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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 22 January 2013
If you are already well-versed in Porcupine Tree then you will need no introduction to Steven Wilson, the genius singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist who has formed his "other" band for this project. The last two PT concert films are brilliant and I bought this on the strength of those, representing largely as the do, two of PT's best albums. So, for me,, I had no idea of the material on this Blu-ray, taken from Steven Wilsons two solo albums but mainly from his most recent release -Grace For Drowning. The concert was filmed in Mexico and an enthusiastic audence immersed themselves in this material and became "one" with the players. A couple of things stand out and need sharing - firstly the very evident entusiasm Wilson himself has for this project and his on-stage collaborators. I have never seen him so immersed and animated and enthused with what he was a part of and what he was hearing before. All his chosen musicians are of course stellar in their own rights but my second point has to be a mention for the incredible presence and ability of Nick Beggs on Bass and Chapman Stick and backing vocals. The man somehow managed to improve on the album versions of almost every song (I subsequently bought the CD's and realised what a difference Beggs made live). I think most prog fans will love this. The sound is lushious and there are no discernible mistakes in the performance. The new material is more jazz-infused but in a fantastic way. Beautiful keyboard and bass and guitar harmonies - intricate and funky freeform bass and drum rhythm sections leading the music in interesting directions. Space being left in the right places, uncluttered and atmospheric, interesting and varied lyrical and musical themes - for example the haunting and catchy "Index" about a quirky collector/hoarder and the lengthy, moody Raider II. In summary there is so much to get your teeth into here, but the overriding message has to be one of excellence. I own a very large collection of music concerts by many luminaries such as Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, IQ, etc. and this is right up there with the very best. Highly recommended.
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on 25 October 2012
I sat down with the intention of just skimming through it to see how it was and ended up totally engrossed by the whole thing. The Cheshire cat grins on the musicians faces alone indicate the passion and joy they have playing this stuff! Wilson prowls the stage playing keyboards, guitar, and singing or simply conducting the band with his odd right- handed waves and flicking. Its a joy to behold. Beautifully filmed as you would expect by Lassie, but even the sections behind the gauze are easy to see and have the added projection element used to great effect. The audience is completely engrossed in what is a superb looking theatre. Lovely tall proscenium arch wide and deep stage. Well worth it. I bought the DVD because I don't have a Blu Ray but now wish I had spent out on the additional discs because the double CD version would be worth it for sure. The new track 'Luminol' reveals some of the influence from Steve Wilson's remixing of the 1971 Caravan classic 'Land of Grey and Pink' i.e. '9ft Underground'. Even though its just a DVD - nice little booklet in there with some good shots. Bored to death by the On the Road extra which was pointless. The Gallery was also a little bit on the light side. But I never find the extras on discs up to much. For me the show was 100% enough. Buy this. It will be a while before Steve does anything again with Porcupine Tree and I am loving the freedom that the solo work affords him. Give it a go - you will like it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 September 2012
It's testament to Steven Wilson's boundless energy that the most excited person appearing in this superb concert movie is not in the audience: it's Wilson himself, whose enthusiasm for his touring band and his music is obvious throughout the full performance.

In 2010 we got Anesthetize, a film of Wilson's 'other' band, Porcupine Tree, that promised to be for some years the gold standard of his performances on video. Since then, however, Wilson has recruited an entirely different band of world class musicians and here he encourages it to open up material from the Grace For Drowning album. This band is capable of a notably more jazzy sound at times thanks to the presence of Theo Travis on woodwind and Adam Holzman on keyboards. At the same time, though, one of the best rhythm sections in music today (Marco Minneman on drums & Nick Beggs on bass/stick) ensures that the rockier sections have tremendous impact. Add in Wilson himself on whatever he happens to be playing at the time and Niko Tsonev on guitar and you have a band capable of effortlessly handling the original material.

In picture terms, this disc is very good, with slight signs of granularity & colour saturation on a big screen, but nothing amounting to a real defect. Camera coverage is very good indeed, especially once you get past the early songs, which are performed behind a gauze. The real glory of the set is the sound, though, which bears out Wilson's reputation as one of the best surround mixing engineers in the world today; for example, you don't just get the crowd in the rear speakers, you also get some lovely effects such as the choral effects. Audience sound is not obtrusive and the stage sound is studio quality. My only quibble is that the bass is lower in the mix than I would like: often you can see what Beggs is playing more clearly than you can hear it, which is a shame given his very athletic lines.

This set features DVD, Blu-Ray, & two CDs: a generously comprehensive package for the money. If you do not already have Grace For Drowning, this would be a very good alternative purchase, and includes also the new track, Luminol. Fans of Wilson will already have bought this, probably, but I'd also recommend this set for newcomers.
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on 13 December 2015
The audio options of the standard dvd version of ‘Get All You Deserve’ is not revealed anywhere I could find. For the record it has two 5.1 surround formats (DTS & Dolby) and stereo. It features material largely from the ‘Grace For Drowning’ album which I enjoyed on CD but missed in any 5.1 version, not having the system then. Hence finding this purchase actually had surround sound was a relief; it’s a decent mix, maybe not matching ‘Anesthetize’ - perhaps Wilson has spread himself too thin mixing virtually any classic reissue to spend enough time on his own product (a feature of the ‘Octane Twisted’ set as well which doesn’t even have surround on the DVD).
According to the blurb “The disc captures the spectacular live experience that Wilson and Hoile created for the tour.” Hmmm; that is overstating it in my view. It’s not as good as the ‘Anesthetize’ DVD to me and, good as the band is, to my mind it perhaps lacks the finesse of Porcupine Tree; the drumming here particularly is rather more basic rock (although the same Marco Minnemann with the Aristocrats seems far freer), whereas I could watch and listen to PT’s Gavin Harrison for ever.
However the major problem I have with the gig is Wilson himself who comes over as if he’s some kind of messiah (they don’t do ‘Halo’ luckily). His first appearance (the band come on individually) is wincingly awful - the second coming virtually. It doesn’t improve much either - he walks round a lot as if conducting or directing ‘his’ band, which singularly appears to just get on with it regardless. Rather like a very good pick-up band. He doesn’t play over much himself. This seems the major development since ‘Anesthetize’: The Ego has landed - Houston we have a problem.
That said, if you can ignore this aspect (and I still find that tricky despite being a fan since the Delerium days), the overall performance is very good. This runs for over 2 hours and it’s currently good value.
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on 9 October 2013
I'm not being facetious - apart from my utter infatuation with Yes, few things have excited me as much as my first tranny-under-the-pillow pirate broadcast of Jimi Hendrix: off the top of my head, Karmakanik's "Wheel Of Life" CD,King Crimson's "Eyes Wide Open" DVD, Dream Theater's "Live At Budokan" DVD, Steve Vai&Co's "G3 Live In Denver" DVD, Threshold's "Critical Energy" DVD...but Stephen Wilson's exquisite DVD is something else. On my system the 96/24 mix is the best sound I have heard since the 1970's brief flirtation with quadrophonics (but it doesn't sound well on systems with small speakers!). I got hooked on DVDs when I started watching the BBC Proms after I became allergic to headphones and bought my first serious NAD set-up (having paid off my mortgage!). As I could no longer attend live concerts, DVDs were really the only way for me to fully appreciate the unbelievable competence of the best musicians (better than concerts for the involving camera-work). With the much-loved NAD replaced by a HD 7.1 system, my old DVDs sound fabulous. I have not bought anything since Cream's joyous RAH come-back in 2005. Just nothing out there I could find!
This, though: the music moves through sound worlds I have only ever dreamed of. Subtle, complex, achingly beautiful. Uncompromising: between the extremes of cool austerity and full-on fusion it weaves a spell that gets deep into what makes this genre the most sublime of sonic experiences.
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on 16 November 2012
This is a must for all Steven Wilson fans also for people who don't know his work but like atmospheric, melodic, melancholy rock with prog tendencies. This concert is beautifully shot/edited by long time SW collaborator Lasse Hoille & features music from Wilson's 2 solo albums plus a new 12 minute epic "Luminol".
I would forewarn buyers that the DVD defaults to one of the 5.1 surround mixes so if you have not got the correct equipment there seems to be no audio on playback. This isn't a fault, you just need to set it to stereo using the setup screen.
I cannot comment on the surround mix as I haven't the 5.1 gear but Steven Wilson's reputation as a surround mixer cannot be equaled. The stereo mix is fine but maybe the drums are a tad low.
All in all this is in my opinion a fantastic DVD & one which I will play many, many times.
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I have said elsewhere that Steven Wilson has been spreading himself a bit thin and as a result some of the more recent recordings have not been up to par - well this one certainly is bang on the money!!

Whilst the quality of the CD recordings is very good, it is with the blu-ray that the quality knocks your socks off in my opinion. It is well know that SW has worked closely with Robert Fripp, indeed he was responsible for some of the work involved in the masterful Larks' Tongues In Aspic (40th Anniversary Limited Edition), and after listening to the music contained within this set, I consider that I can hear some influence from Mr Fripp - not that it is a bad thing mind you!

There are splendid musicians assembled for this concert recorded in Mexico April 2012. If anyone has any doubt as to whether SW is producing progressive rock, then this show will illustrate that he is without doubt. All the tracks have more impact and power than they do in studio versions, indeed I found Grace For Drowning a little disappointing if I'm honest. Whilst many of the vocals do not carry much of a melody, the instrumental passages which in many cases really stretch out are often superb with Theo Travis' (sax, flute, clarinet, keyboards)wind instruments often adding a jazzy tinge to the proceedings.

The packaging is the weakest point being a small cardboard fold-out with about the worst plastic clips to hold the discs in place that I have come across, however considering the number of discs which enable you to play it just about anywhere, the price isn't too bad.

If you enjoy Steven Wilson's work, then I anticipate that you will love this set - buy it!
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on 20 January 2013
I know many will think my title is a bit 'over-the-top' but I DO feel this is as good as any bluray live album released to date. Why? Because: 1/Visually it is stunning and the camera angles are expertly shot (not the 'Wayne's World' style 'extreme close-ups' which many rock blurays suffer from for example}; 2/ sound quality is equally stunning {in fact when you take the output of your bluray to a good asychronous dac it is hard to hear much difference between this and the cd version even when played over a good cd transport); and finally of course the music, which includes the performance of the musicians is excellent and IMO better than the originals. If I was to be ULTRA picky I might say that Steven Wilson's voice perhaps wasn't at his best but really that would be splitting hairs because the addition of Marco Minnerman on drums and Adam Holzman on keyboards in particular elevate Steven Wilson's fine solo music to even greater heights. For anyone interested in 'getting into' Steven Wilson's solo stuff, start here!
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on 8 November 2015
Stunning live concert of Steve Wilson's solo tour recorded at the height of his powers live in Mexico City on the Grace For Drowning Tour in superb Blu-Ray picture and sound quality.
A definite five star must buy but please check out the DVD Arriving Somewhere and Blu-Ray Anesthetize as well, all three are superb.
The best sounding live band of all time these guys are simply superb musicians.
Very, very good a must buy.
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on 2 December 2014
This work with DVD, Blu-ray and 2 CDs is very tasteful. Cost is good and I think even an exaggeration be a DVD and a Blu-ray together. The show is in the style of Steven Wilson with the use of good musicians and strong guitar present in his songs. The mysterious tone is SEPRE present. The songs are well played, with no failures. Worth the price and for those who like the style is a good option. Very nice! Note 8.5.
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