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on 25 April 2017
Bought this on January 2016 and it just broke on me the other week on my Xbox One. Been using it to store my games then I noticed when I deleted games the storage space wouldn't go down =/ tried to reformat it on my PC but it wouldn't show up on my pic like my other external hard drives and it wasn't in computer management so pretty much it's useless £60-£70 down the drain.
External hard drives should last more than 1 year =/ and had to but a new one (not this) and now for some stupid reason since I redownloaded my games on the new external hard drive BT have charged me £200 😡 Yet I'm on BT infinity 1 (unlimited downloads) so thanks Samsung.
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on 2 September 2015
It died after a year with very minimal use, and I paid a very expensive price of losing all my baby's pictures from day 1. It is very misleading that such a poor quality product has so many good reviews that encourages us to purchase the item despite so many people have faced a similar issue. I called the Samsung tech support and even though the product is still covered under warranty it does not cover for any recovery of data which I'm told can be done (95% possibility) for £500 + VAT. Yes, i will pay as it is an emotional blackmail in my case!!
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on 18 October 2016
First appearances a good looking fairly compact hard drive. When functioning properly this hard drive worked like one should. Quick and responsive at being recognised by my computer and quick at transferring information. Frustratingly my first hard drive became less and less responsive with my mac and any other computer on other OS. Although the LED would light up and it would hum it just wouldn't be recognised. I have looked after it well so this wasn't an issue from being dropped or mis treated.

The returns process was pretty dire truth be told. If you are undertaking a return I recommend calling them up and speaking to someone as they are extremely helpful and it makes the process easier. Via email (which was the first way I attempted a return) it was such an inefficient process of stating your problem on the website, a member of the returns team would email you personally with ways they want you to rectify the problem and then you would have to start the process again with a different member of staff who would ask the same questions. It was extremely infuriating, time consuming (excess of 20 emails sent) and belittling as I am very competent with computers. Once this was all done the actual returning of the product was pretty straightforward. Ignore all the packaging they want on the website as it cost fifteen dollars and wasn't available in the UK, a box and bubble wrap was fine, based on the help of a lovely lady on the phone.

Second hard drive is working pretty well, only once had an issue of the hard drive not being recognised but otherwise its doing its job. Only thing I would like is a longer lead as its pretty short. In hindsight would I buy one again? Probably not but then with such an overwhelming number of positive reviews for it maybe I was just one of the unlucky ones.
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on 5 August 2015
Ok, I'm a disgruntled hard drive man at the moment since one of my drives has just failed (one from my 8TB WD Mybook Duo Thunderbolt). I ordered this before it had though which was lucky!

Anyway, I'm a mac user. That means all the software on the disk which it comes with can be erased and the whole thing should be formatted in Mac OS Extended if thats your thing.

First thing I noticed was the design is pretty cool, and its concave on the edge giving it a nice grip.

USB 3 so it is powered by the USB cable which is nice too!

After formatting I did a Black Magic Speed Test, then copied over 30GB of photos. The transfer rates are pretty good at 120MB/s (pics attached), but as I'm writing its dropped to 95 MB/s.

My advice to any HDD user is ALWAYS eject the drive through software, drives can fail if you dont. So dont just unplug that cord when you're done with it.

On the surface it's a pretty cool piece of kit and worth the money.
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on 14 November 2016
So i originally purchased this hard drive to use as my Time Machine backup drive on my iMac. It connected quickly and easily, Time Machine detected it and asked me if thats what I wanted to use it for. It basically stayed connected to my iMac 24/7 whilst Time Machine did daily and weekly backups. However I had started to notice my iMac would crash once or twice a month and in the 4 years i have owned the iMac it had never crashed. It never occurred to me that the hard drive could be the cause and that the crashes had only started after the HDD was installed. After spending some time with Apple support we basically boiled it down to the HDD causing the crashing. I decided to format the HDD and instead have it connected to my Xbox One for game installs where it works perfectly. Just to clarify since i disconnected it from my iMac i have had no more crashing.

The HDD itself is a nice sleek design and very small. It does not need external power, just the supplied USB cable.
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on 10 November 2016
I bought this as an external hard drive backup for my macbook just before I started third year of university. Although the shipping was quite fast it wasn't fast enough for me unfortunately, as it arrived 2 days after I spilled water all over my macbook and broke it, losing all of my work for a couple of days.
However, this worked as a good encrypted hard drive for use to transport my work between university and home after I got my macbook (semi) fixed by the apple store. The only downside I didn't realise was that if you encrypt the hard drive on a mac, it needs to be decrypted by a mac to open the files. This became a problem when there were a limited number of mac computers in the university library, however this is not a fault with the product, it was just me being stupid.
I now use it to back up my macbook periodically and I have no fear that it will run out of space any time soon! It has enough space to back up your entire computer multiple times without deleting previous back ups, and does so fast that you won't believe it's already backed it up! This means you can go back to find a piece of work that you have saved over multiple times on your computer. You can also set most computers to periodically backup to the hard drive every couple of hours, minutes, or at specific times of the day etc.
STUDENTS!!!! Back up your work with this, I paid around £45 for this, which might seem a lot for a student, but you can't put a price on being able to recover all of your hours of hard work once something goes wrong with your computer! I learned this the hard way just a few days too late (luckily it happened at the start of the year).
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on 24 January 2016
It's easy to see why the Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive is the number one best seller. This baby has served me well since 2013 without a single problem! It's a simple as clicking buy, waiting for delivery, opening the box then plugging it straight into your PC. No messing about with driver disks, formatting or anything like that; everything you need is already installed onto the hard drive.

Now let's get into the Pros & Cons of this external HDD.

- It's tough so you can rest assured that you data will be safe but not only that, it also has a nice sleek design with its lovely textured pattern on the top.

- USB 3.0 is light years ahead of USB 2.0, so as you can expect as long as you are using a USB 3.0 port you can transfer large data rapidly. But it's also compatible with USB 2.0 so don't worry about that.

- It's Plug 'N Play like I mentioned about - no need to be knowledgable about the technical stuff.


There is only one con that I can think of really... and to be honest I'm nit picking here. The USB cable could be longer, it's just a tad bit on the short side.

All in all, this ones a no-brainer, it's definitely worth a buy!
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on 29 May 2016
I purchased this item in summer of 2012 - that is nearly 4 years ago and the drive is still working. I do photography and for that reason needed a drive which could transfer items quickly and hold large files with no problem. This does the trick. So much so I have purchased another one as a back up (not because it is full).

To keep it brief:

- Slim, small design.
- Large storage capacity.
- Quick transferring of files
- Has lasted me 4 years with no signs of stopping.
- Ability to create 'Secure Drives' which are password protected.

- No recovery for the Secure Drive. (I forgot mine and to this day am unable to access the items which are stored in it).
- Often does not disconnect/has problems disconnecting. (This may be because I do not use the software to disconnect but I just turn off my computer before unplugging it).

I would definitely recommend this as a purchase.
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on 19 August 2016
smart and small. so far works really well as Xbox one extra storage

Update 18/03/17 - my Xbox stopped working and would not load up for more than 3 seconds. After un plugging and taking back to the store it worked, I came home plugged it back in and again the Xbox wouldn't work. After trial and error it became apparent that the Xbox would only work when the Samsung hard drive was not plugged in. To be fair the hard drive has worked well for 7 months but I would not have expected it to have failed so early in its life. Amazon and kindly refunded this back to me - I will however be ordering the same one again as it may just have been one of those things - this is not meant to be negative, just hoping to be of use to anyone having a similar issue with their Xbox
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on 21 February 2016
I own quite a few external hard drives and while this one isn't my favourite it's definitely value for money and worth your consideration. I've only used this with my Macbook Pro, reformatting was a breeze and didn't take long at all. Afterwards I did notice a slight delay in my Macbook recognising the drive but it's not been a big problem for me. The read/write speed is pretty much as advertised although ever since I replaced the default folder images with pictures it has caused the drive to load content more slowly.

It's light but feels well made and the design looks elegant however it's only one-sided, the back/bottom is plain with a only sticker and the foot grips which by the way are brilliant at their job. I haven't had this one slide off any surfaces yet. It's been about 10 months since my purchase, it's been in regular use and is still working just fine.
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