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on 19 December 2016
Great drives, and arrived quickly in good condition. However, you should be aware that, despite being labelled in Polish, these are USA Region drives, not EU Region drives. Most HD manufactures divide their supply like that for easier support and warranty. Howver, if you register these drives with WD, instead of telling you the warrany expiry date, it tells you they are "Out Of Region" and have no warranty. It can be sorted by opening a Ticket and informing support of the serial numbers and the problem. They then asked me for proof of purchased so I sent them a PDF of the Amazon order. They changed the Region and warranty now shows 1st January 2020 on the support website login. You are entitled to change Region up to 5 times.
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on 6 March 2016
Price purchased £127.07
The drive information on Amazon the drives are described as only tested for NAS with 1-5 drive bays. However, on a support page it clarifies that the Red series are tested for 1-8 bay NAS and there is also a link to a NAS compatibility list [Amazon won't allow this link].
To find it search for "Compatibility list for the WD Red NAS Hard Drive id=9758" in Google without the quote marks.

This appears to have been tested for the latest drives with NASWare 3.0 although I have been using 4 mirrored pairs of NASWare 2.0 drives without any issues. In NAS systems with 24x7 operation vibration is a factor in terms of reliability which is why NASWare 2.0 drives were recommended for drive enclosures of no more than 5 drives. NASWare 3.0 drives improved on the ability to manage the effect of vibration on the drives and this is why they increased rated these newer drives for up 8 drives per NAS enclosure.

I had the opportunity to purchase the retail drive at the same price as the OEM drive so I was able t compare what you get in comparison to buying the OEM version of the drive. Looking at reviews of the OEM version of this drive there has been some confusion about whether the extra cost is worth it.

To clarify what the differences were I rang Western Digital support. They told me that different countries have different warranty periods. Red series drives in the USA have a 12-month warranty and then you pay a little extra to add the extra warranty. I have bought more than 10 of the Red series of various sizes 3TB, 4TB and 6TB OEM. Each of these drives have registered for 3-year warranties.

WD support suggested that Amazon sourced their OEM drives from different countries and that about 50% of them would register as OEM and only have 12 month’s warranty. Amazon identifies that the drives only come with a 12-month warranty so if you register one and it only gives you a 12 -month warranty you have no grounds to complain.

So in summary spending the extra £14.00 for the retail version gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you definitely have a three-year warranty. It also comes with drive screws and standard retail packaging. The OEM drives generally come with plastic mounts, on either end, to isolate them from damage to the containing boxes. The retail version plastic support mounts are on the side running the full length of the drive see photos.

I think whether you purchase this retail version or opt for the OEM version depends on whether you need a set of screws to mount the drive and more importantly whether you are willing to take the risk that you may end up with a drive which only registers a 12-month warranty. I would suggest that buying OEM drives directly from Amazon, as opposed to buying from a Market Place seller, might increase the chance of getting a three-year warranty and a safely packaged drive.

In terms of performance these drives run quietly and quickly. They have a variable speed between 5,400-5,900rpm. So these are not the fastest drives, which are the black series, but seem to perform quickly in everyday use for Desktop (Windows 10 & 8.1), and NAS (Network Attached Storage).
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on 3 October 2014
 I recently purchased two WD Red 1TB drives for use on a small NAS device, supplying content to a hifi system. They work well, with just one caveat; the NAS needs to be in a different room. Otherwise, they work exactly as I wanted them to, were supplied promptly in appropriate packaging, were easily fitted into my QNAP drive and came at a good price. Can't really ask for more than that, though it's only as the years pass that their reliability will become apparent.

A small word about the noise level. These aren't noisy drives; far from it, they're far quieter than the drives they replaced and in, say, an office environment they wouldn't really intrude at all. But since I'm using them to supply music to my (good) hifi, and I do have ears that are quite sensitive, I found the noise these drives made intrusive in an environment where I want to listen to music. If there'd been an available cupboard in the room, that would have sufficed to keep the noise away; as there wasn't, I placed the NAS in another room and linked it with a longer cable. Job done, I'm happy. If you are buying these for a similar function then be aware that you may have similar issues. Otherwise, I'm perfectly content and happy to recommend them.
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on 4 August 2017
I've purchased ten of these drives over the course of the last few years. I normally purchase them in pairs, as I use one for a backup each time. I buy them from Amazon direct each time. They have all worked first time straight out of the box, five of them are pretty much in continuous use throughout the day as my wife uses them for her design business.

I tend to purchase the Retail Kit box if I can (price dependent compared to the OEM box), as the Retail Kit box comes with a 3 year warranty, whereas the OEM box only comes with a 12 month warranty.

You can check the warranty period on your drive, just do an internet search for "WD warranty status" and find the page from Western Digital that allows you to check the status by simply inserting the drive serial number into their status checker box.

All the drives I have purchased have come with the correct warranty period.

Overall I'm very pleased with this drive for my needs, I shall continue without hesitation to purchase more as and when I need them.
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on 29 November 2017
I've had a pair of these drives running in a Synology DS216j NAS for a year and a half. They're quick and were performing flawlessly until one drive began reporting I/O errors and shortly afterwards failed, putting the NAS into degraded mode.

WD's support website is not the most lucid on the planet, but a (free) telephone call connected me with a very competent operator who helped me log an RMA. The drive was duly dispatched and replaced within a few days with no quibbles, costing me a total of £4.40 postage. The NAS rebuilt itself overnight.

I had heard bad things about WD support and was expecting a struggle, but the process was quick and easy, so I am one satisfied customer. One word of advice: when purchasing drives, keep the anti-static bags and at least one box. You never know when you might need them.
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on 31 May 2015
This is the 4th Western Digital Red 3TB NAS Disk I have purchased over the past year or so. This is the second unit purchased from Amazon which was delivered had a much more proficient method of protection for transit as compared to the deliveries I received from other suppliers.

This Disk drive arrived in a protective anti-static wrapper which is then contained in a hard plastic caddy, which kind of suspends the disk within the containing outter box, as seen here:- [...]

I am almost certain this disk was subject to minimal movement from within its boxing during transit and this goes a great way to providing peace of mind regarding my HDD lifespan if it were not for this kind of extra care to the detail about the protective means to ensure safe transit.

This disk comes with a healthy 3TB of storage space and 64MB Cache SATA 3 - NASware 3.0.
A Very Happy customer !!
This is a great machanical hard-drive with great cost per GB ratio and a nice 64MB of cache. Highly
review image
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on 29 January 2018
It's important to mention that it is still early days but so far the WD Red 6TB has done nothing but impress. The NAS/Backup designated hard drive displays great build quality and its performance is impressive. I purchased it in order to upgrade my 4th Gen Apple Time Capsule (model A1409) which went without a hitch. Once the hard drive was installed a quick visit to the Mac's AirPort Utility program allowed me to erase and format the disk which was then recognised perfectly as a 6TB time capsule drive.

The hard drive runs quietly, comfortably cool and smoothly, having consistently backed up 2.5TB of encrypted data in two and half days which, for those that don't use Mac's or time machine, is a very reasonable speed transfer rate (Time Capsule is NOT a fast device).

I purchased the 'component boxed' version of the WD Red 6TB drive and registered the hard drive via Western Digital's website for 3 years extended warranty without any problems. Whilst it's not a big issue for me (as the Time Capsule's WiFi connection method bottlenecks data transfer) the read and write speeds appear excellent for a 5400rpm drive with such a large storage size.

I haven't found any reason for complaint and, having used WD drives previously (as well as many others), I'm optimistic about the WD Red drive's future performance.
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on 19 January 2018
I originally bought a WD Red 2TB drive in November 2013 after my 2TB Seagate drive completely died (it was replaced under warranty). To ensure I didn't lose everything again in future, I set both drives up in a mirrored RAID array.

In September 2015, I bought another WD Red 2TB drive to replace the Seagate drive as it had started to show drive errors. I'd always sworn by Seagate drives for the past 10 years or so, but it was enough to put me off them.

I finally bought a third WD Red 2TB drive in July 2016, simply because I needed the extra space!

It is now January 2018 and I am happy to say all three drives (including the one bought in November 2013) are still working absolutely fine.

I decided to go with the WD Red (over the other coloured WD drives) because I am using these drives as mass storage for photos/documents/backups etc... I don't need them to be lightning fast (I have SSDs for that), I just need them to work, be happy running for days or weeks at a time and keep on working (the original WD Red I bought was run in my home server which was on continuously for nearly 2 years!). That's exactly what these drives are designed to do and I'm happy to say that in my experience, that's what they do do!
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on 14 June 2017
Bought these to increase the storage on my Synology 412+ NAS Box, which has been getting close to maxed out for some time. Only just started using them, but from a day-one perspective, hot-swapping the drives out (one at a time, of course) has taken about 12 hours per swap to get the RAID repaired and the box back up to full speed.

I've another two of these in transit, that when installed should triple the amount of available storage available.

In short then, a good product, at a reasonable price, supplied quickly and efficiently. Doesn't get much better then that.
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on 22 October 2017
This is my second one, I have a 4TB as well. I use these in my video-editing PC, they work as expected.

I used to prefer Seagate, but their return policy in England is awful - you have to mail it abroad at your own expense - so I'm just buying WD's at this point. I have many, many TB's of files, so these big guys make sense.

I haven't noticed any noise or issues with this or the prior one (I also have a black and a blue in this machine). Pretty happy with WD at the moment.
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