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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 18 April 2007
After all the hype surrounding the excellent first series, this second one continues where that left off with 13 more episodes of equally good quality.

Whilst it is sad that Ecclestone left after just one series of the show the impact is lessened for two reasons. Firstly the format allows there to be a change of lead actor, and secondly the fact that Tennant seems to be more in keeping with Doctors of the past. While Ecclestone has confessed he was never a huge fan of Doctor Who, Tennant is the total opposite and this can been seen in some of his performances in how he portrays The Doctor. There appears to be little bits of previous Doctors creeping out every now and then. The chemistry with Billie Piper also remains strong and she still appears to be having the time of her life.

With series one it was Daleks and this year the main villains are (my personal favourites) the Cybermen. They are in four episodes in total across the series and they are all excellent. To say any more about these may spoil it for people who haven't yet seen them.

The remaining 9 episodes vary in quality from the sublime (Impossible planet/Satan pit) to the truly dreadful (The idiots lantern). That said the stories vary so wildly that I'm sure peoples favourite episode will also vary in the same way.

Overall if you enjoyed the first series then you will love this. There is enough for a new generation of viewers (although my 6 and 8 year old nephews are still getting their heads round how the Doctor can change!) but also enough nods to the past to keep us over 30s happy. In short, "Fantastic"!!
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on 4 August 2007
This series of Doctor Who is amazing from start to finish.

The opening episode The Christmas Invasion introduces the new doctor David Tennant. It starts a little slow but picks up well.

The start of the season proper is New Earth. This episode brings back the villain Cassandra from Series one's End of the World. The episode is highly entertaining with a truly emotional ending.

The following episode Tooth & Claw is when the series really heats up. Tooth & Claw set in 1879 sees the doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria. The villain in this episode is a werewolf. This episode is truly scary and with a story that keeps your focus on the screen for the entire 45 minutes.

School Reunion brings back the much loved assistant Sarah Jane Smith with the also highly loved K-9. However, seeing these two characters return is not the only high-point of the episode. Anthony Head plays the alien headmaster of a school hoping to decode the laws of the universe to try and change it to benefit his species.

The Girl in the Fireplace is one of the best episodes of Doctor Who since the revival. A love story set in the future and the past with the doctor and a mysterious girl from the other side of a fire place become unexpectedly close after the Doctor saves her.

Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel sees the return of the Cybermen - a classic enemy from the old series. When trying to bring back old foes it can sometimes seem a bit forced, however here it is done professionally well. The cybermen are a scary enemy that will have you hiding behind the sofa :P

The idiots Lantern is a weaker episode of the series but still worth watching. Set in the 1950's for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. An alien gets inside the televisions and eats the souls of of people watching.

The impossible planet/Satin Pit is possibly the highest budget doctor who to date and the story does not disappoint. the doctor and rose land on a planet that is underneath a black hole but for a mysterious reason is not being sucked in. The crew of a space craft on the planet are drilling to the centre of the planet to discover what is down there to keep the planet safe. The doctor loses the TARDIS in a quake and is therefore stuck on the planet with them. What they discover down the pit is the biggest enemy of them all.

Love & Monsters is an episode that is either loved or hated. The episode doesn't focus on the doctor and rose but those of a cult group who wish trying to find out about the doctor. This episode is enjoyable if not looked upon too seriously.

In the episode Fear Her, it is evident that a low budget was used. Set in London at the time of the 2012 Olympics, children keep disappearing but no one knows why. It is up to the Doctor and Rose to discover the problem and save everyone that has gone missing. Not the best episode of the series but again worth watching.

The finale of the series - Army of Ghosts/Doomsday is a great episode. Bringing back the classic enemies Cybermen and Daleks. A war on Earth between three species. Humans, Daleks and Cybermen with a timelord fighting the human corner. Who will win the battle. See the emotional story of the end of Rose.

The series is brilliant, defiantly worth the price. Believe me, you will not regret the purchase of this 6 disc DVD.
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on 13 July 2007
I love the second series of Doctor Who, mostly because of the brilliant writing of Russel T Davies and the amazing charisma of David Tennant, especially when coupled with Billie Piper. Every episode has one or two quotes that you will remember that will make you laugh everytime you think of them.
Mickey:"What's a horse doing on a spaceship?"
Doctor:"Mickey, what's pre revolutionary France doing on a spaceship, get a bit of perspective."
The Girl in the Fireplace is a masterpiece, the monster in The Satan Pit and the Impossible Planet terrifying, the Absorbalof hilarious.
I would reccommend it to anybody!
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on 31 May 2006
I'm trying to figure out the hate for the man who's at the core of this great series...even the worst written episode of the Eccleston and Tennant runs is much better than most things available in the US or UK...and that episode wasn't written by Davies.

While this review is only written halfway through Tennant's first run as the Doctor, the series continues to be fantastic. Tennant has managed to top Eccleston (which is no easy task), and Billie Piper has some excellent moments (especially playing dual roles in New Earth)...although Rose isn't written nearly as well in the middle episodes. We get some great villians (sadly, Tony Head was not The Master....here's hoping his character isn't dead), a fantastic reimaging of the Cybermen, and a damn good werewolf for a TV show.

There's even an unintentional drinking game...every time Torchwood is mentioned, take a drink.

We're in good hands with Tennant, Piper, and the entire crew, from writers to production.

Yes, even Russell T. Davies.
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VINE VOICEon 27 July 2008
With this series we are fresh off the regeneration from the previous Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston and now David Tennant has a lot to live up to; he does it and he does it with style. Billie Piper comes back as the magical Rose Tyler and we are given a series where she not only has to handle the notion of a different looking Doctor, but she has to handle the fact that she's falling in love with him and we're given hints that he's falling in love with Rose.

Episode 1: New Earth: In the year 5 Billion and 23 the Doctor takes Rose to the new home of the human race, simply called New Earth and he takes her to the aptly named New New York. There the Doctor meets up with an old friend the Face of Boe but he stumbles upon a secret in the hospital basement, who is lurking there and what have they done with Rose?

Episode 2: Tooth and Claw: Landing in 1879 Scotland, the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria, travelling with her to spend the night at the Torchwood Estate. However, a group of warrior monks have sinister plans for the monarch, and the full moon is about to summon a creature out of legend.

Episode 3: School Reunion: The Doctor goes undercover in a school as John Smith, children are mysteriously going missing and the Doctor needs to find out why. He meets not one but two old friends and Rose finds a bit of competition in one of them.

Episode 4: The Girl In The Fireplace: The Doctor accidentally stumbles across a derelict spaceship that seems to just be floating unmanned. The weirdest thing is that the spaceship has a fireplace but as he looks through it, he discovers it's a time window to 1727 Paris. What he finds there isn't a bunch of French Aristocrats, he finds something much more sinister

Episode 5: Rise of the Cybermen: After the TARDIS makes a crash landing on the Earth of another universe, Rose discovers her father is alive and rich, Mickey encounters his alternative self, and the Tenth Doctor learns one of his oldest and deadliest foes is about to be reborn.

Episode 6: The Age Of Steel: Lumic sends out a signal across London through the earpieces to get everyone walking towards Battersea Power Station to get the upgrade. The Doctor isn't just fighting a robot army, he's fighting the conscience of Rose who's determined to save her Father.

Episode 7: The Idiots Lantern: In 1953 London, the police are abducting people from their homes. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation -- but something strange is affecting the signal.

Episode 8: The Impossible Planet:The TARDIS lands in a base on a planet orbiting a black hole, an allegedly impossible situation -- according to the physics of the show -- that stumps even the Tenth Doctor. The base crew are drilling to the centre of the world, to claim the power that keeps it in orbit for the good of the Human Empire. However, an ancient evil is down there too, and he is awake...

Episode 9: The Satan Pit: With the TARDIS seemingly lost, Rose and the remaining humans are trapped on the base with the possessed Ood, while the planet floats helplessly towards a black hole. Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor is about to discover exactly what "Beast" is trapped in the heart of the impossible planet...

Episode 10: Love & Monsters: An ordinary man named Elton Pope becomes obsessed with a man called the Doctor and his strange blue box, joining a group of like-minded people in hopes of finding him. But when the mysterious Victor Kennedy joins the group, the fun stops and Elton discovers a darker side to his hobby.

Episode 11: Fear Her: It's the 2012 London Olympics and in one street children are going missing and there's no explanation for it. Rose and the Doctor go on a quest to find out what's happening to the children but the key to this is a young girl called Chloe who likes to draw.

Episode 12: Army Of Ghosts: As the ghosts of loved ones appear, the whole world celebrates. But as the Doctor investigates he believes that there is a more sinister motive behind their appearence. And deep within the Torchwood tower, a mysterious sphere containing the greatest enemies of the Doctor is opened...

Episode 13: Doomsday: Earth becomes the battlefield for the greatest and deadliest war of all time, as the Daleks and the Cybermen clash with the whole universe at stake. The Doctor and Rose, reunited with old friends and Cybermen experts Mickey and Jake, race to find a way to bring the war to an end before it brings about the destruction of the whole of space and time. But the Doctor soon faces an even bigger dilemma - could ending the war mean the death of Rose?

This is an amazing series but we are given an unfortunate goodbye to Rose Tyler, how do we say goodbye? Well you will have to see for yourself.
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I preferred Ecclestone's Doctor to David Tennants, but by the end of the 'second' series I was convinced that Tennant really now is The Doctor!

I'm not going to do an in-depth run through of each episode as this has already been done by other reviewers, but here are my thoughts...

I felt the series got off to a slow start, `The Christmas Invasion' gave us fans a good fix of Doctor Who whilst we waited for Series 2, then `New Earth' seemed a bit weak. The conclusion to the story seemed hurried and a bit naff. It did have some fantastic moments though.

The series then improved with `Tooth and Claw' (excellent CGI werewolf!) and for the fans of the classic series with School Reunion.

The series then became spectacular!

`The Girl in the Fireplace' was such an emotional episode, it brought a tear to my eye. David Tenant gave a fantastic performance, and both he and the gorgeous Sophia Myles had an electric on-screen chemistry (well, they did start seeing each other in real life!).

The relationship between Rose and the Doctor became interesting at this point, she was jealous over Madame du Pompadour, and also felt sorry for The Doctor. In the previous episode he had opened up and explained how hard it was for him to deal with love as he knows that those around him will grow old and die.

Just as you thought things couldn't continue to be quite this good - the Cybermen are back with a new look. This double bill got off to a slow start, but it didn't fail to please. There was controversy over the whole Parallel Universe thing, but maybe in future we'll see two different races of Cybermen try to delete each other!

`The Idiots lantern' was okay, the next two episodes finally left Earth! `Love and Monsters' and `Fear Her' were nowhere near as strong as the previous few episodes - but still good.

And then...


`Army Of Ghosts' and `Doomsday' - there can't have been a dry house in the UK after Doomsday! So atmospheric. Helped hugely by Murray Gold's phenominal score which had been a centrepiece of the entire series. "Song for Ten" Which appeared in the Christmas Invasion has been used throughout the series to great effect (available on the Murray Gold Album of the series!).

So overall - I'm not saying that this is the best ever Doctor Who series, but it was a damn good one! It certainly had some of Doctor Who's best ever moments (Daleks and Cyberman arguing - class!). Watching all four of the Cybermen episodes is like watching a second Doctor Who movie - infact, `The Impossible Planet' and `The Satan Pit' also watch very much like a film.

I can't wait to watch the third series (At the time of writing this - it is due to be aired in 2 days time.)
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on 2 March 2009
The whole idea of bringing back Doctor Who after fifteen years off the air was a huge gamble in my opinion, because the only way to KEEP it on air is to guarantee high viewing figures. That means, in essence, making everyone love it! The younger viewers, the kids who weren't even born when the original series was cancelled, and the stalwart fans of the original. I was excited, but extremely doubtful whether they could pull it off...But they did, with nobs on! The whole thing is pure, 24 carat gold!

I thought the first series was great, and Christopher Eccleston did an amazing job of winning me over as a fan of the old series, and I was heartbroken when I found he had left at the end of the first series. I had never heard of David Tennant until his casting was announced, and to be honest I had my doubts about his ability to pull it off under the circumstances. I will never doubt the Doctor Who Production Team again!

To anyone who has yet to see it, hurry and do so because series 2 is a fitting follow up to series 1. The stories are bigger and better, the scripts brilliant, and the acting talent of the leading man in particular absolutely blew my mind. I had to buy this box set, and it is well worth the money. From the Children in Need special to the heart-wrenching finale where we see the Doctor bid a tearful farewell to a heartbroken Rose, it is an amazing ride, full of drama, laughter and tears.

To say what is best about the series is impossible. The cast is brilliant, the costumes beautiful, the sets are amazing and the CGI effects out of this world.

Included in the added extras is a specially filmed video-diary of David Tennant's first year in the part...very moving in places I thought, and gives an interesting insight into the hard work and the fun involved in the making of a series of Doctor Who.

The only criticism I would make is that the episodes of Doctor Who Confidential are edited to a very cut down version of each. It would have been nice to have been able to re-watch the entirety of each program; but the whole thing is beautifully done. Well done BBC and Russell T Davies! Long may the Doctor continue!
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I recently watched the 'First - Series' which in the main I enjoyed, as I mentioned then, I'd not watched 'Doctor Who' since 1965.
Because I'd heard so many good things about the 2005 New-Beginning' curiosity finally got the better of me, most people I've spoken to regard 'David Tennant' perhaps the best of the new - age 'Doctors' so again encouraged by reviewers, critics, and my Daughter alike, I decided to continue my discovery of the BBC series......
Episode One - 'The Christmas Invasion'
What an entrance - 'The Tardis' almost crash-lands returning to 'Earth' - a great introduction for the Tenth - Doctor' and 'David Tennant's' reign as the 'Timelord'
It's almost Christmas 'Rose's' Mum and 'Micky' ask who the new-face is, mind at this stage 'Rose' is somewhat unsure herself despite having witnessed the beginning of the 'Doctor's' regeneration.
During a stroll around the local market 'Rose' and 'Micky' are attacked by a group of music-playing 'Santa's' the two race back
to 'Rose's' Mums hope to alert the 'Doctor' only to find a mysterious new 'Christmas - Tree' spinning out of control.
The 'Doctor' seems to know who these 'Santa's' are, and summons up enough energy to despatch them back to where they belong.
A bigger threat is about to follow - the military and space agency believe the world is about to experience it's first 'Alien' contact, of course Prime Minister 'Harriet Jones' had encounters with 'Aliens' before 'The Sltheen'
The 'Doctor' is needed, however he at the moment is bed-bound as his regeneration is still in it's early stages.
The 'Sycorax' have contaminated over Two Billion Earthlings who are currently on the edge of committing suicide, the Earth is being held to ransom, an Alien-Ship hovers over the capital,
'Earth' desperately need 'The Doctor' will his regeneration prevent his ability to help.........'Rose' and 'Micky' try to bring the Doctor into play they take him to the 'Tardis' from which the 'Aliens' pick up a signal, they beam the Tardis and occupants up to their craft.
'Rose' is in way over her head......she and Earth need the 'Doctor'
Then of course - It's Christmas......8.7 / 10.
Episode Two - 'A New Earth'
After their encounter with the 'Sycorax' 'Rose' is now comfortable with the regenerated 'Doctor'
They are off on their travels once again, this time just over 5 billion years forward, a while back they had witnessed the final moments of Earth, they have now landed on the planet mankind had fled too, building a 'New Earth'
Revenge is not very far away for 'The Doctor' an old enemy thought dead appears to have survived - 'Lady Cassandra'
Because 'Rose' is the only full-blood human on the planet, 'Cassandra' and her side-kick plan to use 'Rose' to restore 'Cassandra'
back to who she aspires to be.
Meanwhile the 'Doctor' unaware of 'Rose's' plight discovers a horrible truth about 'New Earth' ....thousands of humans have been bred to conduct experiments upon to cure illness and disease in the same manner as man had used animals for years before.
When 'The Doctor' and 'Rose' meet up the 'Doctor' realizes extreme changes in his companion actions and speech patterns.
'Lady Cassandra's' assistant releases the thousands of infected humanoids, the 'Doctor' has one or two problems to resolve and quickly......8 / 10.
Special Features on Disc-one -
* Children in Need' Special.
* 'Billie's' Video Diary's (approx. - 5 mins)
* 'In Vision Commentary on 'The Christmas Invasion'
* 'Audio Commentary on 'New Earth'
* 'Audio description on both episodes.
* 'Deleted Scenes and Audio Navigation.
* 'Out - Takes'
I'm a novice, but am enjoying my navigation through the episodes seen during both Season One and the beginning of Season Two-
- The Journey for me continues..........there are many, many 'Doctor Who' fans that know just about all there is to know and unlike myself have followed the 'Doctor' from the very beginning, I do not pretend to be in that company, I will continue with what for me is a voyage of discovery. ( I will add to the review over the next week or so after watching each disc)
Episode Three - 'Tooth and Claw'
The Tenth 'Doctor' and companion 'Rose' return to the 19th Century (1879) 'Scotland'
When stepping out of the 'Tardis' they are confronted by Soldiers who are escorting 'Queen Victoria' who's travelling in her coach on route to 'The Torchwood estate'
Before their arrival unbeknown to them the House has been taken over by the 'Brethren' the staff have been substituted, only the 'Lord' and a few guests remain to greet the Queen.(Pauline Collins)
At dinner the 'Lord' is persuaded to tell the tales of these parts of Wolves on the Torchwood estate, fear of the dark and the 'Full Moon' meanwhile the Queens escort/Guards are drugged
The majority of the staff, now along with 'Rose' are locked in a room along with a man caged up.
The visit of the Queen at the time of a Full-Moon has been awaited by the brethren.
The 'Doctor' moves to release 'Rose' and 'Torchwoods' staff, the man in the cage already changing, the 'Werewolf' is loose
ravaging through the house, 'The Doctor' 'Rose' 'Queen Victoria' and 'The Lord of the Manor' are unable to escape the house the brethren stand guard outside with weapons.
The 'Doctor' must find a way to stop the werewolf and foil thr brethren's plot to seize the 'Throne'
A much Darker 'Doctor' tale than normal - 9/10.
Episode Four - 'School Reunion'
The 'Doctor' has taken a temporary post as a 'physics' teacher, 'Rose' a role in the School Kitchens as a dinner-lady....they
are there because of strange goings-on at the School where it seems pupils are becoming of genius-status.
An 'Alien' presence perhaps ?
'Mickey' has remained in the 'Tardis' researching the School and it's location for the 'Doctor' and 'Rose'
Who are the Teaching-Staff, what is it they are doing with the Children ?
An old companion of the 'Doctor' arrives at the school, also investigating strange reports, 'Sarah-Jane'(Elizabeth Sladen)
There have been thirteen new staff members at the school including the 'Headmaster'
'Sarah Jane' has brought along another old friend of the 'Doctor' 'K-9' a Robotic Dog' who checks out a strange fluid, 'K-9'
identifies it as 'Krillitanes' a bat-like species.
The 'Doctor' along with 'Rose' 'Mickey' 'Sarah-Jane' and of course 'K-9' set about trying to save the children from the 'Alien' species.
There will be no 'Gods of The Universe' on the 'Doctors' watch.
Episode Five - 'The Girl in the Fireplace'
'The 'Doctor' along with 'Rose' and 'Mickey' have travelled to the 51st century where they come across a Space-Ship, there is
a Fire-Place, behind the flames a young girl living in 1727 'Paris'
The 'Doctor' goes beyond the fireplace where the girl in her bedroom is, a strange clockwork being is lurking there, the 'Doctor' disables the masked being, he promises the seven year-old 'Reinette' that he would return again if she ever needed him.
The Space-Ship seems to be a gateway back to the 18th century, but what is it the Ship wants with 'Rienette' (Madame de Pompadour) played by 'Sophie Myles'
It seems the Ship is doing repairs and needs parts, it will and does use all materials that it can find, it captures the 'Doctors' companions whilst the 'Doctor' is back in the 18th century, will he return in time to save his friends and prevent it capturing what it is really after 'Rienette'
Even the 'Doctor' could be under threat when returning again to the 18th century in his efforts to save 'The Girl Behind the
Fireplace' becoming stranded.
A moment in the 'Doctors' lifetime is years in the time of Mortals.
Quite a sad tale in many ways - 8.5/10
Special Features(disc two) -
Audio Commentary on 'Tooth and Claw' and 'School Reunion'
In vision Commentary on 'The Girl in The Fireplace'
Audio Description on all three episodes.
Audio Navigation.
More to come -
Episode Six - Rise of the Cybermen' (part 1 of 2)
On a parallel 'Earth' a program to create what will turn into a new enemy for the 'Doctor'...'Cybermen'
The 'Doctor' along with 'Rose' and 'Mickey' have mistakenly landed in a place they first believe to be 'London' the 'Tardis' appears to have had a systems failure, and may well be beyond repair.
The 'Doctor' soon realizes they have landed on a parallel planet, but doesn't know how.
'John Lumic' and his fast growing army of 'Cybermen' are about to up the game, they need more people to be upgraded.
A strange phenomonon about this planet is that there are doubles of all beings on earth which is a little unnerving for both
'Rose' and 'Mickey' 'Rose' wanting to meet the dublicate of her parents, her father who had died when she was a baby and mother,in this life the pair are wealthy.
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' gate crash the 'Tyler' party as waiters for the night, 'Mickey' has gone to see his dublicate family,
his grans double mistakes him for 'Ricky' who is identical to 'Mickey' only of very different character.
Meanwhile back at the party, it's about to get a visit from the 'Cybermen'
The Doctor, Rose, and 'Peter Tyler' escape, with the help of revolutionary 'Ricky' and his team along of course with 'Mickey'
It is assumed that the Cybermen have killed 'Jackie' (Rose's mothers double) the guests and staff at the big house.
It appears the 'Doctor' was transported to the parallel earth for a reason.....Mr Lumic's Cybermen are on the march and their numbers are growing.
Episode Seven - 'Age of Steel' (part 2 of 2)
The 'Doctor' works out where the 'Cybermen' processing factory is, he along with 'Rose' 'Pete Tyler' both of whom hope to find Jackie alive along with Mickey and the resistance led by 'Ricky' split up to find their way into the factory and find a way to halt the rise of 'John Lumic' fast growing 'Cyber' army
Meanwhile the dying creator has before ready been 'upgraded' making him even more dangerous.........can the few stop the many,
the Doctor knows they risk all for the sake of mankind on the parallel Earth.
Episode Eight - The Idiots Lantern.
The Doctor and Rose resume their adventure, 'Mickey' who's double had ultimately died after being 'upgraded' has decided to stay on the 'parallel' earth to continue the fight against the 'Cybermen' factories around the Gloobe.
The Doctor and Rose have found themselves in London 1953 just before the Queens Coronation, there is something strange happening, people are being taken to a compound but why.
Mr Magpie seems to be selling an extraordinary volume of TV's even more than would be expected for the forthcoming event, however they are being sold at a bargain price.
The Doctor has to start somewhere, he chooses to investigate his instinct of a problem at the 'Connoly' household, overbearing head of the house who has had his mother-in-law locked in her room.
Mr Magpie's TV's has a channel all of it's own, a rougue alien who had escaped sentence on her planet plans to re-emerge beyond the screen but needs to be fed, when the TV's sold are turned on she takes a part of each viewer to gain strength,
The 'Doctor' has a challenge on his hands, companion 'Rose' has also become a victim of the aliens feeding frenzy, why have the faces been taken from her growing number of victims, the 'wire' appears to be an unstoppable force.
Features -
* Audio Commentary on 'Rise of the Cybermen' and 'The idiots Lantern'
* In vision commentary on 'The age of Steel'
* Audio description on all 3 episodes
* Audio Navigation
more to come
DISC FOUR - Episode Nine - 'The Impossible Planet' (part 1 of 2)
The 'Tardis' has taken the 'Doctor' and 'Rose' to a 'Santuary' based on a baron planet, welcome to 'Hell'
The inhabitants some human some alien identify their visitors as real people, when arriving The 'Sanctuary'is not in a good place, it's in orbit around a 'Black Hole' as unlikely as it sounds, why isn't the 'Sanctuary' and the planet it's on not being pulled in along with all the other matter around it ?
The 'Santuary' is hit by an earthquake a frequent happening on the planet, part of the structure is pulled into a giant cavern that has opened up, the 'Doctor' realizes the section of the 'Sanctuary' that has disappeared is where he had left the 'Tardis'
The crew are on the baron once inhabited planet to drill for a power-source.
Can it be recovered will the reluctant occupants of the station help our time-traveler's.
Strange things are happening on-board the 'Sanctury' threatening voices are being heard by crew members, one in-particular.
The 'Tardis' nearly always takes the 'Doctor' to a place that needs his expertise, can he resolve the problems the 'Sanctury' pose.
Survival could be an achievement in itself.
Episode Ten 'The Satan Pit' (part 2 of 2)
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' appear to be trapped on this desolate planet/rock where it appears all hell has broken loose, where the crew have been drilling an ancient pit has opened up.
The 'Doctor' along with crew member 'Ida' have gone down to investigate using the elevator.
Meanwhile the beings that had been acting as servants for the crew have now become a part of the problem and threaten all on-board the 'Sanctuary'
The 'Doctor' and 'Ida' appear to be trapped in the cavern below, the cable of the elevator
severed preventing the 'Doctor' from helping those on the surface on the 'Santuary' the 'Doctor' has to face the forces of 'Hell' itself.
Will the 'Doctor's' logic prevail....
'Rose' has to keep the crew calm during her companions enforced absence, escaping the seemingly possessed beings becomes a matter of life and death for 'Rose' and the remaining crew members in the 'Sanctuary'
Getting the upper-hand against the once-servants may not stop the nightmare for those on the surface.
The 'Doctor' meanwhile heading deeper into the pit is looking for inspiration and a possible way out, or maybe in hope of locating the lost 'Tardis'
'Rose' appears to have by force left the 'Doctor' behind in the crew's space-craft however evil travels with 'Rose' and the crew.
The 'Doctor' will meet that in which he does not believe, can he defeat the demons of the pit and re-unite with his companion.
'Better than average'
Episode Eleven - 'Love and Monsters'
This is 'Elton's' story, reminiscing about his meetings with the 'Doctor' as a child and beyond.
He joins a group telling tales of the 'Doctor' where he meets 'Ursula' who he falls for, the group tell stories and sing songs of their favourite artists.
One day 'Vernon' appears, he too wants to meet the 'Doctor' he even sends the group to locate 'Rose' 'Elton' finds 'Jackie' as usual 'Rose' is on her travels.
What is it 'Victor' wants with the 'Doctor' and why have group members disappeared, only the
'Doctor' himself can stop 'Victor'
Seriously Weird
Features -
* In vision commentary - 'The impossible Planet'
* Audio Commentary on 'The Satan Pit' and 'Love and Monsters'
* Audio description on all three episodes.
* Audio Navigation
Episode 12 - 'Fear Her'
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' arrive in London 2012 year of the Olympics.
They find themselves in a residential suburb, the road they are currently in appears to have
a problem, Children are disappearing in the blink of an eye.
The Doctor realizes after a comment made by 'Rose' a young girl she'd seen in a window may be
a lead.
Young 'Cleo' since the death of her father stays in her room drawing, there is a link, but how and why.
'Cloe' appears to be possessed by an Alien Entity, can the Doctor and Rose help Cloe and find a way of returning the missing to their rightful place.
However when both the Doctor and a Stadium full of people also disappear, Rose has to try and
resolve the weired happenings perhaps without the Doctor.
Eerie - 8.9/10
Episode 13 - 'Army of Ghosts' (part 1 of 2)
Their Olympic adventure behind them, the Doctor takes Rose to see her Mother Jackie, however
where the 'Tardis' takes them there is usually a problem.
It seems the World is having visitors, seemingly friendly Ghosts, after a failed attempt at Ghost-Busting the traveler's are drawn to 'Torchwood Tower' where the Doctor is greeted by Yvonne who is in charge, she seems to know much about the Doctor strangely.
They show the Doctor a device a Sphere, the Doctor realizes it to be a portal to other dimensions, of course he is as usual right.
Yvonne an her team have their own agenda, unaware of how dangerous it may yet prove to be.
'Mickey' is back in town, guess what's coming, not Ghosts, Cybermen, an army are gathering around the World......the Cybermen who haven't got the Technology to do this on their own have received some unwilling help.
Episode 14 - 'Doomsday' (part 2 of 2)
The Doctor appears to be facing not one but two of his deadliest enemys.
'Rose' trys to negotiate with the Daleks as she had done once before, however they only have domination in mind, they offer the Cybermen an alliance.
Meanwhile around the World war has broken out as the Human race fight for survival against the hoards of Cybermen.
'Pete Tyler' has joined Mickey on Earth in the fight against the 'Cybermen' of course on the parallel World, Pete had lost his Jackie, he's about to meet another.
The Doctor faced with a double-barreled dilemma and has to think on his feet quickly, Rose and Mickey are in direct danger.
Meanwhile, Yvonne and Jackie are close to being upgraded....but the Doctor has been whisked to parallel Earth, a parallel Torchwood Tower, he needs to be back on Earth where the action and danger is, can he be returned in time to save Rose and close the Breach.
On Earth the 'Daleks' and 'Cybermen' are at war with each other, there was no alliance between them.
The Doctor back in time to see the Genesis Ark open, the ark a prison for millions of Daleks The Doctor with the help of Rose have to close the Breach to save mankind, a dangerous task.
'Rose' has to say goodbye to the Doctor'
Great Two-part finale to the series - 9.1/10
Special Features -
* Audio Commentary on 'Fear Her' and 'Army of Ghosts'
* In-Vision Commentary on 'Doomsday'
* Audio description on all three episodes.
* Audio Navigation.
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on 24 July 2006
Russell T Davies has achieved something of a miracle over the last few years. Bringing back a series like Doctor Who so brilliantly was a feat in itself, and the ratings and awards success (BAFTAs!) are surely beyond anything anybody expected. But perhaps his greatest trick was managing to make the second series even greater than the first.

The major change, of course, is the Doctor himself, from Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant. Eccleston's performance was always going to take some beating, but amazingly, Tennant manages it. He fills the role naturally, and is an electrifying presence as the Doctor. He doesn't quite the dramatic weight of Eccleston, but then, who does? Tennant compensates with raw energy and enthusiasm, and you simply can't take your eyes off him. He also has what Eccleston lacked - perfect comic instinct, and a natural eccentricity that never feels forced. And when called upon for it, his quieter, reflective, emotional moments are as good as have even been seen in the series. A superb performance.

"The Christmas Invasion" was the perfect entrance to the tenth Doctor. It's fun, epic, emotional, with a fantastic climax - it's "Independence Day" with a good writer. "New Earth" is a fun way for the series to begin properly, but mainly stands out as a showcase of Billie Piper's acting - her transformation into the villainous Cassandra is effortless and natural, and she shows a range of performance that I didn't expect, even after her brilliance last year.

"Tooth and Claw" is where the series kicks into gear, and starts a run of three episodes which are as good as anything the series has ever seen. It's a scary horror runaround, but as it's written by Russell T Davies, it's full of fun and humour, and stands out as one of the highlights of the series. Next comes the return of Sarah Jane and K9 in "School Reunion". Like "Boom Town" last year, the Doctor vs The Alien plot is secondary to the emotional story of the characters, and writer Toby Whithouse handles this superbly. Elisabeth Sladen is as good as ever, and the list of great guest performances in this series continues with Anthony Head. Then comes the highlight of the series, one of the best and most beautiful pieces of television I have ever seen - Steven Moffat's "The Girl in the Fireplace". It is as close to fairy tale as the series has ever come, and works perfectly. The "Doctor in love" story is well handled, and there's an air of magic and whimsy about the story which makes it totally engaging. One of the best episodes of Doctor Who ever made, and certainly the best of the 2005-6 series.

After that, the "Rise of the Cybermen" two-parter couldn't help but come as a bit of a disappointment. It's not bad, it just feels a little flat and pedestrian when compared to the rest of the series. That said, the Cybermen themselves are superbly realised, and it features a wonderful performance from Noel Clarke as Mickey. "The Idiot's Lantern" is certainly an improvement on Mark Gatiss's previous story, the dreary "The Unquiet Dead", but isn't particularly memorable.

The series gets right back on form with "The Impossible Planet", a sci-fi/horror story set on a planet orbiting a black hole. Episode 1 is terrifying; episode 2 handles questions about the existence of Satan himself with great skill. It's one of Tennant's best performances, and may be remembered as his "Empty Child". Then there is "Love & Monsters", which has divided audiences like no other episode. Personally, I loved it. Russell T again shows his incredible skill for characterisation, making secondary characters more sympathetic in 45 minutes than most Hollywood main characters are in 2 and a half hours, and Marc Warren carries the episode superbly. Another highlight, though it may not be to everyone's taste.

Like "The Idiot's Lantern", "Fear Her" is one of the more forgettable episodes. It's not exactly bad (the series is still yet to produce a real duffer), it just doesn't grab the imagination quite like many of the other episodes. But there's no doubt that the epic finale "Army of Ghosts" will go down as a classic. The Dalek vs Cybermen war is handled well, and Russell T again does well to realise that the story is not about the war, it's about the characters. He brings all of them back for the fight - the Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Pete - I was half expecting Captain Jack to show up as well! The ending is truly heartbreaking, one of the most beautiful and emotional pieces of television I have ever seen, and David and Billie's greatest moment. Russell T has a talent so brilliant it is almost unfair.

Overall, series 2 shows more confidence than series 1, and the stories are generally of a higher quality - I can think of four or five truly superb stories from series 1, while seven spring to mind from series 2. David Tennant as the Doctor is also a step up from series 1. If series 3 improves at the same rate as this, we could be in for something very special. This box-set is well worth the purchase - quite simply, the best sci-fi/fantasy series on television at the moment.
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on 23 May 2009
Ever since Russel T Davis took over as head writter, Doctor Who has gone from strength to strength.
This DVD Box set proves this, with its excellent storie lines and well thought out finale - which included the heart-breaking exit of one of my favourite companions, Rose Tyler.

The acting compliments the season amazingly. You can tell they have a passion for this show and that helps. Tennant and Piper are great together with so much energy and chemistry.

The 10th Doctor: David is an excellent doctor (my favourite) and he is well introduced in 'the christmas invasion'. This is a perfect first series for him!

Rose Tyler: blossoms and has come along way from the first episode where she was a 'chavtastic shop assistant'

My Top 5 stories from this season would have to be

1. The Army of Ghosts/Doomsday
2. The impossible planet/ The Satan Pit
3. The Girl in the fireplace
4. Tooth and claw
5. Rise of the cybermen/ The Age of Steel

My least favourite would have to be Love and Monsters. This was somewhat dissapointing but not a complete disaster. The lack of Rose and the Doctor in this episode was probably one thing that let he episode down but was a clever idea (that failed). Also Elton -as a character- didn't really do much for me... if that makes sense.

The special Features are really good too in this box set. These include deleted scenes, bloopers, trailer and insite into how series two was made. There is also a very nice feature which is video dairies from both Billie Piper and David Tennant. Billies isn't very long and only really has behind the scene footage for the first 3 episodes. Davids however is a very long insiteful dairy that is very interesting to watch. Disc one also includes the children in need mini-episode, which is a nice feature.

Overall this box set is a must buy!!!!
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