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on 28 May 2016
Attack of the Werewolves is mainly a comedy with some monster elements instead of the monster movie you might initially be expecting. But it does very well as a comedy if that's what you are in the mood to watch.

The descendant of a cursed family visits the old and empty family castle after being invited by the town who claim they wish to celebrate his celebrity as a writer (even though he is not a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination). Things turn bad quite quickly as it becomes clear the townsfolk want instead for him to rid them of a 100 year old curse.....

The acting here is pretty good and everyone seems to be clear that they are there for laughs but not to take it too far. It's all very well paced and moves along quite quickly even with its rather long 102 minutes running time.This film works well on Blu-ray with the picture quality helping to show off some great locations and there is a decent Spanish DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. There is a lot of dialogue so you do need to be watching the subtitles unless you are fortunate enough to understand Spanish. Some of the werewolves are a bit iffy as they are obviously men in suits although sometimes the costumes (and particularly the makeup) work reasonably well. And the werewolves 'flying on wires' is a lot of fun to watch.

My version arrived with a particularly effective lenticular cover - normally these are a bit silly but this one has great depth and parts of the image really pop off the cover. More fun. Good film currently at a really good price.
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on 5 August 2013
Hilarity in the backwoods of Spain.
It sets out like Oliver Reed' crossed with Lon Chaney Jnr' - okay so Jim Dale and Harry H Corbett in Spanish.
The budget is lovingly underexposed but perfectly decent. I havent seen any of the Spanish Werewolf movies or their lead star Paul Naschy (great name) but hope that this riffs on his films too.
For me this covers so many comedy horror bases well, that it is difficult not to get side tracked from the genuine fun on display.
All the main characters (archetypes) are wooden or animated as they need to be. The writers return (and his agents unwelcome appearance), the writers best friends grudging allegiance, the grandmother.... it's all here in a wonderfully nonsensical buffet of off cuts and prime beefcake.
Whilst it carries little genuine gore this is more Shaun of the Dead than Young Frankenstein. Less Carry on Screaming and more Bob Hope Cat and the Canary. I wish I spoke spanish - because whilst the subtitles are funny, I am sure its even funnier in "real" dialogue.
It carries so many plot takes from previous horrors (and comedies) lightly. The characters are stock but beautifully skewed. The police chief is worthy of Young Frankenstein - I particularly liked the shootout with his rooky colleague and the horde, which has a nice echo of the dart board scene from YF. Towards the end his inspired reemergence .... skewing from the end of the Howling?
The Wicker man, the Thing (blood test) and any number of demented family members in the attic films could be being sentup - but the cast are so wonderfully straightfaced that it just flies by as entertainment.
What Van Helsing could have been with this sort of script.
Very Close to Young Frankenstein, Cat and the Canary and The Man with Two Brains in gag quality (no pun intended), similar to Carry On Screaming in quality. It's not subtle (on the surface) but I loved it.
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on 11 April 2017
Tongue in cheek horror about werewolves. There aren't a lot of werewolf movies out there compared to vampire movies so I tend to jump on them when I can. I didn't hate the film, the humour was sometimes very amusing, there's a scene involving cutting a guys finger off that was very well done. I just think that, for me, the characters were too annoying, to the point it was getting very disappointing when they kept surviving. It's a Spanish movie with English subtitles. You could see the ending come a mile away and I'm not sure if it was meant to be a surprise or part of the "here it comes" humour but it was satisfying nevertheless. If you can get it for a couple pounds I'd recommend it, or if you love Spanish humour movies in general.
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on 12 June 2013
An absolute HOWL, after reading the reviews, and also being a hard core horror fan, I do like to lighten up now and then, and this film ticks all the boxes.
Although it is Spanish with subtitles, it really does not put you of, the special FX are great, but the characters dialog with each other is hilarious, as they keep a straight face while not thinking they are funny, makes it more chuckle some.
I enjoyed every minute, and know I will watch it again.
Definitely recommend
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on 26 April 2013
This is a really entertaining and funny film.
The storyline is orignal (the terror stricken inhabitants try to break a 100 year old curse), and the dialogue is funny- particularly between the hero and his oafish agent.
The characters, if a little one dimensional, are appealing enough to keep you interested in the film. The effects are refreshingly old school- the werewolves are realised with costumes, rather than CGI, which makes them more realistic than those seen in recent films. Although not particularly scary, the film has its moments of creepiness.
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on 15 February 2013
I love werewolf films. I have the very good in my collection and also the very bad. This film is in the excellent catagory. It is loaded with action but it also has a sense of humor. The laughs aren't done to tell jokes or spoof the genre but are realistic. In other words, the film makers are not trying to shoot themselves in the foot. This is really one of the best werewolf films I have ever seen and I highly recommend it.
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on 9 July 2017
Great fun - for those who like a good laugh, a bit of horror, some great werewolves, and to top it all some Spanish subtitles...
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on 13 September 2013
I bought this DVD because I missed the movie in the theaters back in Spain. The movie is great, but watching it with English subtitles really hurts the plot: they are accurate, but rephrased would come closer to the comical side of the original. By the way, there should be some warning that the cover of the DVD in in 3D.
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on 2 June 2014
Great movie! Very funny and full of good moments! Bought first on standard DVD then invested in a bluray copy! The scene where one of the main characters has to give a sacrifice of one of his fingers is just great! Beware of the moon! Mr J Counsell.
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on 12 February 2016
This is a great movie and it will make you laugh/chuckle at times, but the CGI is amazing and I can only recommend it :)
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