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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£34.94 - £34.99

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on 17 March 2015
I bought this for my grandson for christmas as he is starting to play these types of car racing games and really enjoys playing it.
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on 25 February 2014
Remember the Colin McRae games - fluid movement and fun handling?
Well this offers none of that... Cars feel like they are on rails and choppy graphics... avoid.
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on 15 October 2012
First of all I would like to say that at this point I have only played the single player so I have not had any experience of the online modes, I have owned the previous 2 titles and thought that the games were ok but the graphics and feel really let the games down, however with WRC 3 thats all about to change, it looks far better than the previous games by a long long way and though not perfect it certainly gives you a greater sense of the occasion.

Some of the lighting is superb I was racing in Argentina and the way the light works through the trees and then changes drastically when on more open ground feels really solid and adds a edge to the overall driving experience as it were. The handling feels great too, personally I play the game from the bonnet cam perspective and it stops me fish tailing all over the place, this game is obviously for the die hard rally fan which I am, its much more of a edge of your seat game than dirt 3, although i did like the dirt 3 point to point stages WRC 3 is just more of that but with more of a hardcore edge.

the bottom line is if you like rally then you will love this game, its a major step in the right direction as far as WRC games go and if you liked the other 2 games that came before this one then you will love this game......!!!!
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on 12 October 2012
Lets get 1 thing said straight away here, It is MILES better than any of the latest WRC games,
but it does have several faults.
the biggest bug I have with it already is the engine noises, they all sound the same ( all bar 2 )
the MINI WRC has an iconic sound in real life but in this game it just sounds dull like the other cars.
some of the pacenotes are in a word crap, some are so late your on a corner before he has said it ( you can change this in the settings but its still not fantastic )

Graphics have come on so much since WRC1 & 2, the cars look so much better along with the stages,
the cars handle very well & you have to really push to set any sort of good time, it took me 8 stages to even set a fastest time, you have to be inch perfect and fast.

it is a huge improvement but still got flaws.

Best rally game for along time though! and its not AMERICANISED! like dirt etc.
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on 16 March 2013
On the face of it, this game is not all that interesting, even to a motor sports fan. It doesn't look that great, particularly the scenery, and is a little one dimensional in terms of story line.
What needs to be done to get the best out of this game is to play it with a Fanatec steering wheel. I've now played this, Forza 4 and F1 2012 with my Fanatec CSR wheel and this game, by far, has the most impressive and engaging force feedback. You really do have to work hard, to the point that after a couple of hours playing yesterday I woke up with sore triceps this morning. Having to concentrate so hard to get the best out of the game means you don't notice the iffy backgrounds, or the awful dub step menu music (which can mercifully be switched off).
I doubt that this game would have too much to offer if playing it with a normal controller. In fact, if that's what you use, stick with Forza. If, however, you have a Fanatec wheel, or are tempted to get one, and are a racing game enthusiast, the combination of wheel and game is a very good one.
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on 2 February 2013
As a WRC/Rally fan who's played virtually every rally console game there is, WRC3 is not too bad all being but with a lot of flaws.

The Road To Glory Mode is just Milestone's version of the Dirt games, with some rally events & only 2 Super Special events, this compared to the previous games Road to the WRC mode, im sorry to say the Road to the WRC is way better.

With it's dirt like events which doesn't give you co-driver or visual direction, that really gripe me are:-

Gate Contest, where you have to race against the clock on rally stages to smash through gates which change colour at the very last second causing you to correct the car for the next correct gate and sometimes losing control and hitting the wrong gate which is like a brick wall.

Survival, where again you race against the clock trying to make it to the next repair checkpoint as your car is falling apart.

Top Rally, where again you race against the clock trying to make it to the end of the stage whilst trying to beat a helicopter, a training plane or a man on a hanglider (of all things)

Also, you can select a female co-driver in text only but there is no female co-driver voiceover & only a male co-driver voice over, even if you select a driver with a female co-driver it gives you the male voice even though on the website before it release it stated, featuring all new co-driver "VOICES"

The cars in the RTG mode pretty much all sound the same, with the annoying over-revving cow sound of an engine, which I found even more annoying when you got the reward upgrades as you progress through the mode.

The graphics are a big improvement on previous WRC titles, the official WRC mode is great along with the online multiplayer, but after spending the time to complete the RTG mode, I really wished I hadnt bothered now, but as there aint no other games really devoted to rally these days, this aint too bad if you avoid the RTG mode all-together.

But if there is gonna be a WRC4, whoever makes it should stick to what makes rally driving great, "Rally Driving" not this Dirt-esque crap that Ken Block does.


As in WRC2 Road to the WRC, you get to have a team and the PA's & Mechanics, and when you finally get to the last season where you get to choose which WRC team you want to drive for in the WRC season.

In WRC3 Road to glory you lose all that, you only compete as yourself to work your way past the other "Worlds Best Rookies" to get to compete in a "Final Showdown" SSS tournament with 7 Official WRC Drivers, and the annoying Female host to say "Congratulations, you've beaten the WRC Drivers, well done"
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on 19 October 2012
This game is a good solid rally game. It reminds me of the old Colin McRae games of ten years or so ago. Dont expect the razamataz and glitz of the Dirt series of games though. The menus are far more basic whithout any over the top style graphics or daft voice overs trying to be "all American dude" sounding.

The graphics are pretty good, not as polished as say Forza or Dirt, but they do the job well. I think the handling is more-or-less ok with the xbox controller, I havent tried the game with my wireless wheel yet though. I find the stages to be loads of fun, and was actually really pleased to see the old style "repair your car" in the alloted time feature. Sure it is basic and never going to win any awards but it works. The co-driver commentary does the job, if you have a hard shunt he does tend to repeat the same line though. The cars look great too, and there is a rewind function.

In a nut-shell, if you want a good solid all-out rally game check this out I was really suprised with how good it is, just remember it is not as "Glam" or as polished as Dirt and it isnt Forza.

A good effort and something for the developers to build on.
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on 26 December 2013
I've played this for maybe 10 hours so far and I have given it 5 stars, not because it is perfect but because it is:

* Truly excellent as a game
* I can't work out how they went from this to the comparatively dull & boring WRC4

Compared to the original 'WRC' game WRC 3 is the Starship Enterprise compared to Stevenson's Rocket. The replay graphics are NOT as good as Forza 4 but I drive 'in cockpit' all the time and they are certainly on a par with Dirt 3. The cars handle pretty much like cars do off road, they are not wholly uncontrollable like in the original WRC nor as totally 'wooden' and unresponsive as WRC 4.

Speaking of cars, in WRC 3 you have WRC, WRC 2, GRP N, Junior WRC, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and some others - the 80's being GRP B cars, the original Mini is in there somewhere as is a Peugeot 504! You can also download Africa for around £3.30 and the original mini for £0.65.

BUT what happened to all these cars in WRC 4!?? All you have there is WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 and WRC Junior.

As to the tracks - FAR superior in WRC 3. Argentina you can actually see the tracks!! Plus you have head to head races and the tracks are properly wide not the narrow 'toy town' affairs in WRC 4. The tracks on WRC3 are imo at least twice as good as WRC4.

You also have a game here in WRC 3 which like Dirt 3 allows you to build the cars as you go along getting points, whereas WRC 4 is fully built cars from the outset and there is simply the rallies to complete. Now although that is OK, it gets pretty old pretty fast.

Also in WRC 3 you can take snapshots and save them, not unfortunately upload them like with Forza but you can keep them for viewing in the game - this seems to have disappeared from WRC 4. Also WRC 4 has glitches such as the 'moving mirror' in one of the Australian stages, I have yet to find any similar issues in WRC 3

I consider myself very fortunate I bought WRC 4 two months BEFORE I was given WRC 3 for Xmas, because if I had played WRC 3 then gone to WRC 4, I would have been really, really disappointed.

No argument in my mind, WRC 3 is the one to buy.
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on 5 November 2012
Ive played the other 2 WRC, as much as they were okay severall things let them down, mainly the GFX were awful making it hard to stomach.

WRC 3 has some great graphics especially on the cars. Handling is good, reminds me of WRC playstation days of old!! I just want to say ive been using the Microsoft Speed Wheel, and frankly ths should endorse WRC 3, it really works well.

Better than DIrt? If you like traditional rallying it is. The ROAD TO GLORY mode has tried to steal ideas from dirt. Ive only just started playing it its okay.. I miss the team management from the last 2 wrc games, this one seems much more dumbed, down. Sponsors are only for visual purpose now and upgrades are just win & install type, not really much to think about. Pretty much works on a XP/rep points awards for unlocks, mechanic. Is okay i suppose, still has a nice livery editor. Also they have added Extreme events like smashing objects etc, at leat they didnt add gymkhaha!!!

But then theres just a full out WRC CHAMPIONSHIP mode, which will please all WRC fans, with damage and mechanic repairs.

I traded Forza Horizon for this and im glad i did.. i appreciate WRC games.. it hasnt all the spit n polish as DIRT or Forza but it still keeps your attention just as much.. Fighting the car with the speed wheel is the best thing ive done on a rally game!!!!

I do like WRC 3... Improvement to the game ...? There is a few issues/bugs, tiny ones, but nothing to spoil this rally rich game..

yea but its nearly there!!
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on 4 May 2014
So - I wanted a Rally game - and came to Amazon to see what the options were and read the reviews.
I opted for WRC 3 (but I also ordered WRC - {still waiting for it to arrive})
This game is not perfect (what is) - but it`s what you want and what you expect from a Rally Game.
Ive seen people compare this with Forza 3 and Forza 4- which in my opinion is palin daft; off road vehicles are not going to respond or behave like track racers - even I know that much (and what I know about car mechanics you could write on a pin head)
But the cars - you get a wide and diverse choice - are fantastic; look great - behave as you expect them to.
Control and stability and concentration are the main things you need to produce anything close to a decent stage time. Lets be clear; you can just start the Rally stage and crash bang your way round the track, so you will need to concentrate to so,me degree at least and take the game seriously. Listen to your co-driver - true - sometimes (in my case anyway) he tends to get too far ahead of me and I lose my focus) but once you master the basics and get more comfortable with how to drive the car and conrol the slides and drifts - you can pretty much keep pace with him. Ive been playing for about 6 hours and Im still very much a learner at this game - im trying to crack to code on how to best perform a hairpin turn. lol .(frustrating)

You can set the game to suit yourself pretty much. If you wanna win win win and dont wanna take this too seriously then choose the beginner setting; but if you want a really satisfying feeling when you know you have done the best you can in the car you drive on the track you seek to conquer - work your way up through the levels. It will be worthwhile, I promise you. Argentina? - it gets a bit dark in the trees - maybe I should adjust the lighting? - I had fin in Wales sliding on the mud on the pouring rain. Finland is pretty easy and Germany a challenge but mostly your driving on tarmac so its just a cse of judgement and control for the corners and chicanes etc.
All 13 Rally courses are here from 2011 (I think thats the year) - and Im told you can download at least one other (Africa) for a reasonable price.

Im giving it 4 stars; not because i have a gripe or find anything to criticise) but because Ive only just started to get to grips with it.and dont wanna be presumptuous. Truth to tell I like it - a LOT and heartily reccomend it to the Rally fan.

PS Maybe Ill revise this review later and add another star. Right now - its time for Portugal!
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