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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2012
I bought this book because I needed a 'chick lit fix' and I wasn't disappointed, in fact I finished it in two was on a par with more well known authors,the characters were believable & their experiences relevant to real life if not a little bit too good to be true- but hey who doesn't need a little escapism from time to time?
A great read for a weekend away or a rainy day -I couldn't put it down.
This is my first ever review !
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on 10 January 2013
Two women meet at a stall and are looking to buy the same vintage tea set. From that moment it is the formation of a friendship between them and, a third woman who is friends of one of the women.

Jenny is an excited bride to be, but hearing from her estranged mother affects Jenny more than she thought.

Maggie is a divorcee and has made a fresh start, only to find that the relationship she left in the past becomes part of her future and she finds her dreams and disappointments might change.....and perhaps for the better.

Alison is married with two daughters and apparently has it all, but appearances are not necessarily what they seem.

Through the book we explore the relationships, loves and fears of three women and their relationships. Not to mention the relationship the three of them build, all from the chance meeting at a car boot sale over a tea cup!

I loved this book, it had a charm about it, that could almost certainly be real and I wonder whether it was?
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This lovely debut novel combines the lives of three different women as they meet by chance and form firm friendships. Jenny is our first person narrator; she is browsing at a car boot sale in Charlesworth, an old market town in Sussex, and we share her delight when she happens upon precisely the items she has been searching for, a vintage teaset. Just at that moment, two other women swoop in who are equally as interested in the very same items. The three women decide to share the teaset, each making use of it in turn for their own special purposes, and from this unique beginning, their stories unfold.

Jenny is looking forward to her forthcoming marriage to Dan. As her plans move forwards, she is thrown by the sudden unexpected contact from a woman who has played no part in her life for many years, and she worries that her happiness could be damaged. Maggie is a strong, independent career woman, forging ahead after the disappointment of her failed marriage and Alison appears at first sight to be a happily married woman with two daughters, but things are never as straightforward as they might seem, for any of them.

One of the aspects I liked about the main characters in this novel is that the women are not all the same age, and they have different experiences of life. This brings an interesting dimension to their relationships with each other, across the generations. It was lovely to read how such a strong, supportive bond develops between the friends, and this friendship that forms isn't affected by this difference in their ages, for example when they share exciting news with each other; `A twenty-year age gap made no difference to our levels of girlish excitement.'

A favourite part of the narrative for me involves the history of the teaset and culminates with a perceptive comment which is made about life and love, how `As you get older you see that what you thought were little things, why they were really the big things all along.'

This is a sparkling debut novel. I really enjoyed reading it. It is an easy, engaging read with likeable characters, between whom a lovely, believable and supportive friendship grows. The characters develop and the women support and encourage each other to follow their dreams and be successful and happy. When times are tough and romance, family or careers are getting them down, they are there for each other to share the pain, and they celebrate this: `To new friends, a port in the storm.' Vanessa Greene paints a lovely portrait of female friendship across the generations. I would definitely look out for and look forward to the next novel by this author. I love the beautiful, attractive and very fitting cover design.

All that really remains to be said is for the prospective reader to settle back with a good cuppa (preferably in a pretty tea cup) and read all about these ladies and their ups and downs revolving around vintage teacups!

4.5 stars
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on 3 January 2013
All I can say is "What a charming book!". I read the book on my kindle but the cover displayed on Amazon was delightful and elegant and reflected the contents accurately.

Three women want to buy a particular Victorian tea set from the car boot sale, but instead of two of them being disappointed, they agree on a solution that benefits all of them. The women are different ages and live completely different lives. The story opens a window to each of their lives and it's not long before these women form a bond - not only with each other, but with the reader too. I loved all three of them.

I read this book when I was very busy and dipped in and out of it easily. The characters became familiar so quickly that I didn't ever have to turn back the pages to remind me about anything. I knew them.

I really loved this book. Each chapter flowed easily and I couldn't wait to read the next. It provided comfort and refreshment - just like a cup of tea!

I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants a good, easy read. Only one problem - I'd love another book following the next chapter of their lives. Please Vanessa?
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on 6 November 2012
My daughter bought me this book and I raced through it in two sittings - the characters are lovely, and felt so real to me. It would make a lovely rainy Sunday read or a present for a sister, mum or daughter.
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on 12 October 2012
I knew this book would be right up my street - being unable to resist anything vintage and loving a great story with lots of ups and downs, dramas and happy endings! And it was all those good things. Loved it.

You really feel you know the characters almost straight away, they could be friends in your own life and you just want to pour them a cuppa and listen to their troubles. At the end (but don't worry I won't spoil it!) I got that nice warm glow and even wiped away a bit of a tear. it's very easy to get lost in this book and I think that's due to the writer being one of those natural storytellers.

Gorgeous cover too. My mum couldn't wait for me to finish it so she could start reading!
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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2014
Have you ever been to a car boot or the like and gone to reach for an item only to find out that someone else has reached for that item at the same time? What would normally ensue is a bit of embarrassed apologising and probably no one ends up with the item.

Vanessa Greene has taken this idea but actually turned it on its head and everyone that wanted the tea set, gets to share it. In fact everyone becomes friends.

The everyone is Jenny who wants the tea set for her wedding reception. Maggie is a florist and organising flowers for a big wedding where there is an Alice in Wonderland theme and the bride has the idea of wanting the guests to be served from a traditional tea set. Alison wants them for her crafts she makes and sells, making the tea cups into candle holders.

They decide to share the tea set, they know that they can all use it and benefit from its purpose and at the same time make some lifelong friends along the way.

We know nothing of these three women, who are all so different but as the story unfolds we start to really learn about them as Jenny, Maggie and Alison learn about each other as their friendship develops and deepens.

Jenny is embarking on married life and is excited by the prospect but someone else wants to make themselves part of her future and Jenny does not seem ready to do this. Maggie is hiding from her failed marriage, but the past has a funny way of creeping slowly back into your life. Alison is happily married, it seems from the outside, but there are tensions within the family home and it looks like everything is going to be lost.

I was immediately drawn to all of the characters and as each chapter alternated between them in being the protagonist of their own story we were never left wondering what was happening to the other two as they were all beautifully integrated within. A book that draws on the strength of friendship and how anything can be shared over a nice cup of tea. If it is in a vintage tea set then even better. It was nice to read a novel which was more about friendship between the characters about how all their life's experiences are share and how women especially can grown stronger from such friendships.

A book which if you have that friendship already you will need to share it with all of your friends.
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on 14 November 2014
I bought this book as I was attracted by the cover; I enjoy books by the likes of Joanne Harris and hoped that I might find Vanessa Greene a similarly clever and witty author.

The book kept me occupied for a few hours (I read it all as I had no other reading materials available on-the-move) but I found the story entirely predictable and sickly sweet. Greene also failed to satisfactorily tie up one large problem that one of the characters had; the audience were made to believe that suddenly everything had been miraculously solved: unrealistic.

If you want something easy to read after a long day at work, this will be fine, but I personally will be looking for more books with deeper, more believable characters and a more enthralling storyline.
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on 11 October 2012
Imagine sitting down with the perfect cup of tea in a delicate gold rimmed cup - which is decorated with daisies, roses, or another flower of your choice - and a mouth-watering slice of freshly baked chocolate cake on the side which is covered in sweet icing. Sounds quite perfect, doesn't it? That is exactly what reading 'The Vintage Teacup Club' feels like.

With delightful descriptions of gorgeous antique tea sets (very much like the one gracing the stunning cover) and wonderful characters the book is sweet, cute and very inviting, just like a delicious cup of tea after a long working day.

In her debut novel Vanessa Greene uses an original take on the "club" sub-genre in women's literature. The story centres around three characters, all looking for vintage teacups. And as all three reach out for the same set at the start of the novel a deal is made and an unexpected friendship is born.

There are many lines by Greene that are beautiful but this one in particular perfectly depicts what the novel is all about:

"To new friends, a port in the storm."

While all three characters get nearly equal exposure, it is Jenny who comes across as the main protagonist as hers is the one told from the first perspective. About to get married to her fiancé Dan, Jenny is looking for vintage tea cups to grace the tables on her wedding day. While at the start of the book it looks like her life is pretty much picture perfect, trouble brews when someone from her past suddenly makes a re-appearance.

Alison is a wife and mum of two rebellious teenage girls. Her husband Pete lost his job and it's up to her to supplement their income with her craft works. One of the more popular items she makes are candles in a tea cup, which is of course the very reason she strolls through antique fairs searching for her next stash of cups.

Maggie owns flower shop 'Bluebelle du Jour' and is currently working on the flower arrangements for an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding. She believes that a collection of vintage tea sets would be perfect for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party aspect of the celebrations. That is, if she can reason with landscaper Owen, who's a good friend of the groom and helping out as a favour to the bridal party, as with his lack of wedding planning experience he grates on Maggie's nerves.

All three characters are well thought out and interesting from a reader's point of view. And as they span several generations there is something relatable to be found for everyone. In fact, by the end of the novel I felt I had gained three unexpected friends myself, whom I'd love to regularly catch up with over a cup of tea and a scone, generously covered in clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam.

As Jenny reflects upon their friendship near the end of the novel, she pretty much describes exactly what I was feeling when reading the book:

"As I watched Ali and Maggie talking, I thought back to the start of the Summer and the moment we'd met, how little we'd known each other then. Step by step we'd let each other in, and now it was hard to imagine that we hadn't always been there for each other. These women were both so strong, had bounced back from life's knocks and come out better for it. But then I suppose, somehow, with their help, I had done the same."

The only "complaint" I have about the 'The Vintage Teacup Club' is that it's a fairly quick read. At times I tried to slow my regular reading pace down in an attempt to delay the inevitable, the final pages. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, it was still over too soon. However, the novel was a delightful read while it lasted and it has left me with some fantastic inspirational ideas (such as forming a friendship club around vintage teacups, or collecting them for my own wedding... one day).
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I was very much looking forward to reading this, as not only did it sound fascinating, but as you all know, I LOVE debut novels! I absolutely love discovering new authors, so after a few recommendations to read this book (thank you!) I settled down on an afternoon to start this.

This is a beautifully written novel that combines the lives of three women after they all fall in love with the same vintage tea set. In the end, they decide to share it, and this forms a friendship between them. The novel then follows the lives of Jenny, Maggie and Alison, as they take turns using the tea set, exploring careers, relationships and the importance of friendship.

I LOVED The Vintage Teacup Club! I could not put it down and I enjoyed opening the pages and becoming lost in the story for hours at a time. I finished the book in a few sittings, it was such a wonderful story that flowed so easily and before I knew it I was half-way through the book!

The three main characters were fantastically written! I especially loved that the women were different from each other, they had separate goals, were at different points in their lives and had many different experiences of life. The contrasts worked beautifully and added a lot of different layers and depth tot the relationships they formed with each other. I loved how the bond between the three women grew and strengthened as time went on.

The descriptions in the book are great, I could picture the scenes clearly in my mind and the narrative made the story very enjoyable and easy to read. I especially loved the idea of the vintage tea set and after finishing this book, I'm very keen to purchase s a set for myself!

The Vintage Teacup Club is a delightful, book that will warm your heart. It is a beautiful story exploring the wonders of friendship and family. This book is perfect for sitting down and reading with a cup of tea (and imagining that you're drinking from a vintage tea set rather than your usual cup)! A very enjoyable read!
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