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on 31 December 2014
Before I watched this movie, the only thing I knew about Jennifer Lawrence was that she was in X-Men First Class so when I read the synopsis I approached this film a little warily. It isn't an easy movie to watch and the main characters are deeply flawed. Lawrence's character in particular is pretty obnoxious to start but I'm glad I stuck with it. It proved to be to be of the most intense films I have ever experienced. Jennifer Lawrence's performance is nothing short of incredible, a word I don't use lightly as it is very overused. Having watched her in over a dozen films of differing genres I have no hesitation in saying she is proving to be one of the most versatile actresses of this generation and totally worthy of her academy award.
I would recommend this title to anyone wanting a little more meat in their movies than the usual Hollywood fluff.
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on 27 August 2015
I'm not a Rom-Com fan. I find the comedy lightweight, the stories fluffy & the outcome is always predictable. But this is an exception. The story is predictable, but the performances & the comedy are top notch. There's a real air of charm from every character, who all appear to have hang-ups of some sort (don't we all). But I ended up warming to them all & it's not just the two leads who steal the show - the phenomenal cast are all on their game here.

And Robert De Nero has finally appeared in a decent movie turning in a great performance, considering the poor choices & some of the rubbish he's appeared in from recent years.

A film to be seen & even if you're not a Rom-Com fan, this stands head & shoulders above all the others. I loved it!
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on 9 February 2016
Putting aside the cod psychology and shouty acting when more than 2 people were together in a confined space, this was hard work.Hugely overrated, overacted, with a blindingly obvious ending, the only saving grace was the occasional humorous moment. Jennifer Lawrence seriously got an Oscar? For what? Loud mouth shouty stuff, a bit of dancing by numbers, looking nice. That's not enough. Bradley Cooper was OK, but not that great. Robert de Nero was doing a lot of what he's done a lot of now he's stopped proper acting. I've only given this an extra star to make it 3 because it looked quite good. Overall, not too impressed.
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on 11 March 2015
This was a film I had very little interest in. In fact I probably went out of my way to not see it. It had a plot which didn't interest me and a cast which I wasn't overly bothered about. How wrong was I? When this finally fell on my lap and left with little else to do but to stick it in the player I was pleasently surprised.

Silver Linings Playbook is a bright, sweet and genuinely funny movie. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are an absolute blast and carry this film superbly. The story is engaging and witty and has the right amount of sentiment balanced with laughs.

Tackling a sensitive subject with such skill Silver Linings really is a joyful experience. Well worth a watch if you missed it.
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on 2 August 2017
This movie is the funniest I have seen in ages. The humour is so sharp with references throughout to other films such as Pulp Fiction, ( the cafe and dance sequences) and Analyse That. Two basically sane people act out what it is to be nuts in a leafly, American suburb where nothing much happens.
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on 2 April 2013
After his release from a psychiatric unit in 'baltimore' 'Pat Solatono'
(Bradley Cooper)
has to come to terms with life's reality's, his wife has moved away, he
has no job and no home, finding himself living at home with his parents.
'Pat' has problems controlling his temperament, the slightest ripple can
trigger melt-down.
A friend introduces him to 'Tiffany'(Jennifer Lawrence) an attractive young
lady with problems of her own, along with plenty of attitude.
'Tiffany' soon picks up on 'Pat's' remaining hang-up for his wife and
offers him a deal to reconnect contact for him if he agrees to partner her
for a dance contest.
There is an obvious attraction between the two but both have volatile personality's,
can they overcome past history to nurture the obvious chemistry that exists between
'pat's' father an avid 'Philadelphia eagles' fan places a duel bet on his team
and the score 'tiffany' and 'pat' achieve in the dance contest.
great cast list, enjoyable watch.....simply a nice film.
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on 3 April 2014
Seeing such diverse reviews I decided to approach this from the watch and see point. I think that was in hindsight a wise decision because rarely did this film make me laugh. As a romantic drama though it worked quite well.

Did it deserve Oscars etc? Who cares. Having seen so much drivel get awards over the years my thoughts were why not this.

Did Jennifer Laurence deserve her Oscar? Yet again why not. She comes across in real life as a bit of a screwball so it is nice to have a loop fruit winning something for a change rather than the ultra stuffy corpses they wheel out at such events. Besides her post Oscar interview was a laugh.

Try it and as I have said do not look on it as a comedy. American comedy seems to have largely vanished down that cesspit of good sense and returned to the evil days when it was just dire, Rhona, Taxi, My two dads, and the list of mindless awfulness which persuaded me to not watch broadcast television. isi
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on 23 April 2013
Of all the films released in Australia over the Christmas/New Year period, the one that stood out for me as the best was Silver Linings,a remarkable, wordy, well written,well directed film noir I've seen in a long time. The performances of Bradley Cooper,and Jennifer Lawrence as the two leads was a mixture of fast,snappy, dialogue, incredible sensitivity (especially by Ms Lawrence) and the emotional ups and downs that comes with being bi-polar in a world that simply doesn't understand.
Lawrence was only 22 when she made this film and then won the Academy Award as Best Actress. Her youth belies an incredible talent - rarely seen in one so young. Perhaps only Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth 1st and Kate Winslet's early work when a younger actress would be the only comparisons I could make.
A tour de force indeed.
Bradley Cooper is another fine American actor who seems to get better with each new project he undertakes. His performance as Pat, the bi-polar patent released from hospital after his mother arrives to take him home, is fraught with anger, frustration, vulnerability, grief at his broken marriage, living back at home with his parents (brilliantly played by Jackie Weaver and Robert de Niro) in an atmosphere of being smothered and dealing with de Niro's own crazy attention seeking ways.
Like all the Baby Boomers of my generation, Robert de Niro was a hugely popular actor with a string a great film roles to his credit, (his combination with Martin Scorcese brought the best out of both of them). Then he went into some kind of decline where he appeared to have lost his edge and seemed to sleep walk through some roles. Whatever caused the decline has now well and truly gone - and for some time the great de Niro has been back. Nothing verifies this more than his magnificent portrayal of a man who is obsessed with gambling - on sport, on anything - even on his son scoring around 50% of the total score needed to win a local dance competition. de Niro's character is as damaged as his son's, with extreme highs and lows - a need to communicate with a son he doesn't know any more and a desperation to find the hook that will make them close friends again.
The hook turns out to be the huge bet he places with an old rival on the outcome of the dancing competition. He doesn't believe his son will win,as he is coming up against professionals. So he he enters a bet whereby Pat must score exactly exactly 50 points total from the judging panel for his dad to win big.
The overjoyed reaction of the family and their friends when Pat achieves that exact amount is extremely amusing - after all, he and his partner have probably the lowest score. Judges and other competitors watch on bewildered as the family celebrates.
This was a de Niro performance that could very easily have won him the Best Supporting Actor Oscar - he is outstanding in Silver Linings. It was good to see Jackie Weaver - a tour de force in Australian theatre for many decades - playing the minor role as Pat's mum. And I hope to see more of her in films that give her great talent more scope, in the near future.
Jennifer Lawrence's character is the love interest for Pat (Brad Cooper), as bit by bit we see his sense of self worth and confidence returning thanks to her support, and despite her own psychiatric problems. Theirs is a stormy union that eventually finds itself in calmer waters. A must see film.
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on 16 May 2013
This film was recomended to me by a very close friend who has experience in the field of Bi-polar illness, she explained that the film was as close to reality that it is possible to get without actually making a documantary featuring bi-polar patients.
Having watched this film twice now I beleive I have to agree whole heartedly with her, this is a very powerful film sensitively directed by David O. Russell and suberbly acted by the two lead characters Bradley Cooper (Pat) and Jennifer Lawrence (Tiffany)
It is an amazing film and well worth watching. this film has gone straight in to my permanent collection.
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on 13 April 2013
I always put off watching films with alot of hype around them as they often fall short and leave me disappointed, this film was definitely not one of them.
The story does take a while to get going but I slowly came to love the characters and understand them and by the end, I wanted to watch it all over again. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are fabulous in this and have such great chemistry but one person who isn't mentioned much is Robert De Niro, I didn't even know he was in it but he plays the father of Bradley's character and he is amazing to watch.
This film isn't your usual sugar coated Hollywood fare, it's an emotional journey which highlights mental health problems and leaves you thinking about it afterwards, a perfectly formed masterpiece in my opinion.
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