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on 31 May 2017
I wanted a simple timer with display, but this was the closest I could find.

The process to measure water flow by filling a bag to the line is inaccurate, messy, and unnecessary. Even if you manage to time your shower accurately delivering a litre, the flow rate will likely change. An electric shower run at a constant temperature will have a higher flow rate in summer, as the incoming water supply warms up, and a simple mixer valve may vary considerably according to the state of the hot water tank.

I simply ran the timer for a minute to "calibrate" the flow as 1 l/min, then set the limit to the number of minutes I wanted. Now it is a simple timer, just as I wanted. Easy to use. Sticks to the tiles well, not falling as the button is pressed, and has a cord to save it if it is dislodged. No sign of water damage after a few weeks.

My only complaint in operation is that the alarm sounds again much later (after 99', I think), if we forget to press the button when we finish.

My son and I are learning to limit our profligate cleaning rituals. Job done.
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on 26 June 2017
I purchased this item as we were looking to reduce our water consumption, especially when using the shower. When the product arrived, which was within the specified time, it looked like a good quality item. Instructions were easy to understand, if not a little fiddly for one person to carry out on their own, esp when using the bag included to fill with water and time, an extra pair of hands if required. Once set up we used the lanyard provided to hand it in the shower, haven't used the suction cap so cannot comment on reliability. Product worked well and is loud enough to hear when water limit has been reached.
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on 19 April 2016
Other than being pretty this is a fairly useless bit of kit. Setting it up is a real pain and once done the only way to change your water alarm level is to take the battery out and start the whole process over again.
Calibration is a joke, the bag supplied is too small to make an accurate measurement and of course this just gives you one flow rate, meaning if you dont have the tap in exactly the same place each time the reading is completely inaccurate. Ideally you should calibrate it each time you get in the shower but this involves taking the battery out etc etc.
The final nail in the coffin is that it is not waterproof, the supplied suction cup is worse than useless so if(when) it falls in the shower when using it gets soaked and dies.

In summary it is not much more than a gimmick and a visual aid to be more economic with your water use. The only reason I've given it 2 instead of 1 star is that it was cheap!
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on 15 December 2012
My wife asked for something that would stop her daydreaming in the shower, which made her late for work. Well, this doesn't stop the daydreaming, but does help remind you how long you've been in the shower. Easy to use and set up, this does the job, with a countdown timer and loud alarm when you've reached your requested time. No need to set the timer each time, just set it up once and push one button to start it.
Loses a star since, as noted by previous reviewers, the suction cup is useless. Use the lanyard to hang off your shower rail or similar and it's fine, but don't rely on the suction cup keeping it from falling down!
Has coped with the damp atmosphere with no problems so far, though we don't hang it right under the shower, so it doesn't get directly wet.
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on 23 June 2015
There are so many problems with this it's hard to know where to start! In summary:

- Very fiddly to use - cryptic buttons that appear to do quite different things from what you would expect
- Hard to do basic things such as set the time
- Easy to reset the settings
- Battery storage is not waterpoof (quite a flaw!)
- Awkward to measure the water in the plastic bag provided
- Depending on your reason for purchase, the main focus of the display is on how much water you're using, I wanted something that also clearly showed the time, this does not
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on 27 May 2015
It took us a while to work out how to set it and the sucker does not work. However we used a nail to hang it. It's not the prettiest of things but gives you a good idea of how long you are taking in the shower. After worrying our water bill was high I thought this would encourage other house members to hurry up.... only to discover.... I took the longest out of everyone :)
After a few goes you start to work out how long is the 'right' time to take and you speed up a bit. Another bonus is it has a clock on it.
Shame it's neon green though.
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on 21 April 2013
Works well as long as people remember to use it. However, as others have said, the suction cup is useless. I have mounted mine with four little pads of Blu-tak onto the bathroom tiles and it's "solid as a rock." Tip: Don't bother trying calibrate your shower's water usage by trying to fill the supplied plastic bag with water at the same time as trying to fiddle with the unit's buttons. I tried this and ended up getting soaked, so here's an easier way. Given that the bag up to the fill line holds 1.5 pints of water: 1) Fill a bucket with 15 pints of water, 2) Mark a line on the inside of the bucket where the water comes up to, 3) Empty the bucket, 4) Refill the bucket from the shower while timing it with a stopwatch, 5) Divide the time taken by 10 and 6) Use this time to calibrate the instrument.
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on 13 August 2016
This is a good shower timer... while it lasts.
Useful if you have a teenager (or pre-teenager) who spends ages in the shower, with no thoughts for water / electricity consumption!
But even though it does what is says, it is NOT waterproof and the display gives up after 4-5 months. - NOT fit for purpose. the picture shows it being used in the shower, but would advise potential users to keep well away from any water, preferably on a wall in the bathroom but nowhere near the shower itself.
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on 14 December 2012
Although a very simple idea, this gadget is good for making you more environmentally aware. I used to find myself daydreaming in the shower, especially if it was a cold morning and the water was nice and warm. It was only when I used this gadget that I realised I was using over 100 litres of water per shower. Now, I keep all showers under 4 minutes (which is surprisingly easy if you don't daydream) and use under 35 litres each shower.

Even my girlfriend who is very wasteful with water sets this gadget when she has a shower. She doesn't often shower in under 4 minutes but at least if the timer is running and there is a beep at the end she is more aware of how long she is taking.

The gadget is very easy to set up, it's just a case of pressing some buttons and filling a bag with water from your showerhead. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you don't particularly care for conserving water, you can save yourself some money on your bills - this gadget would pay for itself in a matter of weeks.
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on 28 December 2017
This is great , but you have to calibrate it correctly , I dont know why people seem to have a problem with that , you dont need four hands to do it , just push the button when countdown finishes and turn off water then check the amount in the bag and enter it, simple.
Saves us a fortune in water when you know how much you use, love it
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