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on 30 April 2015
My partner purchased this PC for as a gift recently and I have to say how impressed with it I am. Firstly its very quiet, compact. Fans keep it nice and cool, consistently around 24-26c mark (30c whilst playing Cities:Skylines). Now on to the games. I have a library of over 60 games on steam. It runs everyone of them, high visuals, details etc perfectly. My old PC would practically die playing Cities:Skyline but this PC runs it so smoothly. No lag or slowdown. Other notable games running at max FPS: Path of Exile, CSGO, Skyrim, WoW.

Nothing to complain about really.
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on 11 April 2016
Before buying this product I did all kinds of research before doing so because I have never spent this kind of money before. I was wanting a pc that I could use for everything I do which is regular gaming, video rendering and I'm an art student so I was also hoping to rotate it around college work too. When I finally bought it, I set it all up, connected it via HDMI at first but got no picture on my monitor (which was also brand new and worked with my ps4) So I knew this was a problem with the PC itself, now I didn't really know the ins and outs of a custom pc build so by looking at it I didn't know what was wrong. I then connected it via VGA cable and still nothing has changed. I then called my friend who knows pc's more than I do and even he didn't know. I was going to call the company (vibox) and explain my situation but it was late at thing so I left an email instead. They didn't get back to me till about 2 days later asking ridiculous questions like "we see you have not purchased Windows, would you like to do so now at £99.99?" I already had a windows disc to install that I got for Christmas. They then asked if I had tried turning the pc on and off again, and continued down that line of not very helpful information. I then tried to call and nobody answered the 2 times I called that day. I then gave up and reached out to someone that knew pc's which I knew would effect my warranty but was no good having it anyway as they were no help. He fixed the problem and gave it back to me next day also saying that the graphics card they installed was not the one mentioned in the description but a cheaper version of it, not as good. The RAM was installed incorrectly, the graphics card itself was not connected properly either and the water cooler was not filled correctly which caused air to flow through the tubes creating air bubbles and a lot of noise.

Since then my pc was running fine, I finally got round to playing some games and doing my work... Until now, playing on the pc last week it forced a shut down and restart on itself without me doing anything, I left it to restart and update. So it did so, but when it turned back on there were yellow dots all over the monitor, so at the start I thought it was the monitor to tested it again with my ps4 and it was fine, so again, it was the pc. When I looked through the glass case I could see there were white/red marks on the graphics card that weren't there before, so googled it and am answer that kept popping up was that the graphics card was dirty which could be an easy fix, so when I opened the pc up and removed the graphics card I could see that the red marks were water stains from my water cooler that is right above the graphics card. So I checked the water cooler reservoir and there was a crack which seemed to be the problem. I've not sorted this problem yet but I've bought a new graphics card and hoping to get someone who knows what they're doing to look at the cooler before I put the new graphics card in.

Since buying this pc I've had nothing but problems for the past 4 months I've tried to be patient with a Vibox and this is probably a one off that's happened with me I understand their pc's normally have no problems at all but the reason for my review is just to show people what can happen.
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on 9 December 2015
Excellent and FAST computer. I would recommend you buy a separate monitor as I did, to really enhance the system. I bought an Acer touch screen and it compliments it fantastically. No problems and super speedy PC!
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on 31 December 2014
Bought this gaming computer for my sons Christmas present. The PC had a broken moniter, scratches over the tower. The PC kept cutting off, then stopped working altogether. Spoilt Christmas. This PC had been shoddily put together and not checked over. Having checked the company out I have found many more complaints on the internet with people having the same problem. The landline number didn't work for the company so the only point of contact you have is an email. With a stroke of luck the company is only 20minutes from where we live. My husband went down and spent 7 hours on the car park with my son to fix the problem ( 5 days after Christmas) the computer had to be stripped down and rebuilt. Wasn't the only one there getting there Christmas computer repaired!! Caused loads of stress over Christmas not to mention a wasted day out of the holidays.
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on 5 August 2016
My son is very happy with this product and we had good communication with the company that answered all my questions on how to remove the protective packaging by sliding the PC side panel off to remove the packaging also we couldn't locate the windows 10 product key code but were informed that it is a sticker on the PC I'm hoping this info helps others with there purchase great company very happy :-)
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on 19 November 2013
Great PC just what I need for my work
It took a long time coming to me 8 days one part came in the morning the other came in the afternoon if I didn't tell the driver it could have been delivered next day or the other day
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on 3 October 2013
I had a few early hiccups with this machine due to being given a machine which had dodgy RAM built in however I was able to get feedback from Vibox quickly and my machine was repaired within days of collection.

The machine looks lovely. I love the ominous green glow it generates. The machine itself is really very quite, it runs very fast and the graphics capacity is amazing. I was able to run Battlefield 4, without lowering the graphics setting, with absolutely no lag. Overall a very good product and the price is much cheaper than any other machines around offering similar specs. If it wasn't for the initial issues I'd give it 5 stars.
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on 24 August 2016
On the face of it, it looks like Vibox give you a hell of a computer and a hell of a deal compared to other computer sellers offering similar spec. But be warned. Vibox use cheap parts to get their prices down - and this often leads to a malfunctioning computer or at least a computer that does not live up to its specification. Their customer service is excellent but that's where it ends. And you could end up sending your Vibox computer back to them for repair several times at your cost without getting the problem solved as Vibox can only replace any faulty parts with other cheap parts which will, in the end, malfunction again.
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on 3 February 2015
Good solid gaming PC, excellent quality of build and plays all top end games on high settings. Had to have the first returned to the seller as it wouldn't switch on. Got the second one sent from the seller and not had a problem with it since early November 2014.

If you like your gaming then i would highly recommend this PC.
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on 31 August 2014
This monster delivers exquisite quality of graphic and power combined into one ultimate gaming machine. It not only has everything you need to play pretty much any game on the highest settings (save for the most graphically stunning games like Battlefield 4) with ease and a high FPS. Easy to set up and very quiet, i can hardly hear the fans which it has 3 of including a 4th one on the graphics card. The temperature panel on the front is a nice feature that also shows how long the computer has been on and its fans RPM. The LED's are very nice and in the dark give this machine a sense of grandeur.

Ive yet to play a game on this monster that ive not fully enjoyed due to the service this machines specs give. I highly recommend that if you want a good gaming PC for a brilliant price that you get this as it not only serves well for gaming but all other processes aswell and especially media quality which is exceptional with the Radeon R9 270.
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