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on 15 January 2013
I bought this printer from a well known high street computer retailer. All I wanted was a basic printer that could print copy and scan and that could print good quality photos and was compatable with both my Mac and PC. It didn't matter to me how quickly it printed (as it was quite slow), as long as what it printed was good quality. Initially this printer lived up to my expectations, I was quite pleased. The only negative thing was it was supposed to be wireless (which it was) but when not used for more than 5 mins it would switch itself off automatically so when I wanted to print from a different room in the house wirelessly, I would have to go downstairs where the printer was to switch it on again which seemed to defeat the purpose of it being wireless! If a printer is switched on, it should stay on until I decide to switch it off.

Anyway little did I know there was worse to come....After the free cartridges that you get with the printer ran out I bought Genuine Epson Cartridges from the same store where I bought the printer from. The printer did not recognise the cartridges. It just kept coming up with one error message after another. After spending over an hour online with an Epson customer service representative, they confirmed the printer and not the cartridges were faulty and said I would have to take it to my nearest Epson repair centre. My nearest Epson repair centre wasn't 'near' at all, so I decided to take it straight back to the shop I had bought it from and they gave me a full refund. It is only since I have looked on Amazon I can see other people have had the same problem as me with it not recognising the ink cartridges. I have now been forced to buy a more expensive model of printer, so I went for the Epson XP 405 and so far so good. The printer's wireless facility stays on all the time and doesn't switch itself off when unused. What is also good about this printer is that it supports AirPrint so I can print directly wirelessly off my iPad Mini. I've also not had any problems printing wirelessly from either my PC or my Mac.
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on 14 January 2015
I bought this 2 years ago and have hardly ever used it. When the display ink ran out I bought official epson ink but for whatever reason it wouldn't recognise the black ink. Tried cleaning the green chip and the printer chip with a cloth but to no avail. The epson 'support' was as much use as a cat flap in an elephant house. My previous Lexmark printer which I had for years worked fine. I will never buy epson again and I advise people to stay away from epson completely.
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on 14 November 2012
I bought this printer because it was relatively cheap and other reviewers online seemed to like it. However, mine refused to load paper correctly - it would invariably crumple and cause a paper jam. The fifth time this happened, a small bit of paper got stuck behind this little barrier thing it has between the main cavity and the paper loading mechanism. I managed to work that piece out through a tiny slot with a very thin object, but the printer still said there was a paper jam. I called Epson about it, who confirmed there was no way to get past the barrier, told me to try turning it off and on again, and when that didn't work they said I was best off just returning it. Apparently they would have to send it to an engineer to fix it and since I'd bought it so recently, returning it was the quickest way.

So in summary: It may print well, but I can't comment on that because mine broke without ever successfully printing anything. This printer seems VERY easy to break - one paper jam can completely ruin it.
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on 7 July 2013
Everything that I wanted in a printer/scanner. Easy to operate and really good quality printing,small and compact so not a lot of room taken up.
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on 31 July 2013
Printer only a few months olde. Has stopped copying and printing. When i rang the helpline to obtain help, all he is was interested in was linking into my computer and going into my files without permission and telling me I had viruses on the computer and for a charge of around 210.00 one of their technicians would resolve it. He was not interested in helping me with the printer. Incidentally the call centre is not in the uk extreme difficulty in understanding the technician. I asked him to log off my computer immediately he did after i asked him several times and then had the cheek to tell me the printer problem was a hardware issue!! computer ok'ish service is rubbish. Provided your printer doesnt stop working you should be fine. If it does dont expect help from the call centre!!!!!
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on 16 January 2013
Printer absolutely refused to connect to my wi-fi, which is a powerful BT INfinity, even if set alongside! Ater hoursof struggling I gave up. As others reviewers said, it needs a cable to connect to computer, which is NOT supplied - very poor! Even if it had connected to the wi-fi I later discovered that it is not compatable with either an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4, which is what I had wanted it for! It would be helpful if it was made clear on the box what it would and not be compatable with, so that non-technophobes such as myself would not be so easily sucked in.
A poor bit of kit. My advice would be to avoid at all costs, unless you want to connect via cable, supply your own cable, and pay a lot for your printer ink!
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on 7 January 2013
Print quality very good as usual for Epson. Not cheap to run so only for limited home use. The scanner is very effective with good resolution. Cheaper inks now becoming available. I will review those separately when I have tried them out.
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on 26 May 2014
This printer is less than a month old and am completely regretting buying it. Firstly, it was not very easy to set up the wireless function, and the instructions are very poor.

Secondly, it doesn't have basic features like a sleep mode, which means that being a wireless printer, I have to leave it on 24/7, wasting so much electricity. Otherwise I have to switch it off and back on each time I want to print, which defeats the purpose of a wireless printer as I still have to walk to the printer each time.

Thirdly, it doesn't seem to have a resume function. When I run out of paper, or if I want to manually manage the paper feed, even though the instructions state that I should replace the paper and hit "Resume", there is no way to resume printing. Just doesn't work. So if I print a long document and run out of paper, or want to manually feed the printer, when I try to resume the print, the print job disappears and I have to restart the entire document from where I left off. I wasted tons of ink and paper doing this, and as a result prematurely ran out of ink.

Lastly, can't even change the ink cartridges. Followed instructions by opening the printer and pressing the low ink button. But instead of the print head moving to the centre and stopping, it runs to the far left, then moves quickly back to the far right, hiding itself so I can't reach the cartridges.

Called Epson, and now they say it's faulty and I have to trek to some remote part of the city to bring it in, which I can't because I am heavily pregnant and it will cost me more in transport, than what I paid for the printer. They said they can send a technician to my home, but I have to pay the equivalent of USD50!

I know you get what you pay for, but this is ridiculous. Canon's and HP's low end printers are the same price and I have used both brands for years without issue. I decided to give Epson a try and totally regret it.
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on 21 May 2013
Yes, you have read that right.

Contary to the advertisement, buy a printer cable or don't even bother with this one. Epson have really missed the point; you can't print & scan wirelessly once it's been installed, but you won't be able to install it without manually connecting it to your computer.

Oh yeah, does not coeme with a cable, so make sure you buy one. Generally quite a nice printer and scanner, but very disappointed with Epson.

No, I do not recommend this product.
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on 30 January 2014
I have now had this for one year so feel I have the necessary longevity to write a review, and I certainly have the scars to do so.

1. It rarely allows your computer to connect to it. You can try the turn on and off, connect, disconnect. It will only print for you if it is the third Monday of the eleventh month between the hours of 8am and 8.01am, apparently.

2. It turns itself off, so if you keep it upstairs out of the way and want to print, you have to go upstairs, turn it on, wait for it to find wi-fi, turn your computer on and off, then give up as it still won't print after repeating this process three times.

3. On the rare occasions that it has printed I have run around the house in a fit of hysteria due to the sheer amazement that it has done the job I bought it for. In this day and age it really shouldn't be this hard

I cannot say this any stronger: I urge you to save yourself hours of frustration, cussing, cursing, jumping up and down and promising yourself never to buy another Epson product again.

I have done that enough for the both of us, so please buy yourself a printer that works, not this one.
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