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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Marmite ...either love him or hate him. I love his quirky work
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on 1 March 2001
Jeff Noon is one of the most innovative and clever authors of modern science fiction. He subverts and reinvents the conventions of the genre, and injects a lot of urban weirdness. Pixel Juice is his first and so far only collection of short stories, and he's excelled. Almost every one of these 50 stories (it's a lot, but they're mostly very short) has one or more bizarre ideas at its core, and it's a pleasure discovering the contents of Jeff Noon's mind. Noon veers between simple narrative, anecdote, limerick sequences, newspaper article, cybernetic dog-slang, haiku, rap, and any number of other styles. He's impossible to pin down, and you wouldn't want to. Ideas like the vurt feather or the domino lottery have been expanded to entire books, but here's all the ephemera that wouldn't fill a novel, but work brilliantly in just a story. Pixel Juice is excellent.
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on 17 September 2003
50 short stories, each one revealing a new provocative or introspective idea. Noon's imagination is clearly quite incredible - I have never read a book with so many individual ideas. Noon also uses language in an entirely different way, the rhythm of his writing and the thoughts he conveys through his words are very powerful - the story might take only two minutes to read but it leaves you pondering the meaning or the moral. Jeff Noon has written a book which is incredible, an "off switch" for humans, swarming adverts, and the story of a young pimp who grows up. This is a great gift for someone 14+ who is interested in the human mind, and in culture and change.
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on 16 May 2000
If you can read better its only a dream. Beautifully constructed narratives that open your mind to the stories themselves. Details that are portrayed so perfectly in a way that only Jeff Noon has mastered. Fairy tales of the future.
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on 26 September 2005
There's no denying, "Pixel Juice" is a complete trip of a read, from start to finish. Whether that's your sort of thing or not is another matter.
"Pixel Juice" is a collection of 50 stories/poems/game instructions/dictionary definitions, all concocted and set in an alternative futuristic Manchester, but all with a slight twist of the fabric of reality. Typical elements of some of the stories include people with moons growing in their stomachs, technologies able to recreate lost celebrities through the strength of their charisma, mirrors that reflect other peoples' images, killer adverts and lots more psychadelic, thechnophallic and kaliedacelic creations all await the reader.
Anyone who has enjoyed Noons previous works will not be disappointed. The vurtual world of feather suckers and DJs is revisited, there are several wordplays and nifty puns, and some truly great Noonesque stories in here. My only disappointment is that some of the stories end too abruptly, or at just the point where the reader is expecting a denoumemnt. Sometimes one is offered. Sometimes, however, one is lacking, or only appears vaguely in another chapter which begs more questions than it answers. However, the writing style is sharp and varied, and the stories within themselves are still satisfying.
To the uninitiated, "Pixel Juice" may seem confusing, irritating, absurd or unsatisfying in some places, but avid readers are likely to find a few gems hidden amid the confusing tales. It's not a good starting point for Noon, but whether they're a first timer to this author or a die hard fan, the experience of reading "Pixel Juice" is a bit like a legal literary high. Ingenious!
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Presented here is a collection of short stories which delight and stimulate the intellect, mainly because they consider out-of-the-ordinary "What If?" concepts. Some might call this Science Fiction or Fantasy, but it is really more Speculative because many of the plots have neither a 'science' nor 'magic' basis at all while still being a completely original look at something one might otherwise have considered ordinary, or more likely not considered at all.

It reminds me strongly of some of the better alternative fiction published in the 1950s and 1960s, when the Golden Age SF authors began exploring refreshingly new themes which were deeper and cleverer than the formulaic space opera of the pulps from the 1930s and 1940s. The quality of Noon's writing is excellent, with varied and relevant use of English to suit the tale in hand. None of the forty-eight stories (plus Prologue and Epilogue) are too long, but all are long enough. Necessary and Sufficient; brilliant.

I came across this book purely by accident, and had to buy my own copy as a 'keeper'. Serendipity has rewarded me with a cracking good read, and lots of new ideas. It takes real skill to be able to tell a complete and convincing story in only a few words whilst still conveying a deep sense of involvement with memorable characters. Isaac Asimov was a master of the very short SF story, as were for example Idris Seabright (Margaret St Clair), Robert Silverberg and Ray Bradbury, and I would rank Jeff Noon with these.

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on 12 November 2004
Having read Jeff's other titles including Automated Alice, I didn't think there was much more that this man could do. Pixel Juice definitely disproved that. It was witty, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable furthering my adoration of Jeff. I would fully advise anyone wanting laughs and intellectual stimulation in one as well as an introduction into one of the most underrated and talented authors of our generation to buy and read this book. You're missing out if you don't! Thanks to Jeff as well for being so kind as to sign my copy - a truly brilliant writer.
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on 8 October 2003
Rarely have I found an author who has excited me enough to go hunt down all of his works. I seem to find myself returning to this more often than the others, mainly due to its nice bite size short stories.
Noon has created himself a virtual (or vurtual) world, mainly based round the wondeful city of Manchester. This is a series of stories from that world, usually set from just a short distance into the future right up to quite some time in the future. Everyday items, concepts that we're used to in life are twisted further and further as the timeline goes on and on. Nightclub DJing becomes an actual future battle of the gladiators, with successful sounds and moves rocking the dancefloor and damaging the opponent, with only one winner. How that in the future, PR image is everything, age is not counted in years but by image revamps, everyone has their own organic personal adverts flying around. The curious tale of how a scientist discovers that the human body has an 'off' switch. All told in such a fashion that you feel that this IS fact and the way things will happen. There are so many stories in this collection so I won't ruin it for you by detailing them all here. Just try dipping into the vibrant world of Noon, his writing style is like no other (I personally like the way that he DJ mixes parts of stories together to make a remix, the end of one story has phrases from the beginning of the next spliced over the top ... great stuff for someone with a DJ mind like me).
If you really want to dip into the FULL Vurtual world of Noon, this is a good place to start but the best book of his to begin your journey with is Vurt. Highly original.
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on 20 April 2004
Any book this size that has 50 short stories contained within it shouldhave a few duds, but this is simply not the case. Throughout Noon managesto showcase his talents on a much smaller scale than anything we were uedto in Vurt or Pollen and shows that he is a master.
The usual suspects are there Scribble, Beetle, Manchester, Wired DJs, Vurtbut there are also pleanty of other things throws in to the mix to makesure that this isn't just a collection of Vurt based stories.
If you love Noon's writing then buy this, you won't be disappointed.
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on 13 November 1998
If your a Noon fan, or not not, then this book will consolidate your fandom quite easily. . ..it has it all . ..vurt. . .robo's. . .shadows, DJ culture and the ever so wonderful warped mind of Noon springing page after page of industrial twistings to the pages.
Each of the 50 or so short sharp storys presented in book have such a diversity that one wonders exactly what Noon's younger formative years actually were like, and how much of an influence they were upon his writing. Picking up the book and delving into this mans creative mind of a journey into insight, not to mention sheer brilliance in blending cyberculture with the gritty fantastical, made me just totally hungry for more. It builds even more also on the background to his other books, and sets them into such a perspective that one can almost *feel* the interlinking strands of his many faceted storylines.
A wonderful surprise was gettinga glimpse at some of Jeff Noon's poetry, if he was to ever release an anthology of poetry on it's own, i'd be first in line to buy it, it has a rythm that is synonymous to his prose style and jsut as wierd and wonderful.
Well done Noonie, I have another watch for you. . ..
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