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on 29 December 2013
The computer and monitor are great, good speed and clarity - my only negative was for the action of the keyboard , which should be better for the standard of the system
Peter Dawson
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on 18 February 2014
This review has its ups and downs and is a review of both the PC and the company as I've had to deal with them a few times in connection with this PC. I've had a few problems but I will explain why I still give them 5 stars near the end of the review.

The PC:-

The VIBOX custom case is extremely nice, well constructed and has a lot of expansion potential. 6 USB ports at the back of the case and another 3 on the top, front with 1 USB 3.0 connection available on both which is a nice touch. . It has a display in the front of the case which lets you know the PC's temperature, fan speed. time and how long you have been using it. I like the fact that the fans have a dust cover on them for easy removal and cleaning which shows the attention to detail VIBOX has made while having these cases designed. There is also a large fan on the transparent side of the case and a nice blue glow from the PC when you run it. It does generate a but of noise from the fans, but this is a gaming rig and it is not uncomfortably noisy. I have had to open the case to sort something out which I will go into later, but this gave me a chance to see how well put together it is. Inside they have left plenty of space to expand and all wires are very tidy and on the whole very professionally constructed. Its fast, plenty of storage space and a LOT of memory to boot. I was kind of lost what to do with 32GB of memory, but if you have a favourite game you like to play regularly then try using RAM Drive software and run your game from there, its an experience.

Ok now to the problems that I've had.

Firstly I experiences problems with the monitor that came with the PC, which would flicker and later on developed a purple discolouring in the bottom centre of the screen. I cannot blame VIBOX for this as the monitor is from AOC and is shipped already boxed and sealed from the manufacturers. I was not sure if it was the memory or the monitor was the problem at first as I was experiencing problems the USB ports failing during bootup, which turned out to be the USB wifi dongle that came with the PC. VIBOX offered me a few options to find out what the problem was, which included returning the PC to them for testing. Not wanting to pack it up again then wait for its return, I decided to trouble shoot it myself with advice on how to go about it by VIBOX. I ran a complete memory check on each individual stick and found no problems. The discolouring of the monitor happened not long after this. Would have saved me some time if it happened earlier, but, ah well. I am in the process of getting a replacement from AOC as we speak so no harm done as I have a main monitor of my own anyway.

After using the PC for a while I noticed that it had a slightly lower spec video card in than the one I had ordered. The only way I noticed this was when I checked the clock speeds in Catalyst Control Panel. The PC ran very fast as it was, but I did order it with an emphasis on the specific card. I got in touch with VIBOX and they said they would change it. I was happy to remove the card and they arranged for it to be picked up and sent me a new card. The whole turn around was fast. Now, I received my card yesterday and it turned out to be the same kind of card, just a different make which was disappointing. I called VIBOX and they apologised and have arranged to have the card picked up today and send out the new one as soon as they receive it.They even offered me a copy of Battle Field 4 for the inconvenience.

So, after reading of the problems that I have had I'm sure your wondering why I gave them 5 stars?

Problems and mistakes happen. What defines the company you deal with is how they deal with the problem and as far as VIBOX goes they are by far the best company I have had to deal with. They are professional, fast and deal with your queries in an extremely timely manner.

So to sum it up. A great PC for the price and extremely well build with an excellent support team behind them to help out if things go wrong, and as far as I'm concerned, in this area the are SECOND TO NONE ;)
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on 16 June 2015
I have to say, I absolutely love this PC. I put my Windows 8.1 operating system on the SSD memory and it takes roughly 7 seconds for the entire PC to boot up, which is utterly insane. The graphics card can run Elder Scrolls Online on the highest settings with 100 FPS which has me lost for words. Would highly recommend, came with everything in the description. Great customer service, thanks again Vibox.
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on 25 April 2015
A superb machine. Gameplay with my mates has just got even better! Speed and performance is first class, customer service was excellent, great value and it just looks so awesome in my bedroom. I've been a gamer now for 12 years and I can't recommend this machine more highly. Don't think twice!
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on 22 January 2014
although the keyboard is not good enough to match such a gaming PC, totally all right in such a low price. feeling awesome when playing the high running game as well.
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on 24 October 2016
Lucky I got this on a lighting deal for £586 and I've received it today. The tower is really nice and the blue lights on it are quality! The monitor is really good as well and so is everything else. The graphics card I got with this is the gtx 960 and it's got the 8 core amd processor fx eight 8350 I think.

I bought windows 10 and loaded that on without any problems. Having installed steam and all that and installed my games I thought I'd give it a run. Shadow of Mordor on Ultra 1080p I got an average of 55fps. Battlefield 1 on Ultra 1080p at 100% (can go higher than 100% for better quality) but at 100% on the first 20 minutes gameplay I was getting no less than 55fps, 125% was between 45fps to 55fps.

I will upgrade components in future but for that price I got it and from what I've ran so far I'm really impressed.
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on 9 August 2013
It is worth it money only thing i noticed on mine is when you close the magnetic case it starts making a horrible noise coming from inside the Tower it might be one of the fans but not to sure but overall its a must buy.
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on 8 January 2016
I received this computer as a Christmas present and am entirely pleased with it, all of the specs in the description were present, however, it says no operating system, but when i booted it up- windows 10 was installed-and no product key.so I got loads more than i bargained for- 5 stars- if you need a good gaming computer at a reasonable-ish price- LOOK NO FURTHER!!
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on 3 December 2015
Do not buy this package. Installed Windows 10 which is offered by them anyway. And it does nothing but crash. Contacted Vibox support. Took 2 days for 2 emails... and they accused me of not being able to follow the simplest instructions (note my last pc, which is still running never caused me a problem and I built that myself) my conclusion is that the motherboard and SSD are incompatible with Windows 10. But as I can't even find a manufacturer for the SSD I'm going to place most of my blame on that. The support is absolutely shocking. Thank god its getting collected for return on Monday.
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on 1 February 2014
Sorry for the pun, as I do like flight sims. There was a slight issue with wanting Windows 7 rather than the windows 8 proposed, but VIBOX were excellent about this and very good communications turned around a potential order going bad. The truth is I would definitely use them again as I consider them a concerned seller for good customer service. The PC itself is superb and I am delighted with it, very quiet compared to my old one and 10x faster. Many thanks VIBOX (In particular Rachael)!
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