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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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It makes me laugh when reviewers like Chris Tookie in the Daily Mail try to review Resident Evil films like serious movies. Paul WS Anderson knows his audience and what they want and its for them that he makes these films, and he is a master at it.
Mrs Anderson aka Milla Jovovic is the key that holds these films together and she is a master (mistress?) at it as she fights her way through yet another Umbrella Corporation nightmare even finding time to display her human side when she encounters a young deaf girl who has been cloned to believe she is her mother.
And it is through the magic of cloning that we againget to meet a whole host of returning RE favourites like Rain and Jill Valentine.
The film opens with the opening sequence running in reverse slow motion and it works a treat making the same scene in realtime when it arrives even more enjoyable.
The other thing that Paul WS Anderson is a master of is 3D and this movie is superb in this format. Yes there are a few thrill shots but overall he settles for great depth of field and scenes like where an axe pick flies off to one side of the screen accompanied by the appropriate sound effect are outstanding.
Like they say about all guilty secrets - go know you want it!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 September 2014
As a big Resident Evil fan I've continued to watch these films despite them being pretty poor. Out of all the films in the series so far this is by far the worst.

Basically to sum it up it's non stop action right from the start with very little (pointless) story. Throw in a few popular characters from the game for no reason and you've got the latest installment in the Resident Evil film franchise.

No one seems to stay dead (and not in the zombie sense) with everybody getting cloned over and over. It makes death hold a lot less weight throughout the film, taking away any potential tension that might be left over. Also it just seems as though old characters, who have been brought back to life, have been thrown into the story just for the hell of it.

So we see a couple of new additions from the game frnachise show up, which in theory should be a good thing, but they have no story, no history, and no real character. They are just there as filler material as a final attempt to satisfy fans. To me the whole thing just felt needless.

Throughout Umbrellas motives just seem downright rediculous, and their secret labs are getting easier and easier to break into. What should be an exciting antagonist is just poor and pointless throughout, making very little sense.

So, if you're up for some non stop action that makes a mockery of anything Resident Evil then dive on in! It's ok if you just fancy some very casual action that requires no brain activity, but if you're after anything more then give this a miss. Hopefully this franchise will die soon.
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on 13 April 2013
Since number 4, this series has skewed far more heavily in favour of flashy gunfights with nefarious Umbrella employees and occasional encounters with giant monsters, and paid far less attention to zombies. Admittedly, the first three movies weren't exactly rich examples of emotional depth, but they at least tried to give us enduring characters that had more rounded personalities, and to show the effect of the apocalypse on human behaviour (the scientist only concerned about his daughter in number 2, and the twisted robbers at the beginning of number 3). Unfortunately, what we get with number 5 is Umbrella, Umbrella Umbrella. Oh, and they've got a few giant zombies as toys.
The writers have tried to freshen things up by throwing in an entertaining reason to bring back some favourite faces. Likewise the new setting can be viewed as either a cynical cheap excuse to have several different environments (or 'levels' like a game)to liven up the movie, or as a fun and inventive environment.
Unfortunately the all-pervading familiarity lessens the tension. The plot is so flimsy that no-one ever actually tries to justify it at all (it amounts to - 'we're in here, let's get out'), the supporting characters make paper look thick and well defined, and the appalling 'Matrix' copy character Wesker is back.
I think we've seen enough characters flipping over each other in slo-mo and enough fights without meaningful consequences in this series to last a lifetime. In the penultimate scenes in fact, even the characters themselves seems to be surprisingly laid back about what should be a tense situation. Tellingly the moments in this film that work the best are the scenes with Jovovitch as a normal suburban mum, and later scenes that essentially steal the emotional-bonding plot from 'Aliens'. The series needs some of the emotion put back into it to stop the feeling that it's just empty pointless calories, like eating candy floss but having nothing satisfying left in you afterwards, and the film's "let's make it BIGGER!!!" climax just reeks of escalation that can only take the series even further away from concentrating on character and even closer to: "Look! More guns! Another 30,000 zombies! More Mayhem!"
Resident Evil is becoming a series that apes the creatures it wants us to destroy. After all, what are its zombies but never-ending out of control monsters lacking a soul?
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I've always enjoyed the Resident Evil movie series, they're fun, exciting and a good blend of action and horror but this new entry is the first one that really made me think "wow!".

From the highly impressive, reverse-slow motion, opening scene it was literally non-stop action until the closing moments. Lots of the old characters from the previous films return as well as some new appearances of Barry Burton, Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy (finally!). There's some subtle nods and references to the games as well which fans like myself will appreciate. The visual effects are some of the best in the series and I particularly liked how it revisited old locations from the last few films.

The story can be a little too straight-forward and doesn't involve too much thought (do any of these films, in all honesty?!) so is just a highly enjoyable watch from start to finish. I highly recommend this film (I watched it again the next day after watching it the first time - something I very rarely do) but I would suggest watching the first four beforehand.
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on 4 July 2015
If you know the RE games, originally released on the Sony PlayStation and then to other consoles from RE4 (I think), then you'll know this movie. As the movie is based on the game.

I love Milla Jovovich regardless of what she's done but in this movie franchise, she really excels at playing Alice. Her looks, height and build is perfect for the very arduous role she plays.

One disc in this package containing the Resident Evil movie and a ton of bonus extras.

Seriously worth the purchase, if you are thinking about it and you already own RE 1-4 :-)
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on 30 January 2013
Her name is Alice, she remembers everything. And now, just for a change, she has some zombies to fight...

This is the fifth installment of Paul Anderson's Resident Evil film franchise and I am finding less and less to say about these films. The scenery, and the supporting characters change and Jovovich's heroine gets stronger and more agile, but in the end they are about causing maximum carnage amongst the ranks of the undead. Retribution's plot is unnecessarily involved and resembles a swiss cheese - suddenly the baddie Wesker (who seems to be doing a creditable Max Headroom impression and who I thought had bought the farm in the last episode???) is a sort of goodie, striving to save humanity from the nefarious Umbrella Corp (I thought he /was/ the Umbrella Corp?!) instead of making every effort to spoil things for us decent folk. Alice finds herself trying to escape from an underground facility, aided and abetted by the inconstant Mr Wesker and a Chinese lady by the name of Ada Wong who manages to kick some righteous ass despite the encubrance of a rather glam and entirely unexplained ballgown. Our hero finds herself chased by Jill Valentine, Carlos, Rain and One who have, themselves swapped sides for reasons various. Unfortunately this confusing plot requires Alice to spend a few minutes at the opening scene explaining to us all what has happened in all the previous movies. Then, during another scene, deep in Umbrella's lair, the action pauses conveniently so that Wesker can updated Jill yet further on stuff, via a live feed that the all-seeing, all-powerful, omni-present Umbrella Corp can't jam.

None of that is time well spent in an action movie of this ilk, I'm afraid... This sort of a deal is a bit like your classic "Confessions of a TV Repairman" or "Beverly Hills Pool Cleaners 3" pron movie. The audience really isn't interested in the plot, the back-story. You watch a mucky video for one reason and one reason only (or at least one reason, several times, if you had the stamina) and there is no need to understand why the leading lady needs her sump cleaning or her antenna adjusting before the real action starts . The same can be said of this sort of film. Keep it simple and get down to the humping (or in this case, the killing) as quickly as possible - don't prolong the agony.

Anyway, after all the yakking at the start, cue a high-ammo-expenditure-fuelled monster mayhem. The pink mist is sprayed with wild abandon, the sets give the film an authentic computer-game-level feel and there are plenty of stunt fights to showcase Alice's abilities. Yes, the film looks good. The acting is, as one might expect, average. It ain't gonna win an Academy or a BAFTA but it is at least a little better than it's most immediate predecessor which was looking tired and false.

Plot - 0 stars.
Look and action - 4 stars
Acting - 2 stars
Shameless setting up for yet another sequel - 6 stars
Gore - 5 stars
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on 7 December 2015
Milla Jovovich..... Nothing more to add. I could watch her all day, no matter how good or bad the film may be. This is a great film series & it's a shame that we'll have to wait until 2017 for the final instalment.
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on 17 April 2014
This looks like it is now set up for the final piece.
Milla Jovovich carries on her role perfectly, and is still smoking hot to boot.
Yes it helps to be a Resident Evil fan so if you watch this film on its own it won't make much sense even if it is stunningly graphic.
Roll on the next please.
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on 4 July 2013
This is a very strong film in the RE series, you could pick holes or you can lose yourself in the nature of the film, Milla is on form and with characters from the original back it is well done throughout. My eldest Son, who can't fathom why I love RE (especially as I've never played the games!) enjoyed this both at the cinema and on 3D at home. Just enjoy, two odd hours of mayhem and sci-fi horror, go for it!
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on 25 May 2013
While I doubt that they'll ever top the 1st and still the best Resident Evil film this is a worthwhile entry into the ongoing saga and clearly sets the stage for the next stage of the series. So while it's unlikely to win over any new fans, if your a fan of the series then this is worth getting as its great fun to watch.
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