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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Format: Kitchen & Home|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This cordless cleaner from AEG has a trick up its sleeve - it's actually two cleaners in one. Firstly, it's an upright stick cleaner as well as a handheld vacuum - the handheld unit simply lifts out of the "stick" and is ideal for cleaning the car or upholstery etc.

The AG 935 is a well-designed and made product weighing in at just over 4Kg which feels very light for a vacuum cleaner. This cordless cleaner gives you two charging options - you can either wall mount the charger or use the supplied charger stand which simply extends the wall mounted charger into a freestanding charger/stand. There is storage for the excess cord and storage in the charging stand for the dusting brush and crevice nozzle which fit the handheld unit. As I see it the pros and cons of this cordless stick cleaner are;


- Light and ready to use - if you keep it on its charging stand ready to go you'll probably end up using it more than your main vacuum.
- It is easy to steer, and in stick mode, it has a revolving brush head which moves through 180 degrees. The brush head has a built in cleaning mechanism. You just press a foot lever and the brush cleans itself of debris including hairs etc.
- Suction is powerful for a cordless machine and there is a useful suction control near to the on and off switch.
- Battery life is good - it can do the stairs and hall in a largish house on one battery charge. There is also a charge indicator light which shows the charge and blinks when the battery is running low.
- The "pop out" handheld is very effective and the release buttons are high up the stick so you don't have to bend down very far. The "pop out" is also great for the car, and, so much better than those portable car vacuums.
- It has powerful "Audi style" LED lights that really show up the dirt and dust.
- The cleaner is bagless and uses two filters which can be cleaned and reused.


- Cleaning the dust receptacle can be a bit fiddly but you get the hang of it.
- Before first use you have screw the handle into position - this is something you only do once in the lifetime of the unit - you just have to be careful to avoid pinching the power cable. This job only takes about 30 seconds but I mention it as other reviewers have referred to it.
- Unless it's on the charging stand the stick cleaner doesn't stand up on its own, but it does have a special rubber strip on it designed to ensure it doesn't slip over when leant against a table etc.
- Nothing else I can see at the moment - if any problems arise I'll update this review.

There are four identical models in the range (except for colour) as follows; the AG932 in Cassis; AG933 in Aqua Blue; AG 934 in Olive Green and the AG 935 in black. All these models use NiCad battery technology. The next step up is the 940 series which are visually/functionally similar but use more advanced Lithium Ion battery technology. There are three models in the 940 series; the AG941 in Chocolate Brown; AG 942 in Clear Blue and the AG943 in Watermelon Red. Lithium Ion batteries charge more quickly, last a bit longer, are lighter and suffer less from "memory effect" - the price premium over the 930 series is around £30-£40.

In summary, this is a very well-designed and made product that works well, and, which you'll probably end up using much more than your main vacuum. We've found it so useful for dealing with crumbs after guests go and clearing up after workmen etc. plus the handheld unit cleans the car interior so well. Recommended.
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on 28 March 2012
...and I say "hoovering" rather than "vacuuming" because that's the term I was brought up with. Anyway...As a useable device this charged up within a day and cleaned up the mess both upstairs AND downstairs with charge to spare. Clean out the bag often though otherwise it could get clogged quickly.

Delivery was via Yodel and I had no problems at all (despite reading some bad reviews). Out of the box I fixed the handle in place, set it on charge and left it alone. Nice blue charging light comes on to tell you it is actually charging in case it hasn't been set into its charging holster correctly. Of course, having read the instructions later reading that it shouldn't be left in a hot environment, eg my conservatory on the hottest day so far..oops, the ZB2803 still functioned normally.

Very light to use and very portable. The head swivels nicely and the brushes are removeable for cleaning. Incredibly slim and ideal for limited space. Easy to glide under furniture too. This has two speeds so you can glide around on half power.

The power supply for the charger is a little feeble. Not sure how long it will last before it needs replacing.

Some of the rechargeable models can be turned into a smaller, portable unit. This can't, at least I don't think so.

Last curious note: 4 days ago I paid £59 and today the same product is priced at £106? Check the price before you consider but I am one content male housewife with a new toy to play with.
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Format: Kitchen & Home|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It occurs to me that this light and easy cleaner would be particularly suitable for older users in smaller rooms that really don't get very dirty, as it is so much more nifty, safe and user friendly than a big heavy vacuum with trailing lead. The light on the head really does help show the way and somehow the whole experience of using this two in one rechargeable machine is less hassle and so more likely to be employed little and often.

Once you have the smart and attractive looking machine set up, and understand how to check that it's properly set on its stand happily recharging, a quick clean around really is a doddle. So handy to pick up and move around; post op, bad back, new mum, less able bodied, well this could be a great help. Quiet in operation and with a generous turning circle on the head, this is no toy sweeper.

I love the blueberry Cassis colour, it looks fine standing against the wall, no need to hide it away in a cupboard, your new pal wants to join in the fun and help out wherever, whenever. No problems carrying it up and down the staircase, anyway you'll be doing the stairs with the little handy cleaner that kangaroo like lives in the stalk. This really couldn't be more suitable for cleaning out the car too.

Of course this is not meant for huge areas or heavy soiling, the container will hold a jug full of dust only, cleaning that out is also accessible and practical so no reason to put it off. Once the machine is fully charged, mine arrived with a bit of life in it but I left it overnight, then apparently you get at least 20 mins cleaning time. enough for anyone I should think!
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on 13 March 2013
Available in beautiful colours (went for the aqua blue)
Brilliant on non-carpeted flooring (lino, hardwood, tile)
Easy assembly
Headlights useful for making sure you've picked up everything
Pop-out handheld great for corners and skirting boards
Lightweight and zooms around the floor with ease
Slim and head rotates so you can get under most household obstacles
Brushroll clean is useful when hoover stops picking up fluff (you can hear a slight rattle when it needs cleaned)
Relatively quiet
Buttons in easy-to-reach places
Bagless- easy to empty
Cordless- you no longer have to play tug of war with your hoover

Short battery life
Doesn't stand on its own. You can't lean it against anything- it will slide away because of wheels. Stands upright while in charging station
Bagless so you need to empty it often when compared to hoovers with bags

Bought this hoover a couple weeks before I moved flats. My old place had laminate flooring throughout, with lots of hard-to-get-to dark corners. My old hoover was a TANK. Noisy, too; making cleaning a massive chore. Now, it's so easy my partner even enjoys getting it out (the man hates cleaning!).

My new flat is carpeted. The Ergorapido doesn't pick up fluff as easily on carpeted flooring. You have to either get out the handheld or go over it a few times. I don't mind this too much, and overall I'm pleased I bought this. Its maneuverability is what makes it.
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on 26 December 2012
This gadget gets 5 star from me but I have to point out it may be a luxury purchase as it is likely not to replace a main vacuum cleaner.

I had the original dyson for over 10 yr before needing to replace it but in honesty it lasted so long as I avoided regular use I found it such a chore. I eventually replaced it with the meile cat & dog cylinder after much research and rave reviews.

I hated the meile from day one, found it cumbersome to move around and continued to avoid my vacumming responsibiiies.
I originally spotted this aeg gadget in currys and loved the sleek design & colours displayed.

Don't be put off my review at this stage, I didn't buy it based on this!

Went home to research and found hardly any reviews on the product.

Went back to test it out instore, the fact it is cordless appealed massively, once lifted out of the charger it is so lightweight with incredible maneuverability I almost cleaned up the entire shop floor in currys.
The charger is very light weight plastic and I feared needed fixing to a wall, I needed not worry, the device itself is so lightweight, the charger can stand alone and does not topple with the vacuum stored in it. you may want to bear in mind it is advised that the device is plugged in at all time in between use and a full charge will goive 20 mins cleaning (plenty of time) then restowed to the charger for next use.

The lights on the vac head are a fantastic addition to spotting where needs going over and for such a neat sleek device I was impressed with the suction.
The tiny bagless cylinder will need emptying after every use. Very easy to do and a small price to pay for the lightweight design of the product. even the filter can be cleaned each time by a pully device to unclogg it & at other intervals the filter can be washed.

The tiny chamber is easily removed and turned into a super lightweight hand held device to scoot along skirtings, in corners, kitchen worktops, blinds, lightfittings, it's just brilliant.

Most of my home is hard surface, wood floors or tiles, it will of course go over a carpet and has this self cleaning brush manoeuvre where you step on the head and the brush rids itself of built up hair/dust. I will add on my first use on carpet I used this feature but still need to manually un clogg the brush of long hair (mine) afterwards.
So for this reason, it certainly isn't industrial home cleaning capability, but a lightweight nifty day to day device to make keeping your home dust free & clean instead of if like me, dreading dragging round your upright or cylinder with all its tools & attachments which may be powerful but such as chore as it is not light work.

I do still use the meile on the stirs & landing & for cleaning out the fireplace.
The aeg says it is not suitable for cleaning up ashes or fine powders like flour! I don't know why, but I have taken advice as don't want to damage it, I love using it.
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on 20 September 2011
Best buy have done this year. Instead of having the vacuum visible on the floor in the house all the time (or stuffed away and it never gets used) this one fits snugly into a corner (and is actually a bit stylish). And best of all, it actually does the job. For the first time I have to admit I find it (almost) a pleasure to vacuum. We use it on wooden floor, tiles as well on carpets. Without the hassle of dragging a bigger piece and an electrical cord around the house. So what doesn't it do? It does not replace the need of at least one traditional vacuum in the home as it does not reach fully into corners. But this one covers 90% of our needs.
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on 23 April 2012
Have just reeceived my 2nd Unirapido hoover. The first one wouldnt start after a minimum of the recommended 24 hour charge. It is very lightweight and easy to hoover both on hard surfaces and short pile carpet. Suction seems to be good. My main complaint is that the running time is so short. A maximum of 6 minutes on the more powerful mode. Even on the less powerful mode I am not getting much extra running time. This is with cleaning the filters every minute or so.(nothing like the 20 minutes that I have seen some people get. Will persevere to see if there is an improvement. However am disappointed in the machine.
I would like to thank Amazon for their superb customer service. The 2nd hoover was delivered the very next day following my complaint, and they even picked up the one not working by courier on the same day.
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Format: Kitchen & Home|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I want to like this product and I do to certain extent but when compared to its competitors its not as good.
I purchased this item to replace my GTech cordless sweeper but unfortunately I prefer the Gtech.
The AEG is very well made, feels very sturdy which is a big plus compared to the gtech.
However I find that in operation it's not as good as the gtech. It seems to struggle to pick up certain types of mess, mainly grit and stones that sometimes gets brought into the house on shoes etc.
It sucks it up but doesn't seem to have enough power to deposit it in the collection box and spits it out again when the machine is switched off.
It also seems to keep sticking on my carpet. Another issue I have is that the brushrollclean doesn't seem to be overly successful either.
I still have the need to manually clean the roller of hairs etc.
It is very handy that its always ready to use when used with the charging cradle and a lot better than getting out your large vacuum cleaner but overall I preferred the Gtech and its cheaper too.
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Format: Kitchen & Home|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
An attractive shade of turquoise, decorated with silver arrows and switches, slim and extremely light; this original and useful AEG two in one tall vac/hand vac is announced as an innovation today however it reminds me strongly of a nearly extinct domestic appliance - a carpet sweeper from the recent domestic past...

`When I was a girl' we only hoovered once a week; in between times we employed a carpet sweeper. `Elbow grease' was the only power required, it rolled/rattled across the floor picking up debris from sewing sessions, crumbs from cakes, dust walked in on shoes and paws, anything and everything which inevitably became entangled tightly around the drum - a consequence that AEG have covered with their new style item, one sharp step on the switch will confidently clear the roller of threads, hair etc.

This strange hybrid requires 16 hours of charge before it will do the 20 mins of maid service promised. Here you must beware as a slight knock can stop it charging so keep an eagle eye on the little signal light that shows yes it is connected to the power and all is well.

Using the machine as a whole it confers a delightful sense of freedom. The lack of cable really sends you speeding off in all directions, its flexible turning head manoeuvres marvellously around obstacles with the bright headlight shining ahead helpfully under sofas, tables and beds. Emptying the dustbox is easy and fast so it doesn't matter that it only holds a couple of mug fulls. Detaching the hand vac from the stalk is also quick. The way it is also well thought out means you are more likely to use it for brief tidy ups, rather like the old fashioned Bissell sweeper...
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on 12 February 2012
This is the second Unirapido rechargeable vacuum that I have purchased in the last year. I have been so impressed with mine that I bought one for my elderly father for Christmas. I use mine all the time - it is great for whizzing around the downstairs every day rather than getting out the Dyson. My dad has been encouraged to hoover his apartment as a result of having his - a larger hoover was getting too much for him and this is perfect - it's so lightweight and picks up really well that he is disposing of his main hoover in favour of using this one. The unit picks up equally well on wooden floors or carpets and has two settings - I always use the most powerful one and I never have to worry about it running out of charge. Fab all round.
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