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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2007
you have to hand it to victoria wood - she seems to be able to do no wrong.

this t.v. film is probably the best thing she has done yet. it's the story of two sisters who are thrown together again after several years apart. the trouble is they now seem to have very little in common with each other. they discover that through their mutual bond - their mother - blood really is thicker than water (to use that tired old cliche).

the casting is wonderful. victoria wood as the chip frying motorway service station cook, julia walters the glamourpuss soap star, celia imrie the panicking stressed out and pregnant p.a., duncan preston as margaret's slow boyfriend. even hailey the transexual from "corrie" makes an appearance stirring mince. however, the undoubted star is thora hird. she steals every scene she is in. the crowning moment of the show is when she discovers her son and margaret have had a sex life: "not on the eiderdown!" she gasps.

buy this. a pity it had to wait so long, but good things come to all who wait etc. five stars well earned.
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on 21 April 2007
This is why she is marvellous. This 90 minute film is one of the BEST things she's ever done. It has everything wonderful about her writing in it and a great original story.

It was unbelievable that it was forst screened as part of a series of BBC1 dramas on a Sunday evening. This was her first dabble in doing a feature length story for the TV screen and it is wonderful.

Victoria plays Margaret - who works at a service station. The girls she works with take her to a TV show called Magic Moments - which is abit like Surprise Surprise.

At the same time international soap star Pat has come all the way from America (played by Julie Walters) - to go on a TV show to advertise her book.

Little do both of them know the real reason why they both appear on Magic Moments. And when they do - both their lives are never the same again.

This tackles a clash of classes - it tackles the past that always comes back at you, theres some sad moments, some hilarious moments and Thora Hird has been given some wonderful lines!

This is truly faultless. Caroline Ahearne was inspired by this piece of work. If Victoria Wood is remembered for Acorn Antiques, then she should also be remembered for this. It is amazing.
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so funny...and pure class by Victoria and Julie!!!

Sure you know the story.....!!!

The dvd is quite hard to find BUT!!! look at the Victoria Wood Complete dvd collection....although it doesn't say is included along with acorn antiques, the Victoria wood as seen on tv and 3 other dvds!!!

best wishes!!!
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on 27 January 2009
This little gem easily rises above its "made for TV" origins. Taking what could have been a very cheesy idea (two long lost sisters, one a motorway waitress, the other a glamorous soap opera star), Victoria Wood's skillful script delivers a highly enjoyable and very classy movie.

Wood is lovable as the frumpy, big-hearted but somewhat downtrodden waitress Margaret. Her frequent comedy partner Walters expertly humanises the soapie actress part which, in lesser hands, could have been played as far too brittle; Walters makes her likeable but does not compromise the character's toughness that is the root of her drive and success. These two leads do a masterful jobs, but the real key to the success of this lovely film is the fantastic supporting performers - Celia Imrie as the actress's harried assistant, Duncan Preston as the waitress's weak-willed but kind boyfriend, the wonderful Thora Hird as his mother, Deborah Grant as a dogged tabloid journo, Lynda Rooke as Woods's pal, and Shirley Stelfox as the sisters' rough survivor of a mother (a world away from Edna of 'Emmerdale'!)- all are excellent, and all are given great material to work with and run with it.

This is a film that rewards repeated viewings. It is fun, touching and charming - and none of that in any sort of mawkish way at all!

A wonderful addition to any DVD library.
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on 26 May 2007
Pat Bedford (Julie Walters) is the top US soap star arriving in her native Britain to promote her latest book on the chat show 'Magic Moments'. Little does she know that the producers have their very own 'magic moment' lined up for her - a surprise (shock!) reunion with the sister she has not seen for nearly 30 years - Margaret Mottesham (Victoria Woods) is in the audience with her pals from the motorway service station. Pat's horror at being confronted, live, with a frumpy, lower class sister with a bad perm, continues as she is co-erced by dippy (and pregnant) PA Clare (Celia Imrie) into moving her sister into her hotel to do photo spreads for magazines and interviews.

Margaret, meanwhile, is unable to get a message to her work mates - who think she has abandoned them for the high life - or her boyfriend, dyslexic Jim who lives with his tyrant of a Mother (Thora Hird).

When a nosey columnist begins to look for Vera, the mother of the girls, Pat and Margaret join forces to find her first and prevent more revelations hitting the front pages. A warm, witty and sentimental story, packed with Victoria Wood's cracking one liners, this is a must for all her fans. Thora Hird gives one of her best performances as Jim's blunt Mother.

"They did not have dyslexia when he was at school. You were just sat at back of class with raffia". Classic.

I knocked off one star in my review because the sound is not great in some parts of the dvd - the background music drowns out the speech in the opening shots - but this is a small quibble and should not prevent those wanting a good film for a night in from treating themselves to a BBC gem.

Why so long to release it, BBC? 1994 it was made - shame on you!
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on 15 October 2007
Like the rest of you,I have waited a lo-o-o-ng
time for this movie to come to dvd.I was sick and
tired of watching my burned vhs to dvd copy.
The picture quality isn't top of the line but
it beats what I was watching.As one reviewer
stated,some of the dialogue is very hard to
hear because of the music in the background.
However this happens in only a couple of spots.
I gave this movie 5 stars simply because of the
acting and the storyline.
Anything that Julie Walters stars in is sure to
be an example of brilliant acting and in this
movie she again as usual is cream of the crop.
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on 1 August 2003
'Pat and Margaret' stars Victoria Wood and Julie Walters. This video is now one of the rarest Victoria Wood videos. You can expect to pay high prices for it on online auctions and second-hand video specialists.
If you find a copy, Buy it. Its well worth the money.
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on 2 November 2014
Truly love this film and so glad that I was finally able to get hold of a copy. Victoria Wood is a genius. All her favourite actors are cast and they do full credit to her writing skills. Thora Hird in a small role almost steals the show. "They didn't have dyslexia then, you were sat at the back with raffia". Brilliant piece of comedy delivery. Julie Walters' versatility as an actress is breath-taking. If you haven't seen it, buy it.
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on 8 February 2015
I remember this when it was originally shown and I've always wanted to see it again. Victoria Wood and Julie Walters are always good, Thora Hird is excellent and Duncan Preston and Shirley Stelfox are good too. Really nice story.
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on 21 January 2014
Sound and visual quality not the best. The BBC not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to preserving their programmes. Still its OK and still entertaining. Wood has always had a sharp wit, pity she didn't write more stuff. Would have liked to see her version of Calendar Girls.
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