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on 9 March 2018
I purchased this product sometime ago as a present for my parents who had seen some friends using them. Since they have bought a digital camera they want to see the pictures but like most of us who still use cameras to take pictures, hardly ever print them out - so they're stuck on a laptop.

Anyway the product itself is very easy to use. My parent's have it in a corner of their lounge where it is plugged into a wall standard wall socket and placed on a small coffee table. It is always used when friends visit with pictures rotating in the background of whatever holiday they've recently returned from. The navigation menu is very easy to use and one the best things is the ease with which you can access USB sticks with it. I have tries others in the past and some were quite fidly to set-up where as this wasn't.

Picture quality is fine however please note since I purchased this technology has come a long way (I'm not saying this is poor quality - it isn't, just don't expect 4k , 3D pictures like you do on more modern visual based tech.

Worth the money for sure and these types of frames are definitely a way of seeing pictures without using social media etc
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on 4 February 2015
Bought this as a present and overall am pretty please with it so will start with the pros:

- easy to set up
- easy to add picture
- nice transition option so that photos don't look dull
- sensor works quite well (better than I thought)

The few things that disappointed me are:

- image quality is OK. I've tried loading up HD images and they still look quite blurry like watching them on a mobile phone around 2008
- no alarm clock. I know this might not be very important to some people but there's a calendar but no alarm clock. Given its price you would think they could at least offer that
- I understand that having a touch screen device would increase the price however the buttons and navigation is quite fiddly at first and even when you get used to it it still doesn't make much sense

Overall it's not a bad product but I'm not sure what the competitive advantage compared to other frames (personally the sensor is just a small gimmick I would rather have more small features)
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on 27 January 2016
It's a nice looking frame and the motion sensor works well and it goes into a sleep mode at night.

However... it simply cannot handle images that are larger than the screen resolution, and is completely unable to resize them or fit to screen like the previous one did (which died after 6yrs use). This means you have to manually go through ever phot and reduce it's size down the stupidly small 800x res of the display. For a unit that cost this much, I expected a far better quality screen... I've seen phones with better screens and a high res than this one has... Hell even the Tesco hudl I bought for my mum last year has a bigger and much better screen than this... and that's a tablet computer that only cost £25 more than this did.

5-6yrs ago, you could get much better quality ones for a better price... WTF happened to cause such a downgrade in quality with an increase in prices.
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on 3 January 2016
This product is not fit for purpose. The display is passable, as is the products appearance, the software however is diabolical.

The software is riddled with bugs. I loaded up an SD card with 53 images from various sources and 15 of them were displayed extremely pixelated (as in 1 cm x 1 cm pixels) despite being good quality images. There seems to be a bug were by the device can not scale images of certain resolutions. To fix it I manually resized all the images to be 800 x 600 (the devices native resolution). I put the SD card back into the device and to my surprise it found no images. After some tinkering I realised that it was not displaying the images because my new resized images were named 'image001.jpg' 'image002.jpg' etc. Once I renamed them all to '001.jpg', '002.jpg' etc the device found them again. Seemingly there is a bug where by the word 'image' prevents the images being read?

The device is under powered which means some photo transition animations lag. Why they did not make the hardware powerful enough to run their software I will never know!

The product seems to have had very little testing and unless you are willing to spend time resizing your images then it is completely useless. Unfortunately it was a gift and by the time I found these issues it was too late to return and get a new one.
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on 1 January 2015
There is no internal memory so the photos are stored on an SD card. You have to make sure that all of your photos are the right way up before you load them on to the card. If you rotate the screen between portrait and landscape, the images are rotated automatically so that they stay the right way up. Colour rendition and brightness is good. The LCD screen works best in landscape orientation. In portrait mode, the viewing angle is much better on one side than the other. The stand comprises a round plastic rod that screws into one corner of the case and sticks out at the back. Control buttons are on the back of the case and there is a remote control unit as well.
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on 16 February 2016
Bought this for my mum's 94th birthday. She absolutely loves it! Her family has spread out quite a lot so I got them to send me photos for it and I installed them for her. We update it on a regular basis.
Set on random, it keeps coming up with surprises for her and I think she watches it more than the telly!!
The picture quality is excellent and the controls are easy and comprehensive.
The only downside is the silly support thing that enables it to stand upright. It got broken on the first day by an over excited great grandchild but was easily glued together again.
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on 13 July 2016
Bought this for Christmas for my partner. It's a great frame. Pictures are all messed up and upside down. And when you rotate them on the frame. They don't save and go back as normal in the slide show. I was really annoyed. The only way we could resolve this is by changing the resolution of the pictures. Which fixed the rotation issues. But messed the quality of the images. The motion sensors are good. The frame turns off when no ones there. But was really annoyed and disappointed with the rotation and image quality.
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on 26 February 2016
Bought this for my mother who has Alzheimer disease and can no longer follow TV, the idea being that the inbuilt motion sensor would turn the unit on everytime she walks in to the room and she can see family pictures.
Delivery was very prompt although i did pay for next day delivery. In terms of quality the product work well and does everything it says in the description. The reason for only 4 stars rather than 5 is an aesthetic one. the product looks quite dated and a bit clunky. Overall it does what it was bought for and the motion sensor works a dream when my mother doesn't turn it off at the mains!
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on 1 May 2015
I read the reviews (as all good Amazon customers do) and was really keen on this model for the motion sensor and the music. However I have discovered after 3 days of fiddling with buttons and instruction manuals, and eventually phoning up Nix, that the newer version of the Nix Xo8D doesn't actually play music after all. So be warned folks!
I cant return it as it's my dad's 80th birthday present (which is tomorrow)- but I hope someone else out there won't get caught out!
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on 23 November 2015
Arrived quickly & well packaged. Works OK, but a bit disappointed as it does not auto rotate pictures, So if I have it stood horizontally, pictures that are portrait show on their side or only the middle of a photo shows. Tried rotating frame 90 degrees as per instruction booklet, but nothing happens. Some reviews suggest that you have to resize your photos, not sure what this is or how to do it, as not very computer literate.
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