this applies where ever you buy from, you have to get your year of manufacture and build specification to do this, they are all available in your iMac.
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on 20 April 2014
I bought two lots of these to beef up my late 2013 27inch iMac i7 to 32GB. They worked perfectly after waiting for the hidden POST to complete. When you first plug in an iMac it goes through a hardware test cycle, keeping a record of any changes. When adding 32GB it took about two minutes for the iMac to check the RAM before it would turn on. I have seem many people complain their iMac did not work after upgrading the RAM; it was more likely they did not patiently wait for the system to finish updating its spec details. So here is the sequence whenever you change RAM on an iMac, even if downgrading to use the original RAM!

1. Disconnect power.
2. Open door to memory slots and pull down the memory holder as shown in the iMac manuals.
3. Remove existing RAM, carefully noting which slots are populated AND the module orientation.
4. Add new RAM to either the same slots OR all slots if you are adding four modules, carefully checking each module is properly oriented and fully seated. Unlike PC's, iMac memory slots are somewhat 'sloppy' - don't expect a satisfying click.
5. Push the memory holder back in to place. If it won't go back properly, check the modules are correctly oriented and fully seated. 6. Close door to memory slots.
7. Plug in iMac and make sure mains power is on, but *DO NOT* press the power button.
8. Go make a cup of tea. (Important)
9. Come back and click the power button.
10. Bong......

In future the iMac should not need as long to start after plugging in to the mains; only the first time is the issue.

I hope this helps someone.
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on 17 October 2017
I've tended to buy Crucial RAM over the years as it's a good balance between high quality and value. While on occasion I've had issues was very cheap memory Crucial's products have never let me down.

This kit upgraded a late 2012 i5 Mac Mini, which had been running on a mere 4GB and too sluggish to be of use. I had a spare SSD drive to hand and that, together with the upgrade, transformed the computer. It even runs Adobe Creative Cloud at a pleasingly quick pace.

Don't struggle with too-little RAM and 5400RPM HD drives - upgrade and give your computer a much longer life.
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on 26 April 2017
Upgraded my Mac-Mini (late 2012 version) from 4GB to 8GB. It worked without problems. Before ordering, I asked my local Stormfront shop how much they would charge to upgrade my memory and they said that they don't provide this service, which surprised me. If you are not familiar with upgrading your Mac's memory yourself, I suggest watching a YouTube video about it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 April 2014
I wanted to upgrade the Ram on my 27" iMac as it's performance was beginning to deteriorate a little. Initially I had attempted to save money by buying cheaper brands of RAM modules but this proved unsuccessful. The first pair of modules that I bought, from a high street retailer, were not the right spec's even though I had been assured that they were (I'd not taken my glasses with me so was reliant upon the salespersons advice), so these needed to be returned. The second pair that I had purchased were remarkably cheap and would have been great if they had worked but one of the two modules was faulty so these were also returned.

Eventually I saw sense and ordered this pair of Crucial RAM modules (which exactly match the pair that I had already installed). Delivery was very quick, the modules were well packed and there was no problem with installation (the cheap modules had been a very tight fit into the RAM slots). I ran various tests on the modules once they were installed, including the Apple Hardware test and Memtest and they passed with flying colours. Going by the previous pair of Crucial modules that I installed just over 3 years ago I do not anticipate any problems arising. I can also rest easy in the knowledge that Crucial offer a lifetime warranty on their memory modules - unlike some manufacturers.

So, whilst I'm sure that many people will have had success with buying and installing other brands of memory modules into their computers, from now on I will only be using Crucial. This is based on the fact that (touch wood), I have not experienced any problems with their products to date and, when it comes to price, they might not be the cheapest on the market but with modern technology you do appear to get exactly what you pay for.
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