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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 30 September 2013
The ecstacy comes from the looks and the build quality; the agony comes from it's functionality and ergonomics.
I really wanted to like this mouse. It looks really cool and runs from one AA cell. However after a week of using it I finally had to admit to myself that we were not getting along well together.

The issues are:
1/ Unlike a conventional mouse with this mouse you have to grip (note grip, not just place fingers on) each side with your thumb (left side) and middle finger (right side) leaving your pointing finger for clicking and scrolling. The sides of this mouse are smooth shiny metal which makes them slippy so you need to exert reasonable pressure to maintain a hold on the unit. This gets a bit tiring after a while. Also the flat metal surface feels uncomfortable against the fingers.
2/ Scrolling is done by moving the finger against a touch sensitive surface. There is no tactile feedback - as you would get from a scroll wheel - so, unless you are quite carefull all the time, you end up scrolling right past what you really want to see on the screen.
3/ It's just too darn small for prolonged use. I've got quite small hands but using this mouse just felt awkward, as though my fingers were being made to adopt strange stress inducing positions.

Nice try Microsoft but the bottom line is that it's a triumph of cool looks over human factors design.
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on 11 December 2012
I bought this for my Microsoft Surface tablet and it works really well. I wanted something on the move, as I don't like to just rely and use the touch screen interface. Especially when editing documents and files on the move. Scrolling works on the tablet too like a normal mouse.

it paired immediately and has worked really well. It also connected fine to my Sony laptop.

it is very small, but usable and ideal for tight positions, such as if on a flight, or with only a few inches of room for tracking.

Very well built and quite responsive.

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on 2 July 2013
This does everything it claims and more.
Even the apple guys, who normally mock all my Windows devices, have conceded how cool this device is.

I cant imagine ever using a conventional mouse or touchpad ever again.
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2014
I really wanted to like this cute little mouse! It is reasonably well made, feels like a quality product and looked like the perfect match for my Dell XPS Ultrabook. Furthermore it didn't require a USB receiver. It is even great to hold in your hand and play with - if you are an incessant fiddler as I am.

Problems start though when you stop ogling at its coolness and fondling its cute curves and try to put it to work. It took several attempts to load the necessary drivers for Windows 8 but got there in the end. Once paired it worked as any Bluetooth device should with no lags or delays. Trying to put the mouse through its paces then showed up what to me are fatal flaws. Its tiny size and designer shape unfortunately make it a real pain to use. A normal mouse, even a small one, is designed to be cradled in the palm as you use it on a flat surface. It shouldn't need any grip at all. The wedge mouse has to be gripped between the tips of thumb and little finger in order to move it around - that puts strain on the tendons on the back of your hand. You can't hold the mouse further into your palm as the finger you use to scroll will then be uselessly hanging in front of the mouse! To actually use the mouse at all caused me quite a lot of actual pain - and makes your hand look like it is already twisted up into an arthritic claw!

Frankly I can't believe the designer of this mouse had it tested out by real people. Yes it is undoubtedly rather cool looking designer chic but it is also next to useless unless you want significant RSI pain.

Take a look at the "Microsoft Guide to Healthy Computing", available as a PDF online, for guidance on choosing a good ergonomic mouse. This isn't it.
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on 21 August 2013
It's a pretty good mouse, but difficult to get used to. Certainly miles better than a laptop trackpad.

My main issue with it, that makes me drop it a couple of stars, is that if you hold it so that you click the 'buttons' right near the top edge - like I still do, despite now having worked out that I shouldn't - it almost always detects a right-click as a left-click. If you click in the middle of the right hand side - no problems. Near the top of the right hand side - it detects a left click.

Pretty annoying, but perhaps I'll get used to it eventually! It's certainly a very slick mouse, with a high build quality - but I want my right-clicks to be properly detected 100% of the time, like they are on a £2 mouse.
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on 22 April 2013
Tech has come a long way in the last few years. I had this working on my Surface Pro about 30 seconds after I took it out of the (very cool) packaging. The design is really nice - it looks a bit strange at first sight, but the vertical and horizontal scrolling works by simply running a finger across it - and it auto-detects which direction you want to go in. The battery release is cool as well. I use my Surface for business quite a bit and this definitely enhances it - the inbuilt touchpad is as good as you could expect for a device of this size, but it is a bit small and easy to accidentally move files you were not intending to when using Desktop mode.
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on 29 June 2014
I bought this to use with my Surface Pro 2 and in many ways this is a great match. Despite the three stars this is a product that I am happy with and would recommend, but you should be aware of the flaws before you buy.

This is tiny mouse. To my knowledge there is no smaller mouse available anywhere. As such it is ideal for portability together with the Surface Pro 2. I often carry my Surface in a Snugg case and just have the Wedge mouse in my pocket.

Pairing the Surface and Wedge was super easy, and I have not had any trouble with it loosing connection.

And it looks really smart.

Now for the drawbacks:

It's a tiny mouse. That's the whole purpose. But as such the ergonomics are not wonderful. The bad ergonomics are partially offset by the fact that it's light. But really, this is not mouse you should be working with all day. It's the one you tolerate because of its portability.

The touch area scroll "wheel" does not work very well. I don't use it. I touch the screen to scroll. Generally that works perfectly well for me, but that's not the mouse's doing. In essence, this mouse would be almost useless on a machine without touch screen.

My biggest gripe is that it seems to turn itself on all the time, and when it does it gobbles up the battery. Don't know if others have had this problem, but mine does this consistently. If I leave it for two days the battery is gone guaranteed. Luckily there is a workaround to open the battery port. This is easy to open with a click of a small button and easy to push back in again. So all in all it's not a big practical problem, BUT this is obviously not how it's supposed to work.

There are some batteries that it won't work with. I have an array of different rechargeables. Some of these it just would not work with period. Some of these it would work with intermittently. Again there is a workaround which is to buy Duracell batteries in the supermarket. Haven't had any problems as long as I use Duracell. (Some who have complained about loosing connection may perhaps have a battery problem?)

In summary lots of great things in this mouse, but beware of the flaws. If you are not ready to accept the workarounds this may not be a good choice for you.

I hope the good people at Microsoft continue to refine this. With the right fixes this could definitely be a 5-start product.
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on 12 November 2014
I bought this as a companion for my Surface Pro 2 hybrid. My main concern was that I needed a portable device; I already have a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse which I love, so I wanted to try this out to see what it was like. My other concern was that since the Surface Pro 2 has only one USB port, I didn't want it to be tied up with a USB-Bluetooth dongle. I wanted a mouse that could pair directly.

The size of the mouse really does surprise you - it's smaller than any mouse you've probably used. Pairing is a quick and painless process, even when turning it on from off/sleep state. The Bluetooth connection is established almost instantaneously. Tracking works quite well on a variety of surfaces. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I'm quite happy with the tactile interface. (I guess I'm used to it because I already use the Arc Touch mouse.)

In hindsight though, I've realised that I use my Surface mostly at home because I have my work laptop at work / business trips. The form factor is not really ergonomic - in fact, it tiny size makes it very painful after a while to hold on and work with it. This not a ding on the product because it does and is what it says on the tin - the decision to buy it was mine; just that it doesn't fit in well with my use case.
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on 17 January 2015
Firstly, I love the look of this, it is so cool. I love the switch underneath which slides open the battery cover, and it only needs 1x AA battery (Duracell included). This works great with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" Android tablet, easily pairing via bluetooth, upon which a mouse pointer magically appears. The left button functions as "Select" (Tap), the right button functions as "Back", or if long pressed shows/hides the Multi Window Tray. Furthermore, the top surface of the mouse is the Touch Scroll area. It seems to work best if you hold the mouse between your thumb and ring finger or little finger, and tap/scroll with your forefinger. I have had no issues with loss of Bluetooth connectivity, and it wakes quickly after sleeping. All in all a great addition if you're using a tablet. My only criticism is that I think a storage pouch could have been included for the price.
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on 22 December 2014
To be honest, I couldn't initially decide how to rate this product. It was definitely better than the touchpad on my Acer laptop where scrolls are easily interpreted as clicks, but not as good as my wired Microsoft mouse. The plus side was that the wedge was small and neat and that it didn't tie up scarce USB ports, and I found the wedge drivers easy to install. On the minus side the scrolling was jerky however carefully the finger was moved. Initially I found that my wrist/arm very quickly ached. However, over time I found this ceased to be an issue. I didn't find (as others have reported) that the wedge sides had to be gripped very tightly, and I didn't find any problems with right clicks registering as left clicks. I've been using the wedge quite extensively in the last few weeks while working on Word and Excel documents. I've grown to like the wedge quite a lot in this time, but still feel that a mouse with scroll wheel would perform better.
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