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on 13 October 2012
I bought this to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 2010's - I haven't owned a tablet previously, and although I work in computing I've never managed to get to grips properly with mobile phones, so my Android phone hadn't led to a whole lot of experience with Android. I was therefore pleasantly surprised with almost everything about this tablet. It was far easier to get it up and running than any PC I've ever owned, and it's generally been pretty easy to work it out myself without having to resort to something terrible like actually reading an instruction manual. The main thing I love about it is that HOW you use it is extremely flexible and pretty optional. There's cloud storage, which you can use, or not - being from a computing background, I'm naturally paranoid, so all my data is on SD cards or memory sticks, which is fine too as there's a card slot on the docking keyboard, as well as a full sized USB port, and a micro-SD slot on the tablet. It comes with a fair few apps installed, but, since it's an Android tablet, if you'd prefer different apps then there are a world of them available. The pre-installed proprietary app for note-taking is so, so impressive, combining the extremely responsive touch-screen with the functionality of a word processing app and even allowing you to pop pictures taken with the pretty decent onboard camera into it. I wish I'd had something like that when I was a student! I've had it a month now and am still learning (a process slowed by the fact that I spent the first fortnight of ownership playing Angry Birds almost exclusively!) but I absolutely love it.
So, the answer to the big question - how does it compare to the iPad? Like most people, I was torn when trying to decide what to get. To i or not to i, that is the question. My sister went the i-route, and there's no doubt that an i-pad is a beautiful thing. When you look at just the tablet portion of the TF700, they are visually very similar. They weigh similar amounts (the Asus is actually marginally lighter) and are similar sizes. I think that this particular Asus tablet is equally user-friendly to an iPad - I gather that not all Android tablets have been able to compete with Apple in that respect. The battery life for the iPad seems to be a bit longer than for the TF700 tablet only, but with the keyboard dock providing extra battery, the Asus package goes for longer overall without charging. The only slight reservation I have is the weight. It fits in my shoulder bag nicely, but with the weight of all the other stuff I carry around as well, if I'm carrying the tablet AND keyboard then after a while it's still too darn heavy. The tablet on its own is no problem as it's pretty light, so I'd like to see Asus find a way to reduce the weight of the keyboard portion (without losing the very handy extra battery life that it provides) by the next version. An ipad with a lightweight wireless keyboard would weigh less but not provide the battery or (famously) any way of connecting USB devices to it. Overall, though, the argument was always between having Apple's beautiful hardware and fluid use but having to put up with only using Apple apps, versus other manufacturer's less beautiful construction and user interface but having access to any app that has ever been conceived of, including thousands of free ones. I chose this tablet because I thought it sounded like I could have the best of both worlds, and I'm not disappointed.
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on 16 February 2014
...I would not have bought this.

The problem isn't the Transformer: the whole concept of undocking / redocking the screen to the keyboard is brilliant. Having the potential to be a (mini) laptop... a tablet... a camera... everything your phone does (except make calls) but on a larger screen - and most things your average notebook does.

And I can't get on with it at all.

It's not Windows op-sys, and I'm not very techie. I didn't realize when I bought it that being non-Windows would pose an unsurmountable obstacle for me, but alas, it does.

I read not long ago that MicroSoft has entered into a partnership with Asus and that Asus are now producing what's essentially a Transformer with Windows. Maybe I'll go down that road. Someday. But in the meantime, I am not a happy Asus bunny.
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on 26 January 2013
not cheap but beautifully made and the perfect Apple killer. The Bible says Apple is the root of all evil so do the right TV thing!
Highly recommended product. Treat yourself!
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on 26 October 2012
I wanted a lightweight netbook/tablet that i could take when travelling, was lightweight, which I could use as an e-reader as well as able to write documents on that I could send as e-mail attachments and use to view and then transfer photos from my camera to memory sticks as i tend to take a lot of photos and film when away. I had tried the Prime, but returned it because its wi-fi connectivity was very poor and it was important for me that I would be able to connect with any possible source anywhere. I did not want the newer cheaper transformer as I also needed to be able to use it in daylight and the TF700 promised a screen that could be read in daylight.

I have given this 4 rather than 5 stars for 2 reasons. The first is that I am a bit disappointed that the screen is not as easy to read in daylight as hoped.It has a very glossy and reflective screen which is readable, but not very comfortable. The other reason is that it has a programme called Polaris which is meant to be compatible with Word. Instead of sending postcards I like to write about my experiences and send them as an attachment to friends. It did work quite well except that it seems to have no spell-check and it lost its formatting in the process and words were split between lines making it difficult to read. There may be a solution to that and I would be grateful if anyone can tell me what it is or suggest another programme I could use.

Apart from those two gripes, i think it is an amazingly versatile tablet. I like the keyboard, which is comfortable to use and has a USB port unlike other tablets. I love the fact that I can carry it around without the keyboard and it is then as light and flexible as the best of other tablets on the market. So over-all very pleased.
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on 3 October 2012
Background: I have been waiting for this Tablet/hybrid for nearly a year now. I was going to buy the Prime but heard they were bringing the Infinity out and instantly wanted the HD Screen. I have had the tablet for a few days no and love it even though it has a few imperfections.


There has to be no doubt that the screen is beautiful. Web pages look stunning, pictures taken by decent cameras (DSLR's) are gorgeous. I haven't managed to load any full HD Videos on there but Youtube HD videos look really really good. I was very annoyed and disappointed when I got the tablet out of the box and turned in on though. There is some slight Screen Bleading (when the device is on and showing a dark or black screen, you can see a white haze.) This is only visible in dark lighting and I never notice it now using the tablet day to day (note: this is a known problem). Like other reviews I haven't compared the screen against an iPad 3 but have looked at one in the past and I can't really see much difference. The Infinity is much better when the IPS+ is on(it is so bright is hurts your eyes in low light) and make the tablet usable in bright light. Reading in the Dark on the lowest light setting is bearable but it's better to have a light on in the back ground to not damage your eyes. At the moment the internet and video's are not optimised for over 1080p quality so at this moment in time, there isn't much use for the iPad screen. Also, 16:9 is much much better for watching movies, you get to see a lot more video and less letter boxing. Note: The iPad screen has a higher resolution because the screen is smaller. The infinity would be the same resolution if the infinity had a 9.7 inch screen.

Processor and Battery:

I got the Jelly Bean update as soon as I turned it on so I was over the moon and using Google Now straight away. Brilliant but the voice detection was a bit sporadic and didn't search the right things even though I was in a silent room (maybe a update is needed).
The processor is stunningly fast. However, there is a bit of lag now and again. This maybe due to the fact the processor is switching from it's eco 5th core to all for Cores. The more you work with it, the quicker it gets. It loves multi-tasking. There also is a bit of lag when rotating the screen on homepages, but I do have widgets like Gmail, Youtube, Books and Weather. iPad doesn't have that to content with because it's boring. Gaming, and watching videos are so smooth it's is almost unbelievable that heavy games like Dead Trigger can run so smooth on something that isn't a Xbox or PS3.
The battery life is brilliant I have been on it each evening and it won't drop below 50% before the end of the night (a good 6 hours). I'll update the review a few weeks down the line.


Every time I use this Tablet, I ask myself 'Why would anyone buy a iPad'. Yes the ipad is £50 less for the same size storage. But that extra £50 gets you a brilliant keyboard. with a SD card and USB slots. I pulled the SD Card out of my DSLR and put it straight into the dock (when connected to the tablet), not having to put the onto the computer then transfer them to a device. Also, I have transferred loads of Videos/Pictures/PDF's on to the tablet by using a USB stick and the brilliant File Manager App (no plugging it into Itunes and waiting for it to sync everything). The extra £50 gives you the ability to expand the memory as well. If in a year time you have filled the 64GB, just go buy a 32GB Micro SD card for a £20 and your sorted (I have heard rumors on forums of a 64GB mircro SD being supported. So for a total of an extra £70 you can have a 96GB tablet.
Finally, there is a micro HDMI which I have not tried yet and will update once I have tested it as another review has experienced problems.

I think you can tell, I love Android but this has justified my claim that the iPad is wasted with the lack of connectivity and dominated by Apple wanting to control everything (through itunes).

I was shocked by the lack of compatibly apps and apps that aren't optimized for tablets. This should improve with more tablets with Higher res screens being produced. However, the iPad wins that section by a long long way.

A few brilliant apps are: BBC News, TED (not the Movie), IMDB, Sketchbook Pro, Netflix, Chrome (comes Pre-intalled), All the Google Apps work and look brilliant.
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on 8 November 2012
It looks great and is so much more versatile than an iPad with all the socketry it has. But the device can be so laggy that it drives me mad. You can type several words before they appear on the screen and the haptic feedback kicks in. The wifi strength is up and down like a yo-yo, whereas my HTC One X sat next to it has a continually strong signal. The website reviews for the device all said it was lightning fast but that doesn't seem to be the case. Had I known that the Nexus 10 was coming out I wouldn't have spent £600 on this device. I hope Asus reads the feedback!

I read that 'cold booting' the tablet gets rid of the sluggish performance. Turn the tablet off, then turn back on, holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons together for about 10 seconds. Small text appears in the top left and it will begin to restart. This made the tablet as fast as it was out of the box. And you can do this every week if you have to, apparently.
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on 25 December 2012
After much reading of many reviews and dozens of Google Alerts on Tablets, I settled on the Asus TF700 with the docking station. Had it for two weeks and really pleased with it. Does everything that I want it to do. It came with 64 GB installed and with two SD Cards now installed (one 16 GB Micro SD in the Tablet and a 32 GB SD Card in the Docking Station) it has 112 GB of accessable storage. Unbelievable, considering the size of the 20 MB Winchester I had installed in my first PC about 27 years ago, at a replacement cost that would make your eyes water. The one attribute I would have liked is a HDMI connection but it's not that big a deal. Charged the Tablet as instructed and waited for the green light. The Jelly Bean update was installed (after asking permission), seamlessly after it was switched on and it had connected to my WiFi Hub. It shows all the WiFi connections available, in Settings automatically and you choose the one applicable to your set up. Literally operational with Jelly Bean installed, connected to the WiFi, Internet and email within 10 to 15 minutes of being switched on. Also, you really do not have to be an expert to get it set up. I put in a lot of thought and reviewing before spending that much money and was more than a little anxious as I have no access to the Money Tree. My concerns no longer exist. I recommend the Asus Infinity but like everything else, reliability can only be attested to, on the day you dipose of the item. One other thing, buying through Amazon reduces the concerns as they have in the past changed items for me that have developed faults. On one occasion I had the replacement before I had the oppurtunity to return the faulty item.
Who can fault that level of service.
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on 5 October 2012
I was lucky to get one of these tablets soon after they came out. I'm currently typing this review on the docking keyboard! Basically if you don't want to join the Apple bandwagon then this device is for you.

It is a very attractive device in the gold colour and appears to be very robust. The tablet and keyboard dock mechanism is simple and sturdy.

I've already put a 16GB microSD card in it to store the odd film or two but I've hardly dented the internal storage yet. This still leaves the SD slot untouched. The USB port in the keyboard allows me to access portable hard drives without any problem (these are not powered seperately either).

Last night, the Infinity updraded to Jellybean and warned me about the lack of flash support. However, the BBC have already released a media player that doesn't use flash and seemlessly links to the iPlayer app. With time I'm sure the resolution from this service will take advantage of the Inifinity's excellent screen. The Youtube app is excellent also. Another app is TV Catchup which allows you to watch live Freeview TV....so who needs flash?

My bluetooth headphones paired easily too.

I'm finding out more about this device and apps and my opinion of it is only growing more positive.
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on 13 December 2014
I bought this for nearly £700 after waiting nearly a year for it to be available in the UK back in 2012.
This was my first tablet and initially I thought it was absolutely brilliant.
After about 9 months I noticed bits of plastic falling off the tablet part of the assembly.
Eventually realised that these bits of plastic were the latch mechanism that latched the tablet to the keyboard.
Informed Amazon and they said they would give me a full refund as it was still in warranty. Well done Amazon.
As I had a lot of apps on the tablet, I declined the offer and contacted Asus about a repair.
Customer service was disgusting and they said that they would not even look at the problem without me paying £50 up front - even though it was less than 1 year old. I sent them photos of the plastic bits that had broken off the tablet and they replied that the damage was due to me not being gentle when connecting the tablet to the keyboard. I didn't take it any further with Asus.
My tablet is now 2 years old and does not latch onto the keyboard - that's not a problem as it lives in its cover.
Recently it's been very temperamental when trying to log onto Wi-Fi and some days won't even connect.
I would advise anybody to give Asus products a miss and I will never buy anything from them again.
I loved my tablet when I bought it, but now it's just a pile of junk.
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on 27 September 2012
I preordered my Transformer on Sep 1, and waited 9 days for it to be delivered - this was not Amazon's fault, as they had told me that that was when it would ship. Anyway, needless to say, those were the longest 9 days of my life! I am writing this review on it now, and I have to say, one of the few gripes that I have with the keyboard is that from time to time button presses aren't registered which can be quite annoying... Also, on inspection of the keyboard dock, it is the TF201 model, which is the Prime dock; so instead of paying nearly 600 pounds for this item, I could have bought the tablet from America or Germany or wherever it's cheapest, and then a cheap as chips Prime dock, which (if my memory serves me correctly) amounts to about £200 cheaper. So heed my advice before you buy it. I'll outline negative points now, but don't let them put you off as this really is a fantastic piece of kit!

* The most annoying of them all would probably have to be the NVIDIA memory allocation bug. I think there is a slight issue in the firmware which causes 3D games to gradually get slower until they become unplayable after a few days. This is easily reversible with a reboot but still annoying. It is not just 3D games which get slower though, the whole tablet eventually becomes unusable.

* A few features from previous Transformers are missing. The most annoying: Lack of bluetooth support for PS3 controllers and no way to lock the taskbar. You can still plug a PS3 controller in by USB on the dock, but you know, wires and all that ;). The taskbar is a different kettle of fish. With the previous Transformers, you could disable the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to avoid accidentally exiting games etc. That feature is absent on this model so I can't leave it with my baby cousin doing her drawing or whatever for fear of her exiting the app and doing something else. ***UPDATE*** The taskbar issue has been fixed with the new JB update. The other issues remain.

* From time to time, the device will not wake from sleep and must be rebooted. Immensely annoying.

* There is only one speaker and it is right where your hand rests when using it as a tablet in landscape mode so the sound is almost always muffled unless you hold the tablet very unnaturally.

I am hoping that these bugs will all be fixed and features reinstated when we get the Jelly Bean update that ASUS promise is on the way.

And now the positives:

* This is quite frankly the most amazing tool you can have for almost anything! I use it pretty much all day and certainly everyday.

* The battery life is amazing. I can watch videos and play 3D games for an entire 7 hour bus journey and still have maybe 40 percent of the tablet battery left by the end. Granted the dock has been completely depleted but still.

* Build quality is fantastic. Surprisingly I haven't dropped it yet but it looks like it could handle a drop quite well. It does look worryingly scratch prone though.

* Screen looks amazing, HDTV quality.

* It comes with a beautiful microfiber cloth for cleaning it, which I have lost :(

* 3D games - at least initially - run very smoothly

* Almost vanilla Android installed

* If you are so inclined, ASUS provide a tool to unlock the bootloader of your Transformer, but using it voids your warranty.

It is all in all an immensely capable device, and I love mine. There is little, however, to set it apart from its baby brother, the Prime, and I would advise buying that one unless you want/need the FHD screen or Tegra 3 chipset.

Finally, I have the Grey version, and if I could go back, I would probably get the Gold one. This is a matter of personal preference and the Grey is indeed very nice, not quite grey, but not quite purple.

I would definitely advise you to buy either an Infinity or a Prime, everyone should have one!!

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