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on 17 August 2012
As others have noted, a disappointment. The first five tracks are anything but "glorious mono" and are an egregious misrepresentation of what was intended. The fact that this is at the start makes it just worse.

The label appears to be trying to passing off an embarrassing mistake as an opportunity: unsurprisingly it is being taken to be adding insult to injury.
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on 6 August 2012
Initial pressings of this title had a mastering error on the first five tracks of cd one. In an effort to promote the release, not lose any sales and hope the error would go unnoticed ZTT/Salvo music tried to hype the mistake as being something of a marketing treasure. Here's the spin that the label posted on their website at the time, trying to cover up what was very obviously a big mistake..."mono masters were sent to press for CD1 tracks 01-05...We wanted to point this out, even if you may not have noticed, even if - like Phil Spector - you would have been delighted.." Phil may have been delighted from his jail cell but this listener wasn't. Mono tracks I can deal with, but there's nothing delightful about the mono tracks presented here. It's a single channel of the two channel stereo signal in what's called mirrored mono (which means it's like moving the balance control all the way to the left or right and having only that side coming out of both speakers). Forget it. You might as well only hook up one speaker. Personal involvement of former members of Frankie and people power eventually won out and the technical "insert expletive here" was acknowledged and rectified. On 21st of November 2012 ZTT/Salvo Music released a media statement writing that "stereo masters have been located" and that new copies of cd 1 have been pressed. It gives instructions on how to go about obtaining a replacement disc. You will have to examine the matrix code imprinted on to the inner ring of the non-label side to determine if you have a faulty cd. Full details are at ztt.com with the relevant codes and how to go about obtaining a replacement disc. Hopefully the faulty discs have all been recalled and the set is as it should be.

With that technical mix up rectified, an originally critical review becomes one of praise for there is much here to be enjoyed on Sex Mix. Any serious Frankie fan chasing down that rare vinyl or cassette only mix will find a few of them here released in digital format for the first time. My personal favourite is track 12 on cd 2 "Warriors of the Wastelend (compacted)", the first Frankie cd single. It's basically a mash up of all the variants of this underrated track from their second album "Liverpool". I've been trying to find a copy of this very rare mix for a long time and the asking price for this new two cd set is worth it for this track alone. There's also a number of the interview b-sides and seasonal greetings that adorned many of the alternate formats for Frankie singles, singlettes or twelve inches making their digital debut. Most wanted are "Relax - International" and the 4:11 full length mix of "Get It On". Just make sure you get the correct pressing/master for cd one. Bring on Volume two!

"All Frankie, all sex, all mixed...There is no cause for concern."
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on 8 August 2012
I mirror all the other negative reviews on here, this release should be withdrawn, the sound quality on tracks 1-5 on CD one is awful! ZTT have to do better than this for their fans!
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on 9 April 2015
All good, thanks!
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on 24 August 2012
I join the group of individuals that are not pleased with this release..I, sadly, did obtain a copy, and I agree that the first 5 tracks are just horrific...it sounds like an ameteur recording from an old cassette tape machine from the 70/80s....just gawd awful!!!

I'm scared/nervous to see what comes out of Volume II....!!!!!
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on 6 August 2012
what a shame this cd has been ruined by bad quality control at salvo/ ztt.i was really looking forward to having The Welcome To The Pleasuredome cassette mix on cd,in pristine digital quality,as the original tape version was ropey to say the least.i did think about cancelling my order,but I also wanted the other mixes this cd had to offer.The 17 minute mix of Rage Hard,the 16 minute Sex Mix of Relax and warriors of the wasteland cassette mix.i totally embraced the Frankie remix culture buying every 12 inch remix I could get my hands on,imports as well! I have hunted down most of these remixes on cd over the years and this release fills in quite a few gaps.How this mistake got through,god only knows,just hope they sort it out and offer people like myself a free replacement.update on 1April 2013,reordered this cd and all new copy's sold by Amazon have the new stereo disc 1 as standard.buy with confidence!
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on 21 February 2014
As you can see, when this was released the first five tracks were in 'one side of the stereo mix on both sides' mono. Oops. This was known about before release date, but it was released anyway. Ah. Welcome to the music industry.

The good news is that a proper version was pressed after that mess up.

The bad news is that unless you are a FGtH obsessive, there's probably nothing here that you actually want enough to pay the cost of buying the whole thing, just the scrapings from an already very scraped bottom of the barrel. If you aren't, this isn't the place to start - the only problem with getting a 'greatest hits' album is that there are so many to choose from. If you think you may be, it's on Spotify, so you can hear their covers of 'Get It On' and 'Do You Think I'm Sexy'... and decide that the T.Rex and Rod Stewart ones are better. There are a couple of nice things on it, but none of the alternate versions or remixes are the best for the track in question, and there's nothing in the oddities that I want to listen to twice.
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on 6 August 2012
Forget the music, that is beyond reproach.

What the issue is with this CD, is the approach taken by Salvo / ZTT to us, the buying record public. The first five tracks were noticed on a pre-release version to be not in stereo as one would expect, but one half of the stereo channel on its own - this is not MONO note. This was pointed out to the record company some six weeks before the release so did ZTT / Salvo do the honest think, admit their mistake and withdraw the release until the error had been fixed. No, they used it as marketing tool, justifying a mistake as a MONO issue and went ahead anyway.

Get real ZTT / Salvo, the last records mixed in mono were in the early 1970's, not the pristine state of the art Trevor Horn / ZTT / FGTH of 1983/84.

This is a release that sticks two fingers up at the record buying public, a lazy money grabbing issue that could have been excellent but has been ruined by a mistake which takes breathtaking incompetence to a new level and beggars belief that it slipped through to pre-release. Note, no blame is attached to the band as at least two members of FGTH tried to stop the release, but they were both ignored.

Shame on you everyone who had anything to do with 'Sex Mix' release, you have caused more damage to the FGTH/ZTT image and legacy than you obviously care about..
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on 14 September 2013
I ve got welcome to the pleasure dome ,Liverpool,twelve inches and sexmix ive got lots of Liverpool music to remind me of liverpool
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on 22 March 2013
Still waiting for confirmation that the 2nd CD has now been replaced with the corrected disc with the stereo tracks. Will hold odd purchasing this item until then, as I don't need the hassle of having to send off for a replacement disc.
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