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on 28 November 2017
I have bought this grinder over three years ago based on the price and positive reviews and used it exclusively to grind coffee since then. So far I am happy with how it performs and how long it lasted (touch wood!) and would definitely recommend it.
Emptying it and cleaning it cost the review a star but you get used to it after a while. I tried to clean with a small brush initially, now I just use kitchen roll and... a few air blows over the kitchen sink.
It produced larger "crumbs" of coffee on a few occasions I have overfilled it. Run it longer for a fine-grind coffee.
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on 5 January 2017
Very pleased with my purchase. However the product is advertised as having a 350W motor on the product description, and whilst this influenced my decision to buy it, the product only has a 200W motor instead as shown on the received product. I would appreciate if the correct information would be displayed on the product description or instead advise me whether I can exchange my current purchase for one with a 350W motor as originally desired.
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on 15 March 2016
A good grinder which does its job well (mainly used for grinding spice seeds), but sadly the transparent plastic lid has developed multiple hairline cracks. This is from light use maybe once a week so doesn't bode well for this lasting very long.
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on 27 December 2015
I bought this for my brother as a christmas gift, he uses an aeropress every morning to make coffee for himself and regularly uses a caffetiere to brew a pot in the day so I thought it would be good. I personally have a delonghi kg79 grinder which I uses every few days which has been brilliant. I chose this instead partly for cost but also because I felt it would be useful for things like herbs.spices which since my brother cooks a lot, I thought would be better. On the coffee side which it's designed for it creates a fine grind, good enough for an espresso press/machine but it's a bit fine a grind for use in filter machines unfortunately. The design is sleek and very simple to use, the lid comes off, coffee beans go in and the lid goes back on, a bottom on the lid is pressed to grind and it's held until done. Another downside is getting the coffee back out, as it's not a removable inner, a lot of time is spent scraping round the edges with a spoon which will probably get tiresome. My brother says he's happy with it, but as it was a present that may have been courtesy, for me it does an ok job at best, for someone wanting a grinder for different types of coffee maker, look elsewhere.
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on 1 July 2017
Overall, a decent coffee grinder that will do the job. Holds a small amount of coffee beans (75gr) and although you cannot set it to coarse/fine, you can still somehow decide the coarseness of the coffee. Simply let it grind the coffee beans for longer if you want a fine powder, or just a couple of seconds for a coarse texture.
Top part easy to clean and washable. Blades can be cleaned with a soft brush.
I have only tried it with coffee, therefore cannot say how it will work with other foods (nuts, peppercorns, etc).
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on 1 June 2013
The design is simple - a cylinder with an oval cross-section - with a blade at the top and a transparent cover. The cover must be in place for the switch to work. It makes a noise, sure, but this is as quiet as a coffee grinder gets. The beans whirl round, and with three or four short bursts, you have coffee ground perfectly for a French press coffee maker.

On the down side, my cats scatter when I use this machine. On the up side, I've quickly learned to salivate, like one of Pavlov's dogs, at that whizzing rattle.

To those people who complain at a smell of hot plastic, I say "read the instructions" and grind in short bursts. That helps to mix the grain sizes and gives a more homogenous mix, and three or four short bursts of 3 or 4 seconds each is more effective than a single longer buzz. And it doesn't cause the motor to overheat.

To those who complain at the small volume, I say either you haven't bought the right machine because you're running a cafe and need an industrial grinder, or you might want to try again to grasp the concept of "fresh ground coffee". The point is to grind just what you need for the pot, and leave the unground beans in the fridge to keep fresh. This grinder is quite big enough to grind a load for a big French press.
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on 10 June 2016
Very powerful and efficient coffee-bean grinder. My only reservation (and the same applies to the similar-looking Krups machine) is that it leaves a fair bit of ground coffee stuck into the holder after grinding and tipping out the ground coffee. Of course that is to some extent dependent on the nature of the coffee beans, but I bought this to replace an old Starbucks-branded one which was the only one we ever had that seemed not to have this 'problem'. I have no hesitation in recommending this though - I think it is 'as good as it gets'.
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on 29 June 2015
I bought this to grind linseeds (flax) and it works a treat. I already have an old coffee grinder which still works fine but I wanted to keep the two foods separate to avoid flavour contamination. I guess this product chops rather than grinds because it uses a twin blade. The instructions state that you should not use for more than 20s at a time and then allow a minute's rest for cooling before using again. However, the linseed is well chopped to a fine consistency after a few very short bursts and this means I don't have to worry about that. Short bursts are also good if you want to stop before the seeds become powder! It suits me fine and I am very pleased with the product and service of the supplier. The product is very compact and light. The switch is very practical and easy to use - safe too as it won't work without the lid in place.
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on 7 January 2016
Used this for coffee and spices. Rather like the design, however it died when I was whizzing up small pieces of toasted bread to make breadcrumbs. There's a design flaw where the plastic spindle on which the metal blades are attached can partially melt, so the motor still activates but the blade won't spin. I guess other poeple who've rated this product low may've had experienced a similar issue. I had previously a Krups version which was the same design, and it also died after use in the same way. Frustrating as a metal spindle would solve the problem as it wouldn't wear down or melt under pressure.
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on 30 January 2015
The grinding itself is fine - I use it for all spices - pepper, cumin, cinnamon etc
But the lid is the worst quality imaginable. It developed cracks within months after purchase. I though I will get a replacement lid from Tefal someday and postponed calling them (lazy).
Just realised Tefal do just one year warranty in the UK - which is too less as compared to other brands (Magimix - 3)

The motor smells too within a minute of use but that doesn't affect the function

Update: Tefal responded positively and issue resolved. Five stars for customer service.
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