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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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I really enjoyed this book. It follows a well-worn path with lots of originality and humour. Julia's husband admits that he has been unfaithful after walking a neighbour back from a meeting at their house. Julia is horrified, hurt and angry but that is nothing to her fury when he confesses that it is the second time that it has happened. She throws him out and starts to rebuild her life with varied success.

She recognises that despite the feelings of anger and betrayal she is ambivalent about her feelings, because there are good points about being single as well as bad. She gets an opportunity to extend her work as a freelance photographer which complicates her life but really boosts her self-esteem.

This book looks at quite major questions in a very gentle way - love - betrayal - fidelity - loyalty - without ducking the issues, but the touch is light and funny. Things happen to Julia that don't very often happen to recently betrayed wives, but the writer's skill is such that these events seem quite normal and don't jar.

It's a good story with likeable and credible characters. It involves you, makes you laugh and leaves you in a good mood.
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on 22 October 2000
Finally! A book about the perils, trials, tribulations and eventual success of a single women - one with a heroine who is intelligent, and not some lost petite thing in a nothing job in London. I loved Bridget Jones and similar, but liked Julia more: she's gutsy, honest and a "pull your socks up and get on with it even though life can suck" kind of woman. She's not invincible, but then none of us are, and that's what I loved. Definately a laugh out loud read. At one point others requested I leave the room while I was reading the book! Can't wait for more.
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on 17 September 2000
One that is great to read over a weekend. You can relate to many of the characters and only hope that you would have as much fun and ignore the children in the same situation. Loved the lists and the relationship with Julia's teacher ! It's only problem was that when reading it in company of others, it's annoying for them when you keep laughing out loud. It's not often that I do that with a book
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on 6 September 2000
That's what this book has - in gallons. It dashes along at a frenetic rate (rather like Lynne, herself) so by the end, you feel it has whizzed past you in a blur - exactly as you suspect Julia, the heroine, must feel herself about what happens to her in the novel. Economy of words, no doubt learn as a result of honing the many magazine stories Lynne has had published, gives the book an in-your-face feel - we are never distracted from the action by huge passages of descriptions of scenery which is totally right for this book. The whole story is told from Julia's viewpoint, the reader is right inside her head - and, for the most part, scenery passes her by and so it must pass us by too. This style evokes total empathy with Julia and the reader cannot help but care what happens to her. The end is worthy of any twist in the tale story - kept right to the last sentence... turning all the readers assumptions on their heads. If you're looking for a fast, furious and fun read - this is it!
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on 9 August 2000
This is a novel about love, death, redemption, the costs and joys of parenthood, and reclaiming one's inner, scratch that drivel......this is a book about Cardiff, Croydon, Sainsbury's, offal, forgetting to act one's age, and coming out, and for every woman who has ever dreamed of being that rock star groupie ushered into the inner sanctums of arenas and music festivals, VIP tags flapping. Oh, and for anyone who has ever spent an hour/evening/weekend/lifetime saying "yes, mum" absently while their mind was completely engaged elsewhere. Except that you don't need to know anything about any of these to enjoy this totally brilliant and engaging book. Julia's new life and exploits are so entirely fabulous and MEGA, but yet so utterly believable, that we can all live vicariously through her while feeling throughout just the tiniest bit sorry for poor deluded Richard. I read most of this on the porch in sunny San Diego, G&T (OK, several) in hand, and was transported back home to the UK in a moment. A totally fresh voice and one of the funniest books I've read in a long time; Julia Potter will be with me for quite a while. Not advisable for those who should be doing the washing/making packed lunches/doing the ironing/darning socks/cleaning the loo, unless you can get an au pair in for a day or two. Hence, the perfect holiday read.
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on 8 October 2016
I found this a bit hard going at first. Twas probably only my stubbornness about finishing what I'd started that made me rattle on. However, at some point, probably round about half way through, I didn't think it was such a slog & dare I say, started to wonder how it would actually pan out. Overall an ok book.
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on 9 October 2000
It's hard to believe this is a debut novel. Lynne Barrett-Lee arrives on the scene with a female narrative voice as strong and idiosyncratic as Nick Hornby's is for the other sex - only much funnier. A wildly comic book, with a plot whose breakneck speed is never slowed by the dozens of sly observations upon modern suburban life and relationships which pepper the way, Julia Gets A Life will appeal to any woman who's ever been let down by a man. Julia is an endearing heroine who not only gets a life, but her own back too, and manages to fulfil every fortyish woman's favourite sexual fantasy into the bargain. A book which actually deserves that over-used word, unputdownable. I read it in two sittings and can't wait for Barrett-Lee's next, she's a major new talent.
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on 12 August 2012
A great story with very believable characters. Julia is quite humourous and has a lot of realistic moments i'm sure many women could relate to. I was lucky enough to pick this up as a free read but would have been happy to pay for it, will be reading more from this author definately :)
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on 6 October 2012
This book it okay, it passed the time BUT the ending is awful - in essence fine for your husband to have an affair he just shouldn't tell you about it - very disappointing!
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on 3 June 2014
I have enjoyed a few of this author's books now, they are light hearted and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny; this one no exception. I won't recount the story, as this review is just my opinion, but it lived up to my modest expectations and I would recommend it. Lynne Barrett-Lee's characters tend to follow a pattern, always in the first person, being a leading lady who has separated from her (usually cheating) husband and launches herself onto a single path of rediscovery, with all that that entails. She always has a mother who many of us will recognise, and children, usually older / teenagers, who are also well drawn. In this instance I didn't connect with her 'romance', but nevertheless I enjoyed the book, and for the money, heartily recommend.
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