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on 12 May 2013
This is a fantastic portable wireless speaker. I already have one and bought this for my daughter. Sounds amazing and worth the money.
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on 10 January 2013
Since getting a tablet, I had been looking at getting a wireless speaker for it and my phone for a while. I looked at lots and lots of reviews for different speakers. I looked at the Bose Soundlink but it was way too expensive and £200+. The logitech Mini boombox and the UE Mini were firm favourites but I wanted something that produced a decent amount of base. I saw the Jambox and loved it but thought £160 was still quite a lot. Fortunately, it was reduced to £99 after Xmas 2012.


Connects easily to both my Asus tablet and HTC phone, I have not tried iphone yet. The first time it took a little while to find the Jambox and took a couple of refreshes on my phone to find it. Once paired, it connects automatically when you turn your bluetooth on to reconnect. Sometimes the connection skips and experienced once the music stopping for no reason but this could be down to Spotify being unreliable.


I first got it and played some music. The volume goes loud enough for a room in your house before going on a night out or sitting outside for some easy listening but it wont't be loud enough for a party. The sound quality was good but did still sound like it's coming out of small speakers (only slightly flat). Then I updated the software on Jawbone online portal. The new software feature Live Audio is amazing. You are able to turn it off for more volume and less quality....you will never turn this off because it makes music sound brilliant. It introduces so much depth to the music and makes it astonishing that such good quality music can come out of something so small. (Small enough to chuck in a jacket pocket or small handbag. I use it for taking outside to train and around the house for multi room music. Who needs a Sonos system?)

Battery life is brilliant. seems to go for ages and ages even with Live Audio which I guess would drain more life from the battery.


The extras you get in the box adds that extra level of quality, a case that slips over it to add protection when not using it, a flat aux in cable and charger.

I would recommend going to your local Currys or PC world to try it before spending £160 on it to see if you like it but it's definitely a steal at £99.
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on 31 October 2013
- Good quality sound
- Good connection, never had a drop
- Button to use voice control (eg Siri)
- Looks great
- Small and portable
- Decent battery
- Nice battery indicator on iOS
- Updateable through Jawbone webstie
- Includes nice carrying case

- Not very loud
- Lack of bass
- Expensive
- No skip buttons
- Built in microphone not good at picking up speech

This is a very nice looking piece of gear, that is very portable. Included in the very nice packaged box, is a carrying case, micro USB wire, 3.5mm male to male cable and the Jambox itself.

The carrying case is a very nice touch. the Jambox slips inside with two flaps that are magnetically held to the top. It is a great thing to be included, as it means putting it in a bag you won't be worried about dust and the likes getting inside grills.

The sound of the device is good, with some nice ranges. Listening to anything without much bass and in a quiet environment is an enjoyable experience. However, if any of those two are a requirement, then avoid this speaker. It just simply isn't loud enough. For the money paid, you would expect it to be able at least compete with ambient noise (such as university halls). The bass issues mean listening to certain songs lacks the punch that should be there. I just cannot recommend this speaker for this price with these two main issues. I use it and like it, but it is not worth the money.

The buttons on top are nice, with the main circle button being customisable on using the Jawbone website. You can also change the voices that greet you and sounds made through this website. The Jambox can also be updated, which is a nice touch.
The battery life is good, I can get about 8 hours, and don't have to worry about charging it too much. On iOS there is a battery indicator which is brilliant. In all the time I've used it, there hasn't been a drop in connection and music hasn't skipped.

Some minor niggles; no skip forward or back buttons, meaning you need to have the device playing music near you if you like skipping.
The mic on the device is just awful. I never intended to use this as a loudspeaker so it is a non issue for me, but I tried it a few times and had to hold the speaker at my mouth just so I could be heard.


A good speaker, with some serious flaws that just aren't worth the price.
I would recommend the Logitech UE Mobile speaker over this, as it is cheaper and from my own listening time with it performs better in louder environments with good bass.
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on 28 August 2012
I bought the Jambox from the Apple shop to play my music on from my Iphone when on the move.
The audio quality is particularly impressive with live audio enabled and it gives very impressive 3D sound. The only down side of "live audio" is that the maximum volume is rather low possibly although this could be resolved in a future software update. The unit is compact and looks good. My Talk is the PC/Mac software that allows personalisation and updates and this seems to work well with no problems on either Mac or PC. The Bluetooth seems to work fine and the pairing/connection to Iphone and MBA seems solid and reliable. Range is as one would expect.
With a built in microphone it also handle phone calls and the clarity of these is excellent. Connectivity is (apart from the Bluetooth) is via a micro USB socket below the on off switch. There have been some concerns regarding the fragility of this with reports of the socket coming adrift which renders the device useless as it is used for charging. I do not as yet seem to have had this happen to my unit! So, on the good side is the 3d audio quality and the good looks and small size of the unit. On the not so good side is the price, rather a low max volume and reported concerns as to the micro USB socket.
In the box: unit/ case/ USB lead/ wall plug/ audio cable/ Quick start guide.
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on 9 March 2014
really pleased with this, good for listening to music and also audio books, small enough to go in my bag, sound quality so good, have had to buy another two due to family members being so impressed that they've wanted them....
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on 16 January 2014
I've had one of these for almost 3 years & at first I was delighted with it (although it's ability to connect has always been a bit hit & miss) - the sound is excellent & everyone who came round was always baffled as to how such great sound could be coming from something so small & without wires. However for some reason I've never got to the bottom of it stopped being comparable with my macbook which is where all my music was stored. So I started using it with my iPhone which wasn't the best as there's not enough room on that to store all my music. Then I got iCloud which solved all my problems as I could just stream music via my iPhone which was perfect. BUT the jambox seems to have reached the end of it's product life due to the battery. Some days I'll have had it charging for hours then as soon as I unplug it to take with me somewhere, no battery left, even when it says it has a full battery.... give it an hour & it's telling me I need to re-charge because it's only a quarter full, so I plug it in to charge & it dies.

Don't get me wrong it's had some pretty intensive use but at the time I got it they cost £150 & I think that's pretty steep for something that gives up after only 3 years. I understand that lithium ion batteries only have so many charges in them & if there was a way to replace the battery as you can with a laptop then I would give this product 5 stars & would have bought more of their products in the future, as it is I'll be replacing this with a Bose Soundlink Mini which does have a replaceable battery
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on 13 April 2013
End user extremely happy! Sound quality great for such a small speaker system, definite recommend to anyone who needs mobile sounds!
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on 13 October 2012
Lets start with the obvious, it looks cool. When you drop it in a room everyone wants to play with it.

But how does it sound? Well pretty good actually. It is a small speaker but the quality is good. You won't use it when hosting a party, but as a travel speaker it's the best I've ever owned, and I've had lots.

Setting up is a doodle. And to prove point when on a recent weekend away two friends easily connected their iPhones so we could play more than what I had on mine.

They make a claim about battery life and so far I've found it to be true. It outlasts my iPhone and does not need a recharge on a weekend trip. So one less cable to carry.

Last point - it's very robust. The top and bottom are some sort of rubber so you need to throw it against a wall to damage it. Probably not advisable though!!

And the last last point, for best sound put it on a solid surface near a wall..
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on 2 April 2014
Stars dropped for delivery of a non functioning device. 4 1/2 for the speaker itself.

Bought this speaker at £79, from WhatYouGot via Amazon. The advertisement did not make very clear at this is a second hand retailer, and so it was a bit of a surprise that it arrived in a pre-opened box sellotaped together with the charger missing (USB cable intact). Admittedly, on reviewing the advert once I ran into problems, the small print did indicate it was a second hand product with damaged packaging.

It didn't work on arrival, and I suspect had a broken battery as it wouldn't hold charge.

Amazon were actually very good at refunding me once I had contacted them, and have refunded my costs for posting it back to them promptly and without any effort on my part.

I've since bought a functioning version of the speaker from Curry's (cheaper than the Amazon offering on new speakers). This works well with good sound quality, reasonably good volume (very good for such a small speaker), easy intuitive Bluetooth and nice peripherals including a very neat case. The build quality is sound; it looks good and is nice to handle.
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on 2 April 2014
Originally bought this at a higher price, contacted Amazon and they cancelled the order and I reordered it at the cheaper price so straight away 5* for Amazon customer service.

I bought this as I wanted something portable that would give me good sound quality but was small enough to fit inside my handbag - this delivers on all levels. The sound quality is fantastic, very sharp and very very smooth, perfect for my needs - as previous people have stated this is not a speaker you could use at a party but I didn't want it for that. This is perfect for the garden, office, anywhere where you might want to listen to music without deafening anyone. The actual structure of the speaker is excellent it is rubberised and therefore when on a unit sits solidly; you also don't have the feeling that it could crack or break.

All in all I am so impressed with this and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a portable speaker.
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