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on 29 April 2017
If your tired of being treated as sheep.
Then this book could this book could perhaps the starting point you need.
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on 4 August 2009
Well, I thought I knew a bit about advertising and mind control but this blows the lid on it. Now I wonder whether fast forwarding through the adverts is even worse than watching them! Big Brother is here...and it's even more sophisticated than Orwell could have imagined.
Then, just as doom and gloom begins to set in, his whole tack changes and he shows you the positive side to mind control and you get a crash course in self improvement. The CD is worth more than the cost of this book on it's own. Brilliant stuff!
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2009
This book is not, as inferred, on the cutting edge of the subject. Admittedly, it is a massive topic; I have been obsessed with it for over 30 years and therefore I feel justified in saying that the book will be disappointing to anyone who has prior knowledge of the subject. That is why I posed the question 'How much do you know' in the title of this review. If you are a 'New kid on the block', so to speak, you might enjoy this introduction to the control of our minds by, amongst others, persons with a hidden agenda.

I agree with the reviewer who said that the book contains far too many adverts on behalf of the author's products. I did, however, listen to the CD which comes with the book and I have to say that for once in my life I managed to listen to an entire subliminal CD. The reason for that is that it harmonised somewhere within me. Usually I don't manage to get passed the first few minutes of such methods to inspire me.

For a book of this kind to be judged as commendable by me it either has to introduce fresh data or present an interesting angle on existing knowledge: sadly, this book did neither.

I am duty bound to say that I truly believe that the author has a heart of gold; I would love to have said more positive things about his book but then, if I did that, my review would not be a dispassionate interpretation of the book in question.

A deserving 4 stars, I believe.
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on 21 July 2009
This book really opened my mind to what and how powerfull subliminal messages really are. The results from the CD are too wonderful to even explain. I feel happier than I have in years in the last week of listening to the CD. I also got a fantastic feeling of release from what I previously felt was important.
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on 23 July 2010
If you've never been aware of the controversy surrounding the use of subliminal messages, notably in the worlds of advertising and politics, then this book is a useful introduction to the sort of thing going on out there. It's in two parts: the first deals with the background to subliminals and some examples from (mostly American) cases; the second deals with how to avoid being affected by unwanted subliminals and, more importantly, how to use subliminals positively. Taylor also markets a huge range of subliminal CDs to help with anything from self-esteem to writer's block. There's even one included inside the back cover, though what it's supposed to do for you is unclear as I don't know what the subliminal voice is saying! The ocean sounds are nice though.

The book is OK, but Taylor meanders considerably away from the point, and I got the impression that the final part is a bit of a hotch-potch of just about anything that might be considered 'positive' or 'New Age', including some quasi-religious waffle. Most intelligent readers don't need to be told this stuff and we mostly know where to find the OFF button on the telly, or how to ignore adverts and political dogma.

There is some information on the infamous Judas Priest subliminal lyric case in the US, though, again, Taylor drifts into vagueness and loses the thread very quickly, and annoyingly.

My overall impression of the book is that Taylor churned the book out in a bit of a hurry and didn't really have a tight enough focus while writing. It could do with some pretty sharp pruning and editing.
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on 3 January 2010
I found the first half of the book to be a fascinating read, and for the most part clearly written with good supporting facts. I liked the way in which the author tries to be objective in his analysis, however he does sometimes slip into personal opinions without justifying those opinions.

The second half of the book is a different matter. It treads a well worn path and is sometimes a bit patronising as the author strongly advises readers to follow his personal 'forgiveness' route. I was at times wondering how this related to the first half of the book! As a therapist I was looking for something more original. It took me a long time to finish reading this second half of the book, as at times I felt I was reading a sermon.

I was not a fan of the CD.

The 'advertising' is a bit irritating.

I expected a bit more given the write up, but 'for the price' what you do get is worth the read.
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on 30 April 2010
This book is divided into two parts. The first part makes for quite depressing reading - but of course we all have the choice as to what we "buy into" our individual realities! I stuck with it, though as I'm not an ostrich who sticks it's head in the sand when it comes to the dastardly deeds of the self-appointed powers-that-be. Oh, what a relief to get to the second part and start feeling empowered! Having not read any of Eldon Taylor's books before, I was pleasantly surprised at his spirituality and esoteric knowledge coming through, after all that "nasty stuff" we were informed about in part one. He does apologise at the end of this part, though! I was deeply and profoundly touched by his recounting of the story of his daughter's cat - as are all I relay the story to. I had a bit of trouble getting the CD to work at first - don't know what the problem was, but it seems fine now!
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on 18 December 2010
I expected a little bit more in terms of content from Eldon Taylor. The book touches upon different topics but does not go particularly deep in any. Besides the author keeps on telling you about the other books he wrote, which is really inappropriate.
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on 4 December 2010
I have so many problems with this book, the first being that I bought it. It's a self-help book, which I missed. That said, I did read most of it... you never know!

The best part is several extracts from an advertising manual, absolutely fascinating. But then it's down hill from there on. And it's quite a steep hill.

He deducts that since there is a specific region of the brain that lights up for spiritual thoughts, that therefore means everybody is spiritual and therefore non-believers deliberately override this "innate" state to become non-believers. That is: they fight against their natural "believer" state to become a non-believer. Genius.

He also uses the same flawed logic to deduce that the self-help CDs he's trying to sell you - work, on the basis that when he sent them to be scientifically tested they could not prove that they do not work.

This self-help technique - that he's so proud of - involves playing subliminal messages, one side (left ear) normally (whatever normal subliminal is) and the other side (right ear) the same subliminal message but in reverse! Backwards!

The book also contains a chapter covering various mind-control techniques including obvious subjects, MKULTRA for example, but bizarrely also psychics, and mediums... At which point I could not force myself to read any more.

I put it in the recycler bin to spare anyone else.
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on 25 September 2010
I had high hopes for this book but I was disappointed with what I read. This book is a bit of a mismash of concepts thrown together which ultimately doesn't deliver anything of worth. The author really over advertises both his products and his website. There must be a market for this book somewhere but it's not for anyone who has read anything else on the subject matter. Possibly a good overview for the novice is the best that I can say.
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