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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2017
“Lincoln” is set in the last 4 months of the President`s life and covers the struggle to pass the 13th amendment to abolish slavery for good before the end of the Civil War.

There is an eloquent explanation given by Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) near the beginning of the film which clarifies the political and legal dilemma faced by the abolitionists; the remainder of the film sees the process by which Lincoln and his supporters build cross-party agreement and individual support from “lame ducks” (politicians who have lost their seats, but are still in office till their successors take over).
The period detail is fascinating and the depiction of events seem very accurate – at least to my own knowledge anyway. UK viewers are perhaps at a disadvantage as American history isn`t generally given much coverage in our education system, but the drama and political horse-trading should provide enough story to engage most viewers.
The cinematography is beautiful and evocative; rather sombre in colour-range reflecting the period, lamp-lit interiors and the background of relentless war.
The cast is superb.
One of the finest historical films I've had the pleasure of watching, this held me for all it's near 2 ½ hours; it could well be Spielberg`s masterpiece – certainly one of his best films.

The UK DVD release has two extras; a short “making of “ documentary at just under 9 minutes and “Crafting the Past” a look at the costume, set design and period detailing of the film.
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on 15 April 2017
Superb acting, casting, direction, costume and set design. There's nothing remotely showy or flashy about this, just pure class. This isn't for everyone, it's very heavy on legal and political wrangling, and feels a little more like a play than a film at times, with no establishing shots, and very little quick cutting during various scenes.
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on 27 August 2016
Excellent film about Lincolns last 4 months of his life and his efforts - and those of many others in his party- to get the 13th Amendment passed and bring the end to both Slavery and also to the American Civil War. The screenwriter was Tony Kushner and Steven Spielberg Director and Producer used only a 70 page extract from what he wrote in making the film.There were a host of stars, known faces and character actors in the cast apart from D.Day-Lewis. Sally Field played Mary Todd his wife, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn. Rick Carter the Production Designer and Jim Ericson wwere exhaustive in their efforts to get things perfect, even down to the colour of wallpaper! The film was made in-part from the book 'Team of Rivals' by Doris Kearns Goodwin.Maybe for some there just wasn't enough 'blood and guts' and action but the acting was top drawer and it was an extremely good film AND history lesson.
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on 25 June 2015
What an interesting man Abraham Lincoln was! This film is one of the best historical films that is a true story, though slightly a bit too long for me. Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as Abraham Lincoln with his kind eyes and gentle nature, yet incredibly astute judgement. His ability to convey a principle by an illustrative story is amusing. Abraham's sense of humour shows when he told the story about his visit to London; upon needing the loo, he saw a picture of George Washington on the wall nearby. Why put the picture THERE? He jokes: “Nothing makes an Englishman s*** quicker when seeing that picture!” The script is excellent with its eloquent phrases, especially the insults and putdowns in the Congress Hall. Tommy Lee Jones excels as the Senator with the most acerbic, yet amusing wit, able to show anyone look a fool they really are, quite enjoyable banter. This film shows the grim reality of war in general, more specifically the American Civil War during 1865, with Negroes’ fighting for freedom in 19th century North America, and Lincoln creating the 13th Amendment to end this bloodshed. War is a glorified form of murder bent by man's political stupidity. Well made, and evokes strong emotions of justice and fairness.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 12 June 2013
The fight to pass the 13th Amendment.....................
a remarkable and intense account of 'Lincoln's' determination to abolish
slavery in the Southern States.
Not only has he to find a way of convincing 20 members of the Democrat party,
he also has many within his own ranks to convince.
Four million slaves await for outcome of the vote.
agreement will hasten the conclusion of hostility paving the way to reunite
the states.
All men are created equal.........????
'Steven Spielberg' again delivers quality as he has over and over again down
the years, along with a mesmerising performance by 'Daniel Day-Lewis'
The film has many outstanding performances on board in this powerful drama,
another 'Spielberg' classic surely.
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on 12 July 2013
Lincoln is a 2012 American epic historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as United States President Abraham Lincoln and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.[5] The screenplay by Tony Kushner was based in part on Doris Kearns Goodwin's biography Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, and covers the final four months of Lincoln's life, focusing on the President's efforts in January 1865 to have the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution passed by the United States House of Representatives.
The film was produced by Spielberg and frequent collaborator Kathleen Kennedy, through their respective production companies, Amblin Entertainment and the Kennedy/Marshall Company. Filming began October 17, 2011,[6] and ended on December 19, 2011.[7] Lincoln premiered on October 8, 2012 at the New York Film Festival. The film was co-produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Participant Media, and released theatrically by Touchstone Pictures in the United States on November 9, 2012.[8] The film was released on January 25, 2013, in the United Kingdom, with distribution in international territories by 20th Century Fox.[9]
Lincoln received widespread critical acclaim, with major praise directed to the acting, especially Day-Lewis' performance, as well as the direction and production merits. In December 2012, the film was nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards including Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director for Spielberg and winning Best Actor (Motion Picture – Drama) for Day-Lewis. At the 85th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for 12 Academy Awards including Best Picture; it won for Best Production Design and Best Actor for Day-Lewis.[10] The film was also a commercial success, having grossed more than $275 million at the box office
Lincoln received worldwide critical acclaim. The cast was notably lauded, especially Day-Lewis, Field, and Jones. The film currently holds a 90% approval rating on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 242 reviews with an average rating of 8/10,[63] with the critical consensus "Daniel Day-Lewis characteristically delivers in this witty, dignified portrait that immerses the audience in its world and entertains even as it informs." On Metacritic, which assigns a rating out of 100 based on reviews from critics, the film has a score of 86 (out of 100) based on 44 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim", thus making it Spielberg's highest rated film on the site since Saving Private Ryan.
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on 15 June 2013
Lincoln is a masterpiece of a film. Based in part on the book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (Thorndike Press Large Print Nonfiction Series) the film covers just a small amount of time covering President Abraham Lincoln's attempt to pass the 13th Amendment (banning Slavery) through the US Congress whilst the country is coming to the end of a bloody Civil War.

Much talk has been made of Daniel Day-Lewis award winning portrayal of Mr Lincoln and the hype is well founded as you forget your watching an actor in the film Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln. Not to be forgotten also in this film are the excellent parts played by Tommy Lee-Jones, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jared Harris.

I really enjoyed Lincoln and would recommend the film to anyone with a love of History, Drama and Cinema. I would also recommend these similar Films/TV shows John Adams - The Complete HBO Series [DVD]Amistad [DVD]Ken Burns - The Civil War Commemorative Edition [DVD] and The West Wing - Complete Season 1-7 [DVD]
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on 31 January 2016
I've just recently watched this film and wasn't that impressed although the acting was good. The ending could have been better as oppose to leaving an epitaph. I would have liked it to continue for another 20 minutes in order to round off the story. I was left feeling that I had been cheated. It was an abrupt end to a historical event. I bought it because it received rave reviews but I think the reviews were over stated. They do this with certain films and then you're left thinking 'what was all the hype about'?
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on 5 June 2016
lincoln always stood by his convictions and was never swayed by anyone. when he was a young man in 1831 hewas employed to help take goodsby boat to new orleans wher he saw negroes working as slaves for white masters. so this made him in later life fight for their rights.a compelling watch and daniel day lewis is astonishing in the main role.
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on 21 May 2017
A very good film although a bit dark during indoor scenes. I suppose this made it more authentic. Daniel Day-Lewis was an excellent Lincoln.
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