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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2012
When myself, and Peter Gill, were made aware of the "error" on the first five tracks some weeks before it's official release we contacted ZTT and Salvo to ask if they were going to correct it. Despite several emails and phone calls nobody would return our calls or answer the emails. On one occasion Peter called Salvo and asked to be put through to several people and was told that "everybody was out" and there was nobody there to speak to him apart from the girl answering the phone. To date we have had no response from ZTT or Salvo and despite requests we have not even been sent a copy of the release.
I would like to apologise to the people who have been disappointed with this album and inform them that every effort was made, on mine and Peter's behalf, to try and correct it. I am apologising despite having nothing to do with this release because I feel it may reflect badly on the band and the band's reputation and it would be nice to see a word from ZTT or Salvo amongst these pages. ZTT's only public response to date has been the rather sneering and arrogant press release referring to the mistake as a "technical **** up" on their Facebook page. The fact that they have tried to turn this mistake into some sort of marketing ploy and describing the mixes as being in "glorious mono" looks like a pretty desperate attempt to save face. That said, I am so in the dark as to why this mistake happened that I am not sure if the error was down to ZTT or Salvo. What I do know is that if the band would have been consulted or involved in this release then due care and attention would have been taken to deliver the product in all it's glorious stereo.
I don't doubt that the rest of the content is great and reading the reviews it seems most people are happy with it. I have given it a one star review because it reflects my disappointment that sub-standard versions of our material have been released although technically I shouldn't be able to review it because I haven't heard it and don't own a copy?
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on 10 August 2012
Firstly, this CD should be heaven for us Frankie fans, but as you can see from other reviews the first 5 track are NOT Mono, they are one channel.

Clearly whomever mastered this CD, didn't pay any attention to the job at hand.

Now mistakes of course can happen, but there has been no firm response from Salvo/ZTT as to what they intend to do to rectify the error, they have stated that they plan to issue a Lossless replacement, as/when/if the appropriate master is found.

But, they MUST have had the original master, as it's unbelievable that ZTT only had the one channel master, why would that occur?.

It's with a heavy heart that I've given this a one star review, as I love Frankie Goes to Hollywood but, standards are important.

Even members of the band have expressed their annoyance at this glaring error& but even they haven't even had a single response from Salvo/ZTT

Avoid this release until the problem is rectified.

My copy is being returned as faulty
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on 6 August 2012
Like many Frankie fans, I'd been looking forward to this latest release in the Element Series for many months. So my heart sank when on 8 July 2012 this notice was posted on ZTT's site: "Please note that due to, as they say in the trade, a 'technical f*** up', mono masters were sent to press for CD1 tracks 01-05. One channel is mirrored on both sides."

The note continued: "If and when a suitable stereo master becomes available, we will offer this as a free, lossless download". But the whole point of the Element Series is that they are physical products: good CDs in good packaging. Learning that a corrected download would be available for free - "if" a stereo master turns up - was no consolation.

In the time since that notice, dozens of angry messages have been posted on the relevant Facebook pages and sites, including a review from Frankie guitarist Brian Nash. At least two members of the band have "looked into" having this album withdrawn.

Despite this, ZTT and Salvo decided to release this faulty product regardless. They have insulted the fans with offhand comments, saying that "Phil Spector ... would have been delighted", and then attempted to cover-up the error by saying that the first five tracks are "in glorious mono as the only master tapes available were mono". The story thus changed to "no stereo versions have been located. The label felt it would be better to have these tracks on the collection in this form rather than not including them at all". This directly contradicts the earlier admission of, and apology for, the technical error.

Not only are the affected tracks in mono, they are not in true mono. They comprise the sound signal from one channel, copied onto both. It's a duplicated single channel. If you do this to, say, a Beatles recording, some instruments or voices will be completely absent. That's exactly what's happened here. That arpeggiated guitar. Missing. Synths and things. Missing. Percussion. Missing.

The first five tracks on this CD are, therefore, faulty, and this album should be boycotted. The band themselves have made publicly clear that they're angry about it. This product should be withdrawn, corrected and reissued, and those who have already bought defective copies should have theirs replaced.
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on 6 August 2012
This is what the term CAVEAT EMPTOR was created for. If you are considering buying this then you need to be aware that the first five tracks have been broken by the engineer who made the CD. What was a glorious sound stage of timeless music has been turned into a worse-than-MONO destruction of some of Frankie's finest pieces. Oh ZTT, why are you treating us this way?

Digitally Demastered, indeed. :(
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on 8 August 2012
ZTT, a record company set up in 1983 by techno-whiz geek producer Trevor Horn, had by the mid 80s a reputation for controversy, innovation, and perhaps most impressively, superlative sound quality. The "Pleasure Dome" mixes are still sumptuous listening, with soundscapes to rival any of the other so-called "audiophile" records of the era (The Blue Nile, etc). Unfortunately, one would never know this from listening to the first 5 tracks of this CD, as a fault in the mastering process has rendered one channel of the original stereo recordings onto both the left *and* right channels, resulting in a kind of "faulty mono". This is a real shame, as sonically the rest of the CD still sounds as exciting and fresh as it did nearly 30 years ago. But alas, a defective product is a defective product, and it is with heavy heart that I award this release 1 solitary star.
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on 8 August 2012
I mirror all the other negative reviews on here, this release should be withdrawn, the sound quality on tracks 1-5 on CD one is awful! ZTT have to do better than this for their fans!
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on 22 November 2012
Received a email this morning

Ok for those who purchased this cd and then realised the first 5 tracks were in mono.

The stereo versions have been located and if you wish to receive a copy of the new repressed cd

send your cd to

Union Square Music Ltd.
Unit 1.1
Shepherds Studios
Rockley Road
W14 0DA

with your name and address and a new disc will be sent to you with the correct versions etc.
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on 6 August 2012
Forget the music, that is beyond reproach.

What the issue is with this CD, is the approach taken by Salvo / ZTT to us, the buying record public. The first five tracks were noticed on a pre-release version to be not in stereo as one would expect, but one half of the stereo channel on its own - this is not MONO note. This was pointed out to the record company some six weeks before the release so did ZTT / Salvo do the honest think, admit their mistake and withdraw the release until the error had been fixed. No, they used it as marketing tool, justifying a mistake as a MONO issue and went ahead anyway.

Get real ZTT / Salvo, the last records mixed in mono were in the early 1970's, not the pristine state of the art Trevor Horn / ZTT / FGTH of 1983/84.

This is a release that sticks two fingers up at the record buying public, a lazy money grabbing issue that could have been excellent but has been ruined by a mistake which takes breathtaking incompetence to a new level and beggars belief that it slipped through to pre-release. Note, no blame is attached to the band as at least two members of FGTH tried to stop the release, but they were both ignored.

Shame on you everyone who had anything to do with 'Sex Mix' release, you have caused more damage to the FGTH/ZTT image and legacy than you obviously care about..
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on 22 April 2013
Some news from Salvo on the 2xCD Frankie Goes To Hollywood compilation, SexMix...

Stereo masters have been located and have been used to prepare a new, all stereo version of disc one. If anyone would like to replace their current version of disc one with one of these freshly minted, all stereo versions then all we ask is that you please send us your current disc, or email us a copy of your receipt if you prefer, and provide a return address. We will then forward a copy of the all stereo disc to you by first class post. Please send the discs to the following address:

Salvo, Union Square Music Ltd., Unit 1.1, Shepherds Studios, Rockley Road, London, W14 0DA, UK. Please send emails to:

For your reference there will be one or other of two codes on the discs featuring the tracks with one channel repeated on both sides and they are: *053731 and *055114. The code on the new discs is: *056837. These codes can be found on the underside of the disc in the ring around the centre. In addition, those who bought digital downloads of the album can now download an updated version at the store from which it was originally purchased.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 August 2012
Initial pressings of this title had a mastering error on the first five tracks of cd one. In an effort to promote the release, not lose any sales and hope the error would go unnoticed ZTT/Salvo music tried to hype the mistake as being something of a marketing treasure. Here's the spin that the label posted on their website at the time, trying to cover up what was very obviously a big mistake..."mono masters were sent to press for CD1 tracks 01-05...We wanted to point this out, even if you may not have noticed, even if - like Phil Spector - you would have been delighted.." Phil may have been delighted from his jail cell but this listener wasn't. Mono tracks I can deal with, but there's nothing delightful about the mono tracks presented here. It's a single channel of the two channel stereo signal in what's called mirrored mono (which means it's like moving the balance control all the way to the left or right and having only that side coming out of both speakers). Forget it. You might as well only hook up one speaker. Personal involvement of former members of Frankie and people power eventually won out and the technical "insert expletive here" was acknowledged and rectified. On 21st of November 2012 ZTT/Salvo Music released a media statement writing that "stereo masters have been located" and that new copies of cd 1 have been pressed. It gives instructions on how to go about obtaining a replacement disc. You will have to examine the matrix code imprinted on to the inner ring of the non-label side to determine if you have a faulty cd. Full details are at with the relevant codes and how to go about obtaining a replacement disc. Hopefully the faulty discs have all been recalled and the set is as it should be.

With that technical mix up rectified, an originally critical review becomes one of praise for there is much here to be enjoyed on Sex Mix. Any serious Frankie fan chasing down that rare vinyl or cassette only mix will find a few of them here released in digital format for the first time. My personal favourite is track 12 on cd 2 "Warriors of the Wastelend (compacted)", the first Frankie cd single. It's basically a mash up of all the variants of this underrated track from their second album "Liverpool". I've been trying to find a copy of this very rare mix for a long time and the asking price for this new two cd set is worth it for this track alone. There's also a number of the interview b-sides and seasonal greetings that adorned many of the alternate formats for Frankie singles, singlettes or twelve inches making their digital debut. Most wanted are "Relax - International" and the 4:11 full length mix of "Get It On". Just make sure you get the correct pressing/master for cd one. Bring on Volume two!

"All Frankie, all sex, all mixed...There is no cause for concern."
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