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on 14 October 2012
Firstly you see the 1Ghz processor and think maybe it's not that fast? It's quite zippy, much faster than the Atom processors since it's running a full version of Windows 7. I got it to do the odd piece of work on it so nothing sustained but I can tell you it does the job perfectly. If you're expecting it to open multiple internet windows and multiple tabs and watch a video on YouTube and use iTunes flawlessly this is not for you! Saying that it can manage what I've just said, not with ease though. I was deciding between this and the Samsung 301U and the deciding factors were that it was slightly cheaper and it has a more appealing form factor.

I tested a couple of games on it, Jedi Outcast and Desperados, both games roughly 10 years old and it ran them great, I'd expect so from a Radeon 6000 series. Battery life is decent, giving 3-5 hours. The screen angle is very limited, you'll have to adjust the screen at the right level, any movement on your part will result in a change of contrast.

The keyboard is brilliant to use, although I find myself resting my palm on the trackpad causing me to type on a different part of the page, so sustained typing on this is not recommended. I also tested out some HD videos from YouTube and a HD movie file and it ran them well, but as I said before, the processor doesn't allow multiple tasks like these to be run (Also, be prepared to wait for virus scans!). Speaking of Youtube, I find the WiFi signal to be very weak, this might be a problem for people who are far from their router.

+ Decent battery life.
+ Good form factor.
+ Can run some classic games very well.
+ Windows 7!
+ Runs HD video.
+ Great LED Screen.
+ Great keyboard.

- Can't multiple task demanding applications quickly.
- Screen angle is limited.
- Not so great WiFi signal.
- Sustained usage can't be recommended.
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on 9 October 2012
A truly exceptional netbook for the price - light, small form-factor, and yet surprisingly powerful. Yes, it's not up to the standards of a full-blown laptop, but at this price you can hardly complain. The AspireOne 725 just has more of everything than you'd except - more RAM, more prcoessing power, more HDD space, more battery life, more pixels, and even more USB ports.

The keyboard is much less stunted than you would expect on a machine this size, with the main typing area almost the same size as a standard layout, and the keys themselves feel heavy-duty and quality-made. This feeling is mirrored in the rest of the build - you really feel that you have purchased a quality product, from the packaging it arrives in down to the quality of the finish on the branding.

My only gripe would, perhaps, be with the pre-bundled software. It's fantastic that Acer are providing a full version of Windows 7 rather than the starter edition you usually see, but the home premium that comes with it (which is perfectly fine, though people with a technical background may want to dualboot an ubuntu build on it, and/or upgrade to Pro when they can) is littered with a huge amount of pre-installed rubbish (including at least one piece of software that refused to uninstall correctly and had to be manually removed from the registry or forever haunt the programs list). For those less computer savvy - beware! There are a lot of pieces of software preloaded here that claim to be free, but either do not function correctly, or aggressively market their premium products at you. After an hour of uninstalling and reinstalling, however, I was set up and ready to go, and there was little to complain about.

A truly remarkable device all in all, and an astonishing buy at the price. Congratulations, Acer!
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on 21 October 2012
I did a bit of research before buying a Netbook and went for this one, can say I am very happy with the purchase. I went for the 4gb RAM 500GB model and its perfect for everything I need. All I will be doing is typing essays, surfing the internet watching films and it does this perfectly. The Netbook itself is a good size and fits perfectly in a backpack and is nice and light. No problem with the size of the keyboard at all, I've been typing on it a while and no problems with the mousepad or size of keys. The screen is a perfect size and very clear, as people have said you get a basic version of Microsoft Office with Excel and Word but they have a small bit of advertisting in the corner, this hasn't caused me any issues. Overall, if you are looking for a nice little Netbook for a decent price then I can suggest this, I've no regrets purchasing mine and have no hesitiation in recommending it.
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on 30 October 2012
I wanted a small laptop whilst abroad on holiday for e mail etc.

The spec is very good with a huge hard drive capacity for such a small unit.
I also bought a separate DVD writer in case I needed to view CDs etc.

The keyboard is a good size for large hands and the built in mouse is very sensitive.

Excellent screen quality.

The best battery life I managed was about three hours on full charge.

The spec is as high as several more expensive laptops so I am pleased with the price.

The McAfee protection is only for one month, then you have to pay for the package.

A better option (in my opinion)is to download the free AVG 2013 anti virus which I have
found to be quite adequate on my other PCs.
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on 27 February 2013
This is a brilliant little netbook (or it was ….) It has all the capacity and versatility you are likely to need. However, I had a problem with start-up after I added MS Office 2010 two weeks ago. (Machine purchased Oct 2012)

I used the Windows repair process to no avail and reluctantly decided to use the Acer Recovery Management software, saving all my data first. BAD NEWS! The recovery appeared to work fine until it tried to reboot and I got the message: ‘Windows could not complete installation. Starting Services’. Machine then freezes and goes into repetitive loop.

Did I make a re-boot memory stick? (No CD drive.) (First thing you must do when you purchase a new computer ….) NO! I trusted the Acer software – big mistake. Is the recovery software available online or from Acer (if you can get through to them) – seems not – well not after about 20 hours trying all sources.

Watch this space …
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on 28 September 2012
I took some time looking at reviews and taking advice before buying this. I'm really happy with it, does just what I want it to. Small enough to carry round with me.
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on 20 December 2012
I bought this item to replace a laptop that had been stolen in burglary. I bought this direct from Amazon at the time (postage is normally cheaper to Greece when you buy direct) and the price was a little over 300 pounds. Funds were tight and asked my son (the computer expert in the family!) and this seemed extremely good value for the price, he said. So far, I have been extremely pleased with it. It is smart, sturdy and light weight, compared to my laptop and will fit in my hand luggage when travelling which is a boon., especially when you can only travel with 1 piece of hand luggage on most airlines nowadays. The fact that it comes with full Windows 7 is also a plus as it is a great help in my work. I travel round quite a lot in my job, so this is excellent as it looks smart and with a good Wifi signal, can keep in touch by email, instead of waiting until the end of the day when I return to the office or home. Extremely pleased!
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on 11 October 2012
I am very pleased with this cute little notebook. In fact I can't really see any need for anything bigger, as you can just connect an external optical drive to install software and so on.

Very nice quality, although where you insert the mains lead does feel a bit flimsy and I would worry it could break easily.
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on 27 October 2012
After much thinking and reviewing I chose this model for my University work. It was delivered on time and have been using it about a month now.
* Its quite light and easy to carry around.
* Good battery life
* Boots up quite fast and shuts down even faster in 3-5 seconds
* Great value for the money

The only thing that disappointed me a little was the 'Volume' (an iPhone has a better volume)

Still, its the best product for its specifications and price. I would definitely recommend it.
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on 11 November 2012
I got this as a replacement for my old netbook which got damaged. My gf got one and I was so impressed with it I got one too just a few days after. Lovely little machine, oodles of diskspace decent battery life and good performance plus the battery can be swapped out if needed unlike many netbooks.

Can play WoW on it quite comfortably and runs DJing apps very nicely too.

Lovely keyboard action and good layout. Nice touchpad too with configurable multi-touch.

Only thing is I'm scared of damaging it because it's so nice and shiny! Love the colour too.

UPDATE: Keyboard not so good with long nails. Had short nails at the time of writing, struggling a bit with the KB with my acrylics now whereas my Dell lappy no probs.
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