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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£14.99+ £1.99 shipping

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I'm 32 now, I've seen Pogs, Tamagotchis and Furbys all come and go - I was certain I could see when a mediocre product was being marketed as a craze and the inner cynic in me thought that Skylanders was a ridiculously over-priced concept designed to appeal to kids. Then I was bought Skylanders at Christmas by someone rather amazing. Now I'd defend it to the death!

For those who, like me a few months ago, don't really 'get' how it all works: Skylanders is an action role play game in which you guide a character around a fantasy world called Skylands where you must solve puzzles and defeat baddies in order to progress. A 'portal' plugs into your console, by placing different Skylander figures on the portal you change the character in the game. This is a great strategy game, some Skylanders are faster than others, some have different skills and some are able to unlock otherwise inaccessible areas. You get three Skylanders (2 regular size and 1 giant) which are enough to complete the game with, but to make it more fun and if you want to do all the sub-games then you need more Skylanders, and once you start playing this - you *will* want more Skylanders!

The build quality is excellent, the Skylanders themselves are tough plastic and very detailed. They don't look mass-manufactured and many of the figures are impressive to look at, they won't easily break. The Portal of Power which plugs into the console doesn't require batteries (I believe older versions did) and it has a soothing glow which cycles through various colours. It is very responsive and the moment you remove a Skylander and replace it with another the game reacts instantly. There's a snobbish tendency to view gaming as a fairly low-brow activity, but this is not only an immersive game, it's very interactive and requires a lot of thinking. My 6 year old daughter *loves* Skylanders and finds some of the puzzles very challenging (I'm more than happy to help!). Since acquiring these we have purchased two more Skylanders, they aren't too expensive (less than a tenner) and are available second hand too on auction websites. The amount of play value is exceptional, the game has had hours invested in it and she has thoroughly enjoyed it. I too have enjoyed playing it alongside her and a lot of the dialogue (particularly from Flynn, the ship's captain) is amusing and not at all childish. It's been interesting seeing her confidence in the game grow as she figures stuff out, she has personalised the game by giving her 'Landers hats and looks forward to spending time with me and going on adventures in Skyland. The game looks great, movement is smooth and the graphics pretty impressive. The characters are controlled easily and intuitively, the sound effects and various voices have all been created perfectly and even after many hours the game has never once become boring.

In a nutshell: A silly fad? A waste of money? No. This is a fantastic concept which works brilliantly and provides so much entertainment that it easily becomes great value for money. My name is Dan, I'm 32 years of age, and I can proudly say that I love Skylanders!
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on 4 August 2014
I bought this for my son's 7th birthday. He loves it. It is great watching the characters come to life on the screen. Basically you plug the "portal of power", into the front of the playstation 3. To glows and swirls great effect for the kids. You add he character you want to be on to the portal and use this character in the game. You can change characters as many times as you wish. Different characters have different powers and abilities. You get 3 characters in the starter set. It is enough to finish the game, but the fun of battling others comes from as they bringing their own characters. I have to say it is an ingenious marketing ploy to sell more figures. The starter set though is great for the price.
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on 9 October 2015
Very good
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on 23 July 2014
My children absolutely love this game, fantastic value for money.
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on 22 June 2017
Very happy with the service provided.
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on 6 December 2014
Very good
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on 26 October 2012
Before reading any further, if you are trying to decide between the "starter pack" or the "booster pack" take one major thing in consideration!

** The new Portal of Power which comes with the Skylanders Giant's start pack is a USB CONNECTED and DOES NOT require batteries at all and DOES work with the first game too - making it a massive reason to upgrade!!! **

I absolutely loved the first game and only stopped playing for ONE simple reason - the batteries kept running out and they have finally fixed this ONE negative aspect of the game.

So even if you already own a portal of power from the first game, it is actually good value for money to buy the new starter pack again for Giants because 1) You get 3 new characters 2) You get a portal of power which is USB powered and 3) its actually the same price as the booster pack anyway on Amazon at least.

Why they didn't do this in the first place is beyond me?

Anyway the game itself...

The game works and feels almost exactly like the last one except the odd change and mostly improvements.
If you loved the first one like I did, you will love this one even more.

- The story is slightly shorter but its still lengthy story campaign.
- A new max level of 15 with old and new characters.
- More abilities to unlock for old characters.
- The ability to choose the difficulty including easy, normal, hard and NIGHTMARE once you complete the game once.
- Slightly crisper and nicer graphics.
- The in-game movies have been improved a lot visually, but still the lip-syncing is a completely off.
- They have removed the shaking of the stick to open boxes and now its just bashing the 'A' button instead.
- Now Kaos is a lot less annoying a character to listen to on screen!
- The new Giants are beautifully made, just like the previous toys.
- The Giants have eyes and certain parts which light up when on the portal.
- The new POP actually lights up at the bottom now and again it is now USB connected!!

You also have a whole new set of season 2 characters which have orange bases and new stances (but are basically the same existing characters standing differently).

They have also added a whole bunch of new features which just improve on the game as a whole.

- You can now spend your ingame gold on stuff..... imagine that!!
- You can buy hats, challenges and other items so all that gold saved up from the previous game can be used now.

- Also *UPDATE AFTER FINISHING THE GAME* the end fight with Kaos is actually well designed, fun and does not drag on and on and on like the first one did! Great improvement!!

Skylanders is one a game which is easy to mock and insult because it comes off as an attempt to make money out of kids and parents and yes it is! But it can't be ignored that Skylanders is actually a very well designed, built and thought-out product with a MASSIVE amount of re playability to it.

Its all your own personal choice if you choose to buy all the characters, but would maybe buying a new triple pack every month really hurt your pocket? That extends the game lifespan by another month or two a lone every time you get a new set of characters.

It works and its great and now that the POP is USB powered there really is nothing I can honestly say is negative about the game.... except if your a parent with kids... I feel sorry for you.
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on 20 February 2013
This in its own right is a good game and the quality of the portal and the figurines is good. However the whole Skylanders craze is basically like a subscription to an MMO like World of Warcraft. The kids are always wanting more characters (at £10 a go) and certain parts of the game cannot be accessed without certain characters. If you don't mind the investment (and we have spent close to £100 on it so far) then fair enough, but there are far better games out there for less eg Ratchet and Clank. Although part of the fascintation for kids is peer pressure.

Also: there is a Disney version coming out as well as a new "transforming" Skylanders which will no doubt make some of the Giants redundant.
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on 28 December 2012
I bought this product after being a big fan of the first game. When I owned the first game I finished it and was left bored with loads of figures doing nothing. I sold the first game after a while as well as all the figures I collected. When the second game came out I thought it would be similar and would be a waste of money. I had some money from Christmas so I decided to get it too see what it was like and I made a great decision. This game has improved so much, you can now replay the game on many different difficulties including a nightmare mode which can be unlocked after completing the game on a different difficulty. You can also use your money to buy things like hats. In the new game you can now use treasure for different things. Some treasure can be used to customize your ship, others get you discount on upgrades. The giants are brilliant they are absolutely massive and can do loads of things normal skylanders cant like throw rocks, pull islands and lift large logs. Giant figures also light up like the special lightcore figure which cost about the same amount as giants but are not as powerful in game. The game is good but if set to a difficulty too high for you can get boring when you have to reset the chapter all the time. You are better off getting the starter pack even if you already have the original game. There is about £10 difference between the sets and you get an extra 2 characters and a wired portal of power. The original portal for ps3 is wireless but because of the new light feature the wireless one would use too much battery power meaning you would have to keep changing your battery. The wire for the new portal is very long and can be used from quite a distance. The controls are very simple and can be used by anyone. The figures for the game remember their experiences and can be used on all different platform. Skylanders giants comes in quite a bulky box and the accessories and figures take quite a lot of space but considering how good the game is I thinks its worth it!! Overall I think skylanders giants is a great game and worth the investments.
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on 17 November 2013
When my son announced that he wanted the Skylanders Game for his fifth birthday I wasn't particularly enthusiastic. I have seen my son attempt other games on the Playstation (Spiro and Ratchet and Clank) and although he likes pressing buttons and moving the figures the difficulty of the game quickly outstrips his skills and then he becomes bored. However, every time he wrote a birthday list, Skylanders was at the top. I bought the starter pack while it was on sale and got a very decent deal and decided that when he got bored with it I could always sell it on. How wrong was I! The game's difficulty settings allow for me to set it a a very easy level that my son can play. What's more, during more challenging parts I am able to connect a second controller to the PS3, place a second figure on the portal and play along to help my son through the part he is struggling with. As soon as we are through I can swap out and he can continue on his own. Of course he is now asking for more figures (the in game advertising for the figures is a bit heavy handed) and I can see there being a limit to how much I am prepared to spend on the 'ad ons', even with Christmas approaching. Still, the graphics are amazing. The ability to swap characters on the portal is interactive and highly appealing and the difficulty seems just right for a younger gamer.
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