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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2014
>> If you have problems with device - scroll down below to tips section <<

I have recently purchased this belt - to be honest, when I read the bad reviews here, on amazon i was a bit afraid, becouse people were saying that there is battery, accuracy and few more problems. But since I'm a big fan of this company since this belt has been announced, I decided to give it a try.

Previously, I've had a Polar 5.3Khz HRM which has been used with Polar watch - the pod was heavy, the strap had a vertical clasp which - sometimes caused strap to unbuckle while on heavy exercise.

Hapilly, all these Polar's HRM disadvantages are not present in the Beets Blu HRM.

- The beets blu Pod is extremely lightweight.
- The strap is easily adjustable, and it is made of very comfortable material - this, along with very low pod weight cause that during workout you dont even feel that you're wering the HRM :)
- strap won't unbuckle itself, becouse it is buckled using a pod's snaps.
- Strap is easy to maintain - after a workout you just wash it under running water, allow it to dry and you're ready to go. (if it gets dirty you can always handwash it).
- Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BT smart) is awesome - it almost uses no energy, so battery will last much much longer than in an old 5.3kHz pods) and is easy to pair with your smartphone without any stupid dongles.
- connects to phone within 2-5 secs
- cheaper than polar/wahoo devices.
- lovely name and logo :D

Cons? Really? I didnt found any.

******* Tips, tricks and troubleshooting *****************************
Since many users here have a problems with thier beets blu, i decided to write few tips which will help avoid these problems.

1. Wrong measurements, connection drops/interrupts - if you receive wrong HR measurements, that means that there's probably a connection issue between electrodes and pod. The users manual says that before wearing the device, you should wet the electrodes. BUT - as you probably already noticed, the electrodes are made of a material from which the water flows. Therfore, instead of wetting the electrodes, wet your skin where you will wear the HRM.- it will get the job done until you start to sweat.
If even making your chest wet does not help you, and device still is not accurate/drops connection, then you'll have to buy and use special gel instead of water.

2. Short battery life - few people reported, that battery in thier beets blu died after a 3 weeks. The device is designed to automatically turn off when both snaps are not connected to the pod, and there is no signal from the electrodes. After each usage, after cleaning the strap under running water:
- dry the electrodes using towel (water may create false pulse detection)
- Disconnect the pod from at least one snap.
- MOST IMPORTANT - on your smartphone, go to multitasking window and KILL app used for activity tracking/measure HR
- make sure that bluetooth icon is dimmed

I noticed, that even after disconnecting the pod from the snaps, before device will go to "sleep", when you re-lauunch the activity tracking app, it WILL connect to the pod whatsoever.
I know that there is a bunch of people who never "clean" the multitasking window on thier iPhones, so that may cause the tracker app to keep connecting to the pod.

Also, when it comes to battery life, I read somewhere that it's not recommended to store the strap and pod in closed box/

3. Device doesn't work "out of box" - manufacturer says that some batteries installed in pod may be "dead" - purchase a new battery to bring the pod back to life.

4. Will it work with (...) ?!
- Most annoying question.
Android users - do the checklist:
- check if your phone support BT 4.0 aka bluetooth smart/ low energy (hardware)
- check if your phone's software supports BT 4.0 - if not - update it.
- go to the Play Store, find desired app, and check description - if the app supports BTLE sensors, it will be listed there as a "feature".

iPhone users:
Yes, it will work with (...) app.

All most popular apps are supported. If you're not sure - check app description.

5. Hey! I dont see Beets Blu sensor under "bluetooth" on my iPhone, so im unable to pair it!

- You dont need to pair it under bluetooth settings - instead, you pair it in the specific app.
- Open your activity tracker, go to it's settings, and look for Sensor section. If app supports multiple kind of devices (ANT+, BTLE), choose Bluetooth and tap pair.
- Before trying to pair, you will have to wear the device properly so it will turn on. (Pod must be snapped to both snaps, and both electrodes must have contact with wet skin).

6. Can I use beets blu for water sports, such as swimming, aqua aerobic or water ball? Is it waterproof?

- No, you cannot use this, or any other chest-strap HRM's for water sports. Although device is sweat/water resistant, it is not designed to work underwater. Not only that - the underwater gravity and water itself may lower the retention of the electrodes, so the measurements may not be accurate.

Plese note that even devices with highest waterproof class (such as smartphones) are waterproof for only up to 30 minutes! That means if you for example own "waterproof" samsung galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia ZII, and keep it underwater for approx. 30 or more minutes, the water will destroy it as it wouldnt be waterproof.
Remember to always check the waterproof class of device before trying to swim with it.

7. I have an iPhone - do i have to turn off bluetooth after each usage to save battery?
Bluetooth on your iPhone is a bluetooth 4.0. That means you can have turned on bluetooth 24/7 365 days a year, and it will not affect your battery life (BT 4.0 during a one week peroid will use less than 1% of battery). However after exercise you can always toggle off and on BT to make sure that pod will turn off. Before toggle dont forget to disconnect pod from the strap.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 27 April 2014
I was kindly supplied this item free of charge, to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.

----- WHAT'S IN THE BOX? -----

- 1x Heart rate monitor
- 1x instruction manual



The material on the strap is lovely and soft, and it is easily adjustable to fit a wide variety of people. The heart rate monitor pod (HRMP) on the front is slightly smaller than that on the TomTom HRM, so it's off to a great start.
The instruction manual is clear and concise and in multiple languages, employing handily numbered images to help you follow.



Unlike my TomTom HRM, you physically can't wear this offering from Beets Blu without the HRMP attached, which I actually think is a positive. If you put the strap around you as it is supposed to go, you are left with both ends facing forward, not able to connect to each other, both having metal press studs, awaiting the HRMP. Connect the HRMP to both ends of the strap via the metal press studs, and the unit is securely fastened around you.

The strap is comfortable during exercise, and I often find that I forget I'm even wearing it.
The strap can be machine washed, so no worries there.


----- PRODUCT IN USE -----

Prior to each use, it is advised to wet both electrodes on the strap with either water or a `special gel'. I've found with all HRMs - and this is no exception - that a quick run under the tap, and it's good to go.

Throughout a number weeks of testing (with an iPhone 5S), I have found this HRM to be largely accurate. I have compared it to a number of other devices including; the TomTom HRM strap, a HRM app on my phone (where you place your finger against the camera), and me physically checking my pulse by hand. The Beets Blu HRM was always within 3-4 BPM, often within 2 BPM, and normally within 1 BPM of the other tests.

Simply put, I now have confidence in the accuracy of this device.


---- THE APP -----

To connect to your phone, simply turn your phone's bluetooth on, and open up the Beets Blu app. After entering some details about yourself (age, gender, weight), you can connect via bluetooth to the HRM.
The Beets Blue app is fairly basic, and doesn't provide any options of storing or tracking your heart rate over time, it simply shows you your current BPM, and the amount of calories you're burning per minute.
This is of no issue however, as this device can be used in conjunction with most of the major fitness tracking apps, including RunKeeper, MapMyRun and Strava. This ability makes this little gadget invaluable.


----- CONCLUSION -----

This is a top quality bit of kit that feels comfortable to wear during extended periods of use, and is as accurate as anything else out there that I've tested.

This is an easy five stars. Recommended.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes

✓ Build quality
✓ Materials used
✓ Accuracy
✓ Easily adjusted to fit most people
✓ Comfortable to wear through extended use
✓ Machine washable
✓ Works with all the top fitness apps
✓ Clear instruction manual

✗ Native app is basic, but it's of almost no relevance as the HRM works with so many other apps
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on 30 March 2016
This is quite a good device. It is good quality, well made and works well for lots of situations. However, do bear in mind that this is a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and therefore there are limitations.

This works well for any sport or physical activity where you can remain very close to your smartphone. So for example, if you are out walking and your phone is in your pocket or a bag you have with you. Possibly the same for running but many people find it very difficult to run carrying anything at all. This might be ok if you are taking a gym class and your bag is close by, and obviously if you are exercising at home it should work well also.

We tried it during a squash match, leaving the phone in a sports bag behind the glassback but that was too far for it to work at all unfortunately.

Consider what you want to use it for before you purchase it but otherwise a great device!
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on 5 May 2016
Very easy to use and set up. This strap works really well at picking up your heart rate through the sensors attached to the strap and then sending it via bluetooth to your smart phone.

- connects via bluetooth
- install app and it finds chest strap instantly giving you your resting heart rate ready to then start your workout.
- To have the heart rate charts etc sadly you need to pay extra, which is £1.96 on the app store.
- Very comfortable to wear, I could hardly felt it after a while
- only strap not a watch as adverted, uses your mobile phone with app.
- Connects with endomondo app also. Just use the 'bluetooth SMART sensors' setting to scan for it.
- works a lot better with wifi turned off as advised. Sometimes loses connection with bluetooth, if it's wifi is turned on. Very quickly reconnects though. I would recommend this heart rate monitor

I reviewed this Beets blu heart rate chest strap at discount in exchange for honest review.
review image
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on 30 May 2015
I've been using this HRM now for almost a month and it's fantastic. Incredibly easy to link to my phone (iPhone 6) using the Sports Tracker app (works with all the other major apps like Endomondo, Strava, Map My Run, etc...) and I've found it to be accurate and reliable. I've had a couple of little blips where it's sent a clearly false reading (both times saying my HR was 220 bpm) but it cleared almost instantly. I'm not sure if it was a signal issue, the HRM itself or possibly the app, but it only happened in the first week.

You don't have to make sure that the phone stays in front of you either like a couple of the other HRM's out there, in fact, you don't even have to be in the same room. I left my phone charging in the kitchen while doing a T25 workout in the utility room and it recorded everything perfectly.

It's been really handy while out on my bike too, as I can keep a track on what 'zone' I'm in and for how long. Also I can keep within a specific 'zone' for targeted training, whether is cardio, anaerobic or just a bit of fat burning.

The strap is fantastic, it doesn't slip down at all, no matter how sweaty you get or how much you jump about, it doesn't budge. The HRM press studs onto the two ends of the strap and is really secure. Most importantly, there is no metal in contact with your body at all. The ends of the strap are plastic and the contacts that touch your body are a rubber like material about four inches long and ¾ of an inch wide (I know two people with metal allergies which rules out buying HRM's from two of the top name brands). When you're finished just rinse it in warm water and once a week a quick hand wash with a bit of washing powder freshens it up a treat.

One last thing, the dimensions in the product description are for the packaging, not the HRM, this thing is tiny and weighs next to nothing. Approximate sizes are: 65mm long, 38mm wide, 11mm deep, with curved tapering top and sloped edges.

This is quite simply the best investment I've made for improving my training and helping me reach my fitness goals and I'd recommend this to anyone looking to do the same.
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on 27 April 2016
All the time we worry about our health and whether we are well or not, The worst thing we can do is to google our symptoms. So that it what makes this Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth chest strap valuable for someone who wants to keep an eye on their heart rate whilst they are exercising or just generally going about their day to day business.

It is very easy to apply, you simply pop it around your chest and you simply download the app on your smart phone and it works alongside the Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor, so the results show on your phone. This is so easy to use as you do a workout at the gym because it slips under your t-shirt and it does actually stay in place. When we used it, we thought it was very comfortable to wear and we never got sweaty where the strap was, so it never slipped out of place.

The App is easy to down load on to your smart phone, the apps are easy to find and the instructions that come with the Monitor help you to download the app. We did have problems downloading it on to my Iphone 4S, but it downloaded without a problem on to my daughters Iphone 6. The app is easy to follow and it is clear to see at a glance. The readings do actually appear on the app within seconds of you putting the monitor on your chest, because there is nothing worse than having to wait for your reading to settle down and register on an app.

This also works alongside other fitness apps, so it really is good value for money. This also fits people of different sizes too because we tried it on my younger daughter for sizing and then my older daughter and myself and we are both larger ladies and It fitted comfotably.

I was sent this Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor for the purpose of review and all opinions are my own and they are never influenced by any other person.
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on 22 March 2016
I was asked to review this item free of charge and was told to give an honest review on it, all opinions are mine and mine alone. I received my BeetsBlu through the post very quickly with no problems at all, I thought it would be bigger than it was but it was actually a nice size and very comfortable for me to wear. As someone who suffers with heart problems I was very excited to be given the chance to review this item, my heart rate goes very fast than drops dramatically before I faint so using this BeetsBlu has been a big help.

The instructions were easy and clear to use and the strap was easy enough to make bigger and smaller. It took a little while to calibrate with the app but the instructions state that may take sometime. The strap itself doesn't rub or make my skin sore, the device and strap are comfy and I didn't really notice that I was wearing it. It does state that you have to either use water or gel on the electrodes, I wet mine and it worked perfectly well. The design of the device and strap is simple and not over the top, I liked that it wasn't bully and basically looks similar to a belt buckle. As someone who suffers with heart problems this device is perfect for me and worked great with my iPhone 5s.
review image
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on 31 May 2016
After a speedy delivery, I took the monitor out of the box and had it running within a few minutes. The iPhone app was easy to find on the app store, and the instructions were clear and simple. The strap size was easily changed, and the battery comes preinstalled within the monitor. It took a few seconds for the monitor to connect to my iPhone and calibrate, after which I measured my heart rate and found it to be 107.

I found this monitor to be very accurate, as I compared the measured heart rate to the one I measured by hand, and they were similar. I haven’t had a chance to go for a run using it but the strap is extremely comfortable and I imagine I’d have no trouble going on a run with it around my chest. Size won’t be an issue either, as I tried it on my 2-year-old nephew and it fit him perfectly. All in all; speedy delivery, great quality, a fast connection and easy instructions make for a great product.
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on 13 June 2016
Straight out of the box, this device could not be easier to use. There's a long piece of elastic with metal poppers at each end. These fit on to the plastic casing of the device with a snap, so it fits very snugly together. The sensors are embedded in the sides of the strap, so you have to wet them slightly before putting it on to ensure a connection. But once you put it all on, it starts working straight away. I had already downloaded the BeetsBlu app, so that shows my heart rate any time I'm wearing the device.

The strap itself needs to fit snugly to maintain skin contact and not fall off when you're exercising. It's adjustable and has plenty of stretch, though I'm not sure that it would be big enough for a very large person. You can feel it at first but it's very comfortable and pretty soon I forgot I was wearing it.

The instruction leaflet included shows a male torso, and at first I was a bit unsure as to how/where a woman would wear it. As it turns out it fits pretty well just next to the bottom band of your sports bra and is not obvious even if you're wearing tight fitting gym gear. I liked how unobtrusive it was. You don't always want to alert the world to the fact that you're wearing a HRM.

I am normally a FitBit user, but I couldn't find a way to pair this device with the FitBit app, although that doesn't altogether surprise me. Some of the FirtBits have their own HRMs included so I guess they want to support their own brand and not another one. In the end I had to download Runkeeper, and from there is was very easy to connect this device. Personally I would prefer it if the Beets BLU app did more and you didn't have to connect it to anything else. If you already use one of the connectible apps (and there are many to choose from) then this might not bother you, but I could have done without something else to get my head (and personal details around). So that would be my only criticism - I would prefer if the workings of the device were more sophisticated on its own app (in the way that FitBit is).

***Disclosure*** I was sent this item free of charge for the purposes of an honest review. I have a long standing interest in fitness and gadgets so this is something which is of genuine interest to me and which I had been considering buying.
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on 7 June 2016
I was provided with this item free of charge for an honest review. . I received my BeetsBlu through the post very quickly after ordering. It came well packaged. The monitor is a nice, compact size and extremely comfortable to wear. I am a bit of a fitness nut and love anything that can track my fitness / heart rate. It worked well with Map My Run app. I've used it while out running outside and in the gym and fitness classes.

The instructions were easy and clear to use and the strap was easily adjustable although at times it did feel a little loose. Generally though, the strap itself is comfy and barely noticeable.It initially took a couple of attempts to sync with the app but once I got it up and running it was fine. Dropped the signal a few times but nothing major and I suspect more of a problem with me than the device! Worked well with my iphone 6 and I was able to download the app as per instructions.

A great device and my second Beets BLU product!

A really good and affordable heart rate monitor.
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