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on 5 April 2017
Quite alright...But not the best
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on 5 January 2014
Like everyone else, I was a little hesitant in buying this, mostly because I have first hand experience in tablets of this kind. A few years back I bought a 7 inch tablet very similar to this (came in a box with "MID" branded on the box), and the touch response was awful, the tablet was slow, Chinese version of the play store, and my 6 year old managed to break the home button by pushing it in too hard literally within the first few weeks. A year later I bought another (which was supposed to be a better version of the previous model) and again it was really bad for much the same reasons, so needless to say I was certainly tempting fate by purchasing another of what appeared to be a higher spec version of the same brand tablet.
I am an android fan, and have been for years, I currently have a Samsung Note 2, before that a Samsung S2, and before that a Sony Experia phone, so my expectations are certainly high when it comes to these type of products, but I refuse to fork out hundreds of pounds for a well known tablet when there are products such as this on the market for a fraction of the price.
So, my review of the product:
Packaging - Arrived in good time, in a box with the same "MID" brand on the box (oh no I thought to myself...). In the box, you have a piece of paper with some very basic instructions, I didn't need these so didn't bother reading them, Android is android, very easy to suss out even if you have no previous experience with it. A dc charger (which was a shame as I had hoped I could just use my Samsung one), a usb cable, and of course, the tablet itself, The tablet I was surprised with because whilst it was the 10 inch I expected, it was a lot slimmer than I had anticipated so it was more widescreen than other 10 inch tablets on the market.

Weight / Feel - Quite heavy in comparison to others, solid build though, and the screen felt a little funny at first, my fingers didn't glide across the screen as they do on the phones I have owned, however this appears to be due to the "dry" residue left from the screen protector causing the friction (if that makes any sense) as after a while, my fingers started to glide as opposed to "rub" on the screen.

Use - it came with 95% battery which was great as I could use it straight away, fairly slow to boot up in the first instance but this is to be expected. The touch response on this thing far exceeded my expectations, and was about as good as anything else I've experienced! Not much in the way of bloatware installed on the tablet, in fact the pre installed apps were fairly minimal which is good. The colours on the screen were a little dull, not as vibrant as my phone, but that didn't bother me, I could still make out my light greens against dark greens etc so no real issue.
My wifi was picked up straight away using the preinstalled wifi quick start icon and connected with no issues. Signed in to the Google play store using my existing log in details, seems like the genuine version, downloaded most of the apps my daughter likes with no issues such as talking tom, and talking angela, which all worked fine I must add. Installed facebook app, a pdf reader for reading magazines, and a few magazines which I found reading to be fine. My daughter took over and spent ages on youtube watching video after video, playing with all the games I installed for her, listening to music (no issues with the volume whatsoever).
Everything we did on the tablet functioned well, no force close issues, apps not responding, no lag / delays, in fact the tablet performed well on everything we tried!

Camera - this lets it down, yes its only 2mb camera, but the pictures I took in what was broad daylight (albeit a little grim outside) I could barely see, really dark, despite using the flash - the flash needs to be much brighter than what has been provided. I took a few pictures in a room with a 100 watt lightbulb which did produce much better pictures. Needless to say I won't be using the camera, but I hadn't planned to anyway - I have a phone that can do that!

Battery Life - You'd think with all that downloading, wifi on constantly, watched videos, playing games, listening to music, that I would have only got a few hours max before the battery run out, but actually it did last a good 7 hours before completely running out! Charged it overnight and all good to go the next day!

Overall - I am actually really pleased with this tablet, and bargain price I paid for it (despite it now being £10 cheaper than it was when I bought it), it does everything I had hoped it would do and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending one to anyone else.

Maybe I'll update this in a few months time so you can all see how it's performing then!
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on 4 October 2012
I'm a keen android user and did a lot of research before deciding on the Neocore device.

For the money it's an excellent tablet - it's well made, sturdy and has a good array of features.

The screen is bright and responsive and the capacitive display works well. The sound is good, the wireless is pretty powerful and picks up well and the battery gives a good 7-8 hours. I had it set up and synced with my Gmail / Google account within minutes so all of my apps from the Play store were there available for download.

Pound for pound its slicker and faster than a lot of tablets twice its price - if you want well made, easy to use tablet for games, movies and surfing the web then you really should take a look at this.
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on 26 August 2013
For just £114 you get an Android powered machine with all the connection options.micro USB, standard USB 2.0, HDMI and 3,5mm jack. It supports MicroSD cards, so you can upgrade the memory.The touch-screen reactions are quick. It's good value and I have found nothing wrong with it so far. If it continues to give good service over the next couple of weeks I'm ordering another.
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on 13 July 2015
Brought two of the tablets one for my self and one for the misses and got say had no problems what's so ever YouTube works grate on there its must have buy
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on 29 January 2014
Wow - how impressive!!

My 7 year old wanted a tablet for christmas, and not wanting to spend a fortune I shopped around for the best tablet within my price range. My first selection was a Gemini Gem1000 which cost £120 and ended going back (not to Amazon) as it lasted a couple of days before it wouldn't switch on. Wanting to remain within my budget (but also feeling decidedly jittery) I then found this neocore tablet. I've had the tablet for around three weeks now, which is enough time to fully try out everything and I am completely amazed by the product. It has everything I could wish for, the little one ony uses it for watching youtube videos and playing games (both apps preinstalled and raring to go) - I wanted it for downloading movies and streaming to the tv via hdmi port and it's done me proud. The mini hdmi cable didn't come with the tablet but cost a couple of quid on ebay. I have a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 myself but would honestly swap it for one of these any day. The only thing this one doesn't have is bluetooth but that isn't really a must have requirement for most people. The battery chage is probably the same as the samsung model, samsung graphics are sharper and colours more defined but the neocore is by no means unwatchable in my opinion. Speed of the two when compared is the same.
In summary you get:
10 inch screen (although it is more of a panaramic size - this doesn't affect movie or game playing quality though but you may struggle to fit into a standard 10 inch case)
micro hdmi port - so you can stream movies directly to the tv
pre-installed google playstore
almost full charge when delivered so could get on straight away
good screen quality
good speed
good touch screen interaction (even with chocolate fingers - him not me)
child proof (up to now.......)
Congratulations neocore on such a fantastic product!!
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on 27 June 2014
Such a great price i bought two. However I must first mention Martin and the company MangoMobile. Many many companies should refer to this company regarding customer care and service. I had a small problem with my first tablet (my son's birthday present) and after going through Amazon returns policy Martin (Mango Mobile) e-mailed me within a day the postage details and sticker for the package which I took to the local drop off point and within four days a brand new tablet arrived with some screen guards. Correspondence and communication with company is superb and they should be suitably proud of their and their employees service. The tablet: for the money and specs this is a no brainer..fully loaded with Google Play, browser options ,Flash player and many more, switch on and with a bit of patience its ready to go. HDMI ouput, USB and the option for an SD Card ( which some others dont have). (Download the instructions from the company website if you are not familiar with android tablets). This is a suitably fast tablet , with many options via the Settings Menu (to protect children from pressing the wrong buttons). As I have said, with the price, the two year warranty and the fantastic customer service should you need it and all the other specs I have mentioned this competes with other top end tablets and does even more. A thoroughly good buy and I am very pleased and am thinking of buying one myself
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on 18 July 2012
I have neocore tab for about 2 weeks I've got it for 149 so here is even cheaper , but is still great deal.I must say is a great pice of kit. Is my second tablet, other one is Motorola XOOM. Browsing on neocore is much faster than on moto, is lighter too and for half of the price. Bbc works great,battery last for about 7 hours (i think it can be more if you turn off some apps and adjust the screen). of video and you can connect it to your tv via hdmi. I will recommend it for everyone.
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on 12 July 2013
This is an excellent Tablet for the price. Very sturdy and well built and I'm more than pleased with it. Very good screen and picture quality and all the function's and features work well. My main reason for by buying a tablet was to watch vidio's through the TV and this works brilliantly with an HDMI cable(bought extra).
I have only given it 4 stars for 2 reason's. 1 the speaker volume isn't great and 2 the size is just a little bit bigger than other 10.1 inch tablets which has made it difficult to find a case for it unless anyone has a suggestion as to one that fits.
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on 12 July 2014
Its ok for the price you are paying. It does it job OK. If you re looking for a cheap table to check a couple of stuff, this is for you. If you want something to work with, look for something a bit better. But again, it does its job for the price you pay, its fine.
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