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on 11 January 2013
Bought this as a stop-gap when old fridge broke down and new kitchen installation due in a couple of months. Designed as a hotel mini bar but looks good and well made, is very quiet and has room for day to day essentials. With careful packing can get quite a lot in it. The racks in the door are narrow (designed for miniatures!). Main compartment just about wide enough (but not deep enough)to lay a wine bottle flat. Would suit student flats, bedsits, workplaces etc....
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on 18 July 2013
I purchased one of these to take camping due to the fact that the more portable fridges I have previously used do not seem to have the power to keep things cold in the tent. So far on the three occasions I have used this fridge it has been perfect. The temperature in the tent on the last trip was extremely hot yet everything in the fridge was cold. I am not sure in the long run how detrimental moving this fridge about and using it such extreme temperatures will be but at the moment I cannot fault it.

Storage room inside is plenty for a family of four. Enough room to fit a bottle of wine if laid down flat on the shelf. The usual flap on the inside of the door where you would put your milk is not wide enough for any normal size bottle but you can squeeze a few flatter items in. I am looking at the picture on Amazon that shows four bottles on the bottom shelf and I am not sure how they have achieved this.

I am glad I opted for the 40 litre one rather than anything smaller. The trade off in terms of the space it takes up in the car compared to the space inside the fridge is about right.

Update 19 July 2013
After posting the review above I received a call thanking me for my positive feedback which was a nice touch. In addition to this I was informed that the storage in the door (which I usually use for milk) is in fact adjustable. So on my return home I had a quick look and found that you can indeed adjust the shelf in the door to make it wider and low and behold it can fit a wine bottle or a carton of milk. So, the picture on Amazon is entirely accurate. I assume if I had taken a moment to actually read the instructions that came with the fridge I would have found this out for myself but being a man I clearly have no need for instructions!

So, still a five stars purchase and if I could award an extra star for excellent customer service I would.
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on 8 April 2017
This is a great little 'fridge for our small office. We did have a beer cooler before, which was better than s cool box ;-) but this keeps milk and other perishables much better. A 2-pinter fits in the door, 4 goes in the main body of the cabinet but we can still fit one shelf in the top slot with that, which suits us perfectly.

I wouldn't describe it as silent, as you can hear the fans sometimes, but because it uses a solid-state cooler you don't hear the gurgling and, oftentimes, buzzing that is associated with a compressor.
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on 27 June 2015
Bought this for Hubby for Fathers Day to keep his wine chilled & he loves it.
Sleek & unobtrusive sat on an open wall unit in the living room & discreet enough that he didn't even notice it the whole evening ( or is that just men for you).
He's taken the shelves out & just stacks the wine in there. Uses the door shelves for mini coke bottles.
Great buy. Much better than wine coolers which really don't work that well.
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on 19 June 2017
I bought this fridge 2 years ago, and have never had a moment of problems with it.
it's quiet, reliable but mostly - it's COLD :)
I can get so much stuff in it if I pack it well, and everything is kept beautifully fresh. The temperature is adjustable so you can have a range from cool to really cold. It's in my bedroom and, although it can be heard if I really listen for it, it has never disturbed me.
I recommend it unreservedly :)
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on 11 February 2015
A very good fridge; we have it in our works office and it does everything we ask of it and takes up minimal space; top marks.
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on 26 March 2017
Does what it says. Good Quality
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on 4 September 2015
I bought this fridge to replace my previous Caldura 17 litre fridge (which I've reviewed elsewhere on Amazon) which had served me well for the last couple of years, but I was finding that I was needing more space to store my drinks and a few snacks as well.

Initially, I was going to settle on the Caldura 40 litre silent fridge rather than this one on the basis that it would be completely quiet. After looking up the internal dimensions on the Savers UK website I decided on this fridge instead as it seemed that the silent version loses a fair amount of space in the upper part of the fridge for the cooling pipes, which this one doesn't.

The fridge arrived within two days or ordering and was easy to set up. There was some minor denting to the rear-bottom of the fridge where the rear protective grille had been screwed into place but nothing to warrant considering a return. The thermostat is on the back with six settings (0=Off - 5=Coldest), and in testing (unfilled, only the shelving in place and a temperature probe attached to one of the door shelves)I set this to 4,
expecting the temperature to drop to around 5C over the course of three to four hours (the manual states that the thermostat is adjustable from 10C - 4C) but I was surprised to see the temperature dropping to just above 2C in the space of two hours. Powerful cooling performance indeed!

In regular use, I set the fridge up properly, allowed it to drop down to the desired temperature (3C) before loading it with cans of Coke and Guinness. In total it took around six hours to properly chill my drinks (2 hours to get the fridge down to 3C and then a further four hours after loading to chill the drinks - about the same as a compressor-cooled fridge), but the rear fan speed remained constant for another six hours after that before slowing down to a whisper (and long after the heat piping on the back had shed its heat), which might be something you may want to bear in mind if using in a bedroom. An added nice touch is the fans cutting out when the fridge door is opened, reducing the chance of warm air being sucked inside (a minor gripe I had with the 17L version where the internal fan was constantly running with the door open!)

After a few days' use I started noticing the fans shutting off suddenly for what I had believed to be long periods of time and a rise in temperature to around 5C. Suspecting a fault with the unit, I emailed Savers UK who informed me that this fridge has an undocumented auto-defrost system that shuts the fans and thermoelectric module off for half an hour, once a day to prevent freezing. However this auto-defrost system should not also have caused a rapid rise in temperature like I was getting. I checked the door seal, only to discover that some of the polystyrene from the packaging had somehow got stuck to the seal, effectively leaving a sizeable gap allowing warm air in. Needless to say, removing this and cleaning the seal eradicated this problem and now the temperature rise is barely 0.2C for the half-hour period where the auto-defrost kicks in.

In terms of performance, I am very happy with this fridge. For drinks it is perfect, and where I had reservations with the 17L model for using it to store perishables like milk and food, I have no such reservations here. There are a couple of minor niggles however:

Firstly it may be worth pointing out that there are only two fans and not three as the product descriptions says: One on the back directly cooling the closed-loop heat pipe system and an internal fan blowing air towards the cold sink. The original specification may have had two rear fans but the fridge I have only has the one fan. Theoretically, this should mean the fridge is quieter but unfortunately it has a tendency of emitting a buzzing sound which some people may find annoying as it seems the fan is having to work harder than it would've done if there was a second fan working with it. Fortunately this sound can usually only be heard shortly after the fridge door has been opened or whenever it is restocked.

Secondly, the manual makes no mention on how to adjust the feet to balance the fridge, or indeed how to flip the hinges around if I wanted them on the left rather than the right. Only the front feet can be adjusted, and you will find that the fridge is unbalanced when you first set it up because the bottom hinge actually sits between the foot and the unit meaning the foot sticks out slightly further. However adjusting the left foot (and vice versa if swapping the hinges around) is as easy as unscrewing it slightly until the fridge is balanced.

Finally, the fridge clearly goes a lot colder than the manual suggests and it was a little fiddly getting the thermostat setting right. On the coldest setting, the temperature bottomed out a 1C before the cooling system shut off. You really do not need to set the thermostat any lower than 3 or 3.5 for normal use and it won't drive the fans as hard either.

Also worth mentioning as it seems to be confusing some people is the presence of the r600a refrigerant used in the heat pipe. This is the same refrigerant used in compressor systems (and certainly explains why the cooling performance is so good in this fridge), however as there is not enough of it (only 25g) in this fridge to condense into a liquid state, which means that the gas does not need to settle prior to the fridge being used.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this fridge!
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on 12 November 2013
First class delivery and so prompt! The mini fridge is just what we wanted and works well! Couldn't be more pleased and no hassles at all!
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on 12 April 2014
I spent a long time researching which fridge to buy for my bedroom and almost bought a Husky, but eventually settled on this. Delivered promptly and very well packaged. Looks good and is spacious inside. I have it set on 3 and that keeps my drinks very well chilled. A superb buy. Thoroughly recommended.
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