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on 1 September 2014
If you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks for it to be delivered from the other side of the World (by World Buy365 in my case) then this one's a no brainer. Even with £4 postage it's still over £10 cheaper than Boots charge, and a fair bit cheaper than anywhere else online.

By the way, I bought this, the 32S cassette, for my 340 razor. It's identical to the 32B cassette it replaces except for the colour (silver rather than black), despite the razor only listing 32B as a replacement (Braun confirmed there was no difference apart from the colour). Cuts just as well as the original did when it was new.
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on 11 May 2015
Considering that this looks to be a genuine Braun Foil and Cutter set (and that the components certainly fit and work well enough on the razor, despite the attachments being plastic), the asking price is not that unreasonable - not compared to what you might pay on the high street, anyway; but I do find that these items ideally need to be replaced at twelve-monthly intervals to maintain the razor's operating efficiency - so I've deducted one star to reflect this slightly disappointing wear/longevity ratio. Apart from that, this is of course a recommended buy.
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on 17 July 2017
This was a gift for someone to replace the foil on their Braun shaver, so it was just what I was looking for. Speaking personally, I have a Braun shaver, which works reasonably well, although I do find it doesn't cut some hairs and I am wondering whether other brands of shaver with rotary heads would work better... For this reason, I've given this four stars and said 'I Like It', whilst not ruling out the fact that I may 'love' (i.e. give five stars to) a rotary shaver, if I ever try one.
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on 17 March 2014
The 32S model number of the foil, refers to the silver body version, 32B refers to the black version.The replacement foil was delivered quickly in a sealed pack. I stored it unused, as a standby for the new razor. I originally knocked a star off, because of the very high price for this standard replacement item (but please see later).

Some economy is possible by eking out the life of your existing foil. Simply reset the shaver (press the "on" button until it flashes amber near the base). Then use the existing foil until it fails. You will know when this happens because it will scratch your face very slightly, causing a little localised soreness. Pop the new foil on and reset again.

This replacement foil was bought in January 2014, as a standby for the new electric razor. I am returning to this review now, in February 2017, because the original foil has just failed, with a small hole at one end, causing a scratchy feeling on my face. In total, the foil lasted 3 years, with a reset about once a year. That is about 3 times longer than the amber warning light indicated. In view of this long life, and the fact that the replacement foil is not just a foil (as with older electric razors) but a complete replacement unit with foil, cutter and frame, I have decided to increase the rating to five stars.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 1 July 2015
The Braun Series 3 is a very good razor and the cutters and foil last well. But the manual says that in a normal lifetime the cutters travel a distance equivalent to several times up and down Mount Everest (and there I was thinking that they were travelling up and down my face - not the North Face ¡)
Anyway, clearly they need replacing from time to time and this product is very reasonably priced. More than that, it fits perfectly and you will notice the difference in shaving immediately.
It also arrived quickly and I recommend.
Just make sure (check your manual or the Braun website if you're not) that the part number will fit your model)

Anyway, I hope that this review is helpful in some way when making the decision.
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on 12 October 2017
Over a long period of time I have been buying replacement cutters/foils for electric shavers and -it's pretty-evident - they've never been
cheap!However most at first use are more impressive than this one.So little better than that that it's suppose to replace that I may
revert to using that for a while.The light on the shaver indicated that it needed replacing..
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on 19 May 2016
Braun suggest you replace the foil every 18 months. Well after nearly 18 months I was disappointed with the shave and so decided to replace the old foil. Was an improvement but not as radical an improvement as I was expecting.

The shave is OK at best. I am not fan of wet shaving but I have never found an electric shaver that can shave as well as a wet razor. Maybe one exists but I am yet to find it and I have been shaving for 40+ years.
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on 19 October 2016
This appears to be a genuine item, albeit seemingly intended for the USA/Canadian market, but it works very well. As I haven't changed the cutter & foil on my shaver for a long time I hadn't noticed the gradual decline in performance. With the new foil and cutter it's like having a new shaver, but at much lower cost, so I'm totally content and recommend this item.
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on 15 July 2017
Usual Braun high quality (made in China) and gives my old Series 1 190 Braun shaver a new lease of life, in fact it's like a new shaver. Definitely recommended.
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on 11 November 2013
Have had this shaver now for some years and have resolutely resisted the little light telling me its time to buy a new head. I usually only buy when the foil is beginning to break up. However on reading some of the reviews decided perhaps should sport £20 out for a new one. Had it two or three weeks now and have to say don't think it is any better than the original although that has chomped my face many hundreds of time. Funnily enough the razor charge seems to last a bit longer if that is a benefit! I also object to paying for the whole head when in the past one could just buy the foil at a lot less. My son who has a similar Braun has damaged the head and has welcomed my old one as a replacement.
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